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Almshouse Legislation

Laws of the State of New York
passed at the Fifty-fifth Session of the Legislature
Begun and held at the City of Albany
The Third Day of January 1832
Printed by Croswell, Printer to the State
for Wm. & A. Gould & Co. Albany
Gould, Banks & Co. Law Booksellers, New York

Page 227
Chapter 146

Book located at the Vedder Memorial Library. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf

An Act authorizing the Supervisors of the County of Greene to sell and convey the Poor-House Lot and Establishment in said County, and for other purposes.

Passed April 16, 1832 

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: 

  1. The supervisors of the county of Greene shall have power to sell and dispose of the lot of land, buildings and improvements now used and improved as a county poor-house, at any time when they shall think it for the interest of the said county.
  2. The conveyance for the said premises in the event of a sale, may be executed by such person as the said supervisors shall by a resolution to be entered in their minutes designate; and such conveyance executed by such person in the usual form of release, shall vest the title of the said supervisors and of said supervisors and of said county to the said premises in the grantee in fee.
  3. The sum for which the said premises shall be sold , shall be paid into the hands of the county treasurer, and remain subject to such appropriation or distribution as the said supervisors shall deem most advantageous to the several towns in the said county.
  4. The concurrence of a majority of all the supervisors of the said county shall be required in the adoption of any measure in pursuance of this act.
  5. The board of supervisors of the said county of Greene may at any annual or special meeting thereof, after the sale of the present poor-house, determine to erect another county poor-house, for the reception of the poor of their county; and upon filing such determination with the clerk of the county, they may direct the superintendents of the poor of such county to purchase one or more tracts of land not exceeding two hundred acres, and to erect thereon one or more suitable buildings for the purpose aforesaid. To defray the expenses of such purchase and buildings, the said board may raise by tax on the real and personal estate of the inhabitants of the same county, a sum  not exceeding seven thousand dollars, by such instalments and at such times as they may judge expedient. The said tax shall be raised, assessed and collected in the same manner as the other county charges, and shall be paid by the county treasurer to the superintendents of the poor of the county, to be applied in defraying the expenses aforesaid.

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