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Athens Trinity Episcopal


Photostat copy of the original records made by the New York State Library in 1934 and transcribed by Scott Wichmann



Name & Parents





Oct. 12th

Leah Spower, Daughter of John. C. & Mary Spower.  Born Jany 24th 1807

Mary Spower 

Oct. 12th

Jane, Daughter of Elana Clow & Lawrence Vanhoesen; Born February 27th 1807

Elana Clow 

Oct. 25th

Susannah, Daughter of John & Rachael Cook; Born July 5th 1807

Rachael Cook

Oct. 27th

John, Son of Joshua & Sally Brooks; Born Sept. 10th 1807

William & Sally Brooks

Nov. 11th

Nabby, Adlt, Wife of Josiah Rundle


Nov. 11th

Sally, Daughter of Josiah & Nabby Rundle; Born December 1st 1806

Nabby & Josiah Rundle

Nov. 21st

Lany, daughter of John & Polly Hardick; Born June 21st 1807

John & Polly Wardick

Nov. 29th

John Rensalaer, Son of James & Sarah Currie; Born Oct. 28th 1807

James & Sarah Currie

Decembr 6th

James, Son of Mathias & Susannah V. Loan; Born August 30th 1807

Math S

Decembr 13th

Alethea; Born August 10th 1793
Joseph Lane; Born Decm 4th 1795
Thomas; Born Jany 3rd 1798
Eliphalet; Born Feb. 22nd 1800
Deborah; Born June 11th 1803
James Fairlu; Born July 17th 1806
children of Nathan & Elizabeth Burrows

Nathan & Elizabeth Burrows




Jany 3rd

Philip, Son of Tobias & Sarah Cole; Born July 29th 1807

Tobias & Sarah Cole

Jany 10th

Betsy, Daughter of Casper & Caty VanHoesen; Born Nov. 20th 1807

John H, Casper, & Caty VanHoesen

Jany 10th

Julia Maria, Daughter of Russel & Laura Hamilton; Born Jany 21st 1807

Russel & Laura Hamilton

Jany 17th

John, Son of John & Polly Halenbeck; Born Oct. 24th 1807

John & Polly Halenbeck

Jany 27th

Isaac, Son of Evert & Polly Clow; Born March 8th 1807

Evert Clow, Lane Hardick

Jany 31st

James, Son of James & Judith Rouget; Born Decmbr 12th 1807

James & Judith Rougette

Feb. 6th

Richard, Son of Lawrence Barker & Hannah Wood; Born Oct. 13th 1807

Hanah Wood

Feby 13th

William, Son of George & Genny Tully; Born Aug. 17th 1807

George & Genny Tully

Feby 16

Jacob, Son of Samuel & Tina Salisbury; Born Jany  16th 1808

Lana Hardick

Feb. 18

Lucretia, Daughter of Casper & Christiana Brooks; Born 15th Oct. 1807

Casper & Christiana Brooks

Feby 28th

George, Son of William & Susannah Edwards; Born Nov. 18th 1807

William & Susannah Edwards

Feby 28th

James Stout, Son of Henry & Martha Wells; Born Jany 8th 1808

Henry & Martha Wells

March 1st

James, Son of Francis & Polly Hardick; Born Decr 8th 1807

Polly Hardick

March 13th

William Henry, Son of Nicholas & Hannah V. Loan; Born Feby 7th 1808

N & Ha

Feby 18

Mary, Daughter of Chester & Rachael Huntington; Born Nov. 5th 1804

C & R

March 14th

Simon Chester, Son of Chester & Rachael Huntington; Born June 23rd 1805

S & R


Almira, Daughter of Henry & Almira White; Born Nov. 28th 1806

H. & A

April 17th

Jane Moore, Daughter of Abrm & Eunice Van Buskirk; Born (blank)

A. & E.

Aprl 15th

Betsey, Wife of Stoddard Smith
Sophrone; Born Sept 13th 1797
Angelina; Born Oct. 6th 1799
Rosella; Born Jany 6th 1802
Poirpoint Lee; Born June 16th 1805
Laurella; Born Feby 4th 1808
Children of Stoddard & Betsey Smith

S & B

Ap. 17th

Charles Caldwell; Born June 29th 1798
John Kirkland; Born March 3rd 1801
Polly; Born June 20th 1806
Children of John & Polly Chapman

John & Polly Chapman

April 24th

Rachael, Daughter of Garret & Caty Clow; Born Mar. 6, 1808

G & Caty

May 1st

Harriet, Daughter of John Casper & Hannah Halenback; Born Oct. 26th 1807

J. & Hanah

May 15th

John, Son of Garret & Caty Clow; Born Feby 3rd 1808

G & C

May 18th

Caroline Louisa, Daughter of Andrew & Eliza Backus; Born June 16, 1806

Henery & Betsey Ritter

June 5th

Susannah, Daughter of John & Mariah Folger; Born Apr. 18th 1808

Matthias & Susanah V. Loan

June 5th

Catharine Eliza, Daughter of John & Rachael Trusdale; Born April 12th 1808

J. & R

June 5th

Abraham Francis, Son of Casper & Judith Halenbeck; Born April 28th 1808

C & J

June 23rd

John, Son of Jacob Cook & Mary; Born May 1st 1808


June 26

Elizabeth Rebacah, Daughter of Henry Ostrander & Abigal; Born May 27th 1807

H. & Abl

June 26

Hannah, Daughter of Samul Provost & Hannah; Born Feby 23rd 1808

S & H

June 16th

Polly, Daughter of Isaac & Helena Van Valkenburgh; Born May 9th 1808

I & H

July 17th

Richard Mark; Born April 13th 1806
Hannah; Born May 8th 1808
Children of Joseph Rohrabacher & Elizabeth

J & E

August 7

James Taylor; adult

David Waterbury

August 7th

Richard, Son of Lawrence & Jane Fallock; Born May 31st 1808

L. & J

August 11th

Lovisa, Daughter of William & Elena Gardner; Born July 5th 1808


August 24

Jacob, Son of Tobias, slave of Jacob Vanloan, & Mary his Wife; Born Jany 17th 1808


Sept 4th

Elizabeth, Daughter of Albert Van Hoesen & Betsey; Born Feby 25th 1808


Oct. 27th

Elizabeth, Daughter of John & Mary Colson; Born Oct. 18, 1808

Parents & Jane Allen

Nov. 5th

William, Son of William W. Halenbeck & Susanah his wife; Born August 6th 1808


Nov. 6th

Rachael, Daughter of Thomas Cook & Rachael his wife; Born 16th of Sept 1808


Nov. 29 

Andrew, Son of George & Rebecah Edwards; Born July 2nd 1808

Grand Parents

Dec. 18

James, Son of James & Deoney Dixon; Born July 26th 1808

God Parents

Dec. 18

Abraham, Son of Peter & Susannah Vanloan; Born Sept 1808





Jany 1st

William Wells, Son of Saml & Sarah Waring; Born Augst 15th 1808


Jany 11th

Rebeckah Cornelia, Daughter of Jacob Van Hoesen & Catharine his wife; Born Decemb 22nd 1808


Jany 20

Sally, Daughter of James Houghtalin & Polly his wife; Born Decemb 27th 1808


Jany 22nd

Mary, Daughter of Francis Vanhoesen & Eve his wife; Born March 10th 1808


Jany 22nd

Elizabeth, Daughter of Nicholas Everson & Jane; Born Decm 11, 1808


Jany 31st

at Stamford, while visiting that Church, Baptised at different times as follows:  
Chester; Born August 10th 1793
Austin; Born August 10 1794
Jeremiah; Born March 28, 1796
Harriot; Born June 29, 1799
Amarit; Born July 15, 1801
Maria; Born Jany 24, 1804
Marilla; Born June 5, 1806
Children of Joshua Bills & Laurinda his wife




