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The Village of Athens
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

Elmira Alfenburgh, Mrs.---widow res. Washington St.
Frank Alfenburgh---res. Union St.
George Alfenburgh---brickmaker res. Union St.
Herbert Alfenburgh---res. Union St.
Ethan Allen---ship carpenter res. Washington St, near ship yard
Wentworth J. Allen---ship builder res. Water St. above Ferry Slip
S. Armstrong, Mrs.---widow res. Second St.
Arrow Ice House---south side of Ferry Slip
Edward Ashley---bakery and res. Second St.
Athens News---G. H. Harvey, editor Second St cor, Warren St.
Charles Auersch, Mrs.---res. No. 9 Brick Row

Jacob Backus---mason res. Second St.
Laura Barrett---school teacher res. Franklin St.
George E. Bates---res. Washington St.
Frank Beardsley---carpenter res. Franklin St.
Abram Bedell, Mrs.---widow res. Franklin St.
Elsie Bennett, Mrs.---res. Second St.
Henry Bennett---laborer res. No. 18 Brick Row
Watson Bennett---ice laborer res. Greenwich St cor. Third St.
R. K. Bennett, Mrs.---widow res. Greenwich St cor. Third St.
William F. Bergaminni, Mrs.---res. Warren St.
William Bishop---laborer res. Water St. cor. Fourth St.
M. Caroline Bliven---school teacher res. Second St.
Charles Bloodgood---superintendent sand dock res. Union St.
John Boice---ship carpenter res. Greenwich St. cor. Second St.
William Boice---nurseryman res. Franklin St.
George A. Bogardus---ship carpenter res. Greenwich St. cor. Second St.
Henry Bogardus---laborer res. Franklin St.
William H. Bogardus---clerk res. Franklin St.
William Borfitz---machinist res. Warren St.
Eugene Boyle---brick maker res. North Franklin St.
William Boyle---laborer res. Swan St.
Edward H. Brady---ice house foreman res. Franklin St.
Erastus Brady---pilot res. Second St.
Frank C. Brady---ice laborer res. Second St. cor. Vernon St.
George Brady - res. Franklin St. cor. Market St.
James C. Brady---laborer res. Franklin St.
William C. Brady---undertaker and supervisor at Second St. res. Franklin St. cor. Market St.
Aaron Brandow---boatman res. Washington St.
Andrew J. Brandow---boatman res. No. 3 Brick Row
Ethan Brandow---boatman---res. Washington St.
Frederick Brandow---boatman res. Washington St.
Henry Willis Brandow---carpenter res. Montgomery St.
Russel Brandow---laborer res. Washington St. cor. Market St.
Stuart S. Brandow---boatman res. Montgomery St.
Willis Brandow---blacksmith res. Montgomery St.
Wycoff Brandow---laborer res. No 6 Brick Row
Patrick Brasier---gardener res. Montgomery St.
Thomas Brasier---hotel keeper Warren St. cor. Second St.
James Brennan---hotel keeper Washington St.
James H. Brennan---laborer res. Washington St.
Thomas Brennan---laborer res. Washington St.
Emory Briggs (Briggs & Son)---res. Franklin St. cor. Third St.
Frank Briggs---laborer res. Franklin St.
Henry W. Briggs---pilot res. Franklin St.
John B. Briggs---pilot res. Montgomery St.
Silas J. Briggs, Mrs.---widow res. Washington St.
Thomas A. Briggs (Briggs & Son)---res. New York
William Briggs---pilot res. Washington St.
Briggs & Son---coal and ice dealers Water St.
Henrietta Brink---dressmaker res. Washington St.
Theodore Brink---dentist res. Washington St.
Alfred Bronk---cook res. Greenwich St.
Benjamin H. Bronk---boatman res. Chatham St.
M. V.B. Bronk---evangelist res. Catskill Road
Ward Bronk---boatman res. First St. near Third St.
Willis Bronk---carpenter res. Catskill Road
Alvin Brooks (Brooks Bros.)--- res. Second St. cor. Montgomery St.
Brooks Brothers (A. and J. Brooks)---grocers at Second St. cor. Franklin St.
Casper Brooks---hotel keeper and res. Second St. cor Water St.
Charles E. Brooks---engineer res. Warren St.
Charles P. Brooks---clerk res Warren St.
Cornelius Brooks---boatman res. Church St.
Frank Brooks---laborer res. Second St.
George W. Brooks---ship carpenter res. Washington St.
Jeremiah Brooks (Brooks Bros.)---res. Second St.
Jeremiah Brooks---ice laborer res. Warren St.
Kate Brooks, Mrs.---res. Warren St.
Nathaniel S. Brooks---engineer res. Warren St. near Second St.
Wardell Brooks---carpenter res. Washington St.
William Brooks---ship carpenter res. Franklin
William E. Brooks---captain of "S. O. Pierce" res. Church St.
Albert C. Brown---barber res. Franklin St. cor. Fifth St.
Ambrose Brown---engineer res. Franklin St.
Charles W. Brown---painter res. Franklin St.
Jennie Brown, Mrs.---widow res. Franklin St.
John D. Brown---res. Second St.
Richard Brown---painter res. Franklin St.
William T. Brown---painter res. Franklin St.
William T. Brown---engineer res. Washington St.
John Buck---boatman---res. North Franklin St.
Warren C. Burdwin---tinsmith res. Washington St cor. Fourth St.
Jacob Burger, Mrs.---widow res. Church St.
Charles S. Burley---gardner res. Franklin St.
George W. Burley---carpenter res. Warren St.
John Burns---ship carpenter res. Second St.
C. E. Burrows, Mrs.---widow res. Franklin St.

