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Abraham Wells 
Family Bible

Copies of original bible pages located at the Vedder Library in the Wells Family File

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf


Abraham Wells to Angelica Van Buren 22 day of Sept 1791

James A. Wells was maried to Clarisie Bartlett 29 day of December 1817

William A. Wells was meried to Ann Degarmo October 13th 1823

Leonard J. Wells was married to Susannah L. Frost December 5th 1825

Barent V.B. Wells and Jane Ann Davis were married on the 11th day of October 1832 by Rev. Jeremiah Wood in Halfmoon, NY

Barent V.B. Wells and Rachel Hartenmeyr(?) married Nov. 17th AD 1836 in Ray - Macomb, Michigan


Names of the children of Abraham and Angeline Wells in the Town of Mayfield, County of Montgomery and state of state of New York: Viz:

As follows:
My son, Jacobus was born the 10th of September AD 1792
My son Francis was born the 13(5?)th of August AD 1795
My son William was born the 27th of July AD 1798
My son Barent Van Buren was born the 23rd of August AD 1800
My son Leonard Bronk was born the 15th of January AD 1803

Births of the children of William A. Wells and Ann, his wife:
Cornelia Ann was born April 15th 1825
Abraham Henry was born Oct. 29th 1826

Births of the children of James A. Wells and Nancy Evans, his wife:              
Hannah was born 1825
Clarrisa was born Oct 28th 1826
Anna Maria was born (no date)

The Children of Barent V.B. Wells and his wife, Jane Ann Davis:
Elisha Yale was born August 12th, 1834, N. York, state of Green Co
Mary Elisabeth was born in Michigan _____(?) Mon Apl. 12th 1835

My wife Jane Ann died in Michigan, Macomb Co. Oct 4th 1835
Johanah Van Buren, consort of Francis Van Buren died the fifth day of April 1815, aged 78 years 5 months and 12 days
Francis Van Buren died the sixth day of May 1815, aged 86 years and 5 months and 20 days
Maria Dorchester died 7th day of May 1820
Clarisa Wells died July 19th 1824, aged 27 years and 2 days
Ann Wells died 14th July 1827
Capt. John Spoor of the Town of Coxsackie died in the service at Sacketts Harbor on the morning of the 15 of December 1810
Abraham Wells Esq. died 22nd day of July 1826, aged 67 years, 11 months, 25 days
Edward Wells died Apl. 3rd 1830, aged (no age)
William wells died December 4th 1830 aged 81 years

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