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The Village of Coxsackie
1896 Greene County Directory

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum and transcribed by Annette Campbell

Mary Acker, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
James Adams---farmer 7 acres  PO Mansion St.
Jennie Adams, Mrs.---dressmaker  PO Ely St.
John Adams---teamster   PO South River St.
Thomas B. Alcott---cooperage   PO Church St.
Aley Hamilton---painter   PO Elm St.
M. E. Allard---Marble Works opp. West Shore Station   PO New St.
Frank Almstead---core maker   PO Church St.
Martin Armstrong---PO VanDyck St.
P. Antonides---plumber   PO Ely St.
Edward Anthony---contractor   PO Noble St.
William Appleton---brickmaker   PO Center St.
George Appleton---laborer   PO VanDyck

Charles W. Backus---clerk   PO Mansion
Fred. Backus---grocer 17 Reed St   PO New St.
Harriet Backus, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
John Backus, Mrs.---widow   PO New St.
Charles E. Bailey (Winans & Bailey)---PO Mansion St.
William E. Bailey---harnessmaker   PO Mansion St.
George L. Banker---PO South River St.
Peter Bannon---laborer   PO Hollister St.
Arthur Barber---cooper   PO New St.
George Barber---laborer   PO New St.
Catharine Barlow, Mrs.---widow   PO Hollister St.
Frank O. Barlow---Barlow Hotel   PO Mansion St.
William Barlow---icehand   PO Hollister St.
Frederick S. Barnum---pastor Second Reformed church   PO Ely St.
George Bates, Mrs.---widow   PO Bailey St.
Ambrose Beach---physician & surgeon on Reed St.   PO Mansion St.
Albert O. Beatty---engineer   PO Washington Ave.
B. Frank Beatty---clerk at New Eagle Hotel   PO New Eagle Hotel
H. M. Beatty, Mrs.---PO Lafayette Ave.
Ursula Beatty, Mrs.---widow   PO Lafayette Ave.
William Beatty---carpenter   PO Church St.
Charles Becker---shoemaker   PO North River St.
Frank Bedell---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Frank F. Bedell---insurance agent   PO Mansion St.
Homer T. Bedell---PO Mansion St.
Jacob Bedell---boatman   PO Bailey St.
Levi Bedell---flour & feed, opp. WSRR depot   PO Mansion St.
PEter Bedell---bakery   PO Reed St.
Smith Bedell---farmer 76 acres   PO Hollister St.
Charles C. Bell---driver  PO Cumming's Hotel
Addison Benn---machinist   PO Laurence Ave.
Crawford Benn---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Edward Bennett---laborer   PO Raymond St.
Edward Bennett---machinist   PO Mansion St.
George Bennett---carpenter   PO Center St.
Oscar Bennett---machinist   PO New St.
Samuel C. Bennett---tinsmith   PO New St.
Warren T. Bennett---teamster   PO Raymond St.
William H. Bennett---laborer   PO Lower Landing
Anthony Benton---waiter  PO Railroad Ave.
Cornelius Best---laborer   PO Water St.
C. S. Bishop---ticket agent   PO Mansion St.
Maurice Blake---trackman   PO Mansion St.
Anthony Boardman---furnaceman   PO New St.
Charles Bogardus---prop. Greene County ice house   PO Elm & Prospect Sts.
Charles Bogardus---laborer   PO VanDyck St.
Edward Bogardus---teamster  PO South River St.
Ephraim Bogardus---machinist   PO Lafayette St.
Hiram Bogardus---insurance agent   PO Mansion St.
John Bogardus, Mrs.---widow   PO Hollister St.
Isaac T. Boice---laborer   PO Mansion St.
George Bomus---carpenter   PO VanDyck St.
Helen G. Bouton---PO Mansion St.
John Bouton---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Robert Boyd---laborer   PO North River St.
Mandelbert Brandow---mason   PO Mansion St.
Milton Brandow---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Peter Brandow---farmer   PO Mansion St.
William H. Brandow---farmer   PO New St.
James Brennan---iceman   PO North River St.
Thomas Brennan---iceman   PO North River St.
Eugene Briggs---butcher   PO North River St.
Henry Briggs---boatman   PO Water St.
Lewis Briggs---pilot   PO Water St.
Edward Bristol---butcher   PO Mansion St.
Warren Bristol---teamster   PO New St.
Amos Bronk---laborer   PO North River St.
Corville Bronk---laborer   PO North River St.
Ezra Bronk---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Helen Bronk, Mrs.---widow   PO New St.
Hezekiah Bronk---farmer   PO Whitbeck St.
Howard Bronk---cook   PO Bailey St.
John B. Bronk---lawyer at 3 Mansion St.   PO Church St.
Melvin Bronk---laborer   PO North River St.
Edward Brown---laborer   PO North River St.
Hiram Brown---lumber dealer   PO Mansion St.
Horace W. Brown---grocer at 23 Reed St.   PO 20 Mansion St.
Jerome E. Brown---cigarmaker   PO 11 Reed St.
John Brown---lumber dealer   PO Mansion St.
Morgan Brown---laborer   PO New St.
William Brown---gardener   PO New St.
George Budd---foundryman   PO Laurence Ave.
Maria Budd---PO Mansion St.
Alonzo Burke---iceman   PO North River St.
Edmund Burke---foundryman   PO North River St.
Patrick Burke---laborer   PO Noble St.
Richard Burke---laborer  PO South River St.
George Burner---laborer   PO Mansion St.
John Burroughs---iceman   PO VanDyck St.
Katie E. L. Burroughs, Mrs.---millinery at Reed & Mansion   PO Ely farm
S. T. Burroughs---farmer   PO South River St.
Thomas Bush---farmer   PO South River St.
Gordon Butler---janitor   PO Whitbeck St.  