John Capron---painter res. Warren St
Frazier D. Card---res. Washington St.
Severine Carley---carpenter res. Washington St.
Leroy Church---painter res. Washington St.
Warren Church---res. Washington St.
William E. Church---painter at Second St. res. Washington St.
Nathan E. Clark---res. Franklin St. cor. Third St.
Robert Cleet, Mrs.---widow res. Third St.
George W. Clough---carpenter res. Second St.
Jacob S. Clough---farmer res. North Franklin St. cor Goodrich St.
Nelson Clough---pilot res. Washington St.
Edward F. Coffin---res. Washington St.
Mary E. Coffin, Mrs.---widow res. Franklin St.
Reuben Coffin---laborer res. Washington St.
Samuel W. Coffin---res. Water St. near Third St.
William J. Coffin---ice hand res. Warren St.
Alfred Collier---pilot res. Warren St.
Frank Collier---pilot res. Warren St. cor. Market St.
Frederick J. Collier---telegrapher res. Warren St.
James L. Collier---newsdealer res. Second St.
William M. Collier---meat market and res. Second St. near Franklin St.
William Collier, Jr.---clerk res. Second St.
Ira H. Collins---engineer res. Washington St.
James Collins---res. Washington St.
Frank E. Cook---ship carpenter res. Franklin St.
William Cook---painter res. Chatham St.
Frederick Coon---carman res. Water St.
Horace Coon---laborer res. Franklin St.
James Coon---res. No. 20 Brick Row
John H. Coon---barge captain res. Vernon St.
John Coon, Jr.---res. Warren St.
Robert Coon---iceman res. Franklin St.
Sarah A. Coon, Mrs.---widow res. Franklin St.
William S. Coons---pastor of Baptist Church res. Franklin St.
Amos Cooper---pilot res. Second St.
Amos J. Cooper---boatman res. Second St.
Elizabeth Cooper, Mrs.---variety store and res. Washington St.
Ezra Cooper---boatman res. Washington St.
Ira Cooper---res. Second St above Warren St.
Ira N. Cooper---steamboat captain res. Montgomery St.
Isreal P. Cooper---laborer res. Vernon St.
Joel A. Cooper---steamboat captain res. Montgomery St.
Norman Cooper---brick maker res. Market St.
Sylvanus H. Cooper---boatman res. Second St.
Daniel Crook---laborer res. Washington St.
James Cumberland---laborer res. Washington St.
James Cumberland, Jr.---laborer res. Franklin St.
Richard Cumberland---res. Franklin St.
Thomas Cumberland---res. Washington St.
Thomas F. Cumberland---compositor res. Washington St.
William Cumberland---laborer res. Franklin St.

James Dalton---ice hand res. Franklin St.
John Dalton---ice hand res. Franklin St.
Margaret Dalton---dressmaker res. Franklin St.
Mary Dalton---dressmaker res. Franklin St.
William Dalton---laborer res. Franklin St.
Ella Darrow---res. Second St. cor Church St.
Matthew Davenport---boatman res. Franklin St.
Thomas Davenport---boatman res. Third St. cor Church St.
William H. Davenport, Mrs.---widow res. Third St. cor. Montgomery St.
Peter Day---boot and shoe dealer at Second St. cor. Livingston St.
Russel Day---clerk res. Warren St.
Thomas Day---res. Warren St.
Helen Alice Decker, Mrs.---widow res. Greenwich St.
Jacob H. Decker---res. Franklin St. cor. Livingston St.
Jacob H. Decker, Jr.---clerk res. Franklin St. cor. Livingston St.
Charles Dedrick---res. No. 5 Brick Row
Clarence Dedrick---res. Franklin St.
Elmer Dedrick---clerk res. Washington St.
Sylvester Dedrick---res. Vernon St.
Susan Dedrick, Mrs.---widow res. Washington St.
Addison M. Delamater---moulder res. Church St. cor. First St.
James Demary---gardener res. Market St. near Vernon St.
Frederick F. Dernell (H. F. Dernell & Co.)---res. Washington St. near Third St.
H. F. Dernell & Co. (H. F. Dernell and C. & F. Eichorn)---ice tool manufacturers
Located at Third St. below Washington St.
Edward Dickman---dry goods at Second St. res. Washington St.
Beulah A. Downing, Mrs.---widow res. Water St. cor. Third St.
Byron E. Doyle---pilot res. Franklin St. cor. Wheat St.
Samuel J. Doyle---laborer res. Elbow St.
Sylvester Doyle---steamboat captain res. Elbow St.
Thomas B. Doyle---boatman res. Elbow St.
Wesley Doyle---steamboat captain res. Swan St.
B. D. DuBois---caulker res. Washington St.
Erastus Dummary---iceman res. Warren St.
William Dummary---iceman res. Warren St.
James Dunn---res. Livingston St.