Jany 31st

George Bryant, Son of Bailey Foote & Jerusha his wife; Born August 17th, 1808


Jany & Feby

At Stamford



William Robbinson Ellis, Son of John Turner & Mary his wife; Born Jany 5th 1809



Donald William, Son of Donald Grant & his Wife Sarah; Born Feby 19th 1808



Caroline, Daughter of Aaron Lyon & Betsey his wife; Born Aug. 3rd 1807



Athildread, Adult Wife of Peter Hanson



Abby Case, Sister to the above; Born Jany 11th 1802



William, Son of Peter Hanson & Athildread his wife; Born July 18, 1777

Peter & his wife


Gideon Botchford; Born Jany 27th 1802
Polly Adelia; Born April 3rd 1804
Children of Abner Peck & Jane his Wife


Jany 25

Frederick; Born Sept 11th 1799
Mary Ann; Born April 23rd 1802
Henry; Born April 14th 1804
Amanda Malvina; Born August 5th 1808
Children of Jabez Hilter & Jenny his wife


Jany 25

Simeon; Born April 20th 1801
George; Born July 4th 1803
William; Born May 4th 1805
Sally Maria; Born Nov. 10th 1806
James; Born March 6th 1808
Children of Simeon Franklin & (blank) his Wife


Feby 24th

Jane Maria, Daughter of Martin Halenbeck & Margaret his Wife; Born Decembr 6th 1808


March 4th

Martha, Daughter of Ezekiel Trusdale & Rachael his wife; Born Sept 27th 1807


March 5th

Emaline Lucretia, Daughter of Henry Ritter & Betsey his wife; Born Jany 9th 1809


March 12th

Mary, Daughter of John Vanloan & Rebecah his wife; Born December 11th 1808


March 14th

Maria, Daughter of John Wolford & Rebecah his wife; Born Jany 18th 1809


April 19th

Ruth, Adult Wife of Mr. Finch


April 19th

Elizabeth, Wife of James Taylor


April 19th

Mary, Daughter of James Taylor & Elizth his wife; Born (blank)


April 17th

Prudence Almira Randel, adult


April 23rd

Aleha, Daughter of John A. Van Loan & Maria his Wife; Born Decr. 22nd 1808


April 28th

Rebecah, Daughter of John C. Vanhoesen & Anna his wife; Born March 18th 1809


May 21st

Polly; Born Nov. 12th 1793
Laura; Born August 31st 1795
Colby; Born May 13th 1797
Ezra; Born Jany 17th 1799
Israel; Born July 28th 1802
Rebeccah; Born July 17th 1804
Erastus; Born May 13th 1807
Children of Robert Palmer & Eunice his Wife


May 31st

Jane Anna; Born May 22nd 1807
Eliza; Born Feby 18th 1809
Children of John Corbet & Nancy his Wife



At Stamford in June 1809



Huldah, Wife of Thomas Hanford
Sally Maria; Born Oct. 16th 1806
Anna Eliza; Born August 19th 1808
Children of Thomas Hanford & Huldah his Wife



Margaret; Born April 27th 1800
Hiram; Born April 1802
John; Born August 1804
Jane; Born April 1807
Children of Robert Donaldson & his Wife Mary



Eli Perry; Born April 20th 1808, Son of Eli Dikeman & his Wife Zilpha



Francis Avaline; Born Decembr 22nd 1808, Daughter of Surton Grant & his Wife Hannah



A Child Baptized in the Ch. whose Parents were from Harpersfield but neglected to make a record



Harrison Crooker; Born 1805
Sally Maria; Born 1807
Children of Levi Thomson & his Wife Mariam



The whole number baptized at this visit in Stamford is
1 Adult and 11 Children, Total 12


June 16th

Matthias; Born April 16th 1809, Son of John Van Loan & Rebeccah his wife


June 22nd

Robert, Son of John Patterson & Magdaline his wife; Born March 4th, 1809


June 30th

Lawrence, Son of Benjamin VanBuskirk & his Wife Maria; Born May 2nd 1809


July 28th

Jacob VanLoan, Son of Jacob Sharp & Catharine his Wife; Born April 2nd 1809


July 30th

Anna Excena, Daughter of John Bogardus & Catharine his Wife; Born June 16th 1809


Augst 19th

John, Son of Henery Lampman & his Wife Eve; Born May 19th 1809


Augst 20th

Catharine, Daughter of Casper Vanhoesen & Elsha his Wife; Born March 16th 1809


Augst 22nd

Henry Bartlet, Son of Whiting Backus & Lydia his Wife; Born May 12th 1809

Mother & her brother

August 26th

William, Son of Cornelius Halenbeck & his Wife Tinah; Born July 2nd 1809

God Parents 
Sally Vanhoesen


William Abraham, Son of Jacob Cook & Mary his Wife; Born June 28th 1809

Hanah Cook

August 27th

Anna, Daughter of Israel Van Vort & Hannah his Wife; Born July 16th 1809



Abraham, Son of Jacob Provost & Sally his Wife; Born June 20th 1809



Gecha, Daughter of William Tolle & (blank) his wife; Born Sept 17th 1809



Olive; Born April 30th 1798
Mercy; Born Decbr 21st 1800
Lauretta; Born June 3rd 1802
Hepsibeth; Born May 25th 1804
Harriot; Born May 29th 1805
Mary; Born March 24th 1808
Children of Amos Hubbel & (blank) his Wife who was also herself Baptized at the same time, but do not recollect her name.
Also two other children, one was Mr. Taylor’s



Here ends the list for the present year—The following Baptized after Conventional returns



Polly Backus, adult



John Andrew, Son of John Scribner & Margaret his Wife; Born March 15th 1809



Delucena, adult
Electa, adult
Henry Sherman
All children of Electus Backus & his Wife Sabra



Baptized in Stamford in Oct. 1809



Thomas Mill, Son of Thomas Henry & Elepha his Wife; Born Sept 21st 1809



Albert Bradly, Son of Ebeneezer Sturges & his Wife Sally



Hubert Oscar, Son of John R. Gregory & Mary his Wife


Nov. 12

Abraham Provost, Son of William Gardner, Junr & Icha his wife; Born Sept 25th 1809


Decr 17th

Martha Louks, adult



Lucinda, adult
Eliza, Daughter of Peter Aikin & Lucinda his Wife; Born May 28th 1808


Decr 24th

Gittyana, Daughter of John C. Spoor & Polly his Wife; Born Sept 27th 1809





Jany 3rd

Abraham, Son of Evert Clow & Mary his Wife; Born May 1st  1809


Jany 15th

Sally, Daughter of John & Sally Brooks; Born Nov. 24th 1809


Jany 16th

Frederick Billings, Son of Randal S. (Straat?) Poughkeepsie


Jany 26th

William, Son of John M. Halenbeck & Eliza his wife; Born August 22nd 1809


Jany 28th

Betsey   }children of Ezra Finch & Ruth his Wife


Feby 4th

(blank)              of Leonard Vanhoesen & Peggy his Wife


Feby 21st

Francis, Son of Evert Everson & his Wife Rachael; Born Augt 2nd 1810 (sic)


Feby 19th

Mary Ann, Daughter of William Roger Wood & his Wife Margaret; Born Decr 10th 1810 (sic) Stadtsburgh


Feby 23rd

James Akins, Son of Saml Akins & Hannah his Wife; Born Feby 11th 1810


Feby 25th

Hannah, Daughter of John Hardick & Polly his Wife; Born Jany 17, 1810


Feby 25

Rhoda; adult
Lydia           } Children of Lemuel Ramont &
Lewis                 Temperance his Wife



William, Son of Elias Raimont & Hannah his Wife


Feby 15

Magdaline, Daughter of John C. Clow & his Wife Catharine


March 4th

Peter, Son of John Gardner & his Wife Elizabeth



Elenor, Daughter of William Scott & his Wife Cornelia; Born Decr 7th 1809


??March 16th

Betsey, Daughter of John Clow & his Wife Magdaline; Born the 10th of Nov. 1809



Peter, Son of John Colson Jnr. & his Wife Mary


March 25th

Eliza Gilfert, Daughter of Andrew Backus & Eliza his wife
Rebecca, Daughter of Jabez Hillier & Jenny his Wife
Lewis Emmons, Son of Isaac Selouver & (blank) his
Hiram Deluuna, Son of (blank) Nicholes & (blank) his
Susan Jane, Daughter of Russel Hammilton & Laura his wife
Ann VanBuskirk, Daughter of Joseph Prentice & Sally his wife
Edmund, Son of Tobias Black & Mary his wife


March 31st

John     } Children of Whiting Backus & his wife


April 1st

John Backus
Polly Backus     } Adults
Polly Backus


May 11th

John Provost, Son of Samuel Provost & Hannah his Wife; Born Decemb 1809


May 20th

Elizabeth, Daughter of Matthias Van Loon & Elizabeth his Wife


May 23rd

Jane, Daughter of Casper Vanhoesen & Elizabeth his wife


June 17th

Tempa Jane, Daughter of Henry White & Almira his Wife


June 18th

John, Son of Thomas Day & Eleha his Wife; Born Decemr 15th 1809


June 21st

Charles Ray, Son of Russel Hamilton & Laura his Wife


June 25th

Jacob     } Children of James Harrington & Jane his Wife



Peter, Son of Peter Aitkin & (blank) his Wife; Born March 17th 1810


July 1st

(blank)       Grand Daughter of Mr. Foote, Stamford


July 3rd

Henry William, Son of John Brooks & Caty his Wife; Born May 28th 1810


July 16th

Three children at Poughkeepsie.  I have Baptized two other children in the course of the past year.