A. L. Calkins---tailoress   PO Mansion St.
Newton A. Calkins---lawyer   PO Washington Ave.
Archie Carey---polisher   PO South River St.
Mary Carey---dressmaker  PO Mansion St.
James Carrick---laborer   PO North River St.
Douglass Carter---laborer   PO New St.
Frank Carter---bartender   PO Ely St. & New St.
George Carter---PO South River St.
Allen G. Case---grocer at 19 River St.  PO New St.
Gleason H. Case---saloon keeper   PO Cummings Hotel
Myron Case---saloon keeper   PO Washington Ave.
Addie Caselle, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Owen Cassidy---saloon keeper   PO North River St.
Samuel Cheesman---laborer   PO Center St.
John Cheney---laborer   PO Riverside Ave.
Henry Cheritree---shoemaker   PO Eagle Hotel
John Chrystie---iceman   PO Water St.
Lucius Church---farmer 8 acres   PO Mansion St.
Wellman R. Church---hardware at 8-10 Reed St.   PO Mansion St.
Peter Claffy---laborer   PO Noble St.
George T. Clark (Clark & Hotaling)---PO VanDyck St.
Orizell C. Clark---painter   PO VanDyck St.
Clark & Hotaling (G.T. Clark & J.A. Hotaling)---dry goods at Reed & Mansion Sts.
John Cleary---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Michael Cleary---flagman   PO Bailey St.
Alida Clough, Mrs.---widow   PO Whitbeck St.
Casper Clough---coal dealer at South River St.   PO Church St.
Charles Clough---laborer   PO VanDyck St.
Frederick Clough---laborer   PO Ely St.
G. Matthew Clough---clerk   PO Mansion St.
John Clough---laborer   PO VanDyck St.
John Clough, Mrs.---widow   PO Washington Ave.
John H. Clough---laborer   PO South River St.
John L. Clough---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Susan Clough, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
William Clough---laborer   PO VanDyck St.
Nicholas Clute, Mrs.---widow   PO Ely St.
Egbert T. Cochran---farmer   PO Washington Ave.
Sarah J. Cochran, Mrs.---widow   PO South River St.
Augustus Coleman---brick moulder   PO North River St.
Stella Coleman---laborer   PO Noble St.
Arthur J. Collier---lawyer & real estate   PO Washington Ave.
A. V. D. Collier---PO Mansion St.
Casper I. Collier---dry goods dealer   PO Church & Ely Sts.
Clifford Collier---machinist   PO Washington Ave.
Frank Collier---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Lena Collier---PO Mansion St.
Phillip J. Collier---laborer   PO Washington Ave.
W. Barton Collier---PO Ely St.
Oliver Comithier---laborer   PO Bailey St.
Richard Comithier---boatman   PO Bailey St.
Theodore Comithier---boatman   PO Bailey St.
William Comithier---laborer   PO Bailey St.
John Condon---laborer   PO VanDyck St.
Nettie Conine, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Bernard F. Connolley---laborer   PO North River St.
William Connor---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Jacob L. Cooke---carpenter   PO Mansion St.
John Cooney---moulder   PO Hollister St.
Margaret Cooney, Mrs.---widow   PO Hollister St.
Platt Coonley---treas. Transportation Co., vice pres. Coxsackie Nat'l Bank   PO Elm St.
Joseph Coonrad---butcher   PO Franklin St.
Thomas E. Cooper---teamster   PO Washington Ave.
Levi B. Cornwell---barber   PO Mansion St.
Daniel Costello---mason   PO Hollister St.
John Costello---mason   PO Riverside Ave.
John Costello---moulder   PO Hollister St.
Michael Costello---mason   PO Hollister St.
James Covey, Mrs.---widow   PO Noble St.
William Courtemanche---brick manufacturer   PO 9 Church St.
Michael Cox---PO 24 Reed St.
Coxsackie News---W. P. Franklin, editor and publisher   PO Reed & Ely Sts.
Peter Craft---carpenter   PO Lafayette Ave.
C. H. Crippen---clerk   PO Church St.
Madison Crippen---laborer   PO Hollister St.
H. W. Crist---foreman  PO New Eagle Hotel
J. J. Cronin---machinist   PO Mansion St.
Patrick Crowe---laborer   PO New St.
Alexander Cumming---prop. Cummings Hotel  PO Reed & River Sts.
Daniel Cumming---machinist   PO Mansion St.
Daniel S. Cumming, Sr.---prop. omnibus line   PO Mansion St.
Edwin R. Cumming---livery at South River St.   PO Reed St.
William W. Cumming---prop. New Eagle Hotel   PO Mansion St.
John Cummings---laborer   PO Washington Ave.
William E. Cummings (Cummings & Myer)---PO South River St.
Cummings & Myer (W.E. Cummings & J.L. Myer)---boat builders   PO South River St.
Norton Currie---teamster   PO New St.
A. W. Curtis, Mrs.---insurance agent   PO Mansion St.
Royal Cutler---laborer   PO Lafayette Ave.  

Daniel H. Daley---attorney & conselor at law, office over bank   PO Ely St.
Isaac F. Davis---PO Mansion St.
Frank Day---clerk   PO New St.
William A. Dean---jeweler   PO Reed St.
S. Ada Decker---saleslady   PO Washington Ave.
William Decker---painter   PO Mansion St.
W. H. Decker---painter   PO Washington Ave.
Lovina Dederick---PO South River St.
Christina Delemater, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Dewitt Delemater---carpenter   PO Mansion St.
Esbond Dibble---pilot   PO Church & Hollister Sts.
Charles Dixon---farmer   PO Whitbeck
Richard Dixon---farmer   PO Bailey St.
Thomas Dixon---farmer   PO Bailey St.
Michael Doherty---shoemaker   PO North River St.
Robert H. Doherty---engineer   PO Ely St.
William Doherty---laborer   PO Lafayette Ave.
William Doherty, Jr.---salesman   PO Ely St.
William Doherty, Mrs.---widow   PO Ely St.
Christopher Dolan---laborer   PO South River St.
Christopher J. Dolan---teamster   PO Hollister St.
Ed Dolan---laborer   PO North River St.
James Dolan---butcher   PO Hollister St.
Michael Dolan---saloon and bottler  & lives at  PO 17 South River St.
M. F. Dolan---night operator   PO West End Hotel
Peter Dolan---grocer at Mansion St.   PO 3 Church St.
Peter Dolan---cigarmaker   PO Reed St.
Thomas Dolan---clerk   PO South River St.
Maxime Donnie---PO Ely St.
Daniel Donovan---bartender   PO South River St.
William Doole---teamster   PO Ely St.
Stephen Doolong---machinist   PO Church St.
James Dowling---barber   PO Hollister St.
Cecelia Dowling---PO Church St.
John Dowling---moulder    PO Church St.
Michael Dowling---mason   PO Hollister St.
Daniel Dunn, Mrs.---widow   PO Riverside Ave.
Peter S. Duryea---marble polisher   PO 24 New St.
Alpheus C. Dwight---teller at Coxsackie Bank   PO 22 Ely St.
H. M. Dwight, Mrs.---music teacher   PO

William A. Edwards---hardware dealer at 13 Reed St.   PO 15 Ely St.
William Egbert---boatman   PO Bailey St.
Samuel Egberts---laborer   PO 9 Lafayette Ave.
Ira Egnor---iceman   PO Noble St.
James Eldridge---PO Mansion St.
Charles Ellsworth---farmer   PO Water St.  