John Eder---mason res. Franklin St.
George Edwards---boatman res. Montgomery St.
George W. Edwards---clerk at Stewart House and res. Second St. cor. Water St.
Henry Edwards---pharmicist res. Montgomery St.
James M. Edwards---night watchman Consolidated Ice Co. res. Market St.
Leonard B. Edwards---laborer res. Franklin St.
Leonard M. Edwards---hotel keeper Second St. cor. Franklin St.
Charles Eichorn (H. F. Dernell & Co.)---res. Franklin St.
Frederick Eichorn (H. F. Dernell & Co.)---res. Second St.
John C. Elliiott---truck and expressman res. Washington St.
Joseph Emmick---laborer res. Church St. cor. Third St.
Robert Engel---carpenter res. Washington St.
John Essler---laborer res. Brick Row
Albert W. Every (Every Ice Co.)---res. Washington St.
Harold Every---contractor res. Second St.
Every Ice Co. (A.W., I., I.W. and T. Every)---Water St. above Ferry Slip
Ira Every---(Every Ice Co.)---res. Water St.
Isaac W. Every (Every Ice Co.)---res. Washington St.
Theodore Every---(Every Ice Co.)---contractor res. Washington St.
Theodore Every, Jr.---bicycle dealer res. Washington St.

John G. Faucett---rector of Episcopal church res. Warren St.
Edward Feeley---brick boatman res. Washington St.
John Feeley---brick boatman res. Washington St.
Robert Fife---driver res. Lime St. road, 1/2 mile from village
Patrick Flanagan---res. Washington St.
Stephen Flanagan---res. Union St.
Anna Flicker and Martha Flicker---millinery at Second St. res. Swan St.
Charles Flicker---boatman res. Swan St.
John Flicker---fish market res. Swan St.
George Flicker---sawyer res. Swan St.
Orin Q. Flint---principal at School No. 1 res. N. Franklin St.
Frank Ford---boatman res. Fourth St.
John F. Ford---ship carpenter res. Montgomery St.
William B. Ford---laborer res. Franklin St.
William D. Ford---ship carpenter res. Franklin St. cor. Third St.
John Frasier---pilot res. Water St.
George Frisbee---iceman res. No. 27 Brick Row
George Frisbee, Jr.---laborer res. No. 27 Brick Row
Richard Frisbee---iceman res. No. 27 Brick Row
J. Elsmer Fulton---res. Washington St.

Samuel Galbraith---blacksmith at Washington St. res. Elbow St.
Sears Gantley---res. Franklin St.
Hiram Gardner---res. Water St.
James Gardner---res. Swan St.
William Gardner---laborer res. Water St.
Andrew H. Getty---physician res. Washington St. cor. Third St.
Edward A. Gifford---attorney and counsellor at Second St. res. Union St.
A. Gilbert (Niver & Gilbert)---res. Sand Dock
Richard Gilbert---clerk res. Second St. cor. Washington St.
James Gill---res. Washington St. cor. Goodrich St.
John Gill---res. Washington St. cor. Goodrich St.
August Goeller---justice of the peace and res. Second St.
Gustavus H. P. Goesch---blacksmith res. Fourth St.
Patrick Golden---laborer res. Water St.
Isaac B. Goodfellow---shoemaker res. Warren St. cor. Second St.
Anna Gordon, Mrs.---res. Warren St. cor. Second St.
George E. Gordon---clerk res. Second St. cor. Warren St.
Linda Gordon, Miss.---bookkeeper res. Second St. cor. Warren St.
Michael Gorman---laborer res. Elbow St.
Delos Gritmon---ice dealer res. Second St.
Genio Gutcheus---engineer res. N. Franklin St.