July 18th

Jane Ann, Daughter of Thos Dillon & his Wife Sarah; Born Decr 27th 1809


July 22nd

Frederick William, Son of G. William Tolle & Eliza; Born Jany 14th 1810


July 22nd

Dehon; Adult Black
Samuel, Son of Harry Goodrick & Dehon his Wife; Born 7 months ago


August 18th

William, Son of Hammond Picket & his Wife Healthy; Born May 18th 1810


Sept 1st

Catharine Eliza, Daughter of (blank) Patterson


Sept 2nd

Eunice, Daughter of Samuel Salisbury & Fanny his wife; Born August 12th 1810
Martin Halenbeck, Son of John W. Trusdale & Rachael his wife; Born Augst 1st 1810
A son of John VanLoan


Sept 3rd

Rhoda    { Children of Joseph Baldwin & Peggy his wife


Sept 3rd

Eliza, Daughter of John Hallinbeck & Polly his Wife


Sept 10th

John, son of William Edwards & Susannah his Wife; Born July 6th 1809


Sept 16th

Ann Maria, Daughter of James Mullin & Margaret his Wife; Born May 19th 1810

baptisms this year – 83

Oct. 14th

William, Son of Lambert Vandenburgh & his Wife Rachael


Oct. 21st

John Folger’s child


Oct. 22

Hannah, Daughter of William W. Halenbeck & Susannah his Wife; Born August 12th 1810


Oct. 22

Benjamin, Son of John Wollford & Rebeckah his Wife


Oct. 27th

Catharine, Daughter of John Vanhoesen & his Wife Leah; Born August 7th 1810



Elisha, Son of Jacob Vanvort & Nelly his Wife;
Born July 10th 1810


Oct. 31st

Elizabeth Graham, Daughter of Adam Patmer & Sarah his Wife; Born Oct 28th 1809



John, Son of Lawrence VanBuskirk & his Wife Mary; Born Sept 18th 1810


Nov. 12th

Susan Jane, Daughter of Jerome Gardner & his Wife Hannah; Born July 27th 1810


Decr 9th

John, Son of John C. Halenbeck & Hannah his Wife; Born Sept 4th 1810


Decr 24th

Abraham Edward, Son of Peter Davison & Sophronia his Wife; Born June 12th 1810


Dr. 25th

(blank), Son of Ezra Finch & Ruth his Wife





Jany 2nd

George Clement, Son of William Byrne & Polly his Wife; Born Oct. 13th 1810


Jany 26th

Maria Christiana, Daughter of Jeremiah Out & Mary his Wife; Born April 15th 1810


Jany 27th

Maria Christiana, Daughter of Aron Allen & his wife Magdalin; Born Nov. 8th 1810



Samuel, Son of Jacob Haight & (blank) his Wife



William Wellis, Son of Isaac Mansfield & his wife Christan; Born Sept 15th 1810



Jane, Daughter of John Depu & Betsy his Wife; Born Sept 2nd 1810


Jany 31st

Hiram Abel, Son of Casper Brooks & his Wife Christiana; Born June 22, 1810


Feby 6th

Abraham, Son of Casper Halenbeck & Christiana his Wife; Born Jany 9th 1811


Feby 10th

Francis, Son of Jacob Van Valkenburgh & his Wife


Feby 17th

Two Children in Hudson


Feby 24

Two children at Mansfield’s, Catskill


March 4th

John Henry Thomas, Son of John Smith & Gertrude his Wife
Catharine Anne, Daughter of George Tolle & his Wife


March 17th

a child of Mr. Collier, Catskill


March 21st

Susanah, Daughter of James Houghtalin & Polly his Wife; Born Feby 26th 1811


April 21



April 22

Elizabeth, Daughter of Francis Salisbury & Persey his wife


May 1st

Christina, Daughter of Cornelius Halenbeck & Mary his Wife; Born Mar.(?) 15, 1811


May 26th

Hiram, Son of (blank) Bogardus


June 2nd

William, Son of Samuel Mansfield & Hannah his Wife; Born Feb. 17th 1811


June 8th

Richard, Son of Henry Lampman & his Wife Miriam???


June 9th

Nicholas, Son of John Van Loan & Rebeckah his Wife; Born Apr. 3rd 1811


June 30th

(blank) of Mr Seaman, Catskill


July 6th

Susannah Magdaline, (blank) of Statts Degroat & Catharine his wife; Born June 6th 1811


July 8th

Casper, Son of William Halenbeck & Caroline his wife; Born Apr. 8, 1811


July 28th

Catharine B., Daughter of Nicholas Weeks & Jane his Wife; Born Nov 18th 1811


July 28th

James Bogardus, Son of (blank) Dubois & (blank) his Wife


August 11th

John         {  Children of Lawrence Perry & Henrietta his
Hannah                      Wife


August 12

Rachael Henena, Daughter of Casper Halenbeck & Judith his Wife; April 24th 1811


August 12th

Itcha, Daughter of Abraham Hall


August 18th

William Witmore, Son of Frederick Chollett & Rebeckah his wife

William W. Witman, GodFr

August 25th

Catharine, Daughter of Isaac Vanvoort & Hannah his Wife; Born the 11th July 1811

Report – 45

Oct. 4th 1811

Rachael, Daughter of Lawrence Vanvalkenburgh & Jane his Wife; Born 30th Sep. 1811


Oct. 22nd

Mary, adult Wife of Isaac Cronkight
Silas, their Son


Nov. 25

Electi, Daughter of John Read & Lucretia his Wife; Born August 28, 1811


Decr 8th

William, Son of George Edwards & Rebeckah his Wife; Born August 29th 1811


Decr 9th

Two children at Brooks’ – their names I have not excepting that one a Brooks, the other a Halenbeck


Decr 20th

Eliza, Daughter of Peter Everson & Rachael his Wife; Born Nov. 12th 1811


Decr 25th

Jane, Daughter of Abr V Buskirk & Emma his Wife


Decr 26

Casper, Son of Francis Halenbeck & Elizabeth his Wife; Born Augt 30th 1811





Jany 4th

Jane Ann, Daughter of John Brown & Hannah his Wife; born August 11th 1811


Jany 9th

Cornelia, Daughter of Abr Van Vleek & Eve his Wife



Mrs. Ann Lawrence
Sally Benton                {  Adults
Charles, Son of Doct. Benton
Thomas; Born Feby 7th 1804
Jane Maria; Born March 27th 1806
Robt.; Born Feby 22nd 1808
Cornelia; Born May 27th 1810
Children of Thos. Lawrence & Ann his Wife


Jany 12th

Casper, Son of Casper Vanhoesen & Eliha his Wife; Born Nov. 28th 1811
Abraham, Son of Casper Spoor & Betsey his Wife; Born March 4th 1811


