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Aaron Hallenbeck Family

Photocopy of an original bible record. Located in the family File at the Vedder Memorial Library. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Aaron Hallenbeck married Catharine Spoor 31 October 1838
Anna Maria married Charles E. Lampman 4 November 1863
Casper J. married Frances A. Van Denburgh 27 January 1864

On the 19th day of December 1864 was born to Charles E. and Anna M. Lampman a son named Clarence.
On the 21st day of March 1866 was born to Charles E. and Anna M. Lampman a daughter named Katharine Elizabeth
On March 1, 1890 a daughter to Clarence and Hattie Lampman named Anna Claire
On the 13th day of July 1865 was born to Casper J. and Frances A. Hallenbeck a son named Clifford - Thursday
Also, November 10, 1867 a daughter named Anna - Sunday
Also March 3, 1871 a daughter named Blanche - Friday
Also May 28, 1874 a daughter named Bertha - Thursday
To Clarence and Hattie Lampman on October 10, 1891 a daughter Mabel
Aaron Hallenbeck was born on the 13th day of April 1815
Catharine wife of Aaron Hallenbeck was born July 7, 1819
On the 18th day of November 1839 was born to us a son named Casper
On the 2nd day of November 1841 was born to us a daughter named Anna Maria
My grandmother Lampman was Anna Maria Hallenbeck: signed Anna Claire Lampman 

Died on the 2nd day of May 1869 Anna the daughter of C.J. and F.A. Hallenbeck - Sunday
Died April 6th 1872, Blanche daughter of Casper and Frances A. Hallenbeck
Died February 3, 1960, Anna Claire Lampman Webb, Wednesday, 3am
Died Jan'y 20th 1883 Catharine Spoor, wife of Aaron Hallenbeck at 149 - 8th St. Troy, NY in the 64th year of her life

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