George W. Fairgrieve---principal public school   PO New St.
Thomas Fahey---brass finisher   PO Lafayette Ave.
Elias D. Fancher---PO Elm St.
William O. Fancher---iceman   PO South River St.
W. P. S. Fancher---laborer   PO Elm St.
William Farmer---retired merchant   PO Mansion St.
Grant Fenton---foundryman   PO Mansion St.
Henry Fenton---shoemaker   PO Mansion St.
Robert Fenton---moulder   PO Mansion St.
E. A. Finch---PO Elm St.
George B. Fink---butcher   PO Cummings Hotel
Ann Finley, Mrs.---widow   PO Ely St.
Rebecca Firch---PO North River St.
Edwin Fitchett---teamster   PO New St.
Gilbert I. Fitchett---coal dealer at 9 South River St.   PO Mansion St.
John Fitzgerald---iceman   PO North River St.
John Fitzgerald---brickmaker   PO North River St.
Michael Fitzgerald---brickmaker   PO North River St.
Michael Fitzgerald---barber   PO North River St.
William Fitzgerald---laborer   PO North River St.
Michael Fitzpatrick---laborer   PO North St.
Thomas Fitzpatrick---laborer   PO North St.
Andrew Foley---moulder   PO North River St.
L. D. Ford---carpenter   PO Mansion St.
Milton Fowks---machinist   PO South River St.
John H. Fox---laborer   PO Ely St.
Peter W. Fox ( Fox & Co)---PO Mansion St.
William G. Fox (Fox & Co)---PO Ely St.
Fox & Co. (W.G. & P.W. Fox)---Prop. North River Marble & Granite Works PO South River
John Frank---furniture, carpets etc. at 15 Mansion St.   PO Ely St.
Frederick G. Franklin---stone cutter   PO South River & Church Sts.
George Franklin---printer   PO Reed St.
William P. Franklin---editor   PO South River & Church Sts.
Frank Freeman---cook   PO Whitbeck St.
Heywood Freeman---pantryman   PO Whitbeck St.
George Freeman---laborer   PO Whitbeck St.
James French---moulder   PO Elm St.
Samuel Frisbee---engineer   PO North River St.  

G. B. Gardner---jeweler & PO 27 Reed St.
Charles Gallup---traveling salesman   PO Elm St.
Charles Garrigan---laborer   PO South River St.
Edward C. Garrigan---clerk   PO Riverside Ave.
Michael Garrigan---moulder   PO Mansion St.
Patrick Garrigen---moulder   PO Riverside Ave.
Thomas Garrigan, Mrs.---widow   PO South River St.
Thomas C. Garrigan---cigarmaker   PO South River St.
Lucy Garry, Mrs.---widow   PO Church ST.
Thomas R. Gary---shirt mfr.   PO New Eagle Hotel
H. A. Gates, Mrs.---widow   PO North River St.
Albert Gay---laborer   PO Ely St.
Barnet Gay---bookkeeper   PO New St.
Elizabeth Gay---traveling salesman   PO Mansion St.
Orson Gedney---telegraph operator   PO Cumming's Hotel
Charles B. Gibbons---pastor of A.M.E. church   PO Mansion St.
Reynold Gibbons---foundryman   PO Mansion St.
John Goodwin---lumber salesman   PO Washington Ave.
A. J. Gould---carpenter   PO Mansion St.
F. G. Gould---carpenter   PO Washington Ave.
Patrick Gray---laborer   PO North River St.
John W. Granger---moulder   PO Mansion St.
Francis H. Green---moulder   PO South River St.
James E. Green---PO 24 Mansion St.
William T. Green---laborer   PO New St.
Charles T. Greene---meat market   PO 6 Washington Ave.
D. Geroe Greene---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Ethel A. Greene---music teacher at Mansion St.   PO Elm St.
James H. Greene---laborer   PO South River St.
Jesse Greene---bookkeeper   PO Lafayette Ave.
Minor H. Greene---PO Elm & Lafayette Ave.
M. J. Greene---hay salesman   PO Lafayette Ave
Oscar J. Greene---purser   PO Lafayette Ave.
PAtrick Greene---laborer   PO South River St.
Eliza Griffen, Mrs.---widow   PO Reed St.
Robert Groat---porter at Eagle Hotel   PO 9 Reed St.  

