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Acra Methodist Church

Written by Ethel Ruland in 1976
Contributed by April Saccoccio

Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

The Acra Methodist Church was built in 1872. There was a bit of history before this time and after this time after this time that relates to the Acra Methodist Church.

There were Baptist societies in Greene County in the last half of the 18th century. Some records state that there was a small building in Acra on the west side of the highway which is now Rte 23, about one mile east of the village. On July 30, 1866 disaster overtook these people of strong, reliable character, the Baptists and their church was destroyed by fire. They felt that this was the Lord calling them to exert themselves awake to their opportunity and build a more spacious building. Two years later their new church was completed and dedicated on the 11th day of June 1868. Avery Cole was inscribed on it. By the end of the 19th century the Baptist Society ceased to have Sunday worship altogether and on January 30, 1909 the Baptist Convention deed the church and lot to the Trustees of the Methodist Church in Acra. The Methodists, after renovating the building, used it for recreational purposes for some years. In 1922 the members of the Methodist Church in Acra held meetings with their Trustees to sell this building which was done. David Allen Bailey purchased it for $400 and used it for a garage and store house for 40 years. In his will the property was bequeathed to his daughter, Mrs. Samuel A. MacCormac in November 1963. In 1964 it was offered for sale and purchased by Mr. and Mrs. James Van Orden.

From 1872 the Methodists continued their uninterrupted ministry for ninety-three years to June of 1965. In the spring of 1965, the organization of the Acra Church voted unanimously to close their church and become a part of the Cairo Methodist Church. Some of the Acra members transferred to Round Top Methodist Church and the remainder to the Cairo Church. For the first time in 150 years the village of Acra did not have its own church, Sunday School or a Sunday Service. In 1967 the building and contents were sold to Robert Turner who used it for a store house.

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