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Arba Rice Family

Contributed by Barry Schinnerer


Arba Rice was married to Sally Miles Nov. 27th 1796
Oliver Farnsworth and Nancy Rice were married March 30th 1820
Edwin Norton and Polly M Rice were married Nov. 8th 1827
Albert Rice was married to Rosannah Crampton Jan 29th 1835
Arba Rice Jr. and Polly M Arnold were married Nov 1836
Frederic H Coburn and Lodema Rice were married March 22th 1838
Lyman Goodhue and Betsy Rice were married Dec 12th 1844
Frances Ursula Rice was married to Harlan P Hull Oct 9th 1873


Arba Rice was born March 21st 1772
Sally Miles was born Jan 21st 1776
Franklin Rice was born Feb 19th 1798
Nancy Rice was born July 29th 1799
Betsy Rice was born August 31st 1801
Anna Rice was born July 16th 1803
Albert Rice was born July 7th 1805
Polly M Rice was born Oct 1st 1807
Isaac M Rice was born Sept 21st 1809

Arba Rice Jr. was born De 15th 1811
Milo Rice was born Feb 23rd 1816

Lodema Rice was born July 7th 1817
Milo R Farnsworth son of Oliver & Nancy Farnsworth was born August 21st 1822
Elizabeth Rice was born Jun 15th 1838
Frances Ursula Rice was born May 1st 1839
Albert Burton Rice was born Oct 16th 1841
Richard Williston Rice was born July 29th 1845
Lloyd Havel Rice was born Oct 17th 1847
Franklin Dewitt Rice was born March 8th 1855

Rosannah Crampton was born Aug 17th 1813


Anna Rice died April 27th 1818
Milo Rice died Oct 27th 1827
Nancy Farnsworth  died Sept 8th 1824
Arba Rice died Sept 29th 1841
Sally Rice died Sept 28th 1842
Franklin Rice died Sept 12th 1843
Albert Burton Rice died Jan 29th 1862 aged 20 years
Albert Rice died May 5th 1874

Lodema R Coburn died 1876
Elizabeth Rice died Jan 31st 1900
Williston Rice died Feb 11th 1902
Francis Hull died Dec 3rd 1906
Lloyd F Rice died Aug 24th 1914
Franklin Dewitt Rice died Sept 23rd 1923

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