Jany 12th

George Edward, Son of Hezekiah L. Hosmer & Susan his Wife; Born Oct. 15th 1812


Jany 20th

Hannah, Daughter of Nicholas Severson & Jane his Wife; Born Nov. 18th 1810



Clement, Son of Adrew (sic) Canall & Maria his Wife; Born August 28th 1810



Ann Eliza, Daughter of John Scribner & Margaret his Wife; Born May 9th 1811


Feby 7th

John, Son of Tunis Collier & Itcha his wife; Born Decr 16th 1811


Feby 9th

Margaret, Daughter of Jacob Sharp & Caty his Wife; Born July 29th 1811


Feby 2nd

A child of Mr. Stone, Hudson


Feby 13th

Lawrence, Son of Cornelius Buskirk & Jane his Wife; Born Oct. 1st 1811


Feby 22nd

Thomas C., Son of Luther Eton & Betsey his Wife; Born August 26th 1811


March 5th

Peter Cole, Son of James Taylor & Elizabeth his Wife; Born Oct. 23rd 1811


March 7th

Magdalene, Daughter of Jeremiah Vandyke & Sophia his Wife; Born Nov. 15th 1811


March 8th

Ann Eliza, Daughter of Albert Houghtaling & his Wife Getty; Born Nov. 28th 1811
Henry, Son of Abraham Salisbury & Sally his Wife; Born Feby 9, 1812


March 12th

William Henry, Son of William Halenbeck & his Wife Polly; Born March 26, 1811


March 16

Cornelius, Son of Jeremiah Vanhoesen & Tina his Wife; Born Jan. 26, 1812


March 19th

Caty, Daughter of Cornelius Halenbeck & Jane his Wife; Born Oct. 27th 1812


April 10th

Ann Maria, Daughter of Evert Clow & Polly his Wife; Born Oct. 13, 1811
Hetty, Daughter of John Hardwick & Polly his Wife; Born March 3, 1812


April 15th

Magdalene, Daughter of John Schermerhorn


April 18th

Rebeckah Jane. Ezekiel Truesdale & Wife Rachael; Born May 2nd 1810
Casper, Son of Abraham Halenbeck & his Wife Mary; Born March 29, 1811


April 26th

Abraham, Son of Jacob V Valkenburgh & Caty his Wife; Born Jany 28, 1812



In this place should be recorded the baptism of a child of Casper Halenbeck & one of Leonard Vanhoesen—And the children of Misses Ludlow & Fleming



Joseph, Son of William E. Norman & Rachael his Wife; Born August 16, 1811


May 10th

Evert, Son of Garret Clow & Caty his Wife; Born Jany 23rd 1812


May 23rd

Jacob, Son of John Halenbeck & Rachael his Wife; Born Decr 26, 1811


June 7th

Child of Silvoren


June 14th

Eliza Catharine, Daughter of Casper Clow Jun. & his wife Rebukah; Born Feby 19th 1812


Jun 21st

Sally, Daughter of John Vanloon & his Wife Rebukah; Born April 28th 1812


June 28

Sally Irish, Adult, Hudson
In this place should be recorded the Baptism of a child of Peter Hardick & Major N V Loan


July 4th

Thomas, Son of Thomas Day & his Wife Eliha; Born March 18, 1811


July 4th

Susannah, Daughter of Harry Goo(d)rich & his wife Deon; Born Nov. 30, 1811


July 5

Nathaniel Lyman, Son of Noah Gridley & Sally his Wife; Born March 18, 1811



In this place, a child of Mr. Brzza near the Ch in Hudson


July 7th

John, Son of William Patterson & Hannah his Wife; Born April 12, 1812


July 12th

John, Son of John Campbell & his Wife Magdalene; Born March 17th 1812


July 17th

Aaron Becker, Son of Jacob V. Hoesen & his Wife Catharine; Born June 27, 1812


July 19th

Julia, Daughter of Anthony Parslow & his Wife Polly; Born April 26, 1812


July 26

Isaac, Son of Casper Halenbeck


August 6th

Margaret, Daughter of Samuel Schuyler & his Wife Elizabeth; Born June 21st 1812


August 9th

Abby Jane, Daughter of Joseph Prentice & Sally his Wife; Born July 6th 1812
Margaret Adelia, Daughter of James C. Foster & Ann his Wife; Born March 24th 1812
Augustus Sterry, son of Thomas Lawrence & Ann his Wife



In this place should be recorded 8 others – besides my


August 16

William, Son of George Cunningham & Sarah his Wife; Born March 9th 1812
(blank), Daughter of George C. Hamilton & Nancy his Wife; Born (blank)


August 22

Rachael, Daughter of William Brando & Elizabeth; Born June 12th 1812


August 30th

Mary, Daughter of John A. V Loan & Mary his Wife; Born June 26, 1812


Sept 21st

Two (ten?) Adults at Catskill


Sep 20th

John Francis, Son of John C. Spoor & Maria his Wife; Born May 27th 1812



Report Oct. 1st 1812 – 80


Oct. 17th

Sally Maria, Daughter of Garret J. Clow & Caty his Wife; Born March 27, 1812


Oct. 25

William Edward, Son of William Green & Oludiene his Wife; Born (blank)


Oct. 31st

Cynthia, Adult Wife of Isaac Northrop


Nov. 2nd

Jacob, Grandson of Francis Clow



Sometime in October should be recorded the Baptism of Mrs. Clarke, her Sister & Child



In Oct should be recorded the baptism of a child of (blank) Phipps – that died


Nov. 15th

A Child in Church


Nov. 22nd

Hannah, Daughter of John VanHoesen & his Wife, Leah; Born August 17th 1812


Nov. 22

Charlotte Sophia, Daughter of Andrew Dexter Jnr. & his Wife Charlotte


Decr 2nd

Jacob, Son of William W. Halenbeck & his Wife Susannah; Born Augt 31, 1811


Decr 3rd

Betsey Ann, Daughter of William Edwards & his Wife Susannah; Born Decr 27, 1811
John, Son of Adam Patmer & his Wife Sarah; Born July 4, 1811


Decr 13

Richard, Son of John D. Halenbeck & his Wife Maria; Born Sept 27th 1812
Maria, Daughter of William Halenbeck & Rachael his Wife; Born Oct. 20th 1812


Decr 31st

Isaac, Son of William Cornwall & Cornelia his wife
(blank), Son of Abraham Halenbeck





Jany 28th

John, Son of Thomas Lawrence & his Wife Ann; Born (blank)


Jany 26

John, son of Harmoneous Bunt & Cornelia his Wife, Born Oct. 27 1812



Emiline, Daughter of John Morison & his Wife Ruth; Born Augt 16, 1812


Feby 21st

Joshua, Son of Casper Brooks & his Wife Christiana; Born Sep. 17, 1812


Feby 26th

Eliza Jerusha, Daughter of Carman Picket & his Wife Huldah; Born May 23rd 1812


Feby 26th

Magga, Child of John W. Halenbeck & his Wife Eliza; Born Jany 6, 1813


March 5th

John Tunis Slinglandt, Son of Benjamin Hansen & his Wife Maria; Born Feby 9, 1813
Mary Elizabeth, Daughter of Tunis Hansen & his Wife Polly; Born Jany 20th 1813


March 7th

Judith Maria, Daughter of Casper Halenbeck & his wife Judith; Born Jany 26, 1813


March 9th

Elizabeth, Daughter of Francis Vanhoesen & his Wife Rachael; Born Jany 12, 1813


May 16

four Children near Sharps


May 17th

Philip Myer, Son of Andrew Backus & his Wife Eliza


May 23rd

A Black Child at Mr. Scott’s


May 26th

Three Children at Stamford


May 30

(?)avan B., Son of John Backus & Hannah his Wife; Born April 18, 1813


July 8th

Eleanor, Daughter of Joseph Baldwin & his wife Peggy; Born 29th of Sept 1812


July 11th

James Grosvener, Son of James J. Bill
Edgar, Son of (blank) Bogardus


July 13th

Child in Hudson


July 18th

Richard Vandenburgh, Son of Jeremiah Vanhoesen & his wife Christiana; Born June 25, 1813