Henry J. Hahn---baker at 11-13 Mansion & PO 11-13 Mansion St.
Abraham Hallenbeck---PO 19 Lafayette Ave.
Alzada Hallenbeck, Mrs.---widow   PO Washington Ave.
Barnett Hallenbeck---PO North River St.
Bertha Hallenbeck---teacher   PO Washington Ave.
Charles Hallenbeck---machinist   PO Mansion St.
Clayton Hallenbeck---laborer   PO South River St.
Clifford Hallenbeck---foundryman   PO Mansion St.
Cora Hallenbeck---teacher   PO Washington Ave.
Edwin C. Hallenbeck---lawyer at Reed St.   PO Mansion St.
Eliza Hallenbeck, Mrs.---PO Mansion St.
Frank Hallenbeck---clerk   PO Mansion St.
Frederick Hallenbeck---laborer   PO 19 Lafayette Ave.
George Hallenbeck---laborer   PO VanDyck St.
Isaac C. Hallenbeck---lawyer at Reed & Mansion Sts.   PO South River St.
John F. Hallenbeck---boatman   PO Bailey St.
J. H. Hallenbeck---laborer   PO Mansion St.
John J. Hallenbeck---farmer   PO Bailey St.
Marcus E. Hallenbeck---laborer   PO Laurence Ave.
Millard F. Hallenbeck---PO  South River St.
Sheldon Hallenbeck---harnessmaker   PO Mansion St.
William H. Hallenbeck---carpenter   PO Laurence Ave.
William Halliday---teamster   PO New St.
Andrew Hallock---grocer   PO Mansion St.
Daniel B. Hallock---insurance agent   PO Washington Ave.
Roscoe C. Hallock---clerk   PO Mansion St.
Stephen P. Hallock---grocer   PO Mansion St.
William Ham---iceman   PO Noble St.
David M. Hamilton, Mrs.---widow   PO South River St.
Ed. John Hamilton---coachman   PO Bailey St.
Russell Hamilton---laborer   PO Bailey St.
Jennie Haney (The J. H. Witbeck Co.)---grocers   PO Mansion St.
Benjamin Harden---foundryman   PO Mansion ST.
Henry Hartt---clerk   PO Washington Ave.
V.B. Hester Hastings, Mrs.---widow   PO Washington Ave.
Eleanor Hermance---PO Ely St.
Edward Heron---moulder   PO Barlow Hotel
George Herrick---clerk & PO Cumming's Hotel
Charles H. Hill & Co.---undertakers & PO Mansion St.
Charles E. Hiseerd---drug clerk at Mansion St.   PO Church St.
James W. Hiseerd---lawyer   PO 12 Church St.
John Hiseerd---carpenter   PO Mansion St.
Frank Hoag---tree agent  PO Mansion St.
John Hogue---farmer   PO Lafayette Ave.
Henry Hollister, Mrs.---widow   PO Ely St.
George Holmes---brass finisher   PO Church St.
A. L. Hood---miller   PO Whitbeck St.
Fred V. Hood---engineer   PO Elm St.
George W. Hood---clerk   PO Lafayette Ave.
H. E. Hood---miller   PO Whitbeck St.
Joseph Hoose---moulder   PO Hollister St.
Wallace Horton---moulder   PO Mansion St.
Albert T. Hotaling---PO Mansion St.
Edward R. Hotaling---mason   PO Lafayette Ave.
Andrew Hotaling---carpenter   PO South River St.
Ephraim Hotaling---engineer   PO Lafayette Ave.
J. Armstrong Hotaling (Clark & Hotaling)---PO 17 New St.
Peter A. Hotaling---dealer in hay & straw, W. S. Railroad   PO New St.
Peter H. Hotaling---saloon keeper   PO South River St.
P. M. Hotaling---prop. Linwood stock farm   PO Lafayette Ave.
Stephen D. Hotaling---moulder   PO Mansion St.
Andrew J. Houghtaling---PO Mansion St.
Milton Howard---laborer   PO West End Hotel
A. S. Howe---traveling salesman   PO Mansion St.
Robert Hoy, Mrs.---PO Hollister St.
S. A. Hubbell, Mrs.---widow   PO Elm St.
Byron S. Hutchings---cigar mfg. at 16 Reed St.   PO Elm St.  

William Irvis---waiter   PO Whitbeck St.  

Robert Jackson---coachman   PO Mansion St.
William Jackson---farmer   PO Whitbeck St.
Robert G. Jameison---stonecutter   PO New St.
Henry A. Jenne---laborer   PO South River St.
Joseph Jerome---barber   PO New St.
Julius A. Jerome---barber at Reed St.   PO New St.
Benjamin Jones---laborer   PO Noble St.
Haskell Jones---iceman   PO VanDyck St.
Henry Jones---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Jordan Bros. (H. A. & F. Jordan)---druggists   PO Reed St.
Frank Jordan ( Jordan Bros.)---PO Reed St.
Harry A. Jordan (Jordan Bros.)---PO Reed St.
Lenheim Jump---machinist   PO Water St.  

Thomas Keenan---iceman   PO North River St.
John Kelly---boatman   PO Bailey St.
Patrick Kelly---laborer   PO Bailey St.
Edward E. Kennedy---bookkeeper   PO 9 Church St.
James Kennedy---clerk   PO South River St.
John Kennedy, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Martin Kennedy---clerk on wharf   PO South River St.
Matthew Kennedy---moulder   PO Mansion St.
Matthew Kennedy, Sr.---laborer   PO South River St.
Matthew Kennedy---supt. Valve Works   PO Mansion St.
Thomas H. Kennedy---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Kennedy Valve Manufacturing Co.---PO Mansion St.
(Anyone know if this is the same Kennedy Valve of Elmira, NY)
Thomas Keyes---iceman   PO Noble St.
William Keyes---iceman   PO Noble St.
Edward Kiley---foreman  PO Cumming's Hotel
Jacob Kline---laborer    PO Whitbeck St.
Levi Kline---laborer   PO Whitbeck St.
Moses Kline---stableman   PO South River St.
Stephen Kniffen---quarryman   PO VanDyck St.
James Lamb---hostler   PO 5 Church St.

Mary Lamb, Mrs.---widow   PO Church St.
Thomas Lamb---laborer   PO Church St.
Herbert Lampman---coal dealer   PO Ely St.
Isaac D. Lampman---carpenter   PO Washington Ave.
James H. Lampman---carpenter   PO New St.
Jennie Lane---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Henry Lanphier---pilot   PO Mansion St.
Sylvanus A. Lansing---bartender   PO New St.
Larabee House---1,3,5 South River   John V.W. O'Conner, prop.
Charles Lazette---engineer   PO Lafayette Ave.
D. P. Lazette---PO Washington Ave.
Grant Lazette---boatman   PO Water St.
Nelson Lazette---boatman   PO North River St.
Philip Lazette---laborer   PO North St.
Alexander Layman---core maker   PO Reed St.
Silas W. Layman---foundryman   PO Mansion St.
Barney Leach---laborer   PO Hollister St.
Patrick Leach---laborer   PO Hollister St.
Eugene Leigh---painter   PO Washington Ave.
S. T. Leigh---laborer   PO Washington Ave.
John Leonard---barber   PO New St.
John Linden---butcher   PO Mansion St.
George B. Lewis---blacksmith   PO Mansion St.
George Loeffler---butcher   PO Lafayette Ave.
John Longthon---PO South River St.
Raphael Longthon---laborer   PO South River St.
Calvin Lord---clerk   PO 9 Reed St.
Obadiah Losee---farmer   PO Church St.
Edwin H. Lounsberry---canned goods packer   PO Washington Ave & Mansion St.
Louis Lounsberry---teacher   PO Laurence Ave.
H. R. Luney---rector of Christ church   PO Mansion St.
Elizabeth Lusk---PO Mansion St.
Ellen Lynch, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Fred. Lyons---moulder   PO North River St.  

