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Edgar S. Ells Family 

Courtesy of Kathy Johnson

Inside cover: 
A Sacred token from: My parents Fred'k and N.S. Ells to Edgar S. Ells
Bible published in 1846


Frederick Ells and Nabby Stimpson, May 27th 1824, Windham, Green Co, NY
Edgar S. Ells and Eliza H. Sherman, October 27th, 1859, Hanover, Grafton Co, NH
Robert P. Benedict and Julia S. Ells, October 17th, 1882, Cranford, Union Co, NJ
Arthur Lazunby Brown and Katharine Hoyt Ells, October 12th 1893, Cranford, Union Co, NJ
Frederick William Ells and Elizabeth Mallory Horton, May 29th 1900, Cranford, Union Co, NJ
Enoch Piper Sherman and Julia Maria Hoit, September 17th 1832, Sandwich, Carroll Co, NH
Julia Horton Ells and Frederick Nels Larsen, April 4th, 1930, Belvedere, Ill.
Frederick W. Ells and Emilie Lindemann, Jan 27, 1949, Milwaukee, Wis.


Frederick Ells, April 28th, 1809, Catskill, , Green Co, NY
Nabby Stimpson, April 12th, 1809, Windham, Green Co, NY
Edgar S. Ells, February 1st, 1831, Windham, Green Co, NY
Julia Sherman Ells, October 17th, 1860, Troy, NY
Katharine Hoyt Ells, June 21st 1866, Kentico, Westchester Co, NY
Frederick William Ells, August 12th 1871, Philmont, Columbia Co, NY
Elizabeth Sherman Ells, October 22nd, 1901, Milwaukee, Wis.
Julia Horton Ells, March 5th, 1910, Milwaukee, Wis.
Julia Elizabeth Larsen, Chicago, Ill. (Still living in 2006)
Enoch Piper Sherman, January 12th 1810, Gilmanton, NH
Julia Maria Hoit, November 15th 1807, Sandwich, Carroll Co, NH
Eliza Hoit Sherman, March 31st 1834, Sandwich, Carroll Co, NH
Robert Patton (difficult to read) Benedict, September 18th 1854
Arthur Lazunby Brown, June 20th 1859 at Plymouth, Mass.
Elizabeth Mallory Horton, Nov. 13, 1870, Metuchen, NJ
Emelie Manegold Lindemann (Lindemann crossed out), Aug. 26, 1876


Frederick Ells died December 9, 1895 at Binghamton, NY. Buried Troy, NY, age 86years
Nabby Ells, his wife, died March 13th 1876 at Deposit, NY. Buried at Troy, NY, age 66 years.
Edgar S. Ells died July 12th 1911, Milwaukee, Wis. Buried with his wife at Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee.
Eliza H. Ells, wife of above, died March 6th 1904 at the house of her sister, June S. Hoyt, in Pasadena, California.
Julia Ells Benedict died Feb. 26th, 1941 at Santa Monica, Calif. where she was living with her sister Katie E. Brown. Her body was cremated and the ashes scattered at her request.
Elizabeth H. Ells, aged 77, died March 16th, 1948, at Columbia Hospital, Milwaukee. Her body was cremated and the ashes buried in Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wis.
Enoch Piper Sherman died September 28th, 1843 at Sandwich, NH aged 33 years
Julia Maria Sherman died June 18th 1884 aged 76 years at Lynn, Mass. Buried Sandwich, NH
Emelie Lindemann Ells died May 11, 1953 aged 76, Delray Beach, Florida. She is buried in her father's plot (Manegold) in Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wis.

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