August 8th

Benjamin Franklin, Son of Peter J. Bogardus


August 22nd

Margaret, Daughter of John Folger & his Wife Maria; Born May 16, 1813


August 22nd

Maria         {  Children of William (?) Halenbeck & Clarissa                          Charity, his Wife
Clarissa Philps      {Children of Mr. Racy & his Wife
Jane Sumsion


August 23rd

Aaron, Son of Abraham Halenbeck & his Wife Maria; Born June 27, 1813


August 26

Marian, Daughter of Ephraim Bogardus & his Wife Maria; Born Nov. 1812


August 27th

Sally Maria, Daughter of John Clow & his Wife Magdalene; Born 14 Nov. 1812



Five Children, at Ebenezar Whiting’s


Sept 11th

Jacob Halenbeck, Son of Jerone Halenbeck & his Wife Mary


Sep. 13th

John Henry, Son of John Woolford & his Wife Magdalene; Born July 20th 1812


Oct. 10th

Jacob Madison, Son of Barronet Egbertson & his Wife Magdalene; Born August 18, 1813



Report Annual Oct. 1st 1813 – 57


Oct 10th

Mrs. Clarke at Catskill & Two Children


Oct 24

Elizabeth Ann, Daughter of Francis Halenbeck & his Wife Betsey; Born Sept 3rd 1813
John Henry, Son of Henry Brink & his Wife Catharine; Born Oct. 6, 1813


Oct. 30th

Elizabeth, Daughter of Jacob Van Loon & his Wife Rachael; born August 27, 1813


Oct. 31st

Ann Corban, Daughter of Danl Rodman & his Wife Eliza
Marshal Jenkin, son of John F. Bacon & his Wife Prudence


Oct. 31st

Keziah, Adult – Wife of James Mazien
John, their Son


Nov. 8th

Francis Ann; Born Decr 2, 1807
John; Born 10 Sept 1810
Julia Maria; Born 5th Sep. 1813
Children of William Allen & his Wife Maria C. of
Rudolph, Son of Rudolph Bunner & his Wife Elizabeth; Born May 16, 1813
Francis, Daughter of James Hamilton & his Wife Mary; Born Oct. 2nd 1813
Joseph G., Adult – Malcomb


Decr 1st

Mary Elizabeth, Daughter of James Klein & Elizabeth; Born August 3rd 1813





Jany 18th

Garret, Son of Albert G. Vanhoesen & his wife Elizabeth; Born Feby 16, 1813
Jane, Daughter of Nicholas Severson & his Wife Jane; Born Feby 11th 1813



A Daughter of Hezekiah Hosmer



Mary Riche        {Daughters of James Duane Livingston
Rosa Magdalene        & Sarah his Wife



Robert Cambridge, Son of John S. Livingston & his Wife Ann
James Crawfurd, Son of Thomas F. Livingston & his Wife Susannah



two Daughter of Mr. William E. Norman
Eliza, Daughter of Edward Thurston
Itcha, Daughter of Saml Provost & his Wife Hannah; Born March, 1813


Feby 15

Magdaline, Daughter of Jacob Provost & his Wife Sally; B. Jun, 1812


Feby 17

Frederick Ebenezer, son of Henry Dibbler & Huldah his Wife; Born Oct. 10, 1813


Feby 22nd

Peter Ostrander, Son of Aaron Reed (Rud?) & his Wife
Two Irish children in the care of Mr. Wells formerly Ebenezar Martin Jr.


March 5th

Alice, Daughter of John Van Loon & his Wife Rebeckah


March 11th

Casper, Son of John Halenbeck & his Wife Rachael; Born July 3rd 1813


March 19th

Caty, Daughter of Jeremiah Day & Rebeckah Clow; Born Nov. 28, 1813
James     { Children of John Dedrick & his Wife Jane
Betsey, Daughter of Nicholas Perry & his Wife Hannah


April 9th

Rebeckah, Daughter of William Brando & his Wife, Elizabeth; Born Feby 9th 1814


April 20

William, Son of Thomas Augustus & his Wife Polly
Robert Gardner, Son of Peter H. Hardick & his Wife; Born Decr 1813



Peter, Son of John Bogardus Jnr (of Bogardus the tailor) & his Wife Catharine; Born March 12th 1814
& on(e) of Casper Vanhoesen


April 25

James Ludlum, Son of William Ludlow & his Wife


May 8th

Hannah, Daughter of Jeremiah VanDike & his Wife Sophia; Born Oct. 7, 1813


May 21st

William, Son of Jacob Brando & his Wife Olive; Born April 6, 1814


May 30

Rachael Ann, Daughter of Lawrence Vanhoesen & his wife Peggy


May 31st 

Peter, Son of Henry Goodrich & his wife Deona; Born April 3, 1814


June 5

Elida, Daughter of Martin Vosburgh & his Wife Cornelia; Born Feby 7, 1814


June 5

Betsey, Daughter John H. Halenbeck & his Wife Rachael; Born March 31, 1814


June 19th

Dorcas Ann, Daughter of Isaac Schoover & his Wife Mary; Born Nov. 8, 1813


June 19th

Rebeckah, Daughter of John A. Vanloon & his Wife



Two Children of Mr. Casey, Catskill



A Child in the Ch. at Catskill


July 17

The family of E. C. & Mrs. Hamilton


July 18

Martha, Daughter of Jeremiah Halenbeck & his Wife Lana; Born June 26, 1814


August 7th

Pheebe, Daughter of Abraham Halenbeck & his Wife Betsey; Born May 23rd 1814


August 9th

Jacob, Son of Jerone Hardick & his Wife Christiana; Born April 18, 1813
Barnet, Son of Luther Eaton & his Wife, Betsey; Born June 12th 1813


August 20th

Sally Eliza, Daughter of Samuel Aitkins & Hannah his Wife; Born Feby 28, 1814
Margaret, Daughter of William Canad & his Wife Margaret

Sept 1st-1814

This year- 70

Sept 5

Sally, Daughter of Peter Cook & Sophia; Born August 30, 1813
Hannah, Daughter of John Reed & Lucretia; Born May 27, 1813

See page 43

Sep. 8th

Eliza              Benton, Adult


Sept 16th

Henry Hobart, Son of Joseph Prentice & his Wife Sally; Born August 22nd 1814

Annual Report

Oct. 11

Lawrence, Son of Jacob L. Sharp & his Wife Caty; Born March 22, 1814
Jacob, Son of Peter Everson & his Wife Rachael; Born July 3rd 1814


Oct. 16

Susan Eliza, Daughter of Thomas Byrnes & Sarah; Born Jun 10, 1814


Oct. 23

William Haight, Son of Jacob Van Voorhis & his Wife
Eliza Ann, Daughter of Mr. Coon, Catskill


Oct. 30th

Oledo, Son of Anthony ??? & his Wife Polly; Born 12 Oct. 1814
Hannah – Samuel Mansfield & Hannah his Wife; Born August 16, 1814


Nov. 13

Mr. Wight, Catskill





Jany 1st

Clarissa Matilda, Daughter of Henry White; Born Sep. 23, 1814
In this place a child of Mr. Oliott in Catskill


Jany 26

Catharine, Daughter of Jacob Vanhoesen & Caty his Wife; Born June 22nd 1814


Feby 5

Mr. Coons


Feby 6

Frederick; Born 28th Nov. 1811
George; Born August 1814
Children of James Denon & his wife Deone


Feby 16

Harriot Ann, Daughter of William Halenbeck & his wife Allisha; Born Nov. 3, 1814


Feby 18th

Augustus, Son of Charles Rogers & his Wife Mary; Born Feby 3rd 1815


March 1st

Eliza; Born March 2nd 1812
Salinda; Born Oct., 1813
Children of John Backus & his Wife Polly


March 6

Lana, Daughter of Cornelius VanBuskirk & Lana his Wife; Born Oct. 31st 1813


March 7

Daniel Ford, Son of Betsey Vangerder


March 10th

Isaac, Son of John Scribner & his wife Margaret; Born March 1st 1814


April 1st

Elanor, Daughter of John VanBuskirk & Polly his Wife; Born Feby 6, 1814


April 22

Sarah, Daughter Cornelius Halinbeck & his Wife Mary; Born March 26, 1815


May 9th

Evert, Son of John E. Clow & his wife Hannah; Born March 17, 1815


May 14

Nicholas, Son of John D. Halinbeck & Maria his Wife; Born Nov. 23rd 1814


June 25

Adala Maria, Daughter of James F. Wight (&) Polly his wife


July 1st

Peter, Son of John Hamlin & his Wife Maria; Born Jany 2nd 1815


July 4th

Betsey, Daughter of William H. Vanvalkinburgh & his Wife Nancy; Born Oct. 31st 1814