Louis Hahn---tobacconist at Second St. res. Franklin St.
Catharine Hallenbeck, Mrs.---res. Washington St.
Charles Hallenbeck---boatman res. N. Franklin St.
Charles L. Hallenbeck---res. Union St.
Charlotte Hallenbeck, Mrs.---res. Second St. above Church St.
Daniel Hallenbeck---engineer res. Franklin St.
Egbert Hallenbeck---fruit dealer res. Second St.
Elmer Hallenbeck---boatman res. Montgomery St.
Ezra Hallenbeck---clerk res. Washington St.
E. V. Hallenbeck, Mrs.---res. Second St.
Frank Hallenbeck---laborer res. Union St.
Franklin J. Hallenbeck---captain and pilot res. Montgomery St.
Henry Hallenbeck---engineer res. Union St.
Henry Hallenbeck---clerk res. Warren St.
Henry Hallenbeck---farmer res. Warren St.
Jehoiakim P. Hallenbeck---farmer res. Second St.
John Hallenbeck---mason res. Warren St.
Watson Hallenbeck---laborer res. Market St. near Vernon St.
William H. Hallenbeck---res. Warren St.
William Hallenbeck, Mrs.---widow res. Second St.
Willis Hallenbeck---boatman res. Washington St.
Electa Halsted, Mrs.---confectionery Second St. cor. Washington St.
Rufus R. Halsted---dry goods Second St. near Franklin St.
Seth Halsted---clerk res. Second St. near Franklin St.
William A. Halsted---meat market at Second St. res. Washington St.
Alexander Hamilton---laborer res. N. Franklin St.
Charles Hamilton---res. Franklin St.
William S. Hamilton---laborer res. Washington St.
Charles Hanmore---ship carpenter res. First St. alley near Water St.
Andrew J. Hannay---driver res. Montgomery St.
A. Harmon, Mrs.---widow res. Washington St.
Edward Harrington---ship carpenter res. First St.
George Harrington---laborer res. First St. alley near Water St.
Robert Harrington---laborer res. First St. alley near Water St.
Robert Harrington, Jr.---res. Third St.
George H. Harvey---publisher of Athens News res. Warren St.
Michael Harvey---gardener res. Warren St.
W. James Harvey---beer bottler at Church St. res. Warren St.
Isabella H. Heaton, Mrs.---widow res. Washington St.
Elisha Henderson---res. No. 2 Brick Row
Mary G. Herr---shoe store at Second St. cor. Franklin St. res. Lime Street Road
Walter Herr---res. Lime Street Road 1/2 mile from village
Michael Hickey---brickmaker res. Washington St. cor. Wheat St.
Patrick Hickey---laborer res. Franklin St.
Eliza Hill, Mrs.---widow res. Warren St.
Frank M. Hill---painter res. Franklin St.
William F. Hitchcock---boatman res. Chatham St.
Benjamin Hoff---captain res. Vernon St. cor. First St.
Benjamin Hoff, Jr.---boatman res. Vernon St. cor. First St.
William Hoffman---engineer res. Washington St.
Levi Holmes---laborer res. Washington St.
Delos J. Hooks---ship carpenter res. Vernon St.
James Hooks---mechanic and ship carpenter res. Vernon St.
Joseph B. Horton---pharmicist at Secon St. cor. Washington St. res. Washington St.
Alanson Hosford---laborer res. Swan St.
Robert Hosford---laborer res. Rider's Row
William Hosford---laborer res. Swan St. cor. Union St.
Eunice Hotchkiss, Mrs.---widow res. Second St.
George D. Hotchkiss---res. Main St. cor. Church St.
Charles W. Howland (Howland & Son)---res. Franklin St.
Frank Howland (Howland & Son)---res. Franklin St.
N. W. Howland, Mrs.---widow res. Church St.
Howland & Son (C.W. and F. Howland) grocers at Second St.
Alonzo Houghtaling---laborer res. Vernon St.
Alonzo Houghtaling, Jr.---res. Vernon St.
Edward Houghtaling---laborer res. Elbow St. cor. Franklin St.
Nelson Houghtaling---laborer res. No. 19 Rider's Row
Arthur Hughs---cooper res. Catskill Road
Samuel Hughs---laborer res. S. Franklin St.
Marks Hyer---bookkeeper res. Washington St.
Sarah Hyer, Mrs.---res. Washington St.
Andrew Jackson---ship carpenter res. Warren St.
Harriett Jackson, Mrs.---widow res. Washington St.
Herbert Jackson---laborer
John Jackson---laborer res. Warren St.
Arthur Jones---peddler res. Second St.
Charles Jones---constable res. Vernon St.
John F. June---brickmaker res. No. 28 Brick Row
Thomas June---sand laborer res. No. 22 Brick Row
Bertram Kisselburg---ice laborer res. No. 23 Brick Row
Lauren Kisselburg---ice laborer res. No. 23 Brick Row
Lester Kisselburg---laborer res. Brick Row
Paul F. Kleversahl---blacksmith res. Washington St.
William Kleversahl---laborer res. Washington St.
Frederick Klutz---barber res. Washington St.
Knickerbocker Ice Co.---Washington St. above Ferry
Patrick Lambrick---blacksmith res. Franklin St. cor Second St.
Henry Lampman---engineer res. Montgomery St.
Mary C. Lampman---widow res. Montgomery St.
Hermance Lanfare---boatman res. Montgomery St.
Laura Lanfare, Mrs.---widow res. Third St.
Frederick R. Lape---druggist at Second St. near Franklin St. res. Second St.
Frederick T. Lape---physician res. Second St.
Edward Lawrence---ice dealer res. Warren St.
Martin A. Leach---clerk and res. Arlington Hotel
Michael Leach---laborer res. Franklin St.
Charles H. Lee---pilot res. Franklin St.
Goerge Lee---laborer res. Washington St.
Hock Lee---chinese laundry and res. Second St. near Warren St.
Jane Lee, Mrs.---widow res. Union St.
John Lee---brick burner res. Elbow St.
John Lee, Jr.---laborer res. Swan St.
Frank Leek---saloon keeper and res. Washington St.
George E. Leek---ship carpenter res. Second St.
George I. Leek---meat market at Second St. res. Washington St..
James Leek---meat market clerk res. Washington St.
Abram S. Lewis---truckman res. Church St.
Andrew Lewis, Mrs.---res. Vernon St.
George Lewis---laborer res. Vernon St.
John Little---boatman res. Church St.
W. R. Lewis---boatman---res. Church St.
Henry E. Lockwood---ice hand res. Montgomery St.
Theodore Lohman---harness maker and res. Second St.
Charles W. Loomis---res. Washington St.
Timothy Loughman---laborer res. Goodrich St.
George W. Loud---steward C.&N.Y. Steamboat Co. res. Franklin St.
Thomas Low---prop. Arlington Hotel and res. Second St.
Charles H. Lucas---shoemaker res. No. 24 Brick Row
Edward W. Lucas---shoemaker and res. Washington St. near shipyard
George B. Lucas---laborer res. Water St.
James Lynch---bartender and boards at Robbins House

