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Alonzo Thomas Powell
Family Bible

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34, page 43, at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

Notes in brackets () by Mrs. Rossi.

Barent Ten Eyck Bronck was married to Sarah Ann Mull January 18th 1865
Barent Ten Eyck Bronck was married to Melissa Van Vleet February 12th 1880
Alonzo Thomas Powell was married to Elizabeth Bronck June 14th 1894
Edna B. Palmer was married to Raymond E. Joslyn December 23rd 1926, daughter of Arabella Powell and Ezra Palmer Jr.
Orra Frost Hawn was married to Sarah Bronck Powell June 16th 1920
Ten Eyck Bronck Powell was married to Kate Van Antwerp Easton May 21st 1927

Kittie Bronck was born December 16th 1867
Elizabeth Bronck was born March 17th 1872
Sarah Bronck Powell was born December 2nd 1898
Ten Eyck Bronck Powell was born December 9th 1902
Elizabeth Bronck Hawn was born June 25th 1921
John Powell Hawn was born August 30th 1926
Ten Eyck Bronck Powell Jr. was born March 21st 1928
Martha Van Antwerp Powell was born June 7th 1930
Melissa Van Vleet was born October 5th 1852
Alonzo Thomas Powell was born February 15th 1862
Orra Frost Powell was born June 23rd 1896
Kate Van Antwerp Easton was born January 6th 1905
Sarah Ann Easton was born February 22, 1930

Barent Ten Eyck died January 4th 1877
Sarah Ann Mull Bronck, wife of Barent Ten Eyck Bronck, died September 7th 1877
Kittie Bronck, daughter of Sarah Ann and Barent T.E. Bronck, died March 21st 1870
Mary Bronck, died April 26th 1904, 2:30pm
Barent Ten Eyck Bronck died January 13th 1910
Elizabeth Bronck Powell died July 11th 1919

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