July 4th

Wilhelmus, Son of Ephraim E. Bogardus & his wife Maria; Born Feby 15, 1815


July 20th

Ann Jane, Daughter of Austin Woodworth & his Wife Nabby; Born Jany 2nd 1815


July 23

Alcha, daughter of Casper Spoor & his Wife Rebeckah; born March 22, 1815


July 5th

Milla, Wife of Wm. Halenbeck
Hannah, Their daughter, Born Jun 29, 1815
Peter, Son of Isaac Mansfield & Christiana; Born Sept 12, 1814


July 30

Isaac, Son of George Edwards & his Wife Rebuckah; Born Feby 21, 1815
John Henry, Son of William Mackey & his Wife Betsey; Born May 27, 1815


August 13

Jane, Daughter of Hearry Cornwall & his Wife Sarah; Born Jany 6, 1815


August 27

Jacob Ezra, Son of George Hawly & Catharine Goetschius; Born Feby 4, 1815



Charles Henry
Samuel              { Children of Ezekiel Truesdale & his
Wife Rachael
A Child of Isaac Dubois, Catskill


Oct. 15

Vina, Daughter of Jacob A. VanValkenburgh & his Wife Caty; Born August 13, 1815


Oct. 28th

Abraham, Son of Casper Van Hoesen & his Wife Elsha; Born Sept 30th 1814


Decr 3rd

Sarah Ann, Daughter of Herman Picket & Huldah his Wife; Born March 24, 1815


Decr 16

Hannah, Daughter of George Rudmer & his Wife
Elenor, Daughter of Jacob Provost & his Wife Sally
Catharine, Daughter of John Clow & his Wife Magdalene


Decr 25

Mary, Son (sic) of John Vanhoesen & his Wife; Born Sept 12, 1815





Jany 12

Jacob Reuben, Son of Isaac Schoover & his Wife Mary; Born Nov. 19, 1815


Jany 26

James, Son of William Patterson & his Wife Hannah; Born June 24, 1815



John Henry Clow, Son of Jeremiah Clow & Mary Out; Born August 29, 1815


Feby 13th

Christiana, Daughter of John Halenbeck & Rachael Vannetter; Born Oct. 13, 1815


March 3rd

Casper, Son of Francis Halenbeck & his Wife Elizabeth; born Jany 5th 1816


March 17

William Plank, Son of John Layman & his Wife Betsey; Born Feb. 21, 1816



Sarah Barwick, Daughter of Nathaniel L Brun & his Wife Sarah Eliza; born Feby 17, 1816


June 1st

William, Son of Peter Halenbeck & his (sic) Mary; born July 16, 1815


June 2nd

Nicholas, Son of Jeremiah VanDyke & his Wife Sophia; born August 23, 1815



Maria, Daughter of Henry Clow & his wife Polly; born March 18th 1816


June 18th

Eliza, Daughter of John J. Halenbeck & his Wife Rachael; born 28th Decr 1815



Jane, Daughter of Nicholas Egbertson & Betsey his Wife; born Feby 10, 1816


June 14th

A child of Mrs. Goties


June 30th

William W. Trusdale; adult


June 30th

Maria Jane, Daughter of Wm. B. Ecklin & Abigal his Wife; born May 12, 1816


July 1st

John, Son of John Clow & his Wife Hannah; born April 16, 1816


July 4th

John, Son of Garret Clow & his Wife Catharine; Born May 15, 1815


July 23rd

Peter, Son of John Wolford & his Wife Magdalen; born April 25, 1816


August 17

John, Son of James Mullen & his wife Margaret; born Sep. 1, 1815



Jeremiah, Son of Martin Vosburgh & his wife Cornelia; born 11th Feby 1816


August 25th

Zachariah, Son of Silas Pierson & his Wife Hannah; born July 2nd 1816


Sept 9th

Rebeckah Ann, Daughter of John Backus & Polly his Wife


Sept 17th

Leah, Daughter of Peter Evertson & his wife Rachael; Born May 14, 1816


Sept 18th

John, Son of John Fosdick & his wife Ruth Young; born Jany 10, 1815


Sept 26

Mary Jane, Daughter of Seth Miller & his Wife Louisa; born August 3rd, 1814?

Report annual

Oct. 20th

Charles Augustus, Son of James Collier & his Wife Pheebe; born Oct. 6, 1815



Daughter of Mr. Halenbeck opposite Catskill



Daughter of Jacobus Bogardus


Oct. 27

Elanor; Adult living at G. Clarkes


Nov. 2nd

Henry, Son of Jeremiah M. Halenbeck & Magdalene his Wife; born Decr 1st 1816



Peter, Son of Evert Evertson & Rachael his wife; born August 13, 1816


Nov. 8th

Jane Elizabeth, Daughter of John Bogardus & his wif (sic) Catharine; Born March 19, 1816


Nov. 25

Saloma Catharine, Daughter of Peter Goetschius & his wife Ede; born July 27, 1816


Nov. 26

Hannah, Daughter of Jerone Halenbeck & his Wife Rachael; born Sep. 27, 1816



John Henry
Ezra Stebbins   { children of John Doty & his Wife Sarah



Cezar; Black Sert [servant?]to Augustus Donally
Mary; Black Set [servant] to Mrs. Donally


Decr 4th

Jehoachim, son of William J. Halenbeck & his wife Mille; born Oct. 4, 1816


Decr 9th

Jane Eliza, Daughter of Peggy Post; Born Sept 23, 1814


Decr 15

John     { Children of Charles Backus & his wife Mariah
Evert, Son of Francis E. Clow & his wife Catharine





Jany 5

Lewis Benton; Adult
Child of John Bogardus Jnr.
Jane, Daughter of Robert Dorlon


Jany 26

Williams Seaman; Adult


Feby 9

Catharine, Daughter of Walter Woodbeck & his Wife Magdalene; Born Dec. 21, 1816


March 9th

Sarah Eliza, Daughter of William J. Brando & his Wife Elizabeth; born Sep. 26, 1816


April 4th

Jacob, Son of Matthias Van Loon & his Wife, Judith; born Jany 3, 1817


June 8

Catharine Sophia, Daughter of Johonas Halenbeck & his Wife Sophia; Born 23 June 1816



Sarah Louisa, Daughter of Joseph Prentice & Sally his Wife; Born May 11th 1817



Tempa Jane, Daughter of Henry White



Nathan Henry, 2nd Child of Nathan & Julia Clark; Born October 15th 1816


June 8th

Altana Sands, Daughter of William Tolly & his Wife


July 1st

Lucretia Janeannah, Daughter of John Brooks & Catharine his Wife; born May 4, 1817


July 6

Polly Margaret, Daughter of John Brown & his wife Hannah; Born Decr 19, 1816


July 18

Caroline Gabrielle, Daughter of Frederick Chollette & his (blank) Rebeckah


July 20

3 Children in Church


July 22

Martin, Son of Casper Halenbeck & his Wife Judith; Born May 14, 1817


August 31st

Elizabeth, Daughter of Nicholas Lampman & his Wife Alathea; Born July 12, 1817


Sept 6

John, Son of William W. Halenbeck & his wife Susannah; Born Nov. 17, 1816


Sep. 7

Margaret, Daughter of Samuel Mansfield & his wife Hannah; Born Nov. 19, 1816


Oct. 12

Richard, Son of Henry Cornwall & his Wife Sally; Born Nov. 27, 1816


Oc. 17

Jonas, Son – Henry J. Snyder & his wife Angelina; Born Jany 24, 1816



William, Son of Peter Agner & his wife Elizabeth; Born April 8, 1817


O. 26

Catharine, Daughter of Casper Van Hoesen & his wife Elsha; Born Oct. 4, 1816


Decr 7

John, Son of John Fosdick & his Wife


Decr 13

Rachael Elizabeth, Daughter of William Aitkins & his Wife Rachael
George Washington, Son of Matthias Houghtailen & his Wife Deborah
Sally Elizabeth, Daughter of John Aitkin & Polly


Decr 20?