Abram Mackay---engineer res. Franklin St.
Cornelia L. Mansfield, Mrs.---widow res. Warren St cor. Market St.
Walter M. Marvin---clerk res. Washington St.
Joseph F. Magee---ship carpenter res. Franklin St.
Peter Magee---ship yard at Water St. res. Franklin St.
Henry Maloney---tinsmith and roofer res. Washington St.
Thomas Maloney---laborer res. Washington St.
James E. Masters---boatman res. Vernon St.
Alden McClaskey---res. Franklin St.
Martin McDonald---grocer and res. Elbow St. cor. Franklin St.
Elizabeth McGowan, Mrs.---widow res. Washington St.
Douglas McKnight---ship carpenter res. Warren St.
Ernest McKnight---ferry pilot res. Church St.
Jesse M. McKnight---boatman res. Warren St.
Nelson McKnight---captain of steamer "Camelia" res. Franklin St.
Catharine A. Mead, Mrs.---res. Second St.
John Michel, Jr.---laborer res. Second St.
John Michel, Sr.---laborer res. Second St.
John P. Milett---blacksmith res. Greenwich St. cor Third St.
Charles Miller---mason res. Elbow St.
Charles B. Miller---pilot res. Elbow St.
Frederick Miller---mason res. N. Franklin St.
Harmon Miller---mason res. Franklin St.
Robert H. Miller---boatman res. Elbow St.
Stephen Miller---carpenter res. Washington St.
James Mills---prop. Mills House res. Washington St.
Patrick Mills---laborer res. Franklin St.
Ranney Minerly---ship carpenter res. Catskill Road
Abram Minnerly---gardener res. Catskill Road
Edward Minnerly---ship carpenter res. Catskill Road
Frederick K. Minnerly---gardener res. Catskill Road
Henry R. Minnerly---gardener res. Market St.
Edward N. Moore---boat captain res. Franklin St.
G. M. Moore---laborer res. No. 26 Brick Row
Charles Morris---laborer res. Third St. near Chatham St.
Howard Morris---laborer res. Third St. near Chatham St.
James B. Morris---laborer res. Chatham St. cor. Third St.
Paul R. Morrison---student res. Franklin St. cor. Market St.
O. N. Morrison, Mrs.---music teacher res. Franklin St. cor. Market St.
Elery Moseman---grocer at Second St. res. Montgomery St.
James P. Mower---cooper and coal dealer res. Equality St.
Cornelia Murgittroyd, Mrs.---res. Franklin St.
Thomas Murgittroyd---laborer res. N. Franklin St.
John Murphy---laborer res. Livingston St.
Edward Myers---engineer res. Washington St.
E. J. Myers, Mrs.---widow res. Washington St.

