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Abraham Snyder Family 

Contributed by Jeanne M. Williams

(Paper inserted in the record was a printed marriage certificate stating that: Abraham Snyder and Lucy L. Wright were united by me in Holy Matrimony at Durham, Greene County on the first day of December, in the year of our Lord 1824. signed Stephen Ostrander.) 

Abraham Snyder was born June 1, 1801
Lucy L. Wright was born Oct 31, 1807
Diana Grant was born March 13, 1812
Thuma (?) Cordelia Snyder was born Oct 13, 1825
Jane Snyder was born Oct 31, 1827
Edwin Snyder was born March 23, 1830
Ezra Snyder was born March 24, 1832
Sarah Snyder was born Feb 9, 1834
W. Peter Snyder was born Nov 27, 1836
Caroline Amanda Snyder was born Feb 2, 1834
Henry Wells Snyder was born June 13, 1841
Mary and Martha Snyder were born December 7, 1843
Georgiana Snyder was born Aug 11, 1846
Lucy L. Snyder died Oct 15, 1851
Thuma(?) Cordelia Snyder died Feb 21, 1841
Vina, wife of Edwin Snyder, died March 10, 1852
Sarah Snyder Moore died Oct 1, 1873
Edwin Snyder died June 27, 1880
Theodore Elliott died Jan(?) 7, 188_
Jonah Turner died July 18, 1868

Abraham Snyder to Diana Grant Wright January 15, 1853
Jane Snyder married Jonah Turner  Feb 18, 1845
Edwin Snyder married Vina Ransom  Nov 1849
Edwin Snyder married Mary Rivenburg June 1854
Ezra Snyder married Margaret Moore 1852
Sarah Snyder married B. Moore July 1853
W. Peter Snyder married NJ Wright Dec 31, 1856
Caroline A Snyder married Levi (?) O’Hara Feb 26, 1857
Henry W. Snyder married Frances E. Norton on Dec 24, 1960
Mary Snyder married  Andrew Van Deusen on Jan 4, ___
Martha Snyder married Theodore Elliott on Dec 26, 186_
Georgiana L. Snyder married William Proper July 4, ___

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