Anna, Daughter of Jack Van Loon & his wife Livinia





Jany 22

Henry Schamerhorn, Son of Stephen Trusdale & his wife Polly; born March 12, 1817
Elsha, Daughter of William Egbertson & wife Betsey; born Decr 27, 1818 (sic)


Jany 26

Richard, Son of John C. G. Vanhoesen & his Wife Leah; born July 12, 1817


March 1st

Rachael, Daughter of Jacob W. Halenbeck & his wife Susanah; Born Feby 5, 1818


March 1st

Sarah Ann, Daughter of Henry E. Clow & his wife Polly; Born Decr 20, 1817


March 1st

Jacob, Son of Ephraim Bogardus & his wife Maria; Born April 27, 1817


March 4th

Marian, Daughter of John C. Clow & his wife Anna; Born Nov. 11, 1817


May 1st

Ann Duncan, Daughter, Isaac Cronk & Mary his Wife; Born Sept 19, 1817


July 12

Cornelius Henry, Son of Albert Degroat & his Wife Gertrude; Born Ja?? 17, 1818



Rebeckah Ann, Daughter of William Mackay & his Wife Betsey; Born Decr 6, 1817


July 25

Sarah Christina, Daughter of Thomas Post & his Wife Susan; Born Nov. 17, 1817



Maria, (blank) of Francis Vanhoesen & his Wif(e) Rachael; Born Feby 25, 1818


August 23

Maria, Daughter of John Van Loon & Rebeckah his wife; Born August 9, 1818



Catharine, Daughter of Seth Miller & his wife Louisa; Born June 7, 1818


Sept 6

William Groom, Son of John Van Loon & his wif(e) Rebeckah; Born Decr 1st, 1817
Charity, Daughter of Henry & Sarah (blank)


Sept 19

Abraham, Son of Francis E. Clow & his wife Catharine; Born July 8, 1818



Nicholas, Son of John W. & Maria Vanhoesen; Born May 21, 1818


Oct. 13

Jehoachim Halenbeck, Son of Jeremiah Vandike & his Wife Sophia; Born April 14, 1817


Oct. 11

Rebeckah; Born August 31, 1805
Amelia; Born March 4, 1809
William Justis; Born March 16, 1812
Julian; Born Oct. 4th, 1814
Peter; Born (blank); Baptized two or three days ago
Children of William J. Warner


Oct. 13

Henry Oscar, Son of Sylvester Nicholes & his wife Lucy Malvina; Born Decr 7, 1817



Son of Nicholas J. V. Loon

Parochial Report




Jany 2nd

Magdalene, Daughter of Peter & Mary Halenbeck; born Nov. 29, 18(11?)



Henry, Son of William Dedrick & Ann his wife; born March 26, 1814


Jany 9th

Rebeckah, Daughter of Jeremiah Halenbeck & his wife Magdalene; born March 4th, 1818


April 18

Anna Maria, Daughter of Philip Coon & his wife Elizabeth; born Feby 23, 1818


May 23rd

Evert, Son of Henry E. Clow & his Wife Polly; born March 20, 1819


June 2nd

Samuel, Son of Jerone Halenbeck & his Wife Rachael; Born Decr 30, 1818


June 6

John; Nov. 16, 1816        { Children of John Pangbourn & William Edward; Decr 25, 1818                  his Wife Sarah
Henry Harman, Son of Harman Picket & his Wife Nilicki; Born June 13, 1818


June 13

Sally Jane, Daughter of Bartimeus Kinison & his wife Dorothy; Born Augst 4, 1817


June 27

Abraham, Son of Henry Van Steneburgh & his Wife Hannah; Born Jun 3rd 1819
Henry, Son of Henry Ashley & his wife Susan; Born (blank)



Thomas; Born March 29, 1805
Edward; Feby 3rd 1807                              Thompson
Charlotte; March 23, 1809

Sponsers:  Alexander Thomson & Harriot

July 17

William; Six years 18 Sept 1819
Jacob; Three years 18 Sep 1819
Jane; Born Sept 12, 1818
Children of William Edward, Jnr. – Susanah
Nicholas, Son of Henry Schoonmacker & Charity; Born Oct. 21, 1818


July 25

Isaac, Son of Abraham Halenbeck & Elizabeth his Wife; Born May 16, 1819


Sept 2

Jacob, Son of Jacob A. Van Loon & Magdalene his Wife; Born June 1st, 1819


Sept 24

Margaretta Cozzens; Adult
Marian Britton; Adult
William Audley Britten; born April 8th, 1811
John Price Britten; born May 16, 1813
Sons of William Britten Jnr. & Ann his Wife

at Catskill

Octr 15

Eliza, Daughter of Isaac Collier & Mary his Wife; Born Augst 27, 1819



Here are to be entered Nine Baptized Sept 2nd at Catskill
Mr. Croswells, Mrs. V. Loon-Van Valkenburgh & Castle


Octr 17

Samuel Haight, Son of William Whitlock & his Wife Eliza



Parochial Report Bapt. – 44





Feby 13

Pheebe Ann, Daughter of Wilber Earl & Hannah his Wife; Born March 1st 1819



Maria, Daughter of Henry Cornwall & Sally his wife; born Octr 25, 1819



Jeremiah, Son of John Van Loon & his wife Rebeckah; born Oct. 24, 1819


Oct. 24 (1819)

Jeremiah, Son of Jeremiah Vandyke & Sophia; born June 16, 1819


April 20th, 1820

George Henry, J.D. Halenbeck
Eitchi, Dedrick Halenbeck


April 30

Martin Francis, (Son of) Andrew Buskirk & Rachael; Born Feby 14, 1820
Rachael, child of Dirk Johnson & Margaret Schoonmacker; Feby 6, 1820
William, Son of John & Maria Hauver; born Oct. 15, 1819


May 4th

Altana Sands, Daughter of William J. Warner & his wife Amelia; Born Feby 1st 1820


August 6

Caroline Butler, Daughter of John W. Trusdale & Rachael; Born Decr 20, 1819


August 22

Joseph Prentiss, Son of Frederick Chollette & Rebeckah


Sept 17

Hannah, Daughter of Thomas Post & his wife Susan; born August 6, 1820


Sept 24

Robert Dorlon, Son of Jacob V. Voorhis & his Wife Maria
Gertrude, Daughter of Mr. Ashley & his wife
John, Son of Williams Seaman & his wife

All of Catskill

Oct. 6

Casper, Son of Jacob Clow & his wife Margaret; Born June 26, 1820



Catharine Vanvoorhis, Daaughter of Isaac Dubois, Catskill



Josephine Augusta, Daughter of James G. & Ann Foster



Peter Van Buren, Son of Francis Halenbeck & his wife Elizabeth

Report – 22

Decr 3rd

Marian, Daughter of Mr. Whisky, Catskill



Child of Mr. Coon






Caroline, Daughter of John Woolford


Feby 11th

Elisha Meiggs, Adult & children; Born Jan 8th 1786
Francis, his wife; Adult; Born May 21st 1786
George; May 21, 1809
Henry; July 7, 1811
Corinda; Decr 4, 1813
Francis; Feby 9, 1815
Emily; March 23, 1817
Mary; July 13, 1820


March 11th

Stella Benton; Adult
Jane                        { Children of Wm. H Wey & Caroline
Ruth Croswell                 


April 5th

Juliet, daughter of Wm. & Mary Wells; Born April 24, 1816
William James, Son of Joseph Wells & Olive Eliza; born Nov. 15, 1820


April 8

Rebeckah, Daughter of John N. Vanhoesen & Maria; Born Sept 10, 1820


Feby 12

John, Son of Jerone Halenbeck & his wife Rachael; born Oct. 25, 1820



Family of Penoyer


April 28

Jane, Daughter of Ephraim Bogardus & Maria his wife; born April 27, 1820


May 26

Hannah; Born Jany 22, 1818   { Children of Jacob Van   
Maria; Born Oct 2nd 1819             Loon & Elizabeth            


