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Albert Edmund Schermerhorn
Family Bible

Contributed by Linda Johnson Slawson

These records are for Albert Edmund Schermerhorn and his wife Luella Van Pelt and cover 1861 - 1926. Albert E. Schermerhorn is the grandson of the Peter Schermerhorn in first bible and son of Edmund J. Schermerhorn. Edmund J is my second great-grandfather and Peter my third great-grandfather. Once again I transcribed as it appears on the photo copy. Alice Risendorph (in Bible) is Risedorph. I do have additional information on
most everyone in both bibles and anyone may contact me about these families.

  The Holy Bible  containing The Authorized Edition of The New Testament
A.D. 1611  and The Revised Version of A.D. 1881 arranged in Parallel
A.J. Holman & Co., No.122 Arch Street. 1884


Luella Van Pelt                           Born  Nov. 20th A.D. 1866
Albert Schermerhorn                  Born Mar. 20th A.D. 1861
Gaylord Schermerhorn               Born Mar. 8th A.D. 1886
Guy Schermerhorn                      Born  Mar 19th A.D. 1888
Frank Edmund Schermerhorn   Born Nov. 25th A.D. 1891
Louis Albert Schermerhorn        Born  Dec. 26th 1898
Floyd Andrew Schermerhorn     Born Nov 12th 1902
Martha Marie Schermerhorn       Born  Dec 2nd 1905
   {Kenneth Guy Schermerhorn   Born Nov. 15th
   {Wanda Irene Schermerhorn    Born Sept 15th
                                    Gaylords Son
Leslie Albert Schermerhorn        Born  March 19th 1915
Luella Elizabeth Schermerhorn  Born  Feb. 28th 1921
                   Daughter of Frank & Sarah
Floyd Edward Schermerhorn      Born Oct 21st 1925
Paul Aaron Schermerhorn            Born Dec 1st 1925
Miss Mildred Elsie Schermerhorn  Born Nov. 8th 1926
                   Daughter of Frank & Sarah

Albert Schermerhorn and Luella Van Pelt were married Feb. 17 A.D. Eighteen Hundred  + Eighty - Five

Guy Schermerhorn + Harriet Southern were married April

Gaylord  Schermerhorn + Miss Gertrude Edwards. 2-27 1910

Frank E. Schermerhorn + Sarah E. Swart  July 26-1920

Floyd A. Schermerhorn + Mabel E. Lawrence, Oct. 3, - 1923

Louis A. Schermerhorn + Alice Risendorph, Sept. 6, - 1924

Also in the second bible was a loose Marriage certificate for Luella Van Pelt's parents
Lorenzo D. Van Pelt and Martha Ellsworth.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen
I, James T. Upjohn do certify, that on the fifth day of September in the year of Our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty at ........................................................... in the
Parish of Butternuts in the Diocese of New York I joined together in holy Matrimony Lorenzo D. Van Pelt and Martha Ellsworth according to the Rites of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, and in conformity with the Laws of the State of New York

In Witness whereof, I have hereunto put my name this Fifth day of September A.D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty

Witness Polly Roberts                             James T. Upjohn
              A H Ellsworth                            Minister of Christ Church

Butternuts, Otsego Co., NY


Mr. Albert Edmund Schermerhorn died August 14th 1909 Aged 48 yrs 4 mos. 24 days.
Mrs. Luella Schermerhorn died June 4th 1915 Aged 48 yrs. 7 mos. 14 days.
Mrs. Gertrude Edwards Schermerhorn died- January 28, 1926 Aged 40 yrs. - 17 da.
Paul Aaron Schermerhorn died- January 10 - 1926 Aged - 1 month 10 days.

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