Christina Mackey, Mrs.---widow   PO Church St.
Edward Mackey---PO Mansion St.
George Mackey---clerk   PO Church St.
Hannah Mackey, Mrs.---PO Washington Ave.
John C. Mackey---grocer at River St.   PO Church St.
John Maclay, Mrs.---widow   PO Centre St.
George Magee---stone cutter   PO Mansion St.
Samuel Magee---laborer   PO Ely St.
John Maloney---iceman   PO Bailey St.
M. D. Maloney---tailor   PO New Eagle Hotel
William Maloney---blacksmith   PO Mansion St.
Charles H. Mann---laborer   PO Church St.
Harry Mann---bookkeeper   PO Church St.
Samuel Marsh---druggist at Reed St.   PO New St.
Marshall Smith, Mrs.---widow   PO King St.
Adam Martin---laborer   PO Elm St.
Samuel Martin---laborer   PO North River St.
William I. Martin---PO Church St.
John Maxwell---laborer   PO Centre St.
John H. Mayer---cabinet maker   PO Reed St.
Frank McCarrick---compositor   PO Washington Ave & New St.
Henry McCarrick, Mrs.---widow   Washington Ave & New St.
John C. McClure---druggist at 3 Mansion St.   PO Ely St.
William B. McDermott---saloon keeper   PO Mansion St.
Edward McGonegal---tool maker   PO New Eagle Hotel
Henry McGuigans---mason   PO Hollister St.
William McGuigans---clerk   PO Hollister St.
Thomas McGuire---brass finisher   PO Church St.
James McKay---tailor at Reed St.   PO South River St.
B. Frank McKinney---engineer   PO Mansion St.
Edward McManus---laborer   PO New St.
Edward McManus Jr.---moulder   PO New St.
John J. McManus---PO Church St.
John McNeil---laborer   PO South River St.
William McOrmand---machinist   PO Mansion St.
A. A. Mead---dentist at Reed St.   PO same
Mary Mead, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Rachael Mead---seamstress   PO New St.
John Membert---laborer   PO VanDyck St.
E. H. Merriam---physician   PO Whitbeck St.
William H. Metcalf---blacksmith   PO Mansion St.
Peter Minckler---core maker   PO Mansion St.
Elizabeth M. Millard, Mrs.--- PO Mansion St.
Catharine Miller, Mrs.---widow    PO Mansion St.
John Miller---farmer   PO Washington Ave.
John Mitchell---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Mary Mitchell, Mrs.---widow   PO Church St.
Dennis Monaghan---moulder   PO Church St.
James Monaghan---deckhand---PO Church St.
Patrick Monaghan---laborer   PO Church St.
Edward Moorby---moulder   PO Mansion St.
Matthew Moran---blacksmith   PO New St.
Daniel W. Morgan---water commissioner   PO Reed St.
Fannie Morgan, Mrs.---PO Ely St.
Michael Morgan---boatman   PO North River St.
Robert Morgan---printer   PO Church St.
Charles Mortz---blacksmith   PO Cumming's Hotel
Robert C. Mosher---carpenter   PO New St.
John Mullen---laborer   PO Church St.
Thomas Mullen---saloon at South River St.    PO same
Thomas Murphy---laborer   PO Church St.
Thomas Murphy---bartender   PO Cumming's Hotel
Ann Murray, Mrs.---PO Riverside Ave.
George Murray---PO Riverside Ave.
Mary Murray---dressmaker   PO Riverside Ave.
Thomas Murray---moulder   PO Riverside Ave.
Thomas Murray---laborer   PO North River St.
John L. Myer (Cummings & Myer)---PO South River St.
Maria Myers, Mrs.---teacher   PO Lafayette Ave.
Ellen Mygatt---PO Mansion St.  

National Bank of Coxsackie---PO  5 Reed St.
Catharine Naughton---PO  North River St.
John Naughton---blacksmith   PO New St.
John Neary---blacksmith   PO New St.
Isaac Nebenberg---carpenter   PO Franklin St.
John Nebergall---carpenter   PO Mansion St.
Charles Nelson---laborer   PO Water St.
Josephine Nelson---insurance agent   PO Mansion St.
Robert Nelson---insurance agent   PO Mansion St.
Alonzo Newbury---machinist   PO Mansion St.
Boliver Newbury---iron manufacturer at rear Mansion St.   PO same
Fred. Newbury---machinist   PO Mansion St.
James G. Newbury---iron manufacturer at Mansion St.   PO same
Millard F. Newbury---iron manufacturer at Mansion St.   PO same
George W. Noble, Mrs.---widow   PO Elm St.  

Christopher O'Brien---laborer   PO Columbia Hotel
Edward O'Brien---boatman   PO North River St.
James O'Brien---iceman   PO South River St.
B. N. O'Connor---clerk   PO Larabee House
Christopher O'Connor---laborer   PO North River St.
Christopher O'Connor, Sr.---laborer   PO North River St.
Frank O'Connor---moulder   PO Washington Ave.
James O'Connor---laborer   PO North River St.
John V. W. O'Connor---capt. ferryboat "Coxsackie"  PO Larabee House
Harry Odell---laborer   PO North River St.
John Out---pilot   PO South River St.  