Sept 16

Harriet Catharine, Daughter of Russel Day & Harriet


Sept 21

Abraham Henry; Born Oct. 9, 1819        { Children of John
Casper; Born March 19, 1821                        Van Loon


Sept 23

James Flemming
Sarah Fleming; Adult Coloured
Clary, Their Child; Born Feby 24, 1820


Sept 30

Lucina; Born May 13, 1817       { Children of Abm. &
Sarah Maria; Born Jany 24, 1821           Nancy Nitkin
Sally Ann; born August 25, 1821, (daughter) of Harry Shafer & Hannah


Sept 30

Two adults at Catskill



Eveline; July 1st, 1814                       {  Children of Isaac
Isaac Branch; July 13, 1818                          Everts & wife
Lauriston Lewis; Sept 20, 1821



James Henry, Son of F.M. Vangorden & wife Ann; Born Sep. 18, 1821


Decr 16

Lewis Penfield; Adult


Dec. 28

Martha Jane, Daughter of Samuel Comfort & his Wife Mary; Born Nov. 24, 1821



William Henry, Son of Alexander Shaw
Mrs. Penfield
Miss Penfield

(Unclear whether 1821 or 1822)




Feby 12

Louisa, Daughter of John E. Clow & wife Anne; Born Oct. 8th 1821


Feby 19

William Wells, Son of Jacob Clow & his wife Margaret; born Decr 11, 1821



Ann Maria         {  Children of David Brandow
Thomas                        & Lucretia his wife,
David                                     Coloured people



Child of Mr. Seaman, Catskill



Child of Mr. Gregory      Do


June 23

George Woolsey, Son of Isaac Dubois & his Wife Jane
Catharine Ann, Daughter of Ezekiel Trusdale & his wife Rachael; Born Feb. 3, 1817
Maria, Daughter of Oliver T. Ashly & his wife Catharine; Born Feby 182?
Chauncy, Son (of) J. Vanvoorhis & his Wife Maria
Two children of Mr. Chs. Baker


August 10

Catharine Hyatt, Daughter of Mr. & Mrs.Penoyer, Catskill


Sept 1st

Catharine; Born July 17, 1814     { Children of
Lucy Ann;           Octr 10, 1817           James Goff &
William;               Sep. 9, 1819               Jane his Wife
Reuben;               March 6, 1822                 Catskill


Sep. 15

Child of Mr. Luke Kiersted


Sep. 26

Cornelia Bray, Daughter of Nicholas J. Van Loon & his wife


Oct 14

Sarah Maria, Daughter of Mr. Wm. J. Halenbeck & his wife Mille; Born July 3rd 1822

Convention return 1822

Oct. 18

Levi, Son of Stadts Degroat & his wife Catharine



Lawrence, Son of Mr. Sturges & his wife Anne


Nov. 10

Pheebe Ann, Daughter of Johanes Halenbeck & his wife Sophia; Born June 21, 1822



Rachael, Daughter of Harman Pickett
Cathathren Gud; father, Mr. John Halick Jr.; Born March 17, 1821



Eliza Caroline, Daughter of Jeremiah Bogardus & his wife Cornelia; born August 27, 1822


Nov. 13

Edwin Croswell, Son of E.T. Gaylord & Lydia his wife


Decr 8th

Eliza Ann, Daughter of Jacob Peirson & his wife Polly; born August 24, 1822, Catskill





Jany 10

John Henry, Son of William Overbaugh & his wife Polly; born May 14, 1822


Jany 22

Lydia Haight, adult-wife of William Haight
Jane Catharine, Born May 26, 1818
Sarah Jenkins, Born June 20, 1820
Samuel, Born Jany 14, 1822
Children of William Haight & his wife Lydia, who with Mrs. Jane Haight are Sponsors


Jany 31st

James Foster; Born 5th Decr 1820        { Children of Garret
Cornelia Elizabeth; Born Dec. 7, 1821      Blackman &
his wife Christiana

(noted amidst marriages on p. 77)

Jany 31

Jane, daughter of Jerone Halenbeck & his wife, Rachael; born Decr 15, 1822


Feby 22nd

Mary Francis, Daughter of Anthony Livingston & his Wife Anna


March 9

Richard Smith; Adult
Mary, Daughter of Richard & his wife Mary; Coloured, Ctsl (Catskill?)
Edward, Son of Joseph Larmy & his Wife Hannah; Born Decr 25, 1819, Ctsl (Catskill?)


March 10

George Washington, Son of Elizabeth Miller



Two coloured children in the Cairo village



Two children of Mr. Willard, Catskill


April 23

Eleanor Sarah, Daughter of Jacob Clow & Magdalene; born Oct. 3, 1822



Elizabeth, Daughter of John Van Loon & Rebeckah; born Sep. 11, 1822


April 14

Should be entered the Baptism of infant child of Stephen Lampman


April 27

John Frederick; born July 19, 1820     {Children of
Matthias; born August 26, 1822     Matthias Van Loon


May 25

Anna, Daughter of Dirrick Halenbeck & his wife Caty; Born April 15, 1823


June 15

Sophia, Daughter of Jacob G.D. Brandow & his wife Magdalene; born 7 April 1823



Jeremiah Obrien, Son of Joseph N. Rowe & his wife Polly; Born August 29, 1822



Enoch, Son of Silas E. Burrows & his wife Mary; Born June, 1822


July 10

(blank) Porter (Foster?); adult, Catskill
Mary (blank); coloured adult, Catskill



Hannah, Daughter of Francis E. Clow & Catharine; born May 11, 1823



Evert                  { Children of Andrew Clow &
Rachael Ann              his wife Elsha



Here should be entered eight children baptized at Mr. Chollettes, Two at Athens & Ten at Catskill in one day –Sept


Oct. 19

Leah, Daughter (of) Thomas Sutton & Lucretia his wife; born Sep. 22, 1822


Dec. 14

Jacob, Son of Casper C. Van Hoesen & Catharine his Wife; Born Nov. 10, 1823





March 13

Catharine, Daughter of Jeremiah Bogardus & his wife Cornelia; Born Jany 1, 1824


March 14

Catharine, Daughter of Peter K. Sacks & his wife Mary; Born Feby 12, 1824


March 22

John Casper, Son of John Vanhoesen & his wife Elcy; Born Decr 2?, 1823


April 4

Mary Elizabeth, Daughter of Jacob Dauchy & Eliza; Born Nov. 12, 1823


April 14

Sarah Ann, Daugher of Peter Whittlesey & his Wife Betsey; born Mar. 14, 1824


April 16

Isaac Mansfield, Son of Francis VanValkenburgh & Margaret; Born Sept 1st, 1822


May 9th

Rachael, Daughter of Isaac Vanhoesen & his wife Elizabeth; born Nov. 11, 1823


July 8th

Charles Stewart, Son of Alexander Shaw & his wife; Born Feby 19th 1824


July 25

Elizabeth, Daughter of Isaac M. Halenbeck & Leah; born May 30, 1824


August 1st

John, Son of William Corsine & his wife Lucretia; born Dec. 2nd 1823


Sept 25

William Birch    {   Dr. Pierce
Sarah Ogdin       {   Miss Burgess


Octr 11th

Charles Harbard; Born March 3, 1821   { Children of
Lydia Ann; Born Nov. 5, 1823                 Stephen Aitkin &



Catharine; Born Feby 27, 1820           { Children of
Jane Matilda; Born April 20, 1822       John & Polly Aitkin
Peter; August 7, 1824                      



Anne Maria Graves; adult



Luke, Son of Luke Kiersted & his Wife; born Octr 3, 1822



Henry Layfayette, Son of R. Penoyer



Hannah Maria, Daughter of Casper Halenbeck & his Wife Magdalene





April 17

Elizabeth, daughter of Derick Halenbeck & his wife Catharine; Born Feby 7, 1825



A Child of J.G. Foster


Octr 2nd

Francis, daughter of John Halenbeck & Susan his wife; Coloured; Born Nov. 9, 1825 (sic)






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