Horace Naylor---laborer res. Franklin St.
George L. Nedtwick---painter res. Third St.
Frank Nichols---postmaster res. Second St. cor. Montgomery St.
George S. Nichols---res. Franklin St. cor. Third St.
S. Hamilton Nichols---assessor res. Second St. cor. Montgomery St.
Frank B. Niver---clerk res. Washington St. cor. Montgomery St.
W. E. Niver (Niver & Gilbert) res. Sand Dock
Niver & Gilbert (W. E. Niver and E. Gilbert) Sand Dock boarding house
John Noll---barber at Brazier Bldg. on Second St. res. Washington St.
Sarah A. Norbury, Mrs.---widow res. Third St. cor. Washington St.

Odd Fellows Lodge No. 508---Brooks Building at Second St.
Alexander O'Hanlon---laborer res. Washington St.
Opera House (Brooks)---Franklin St. cor. Second St.
James Osterhoudt---ice dealer res. Second St.
Richard Ostrander---laborer res. Riders Row
Charles Oxbrough---laborer res. Washington St.

Archie Page---clerk and res. Second St. cor. Franklin St.
Russell Page---laborer res. Washington St.
Russell Page, Mrs.---dressmaker res. Washington St.
William Page---Groceries and Fruits and res. Second St. cor. Franklin St
Charles Palmateer---laborer res. Washington St.
Clarence Palmateer---laborer res. Washington St.
Daniel R. Palmateer---boatman res. Franklin St.
George Palmateer---boatman res. Washington St.
John Palmateer---caulker res. Washington St.
Tilden Palmateer---compositor res. Washington St.
Edward Parmenter---laborer res. Washington St.
Julia Parmenter, Mrs.---widow res. Washington St.
Robert Parmenter---ship carpenter res. Washington St.
George Patrie---laborer res. Vernon St.
Cuyler Pausley---engineer res. Second St. cor Chatham St.
James H. Payn---boatman res. Church St.
Vina Pearson---school teacher res. Franklin St.
Christopher Peister---blacksmith res. Second St.
Charles H. Perry---boatman res. Second St.
Edward Perry---clerk res. Second St. cor. Montgomery St.
John Perry---mason res. Warren St.
Joseph Perry---res. Union St.
J. Sanford Perry---pilot res. Washington St.
David Peters---peddler res. Franklin St.
Addison W. Porter---res. Union St.
Clark Porter---farmer res. Union St.
Clark I. Porter---laborer res. Union St.
Edward Porter---laborer res. Union St. cor. Elbow St.
J. Melvin Porter---telegraph operator res. Union St.
Oliver G. Porter---law student res. Union St.
Rowland Porter---brick manufacturer res. Swan St.
George E. Post---barber res. Church St.
John Post---barber res. Church St.
Addison Proper---brick hand res. Washington St.
Dennis Proper---brick hand res. No. 30 Brick Row
Eugene A. Proper---engineer res. Washington St.
Jeremiah Proper---laborer res. No. 29 Brick Row
Sylvester Pullen---res. Swan St.
Thomas Pullen---brick hand res. Swan St.

Alexander Rainey---pilot of steamer "Isabella" res. Franklin St.
Forest Rainey---boatman res. Franklin St.
John Rainey---laborer res. Washington St.
William H. Rainey---carpenter res. Washington St.
William H. Rainey---engineer res. Washington St.
John W. Ratzke---ship carpenter res. Franklin St.
Obed B. Ray---res. Franklin St.
James Raymond---laborer res. Franklin St.
William F. Raymond---engineer res. Washington St.
George Reeves---carpenter res. Third St. near Church St.
Harrison Reeves---clerk res. Third St. near Church St.
Ernest Relyea---boatman res. Washington St.
Hiram Relyea---boatman---res. Church St.
James L. Relyea---pilot res. Washington St.
Orrin D. Relyea---boatman res. Church St.
Wilmer D. Relyea---boatman res. Church St.
Edward Requa---boatman res. Washington St.
Frederick Requa---engineer res. Washington St.
George Requa---carpenter res. Washington St.
Gordon Richards---laborer res. Washington St.
Thomas Richards---boarding house keeper res. Swan St.
William Richards---laborer res. Washington St.
William Rider---brick manufacturer at Washington St. res. Stewart House
Benjamin Robbins---laborer res. No. 4 Brick Row
Theodore Robbins---laborer res. No. 4 Brick Row
Harry Robinson---laborer res Chatham St. cor Third St.
Byron Rose---teamster res. Warren St.
John Rose---shoemaker res. Vernon St.
John Rose, Jr.---shoemaker res. Warren St.
Nathan M. Rose---boatman res. Vernon St.
William B. Rossman---res. Second St.
John C. Rouse---res. North Franklin St.
Edward Ryan---potter res. Livingston St.
Jeremiah Ryan---engineer res. Livingston St.
Thomas Ryan---pottery kiln burner res. Franklin St.