Joseph A. Page---clothing at 20 Reed St.   PO Ely St.
Edgar Palmer---iceman   PO Lafayette Ave.
Edith Palmer---milliner   PO Elm St.
Elias W. Palmer---expressman   PO Whitbeck St.
Fred. Palmer---groceryman   PO Mansion St.
Lewis A. Palmer---clerk   PO Mansion St.
Margaretta Palmer---widow   PO Ely St.
Oliver H. Palmer---gardener   PO Mansion St.
Theodore Palmer---groceryman   PO Mansion St.
William R.  Palmer---groceryman   PO Mansion St.
Wilsey Palmer---drug clerk   PO Lafayette Ave.
Albert Parker---cashier, Nat'l Bank of Coxsackie   PO Lafayette Ave.
Andrew Parslow---iceman   PO North River St.
Charles Parslow---laborer   PO VanDyck St.
William E.  Parslow---iceman   PO South River St.
W. H. Pattison---freight agent   PO Mansion St.
Henry Pausley---laborer   PO Laurence Ave.
Elmer Payne---blacksmith   PO Church St.
Staats Perry, Mrs.---dressmaker   PO Reed St.
Staats Perry---laborer   PO 14 Reed St.
Andrew Petchtle---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Teunis Petchtle---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Mary Petrie, Mrs.---widow   PO Whitbeck St.
Albert Pettit---mason   PO South River St.
Herbert Pettit---watchmaker and Jeweler at Mansion St.   PO Whitbeck St.
Spencer Phillips---iceman   PO North River St.
Albert W. Pierce---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Stevens Pierce---farmer   PO Mansion St.
George W. Pierman---cigarmaker   PO Church St.
Herman Plass---surveyor   PO Hollister St.
Charles W. Post---laborer   PO Bailey St.
Arthur E. Powell---insurance agent   PO Elm St.
B. B. Powell---freighter   PO Laurence Ave.
Charles E. Powell---laborer   PO Reed St.
Elisha C. Powell---farmer   PO 80 Mansion St.
H. B. Powell---farmer   PO Mansion St.
H. Charles Powell---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Stephen Powell---traveling salesman   PO Lafayette Ave.
Christopher Prendergast---laborer   PO 30 New St.
Daniel Prendergast---laborer   PO 30 New St.
James Prendergast---barber   PO Riverside Ave.
John P. Prendergast---laborer   PO 30 New St.
Michael Prendergast---saloon at Main & River Sts.   PO same
Michael Prendergast, Jr.---Prop. West End Hotel    PO Mansion St.
Thomas Prendergast---restaurant at South River St.   PO Same
William Prendergast---laborer   PO 30 New St.
Frank Provost---pilot   PO Church St.
Jacob Provost---pilot   PO Church St.
Albert A. Pugsley---butler   PO Whitbeck St.  

James Quigley---peddler   PO North River
Patrick Quigley---night watchman   PO New St.
William Quigley---laborer   PO South River St.
John Quinn---laborer   PO Noble St.
Peter Quinn, Mrs.---widow   PO Noble St.
Peter Quinn, Jr.---laborer   PO Noble St.
William Quinn---laborer   PO Noble St.  

William Radley---blacksmith   PO Mansion St.
Henry Ramsdell---machinist   PO Whitbeck St.
O. D. Ramsey---pastor of M E church   PO Church St.
William E. Ray---general store   PO Mansion St.
W. W. Raymond---bookkeeper   PO Whitbeck St.
Camiel Raymow---moulder   PO New St.
John Rea---pattern maker   PO Mansion St.
William K. Reed---undertaker at 15-17 Mansion St.   PO Ely & Church Sts.
Reed & Powell Transportation Co. at foot of Reed St.
Peter Reilly---laborer   PO North River St.
Frank Rhody---boatman   PO Noble St.
James Rhody---iceman   PO Noble St.
John Rhody---machinist   PO Noble St.
Kate H. Rice---music teacher   PO North River St.
Mark Richtmyer---clerk   PO New St.
Nelson H. Richtmyer (Richtmyer & Sax)---PO 16 New St.
Richtmyer & Sax (N. H. Richtmyer & M. Sax)---clothing & gents furnishings, 3 Reed St.
John Rider---coachman   PO North River St.
William Rider---machinist   PO New Eagle Hotel
John Robbins---smelter   PO Church St.
James Roberts---carpenter   PO Ely St.
Luman Roberts---iceman   PO Lafayette Ave.
Peter Roberts---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Henry Rosa---baggage master   PO Laurence Ave.
John Rosenburgh---laborer   PO South River St.
John Rosenburgh Jr. Mrs.---widow   PO South River St.
Elmer E. Rowe---coal handler   PO South River St.
Edward F. Ryan---blacksmith   PO 1 Church St.
John Ryan---iceman---PO North River St.
Thomas Ryan---laborer   PO Noble St.  

