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Andrew J. Williams Family

Courtesy of Tina Beck

The handwritten transcription of contents of two or three bibles were provided to Tina's family by Helen Haskins, likely from material located at the Durham Center Museum. The date and  specific sources are unclear. The data is combined under the headings below, as it is difficult to determine where one record ends and another begins.


A.J. Williams, b. May 3, 1831
Sarah C. Hallock, b. January 30, 1835
Henry G. Williams, son, b. April 20, 1855
Warren H. Williams, son, b. March 29, 1858
Damon L. Williams, son, b. April 1, 1860
Sarah E. Williams, daughter, b. February 6, 1862
Mary C. Williams, daughter, b. June 6, 1866
Nora Kohler, w/o Damon Williams, b. February 25, 1873
Addie Husted, 2nd w/o Henry Thomas Williams, b. December 10, 1859

Sarah Perry, b. May 8, 1850
Henrietta Williams, b. July 27, 1874
George W. Williams, b. May 30, 1876
Andrew J. Jr., (baby boy), b. May 24, 1880
Frances C. Williams, b. July 28, 1888
S. Douglas Williams, b. April 26, 1891
Sadie May Forsay, b. July 8, 1908
Edna Forsay, no dates
Emma Forsay, no dates
Agnes Forsay, no dates
Addie Adell Shaw Williams, b. May 1, 1857
Emma B. Grenord Williams, b. 1861
Mable M. Fleharty, b. 1861
Peter Van Wie, Jr., b. 1854
William Henry Smith, b. October 6, 1865
William Neufer, b. 1872
Gertrude Van De Whellen, b. 1878
Jack Forshay, b. 1887


A.J. Williams and Sarah C. Hallock married August 27, 1853
A.J. Williams and Sarah Perry married, November 19, 1873
Henry G. Williams and Addie B. Shaw married November 30, 1876
Douglas Stevens Williams and Margaret McCarty married February 8, 1920
Frances Williams and John Forsay married 1906
George Washington Williams and Gertrude Van Der Whellen married 1895
Henrietta Williams and Nicholas Shefhousen married 1894
Addie Histed and Henry Thomas Williams married June 27, 1899
Warren H. Williams and Etta Allerton Pilgrim married February 9, 1916
Damon L. Williams and Nora Kohler married November 25, 1920
S. Elizabeth Williams Van Wit and Henry De Powell married November 12, 1924
Warren Hathaway Williams and Emma Beryle Grenard married September 31. 1884 at Tracy, Minn.
Damon Lisk Williams and Mabel M. Fleharty married May 25, 1892 at Tracy, Minn.
Sarah Elizabeth Williams and Peter Van Wie, Jr. married April 29, 1883 at Albany, NY
Mary Coonley Williams and William Henry Smith married at Grapeville, NY March 31, 1886
Etta Allerton Pilgrim and Burtis Williams married July 10, 1865


Sarah C. Williams, d. November 5, 1872
Baby boy Andrew J., Jr., d. July 1880
Andrew J. Williams, d. January 19, 1902
Sarah Perry, d. March 24, 1932
Henry Thomas Williams, d. January 1, 1922
Ada A. Shaw Williams, d. November 2, 1889
Warren H. Williams, d. September 7, 1928
Emma B. Grenard Williams, d. 1899
Damon L. Williams, d. June 28, 1926
Mabel M. Fleharty, d. October 19, 1921
S. Elizabeth Williams Van Wie, d. April 30, 1937
Peter Van Wie, Jr., d. May 7, 1920
Mary C. Williams Smith, d. April 29, 1936
William H. Smith, d. May 12, 1951
Douglas Stevens Williams, d. March 6, 1954
Addie Husted Williams, d. November 27, 1943
Etta Allerton Pilgrim Williams, d. 1943
Garrett Henry De Powell, d. 1932 PA

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