John Salisbury---captain of barge "Flower" res. Franklin St.
John Salisbury, Jr.---boatman res. Elbow St.
John Sanderson---county judge and surrogate res. Franklin St.
George E. Schamerhorn---laborer res. Washington St.
George N. Schamerhorm---boatman res. Washington St.
Hannah Schamerhorm, Mrs.---res. Washington St.
Henry Schamerhorn---brick yard res. Washington St.
John Schamerhorn---brick yard res. Warren St cor. Market St.
William H. Schamerhorn---brick maker res. Swan St.
W. W. Schomp---pastor of Reformed Church res. Church St.
Charles E. Scism---laborer res. Third St.
Jeremiah Scism---laborer res. Brick Row
Addison Scott---res. Stewart House
Amanda Scott, Mrs.---confectionery at Warren St.
Ernest Scott---laborer res. Warren St.
George Scott---boatman res. Warren St.
Huyler Scott---boatman res. Market St.
George S. Seaman---mason res. Second St. cor. Montgomery St.
John Seaman---salesman res. Church St.
Nellie Seaman---musician res. Church St.
Laura M. Secor---school teacher res. Second St.
Belmore Seeley---ship carpenter res. Third St.
Henry Seeley---res. Market St.
Henry Self---ship carpenter res. Washington St. cor. Market St.
John Self---carpenter res. Franklin St.
Maria Self, Mrs.---variety store and res. Washington St.
George Seymour---res. Second St. cor. Warren St.
William H. Shays---commercial traveler res. Second St. cor. Chatham St.
Frank Sheffield---teamster res. Washington St.
Reuben Sheffield---house painter res. Washington St.
John H. Shults---laborer res. No. 25 Brick Row
Peter I. Shutts---farmer res. Second St.
Alonzo Sickles---captain steamboat "Terror" res. Washington St.
Charles H. Sickles---iceman res. Washington St.
Edward Sickles---laborer res. Washington St.
Frederick Sickles---ice laborer res. Washington St.
John Sickles, Jr.---laborer res. Washington St.
John W. Sickles---superintendent of ice house---res. Washington St.
John N. Simpson---blacksmith res. Second St.
Edward Siver---painter res. Water St.
John Skelly---clerk at Stewart House res. Franklin St.
John Slattery, Jr.---engineer res. Washington St.
John Slattery, Sr.---road commissioner res. Washington St.
Katherine G. Slattery---school teacher res. Washington St.
Henry U. Smalley---carpenter res. Warren St.
A. Hamilton Smith---grocer and res. Washington St.
Charles J. Smith---laborer res. Franklin St.
Edward Smith---boatman res. Washington St.
Enos B. Smith---laborer res. Union St.
Francis E. Smith---clerk res. Second St.
Honis Smith---laborer res. No. 10 Brick Row
John H. Smith---teamster res. N. Franklin St.
John R. Smith---brickmaker res. Washington St.
Matilda J. Smith, Mrs.---variety store res. Second St.
Robert E. Smith---brickmaker res. Washington St.
Sidney Smith---res. Washington St. cor. Union St.
Thomas N. Smith---res. Market St.
G. Franklin Snyder---pastor M. E. church res. Montgomery St.
Richard H. Snyder---caulker res. Second St.
William Snyder---ship carpenter res. Fourth St. cor. Washington St.
Isaac Spoor---painter res. Second St.
Katie A. Spoor---dressmaker res. Franklin St.
Wicks B. Spoor---pilot res. Warren St.
Orville Spornburg---hostler res. Washington St.
Benjamin Stanton---res. Washington St.
Joseph Stanton---engineer res. Franklin St. cor. Market St.
Andrew Stark---laborer res. Washington St.
Charles Stark---boatman res. Washington St.
Henry Stark---blacksmith res. Washington St.
Henry Stark, Jr.---boatman res. Washington St.
William Stewart---coachman res. Chatham St.
W. Hardy Stewart---prop. Stewart House and livery Second St. cor. Water St.
Nicholas Stickles---laborer res. Union St. cor Washington St.
Henry Stranahan---bookkeeper res. Market St.