Antoine Sabarboro---confectioner at 12 Reed St.  PO same
Henry M. Sager---butcher   PO Ely St.
Henry Salisbury---clerk at Nat'l Bank   PO Mansion St.
Daniel Sanford---painter   PO Mansion St.
Mark Sax (Richtmyer & Sax)---PO Ely St.
John Sayers---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Robert Sayers---commission merchant   PO 43 Mansion St.
August Schmidt---prop. Columbia Hotel at Mansion St.  PO Same
Compton Schofield---moulder   PO Mansion St.
Chester S. Scott---PO South River St.
Edward Scott---boatman   PO Mansion St.
George H. Scott---saloon Keeper   PO South River St.
Melvin Scott---engineer   PO New St.
Walter Scott---boatman   PO South River St.
Sarah Scoville---PO Mansion St.
George Seward---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Charles Sharp---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Frederick M. Sharp---harnessmaker   PO Reed St.
Isaac Sharp, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
John F. Sharp---grocer   PO Mansion St.
John C. Shear---PO South River St.
Thomas Sheehan---saloon keeper   PO Riverside Ave.
Rodney Sheffield---moulder   PO Mansion St.
Alonzo Sherman---PO Ely St.
Henry Shields---cigar maker   PO New St.
Patrick Shields---laborer   PO New St.
Sylvester Shields---pattern maker   PO Noble St.
R. H. Shirley---pastor of  A. M. E. church   PO Mansion St.
Richard Shotwell---machinist   PO Reed St.
William Shoutz---carpenter   PO New St.
Frank Shufelt---soliciting agent   PO New St
Wellington Shufelt---teamster   PO Church St.
William H. Shufelt---wagonmaker at Main St.   PO New St.
Frank G. Sickles---exporter of apples   PO Washington Ave.
William Simmons---weighmaster   PO Van Dyck St.
Edward Simpson---moulder   PO New St.
Frank Slingerland---insurance agent   PO Mansion St.
Adam C. Sloan---PO Church & Hollister Sts.
Alfred Smith---drug clerk   PO New St.
Charles Smith---moulder   PO 26 Mansion St.
Charles E. Smith---iceman   PO South River St.
Chauncey Smith---teamster   PO Church St.
D. D. Smith---sand shipper   PO King St.
Daniel W. Smith---machinist   PO Washington St.
Edgar W. Smith---carman   PO 20 Church St.
Frank Smith---iceman   PO Van Dyck
Leland Smith---carpenter   PO rear of Church St.
Nathaniel Smith---brickmaker   PO Mansion St.
Warren P. Smith---carpenter   PO Mansion St.
W. H. Smith (Smith & Garry)---shirt mfg.   PO 18 Ely St.
William L. Smith---boatman   PO New St.
Eugene Snyder---painter   PO Mansion St.
Charles Spaunburgh---boatman   PO South River
George H. Spaunburgh---cigarmaker   PO South River St.
Isaac Spaunburgh---pilot   PO South River St.
Andrew Speanburgh, Mrs.---widow   PO South River St.
George C. Speanburgh---wagonmaker   PO New St.
A. A. Spencer, Mrs.---milliner   PO Mansion St.
Charles Spicer---iceman   PO Water St.
Charles E. Spickerman---prop. West Shore Hotel at Mansion St.   PO Same
Annie Spoor---teacher   PO Lafayette Ave.
Arthur Spoor---iceman   PO Van Dyck St.
Casper Spoor---boatman   PO Washington Ave.
Charles E. Spoor---butcher   PO Ely St.
A. Francis Spoor---laborer   PO Whitbeck St.
Edward Spoor---hostler   PO Cumming's Hotel
Elmer Spoor---cupola man   PO Whitbeck St.
Frank A. Spoor---clerk   PO Washington Ave.
Gertrude Spoor---teacher   PO Washington Ave.
Isaac Spoor---laborer   PO Whitbeck St.
John R. Spoor---laborer   PO Ely St.
Matthew Spoor---farmer   PO Washington Ave.
Sanford Spoor---machinist   PO Church St.
Van H. Spoor---machinist   PO Church St.
William V. B. Spoor---PO Church St.
Julia F. Squires, Mrs.---widow   PO Ely & New Sts.
Mary Stanton---PO Mansion St.
Augustus Stebner---farmer   PO Whitbeck St.
Robert Steel---clerk   PO Ely St.
Thomas Steele---boatman   PO Mansion St.
Patrick Stevens, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Luther B. Stickles---laborer   PO South River St.
A. S. Stone, Mrs.---widow   PO Church St.
Egbert W. Stone---PO Lafayette Ave.
Elmer Stone---fireman   PO Church St.
Myron Stone---bartender   PO West Shore Hotel
James Strang---salesman   PO New St. & Washington Ave.
Dennis Sullivan---brass & iron polisher   PO Reed St.
James Sullivan---iceman   PO Noble St.
Patrick Sullivan---peddler   PO Noble St.
Derrick Sutfin---clerk   PO Mansion St.
Elizabeth Sutherland---PO Raymond St.
George H. Sutherland, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Herbert Sutherland---boat clerk   PO 18 Mansion St.
James H. Sutherland---grocer at Reed St.   PO Ely & Church Sts.
Walter Swan---porter   PO Cumming's Hotel
Mortimer Sweet---auctioneer   PO Mansion St.
Walter Sweet---butcher at Mansion St.   PO Van Dyck St.
John L. B. Sylvester---farmer 50 acres   PO Mansion St.

George Teabout---laborer   PO Bailey St.
William TenEyck---barber   PO Whitbeck St.
Charles Thatcher---carpenter   PO Elm St.
Leslie Thatcher---pattern maker   PO Hollister St.
Warren A. Thatcher---carpenter   PO New St.
William Thatcher---moulder   PO Church St.
H. B. Thiers---merchant tailor   PO 7 Reed St.
Ambrose C. Thomas---tinsmith   PO 1 Ely St.
John Thomas---laborer   PO Whitbeck St.
Arthur Tiel---butcher   PO Elm St.
F. E. Tiel---bookkeeper   PO Elm St.
Frank E. Tiel---baggage master   PO New St.
Jacob Tiel---laborer   PO New St.
N. F. Tiel---PO Elm St.
Wallace Tiffany---machinist   PO Mansion St.
Ella Tighe---saleslady   PO Hollister St.
John Tighe---saloon keeper   PO South River St.
O:wen Tighe---cigarmaker   PO Hollister St.
Patrick Tighe---engineer   PO Hollister St.
Isaac D. Titus---laborer   PO VanDyck St.
Leonard Tolley, Mrs.---widow   PO New St.
Sylvester Tompkins---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Sylvester Tousan---stage driver   PO Mansion St.
Mary Townsend, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
John E. Townsend---farmer   PO Mansion St.
W. B. Townsend---grocer   PO Mansion St.
John Traver---machinist   PO Mansion St.
Henry Tryon---wagonmaker   PO Washington Ave.
Mary Turck, Mrs.---widow   PO South River St.

