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Anthony Van Schaijck 
Family Bible

Transcribed by Henry Brace in the late 19th century or early 20th century from a bible then in the possession of Mr. Dunscombe Swartout, Stamford, Conn. This transcription may be found in Brace Scrapbook 53, page 235 located at the Vedder Memorial Library. Items found within 
[ ] are believed to be additional information provided by Mr. Brace. 
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

1682, Jan 3 was I Anthony van Schaijck born at Watervliet in the Colony of Rens'wyck
1707, Dec 16 was I married to Susanna, daughter of Johan Wendel
1685, Nov 26 is born Anna, daughter of John Cuyler
1712, Jan 24 I was married to Anna Cuyler

1713, Dec 2 is born our son Anthony
1715, July 29 is born our daughter Else
1716, Mar 25 she died
1716, --- 4th our first son Anthony died
1717, July 12 is born our second son Anthony

From the leaf of the same bible:
1751, September 21 - I, Anthony van Schaick, married Christina Schaik
1752, [June] 19 is born our first son Goose, bap "21" do compeer and peet, my father-in-law Anthony v. Schaick and mother Deborah Beekman
Dec 27 our son Goose rested in the Lord being 5 months and 28 days old

1789, Apr 3 is born Cornelius P., son of Anthony Ten Broeck
1785, Sept 10 is born Maria B., daughter of John C. Ten Broeck
1787, Dec 29 is born Anna van Schaick, daughter of John C. Ten Broeck
1790 [June 26] is born Katy, daughter of Jno. C. T. B.
1789 [April 3] is born Cornelius P. son of Anthony T.B.
1797 is married Mar 23 Henry Ten Broeck to Patty Comstock
1798 is born our first child Henry
1800, Aug 23 died Samuel, son of Henry Ten Broeck

John C. Ten Broeck was born in Claverack, Columbia Co. Mar 15, 1755, died May 9, 1838, aged 84

Maria Ten Broeck and Joseph Ketchum married Sept. 22, 1804

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