John Tappan---laborer res. Washington St.
Daniel Thornton---laborer res. Union St.
Edward T. Thornton---laborer res. Union St.
Isaac H. Tice---carpenter res. Water St.
Arthur Titus---farmer res. Franklin St.
Epenetus Titus---res. Second St.
Frederick W. Titus---clerk on boat res. Washington St. cor. Third St.
Robert W. Titus---farmer res. Franklin St.
Addison Townsend---wagon maker res. Second St. near Franklin St.
Travis Brothers (D. W. & C. Travis)---foundry at Washington St.
Charles Travis (Travis Bros.)---res. Second St.
D. W. Travis (Travis Bros.)---res. Washington St.
Frank Travis---moulder and mounter res. Washington St.
Howard Travis---moulder and mounter res. Washington St.
Palmer Travis---laborer res. No. 7-8 Brick Row
Warren L. Travis---moulder res. Second St.
Charles P. Tremain---clerk res. Montgomery St. cor. Second St.
Zaddock P. Terell---laborer res. Second St.
Allen Turner---pilot res. Washington St.
Frank Turner---boatman res. Washington St.

Ida F. VanBuren---school teacher res. Second St.
John R. Vandenburgh---pilot Schuyler Line res. Water St.
Casper VanHoesen---carpenter res. Church St.
Charles VanHoesen---laborer res. Catskill Road
George VanKeuren---laborer res. Franklin St.
Bronk VanLoan---res. Third St. cor. Water St.
Charles B. VanLoan---moulder res. Montgomery St.
Edwin C. VanLoan---gardener res. Second St.
Edwin M. VanLoan---engineer res. Washington St.
Ezra VanLoan---engineer res. Franklin St.
Frank G. VanLoan---boatman res. Second St.
Frederick M. VanLoan---boatman res. Montgomery St.
George VanLoan---boatman res. Franklin St.
Henry VanLoan---boatman res. Third St.
Henry C. VanLoan---poet res. Second St.
Henry T. VanLoan---gardener res. Church St. cor. First St.
Isaac T. VanLoan---boatman res. Montgomery St.
Jacob H. VanLoan---engineer res. Washington St.
John C. VanLoan---clerk res. Second St.
Matthias VanLoan---ship builder res. Franklin St.
William J. VanLoan---boatman res. Montgomery St.
Frank VanSchaack---gardener res. Franklin St.
Peter VanSchaack---carpenter res. Market St.
Jane VanSteenburgh, Mrs.---cook res. Market St.
Grover VanSteenburgh---boatman res. Market St.
John I. VanValkenburgh---res. No. 21 Brick Row
Charles VanVliet---engineer res. Second St.
Albert VanWoert---boatman res. Warren St.
Edward VanWoert---boatman res. Warren St.
Edward N. VanWoert---boatman res. Franklin St.
Frederick VanWoert---boatman res. Warren St.
Henry R. VanWoert---town clerk res. Washington St.
William VanWoert---boatman res. Montgomery St.
Abraham Vosburgh---blacksmith res. Second St.
Hiram Vosburgh---laborer res. Church St.
Scott W. Vosburgh---engineer res. Second St.

Edward Wagoner---boatman res. Rider's Row
Melvin Wagoner---laborer res. Rider's Row
Herbert Wardle---laborer res. Montgomery St.
John F. Wardle---laborer res. Montgomery St.
Elizabeth A. Warren, Mrs.---widow res. Franklin St.
Charles B. Washburn---drug clerk res. Second St.
George E. Washburn---ice laborer res. Second St.
Platt V. Washburn---superintendent of ice houses res. Second St.
Alvin Weeks---caulker res. Washington St.
George Weeks---clerk res. Washington St.
Nelson J. Weeks---laborer res. Third St.
Thomas Weeks---caulker res. Washington St.
Joseph Wells---dealer in fruit res. Franklin St.
William Wells---machinist res. Second St.
Charles F. Weber---machinist res. Franklin St.
Morris Weber---machinist res. Franklin St.
Frank A. Wheeler---physician res. Washington St.
L. R. Wheeler, Mrs. widow res. Second St.
David F. Whiting---pilot res. Montgomery St.
Telah C. Whiting---res. N. Franklin St.
William M. Whitney---principal of Public School No. 2 res. Second St.
Samuel Wilson---laborer res. Chatham St.
Sarah Winnie, Mrs.---res. Second St. cor. Church St.
Eugene Wolfe---ice house superintendent res. Swan St.
Lewis Wolfe---res. Second St.
Margaret Wolfe, Mrs.---res. Montgomery St.
James B. Wolford---engineer res. Market St.

George Youngs---carpenter res. Second St.
Seneca Youngs---laborer res. N. Franklin St.
William P. Youngs---laborer res. Franklin St.

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