Aaron Valentine---laborer   PO South River St.
Edward Valentine---moulder   PO New St.
Jerry Valentine---laborer   PO South River St.
John Valentine---laborer   PO South River St.
Leonard Valentine---laborer & foundryman   PO South River St.
George VanBergen---iceman   PO Bailey St.
Henry VanBergen---freighter   PO Mansion St.
Lucius B. VanBergen---traveling agent   PO Mansion St.
Mary VanBergen, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Nelson VanBergen---miller   PO Mansion St.
Peter P. VanBergen---PO Washington Ave.
Simon VanBergen---laborer   PO Bailey St.
Wardell VanBergen---cook   PO Bailey St.
Benjamin VanBuskirk---laborer   PO Lower Landing
Eugene VanBuskirk---painter   PO South Landing
Lemuel VanBuskirk---iceman   PO South Landing
Warner Vandenburgh---engineer   PO Washington Ave.
William I. Vandenburgh---boatman   PO New St.
Kittie V.V. VanDyck---PO Mansion St.
B. John VanDyck---physician   PO Mansion St.
Stephen H. VanDyck---shoe dealer at 9 Reed St.   PO New Eagle Hotel
Lewis VanHoesen---physician   PO Ely St.
Edward VanGuysling---farmer   PO Bailey St.
Albert A. VanLoan---PO New St.
Charles VanLoan---fireman   PO South River St.
Jeremiah VanLoan---hostler   PO South River St.
S. D. VanLoan---farmer   PO Mansion St.
John M. VanLoon---carpenter   PO South River St.
Lewis VanLoon, Mrs.---widow   PO New St.
Sumner VanLoon---clerk   PO South River St.
Ulysses VanLoon---laborer   PO South River St.
William VanLoon---painter   PO South River St.
Albert VanSchaack---boatman   PO Ely St.
Isaac VanSchaack---carpenter   PO Ely St.
Isaac P. VanSchaack, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Richard D. VanSchaack---laborer   PO South River St.
Andrew W. VanSlyke---physician   PO North River St.
Sylvanus VanSlyke, Mrs.---widow   PO Bailey St.
C. Edward E. VanValkenburgh---policeman   PO New & South River Sts.
Fred VanValkenburgh---bartender   POI Larabee House
Seward VanValkenburgh---moulder   PO Riverside Ave.
A. Charles VanWie---clerk   PO Hollister St.
John B. VanWie---auctioneer   PO Ely St.
John VanWormer---engineer   PO New St.
John VanZandt---laborer   PO Mansion St.
Michael Varden---iceman   PO North River St.
Patrick Varden---iceman   PO North River St.
John M. C. VerPlanck---clerk   PO New St.
Charles Vosburgh---hostler   PO Reed St.
Nathan H. Vosburgh---harness & carriages at 5 Mansion St.   PO Elm St.
Sarah Vosburgh---PO Church St.  

John Wagner---farmer   PO Washington Ave.
N. B. Wagner---confectioner   PO Washington Ave.
Luen Wah---laundryman   PO Reed St.
Maurice Wallace---iceman   PO North River St.
John Wallace---iceman   PO North River St.
Thomas Walsh---pastor of St. Mary's church   PO Church St.
Frank Walsh---sexton of St. Mary's church   PO Church St.
Lansing Walters---laborer   PO Church St.
Charles A. Walther---moulder   PO South River St.
Isadore A. Walther---shoemaker   PO South River St.
Joseph P. Walther---PO South River St.
Philip Walther---machinist   PO South River St.                                                                           Patrick Ward---machinist   PO rear Mansion St.
Catharine A. Wells, Mrs.---widow   PO Lafayette Ave.
Charles C. Wells---photographer at 3 Mansion St.   PO Same
Christopher Wells---cartman   PO  9 Reed St.
Benjamin Wentworth---painter   PO VanDyck St.
Jacob Wentworth---brickmaker   PO VanDyck St.
John Whalen---furnaceman   PO Mansion St.
William Wheeler, Mrs.---widow   PO Washington Ave.
Aaron Whitbeck---mechanic   PO Mansion St.
Aleric Whitbeck---foundryman   PO VanDyck St.
Catharine H. Whitbeck, Mrs.---widow   PO Washington Ave.
Elizabeth Whitbeck---PO Mansion St.
John B. Whitbeck---PO Mansion St.
Peter H. Whitbeck---laborer   PO Whitbeck St.
Richard H. Whitbeck---carpenter   PO 23 Church St.
Richard V. Whitbeck---traveling salesman   PO Mansion St.
Henry E. Whitcomb---marine engineer   PO 21 Church St.
Wilbur White---brass finisher   PO Lafayette Ave.
Owen Whiteman---pattern maker   PO Washington Ave.
Cornell Whitmore---farmer   PO VanDyck St.
Marion Whitmore, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Judson Wicks---foundryman   PO Mansion St.
Timothy J. Wicks---painter   PO Lafayette Ave.
Andrew Weist---carpenter   PO Mansion St.
John Weist---carpenter   PO Mansion St.
P. O. Williams, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Archa Wilsey---mason   PO Whitbeck St.
John Wilsey---mason   PO Hollister St.
Morilla Wilsey, Mrs.---widow   PO Whitbeck St.
William Wilshusen---trackman   PO Mansion St.
Edward Wilson---justice of the peace   PO Laurence Ave.
George S. Wilson---boatman   PO South River St.
Robert Wilson---foundryman   PO Whitbeck St.
Townsend Wilson---machinist   PO Lafayette Ave.
Andrew Winans---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Stephen Winans, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
William E. Winans (Winans & Bailey)---PO Mansion St.
William H. Winans---PO 41 Mansion St.
Winans & Bailey (W.E. Winans & C. E. Bailey)---gent's furnishings & jewelry  PO Reed & Ely Sts.
Walter Winant---pastor of First Reformed church   PO Mansion St.
John H. Witbeck (The J. H. Witbeck Co.)---PO Mansion St.
The John H. Witbeck Co.---General Store, Groceries, Dry Goods, Agric. Implements   PO
Mansion St.
Abraham Wood---iceman   PO Water St.
Albert Wood---laborer   PO North River St.
Edmund M. Wood---watchmaker   PO 12 Ely St.
Sherman Wood---iceman   PO Water St.
Clarence Woolford (Wm. Woolford & Son)---PO Mansion St.
William Woolford (Wm. Woolford & Son)---PO Mansion St.
William Woolford & Son (W. & C. Woolford)---Dealers in horses and cattle and auctioneers  
PO Bailey St.
Frank Worden---news office   PO South River St.
Warren Worden---watchman---PO South River St.
James Wren---moulder   PO Riverside Ave.
John Wren---moulder   PO Church St.
Stephen Wren---laborer   PO Riverside Ave.
Thomas Wren---moulder  PO Riverside Ave.
Bosworth Wyncoop---brickmaker   PO Whitbeck St.  

David Youmans, Mrs.---widow   PO Mansion St.
Jerry Youmans---farmer   PO Mansion St.
Charles Young---machinist   PO Mansion St.
Cornelius Young, Mrs.---PO Mansion St.

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