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Athens Trinity Episcopal


Photostat copy of the original records made by the New York State Library in 1934 and transcribed by Scott Wichmann

Sept. 14, 1837   Confirmations By Rt. Rev. B.T. Ouderdonk
                           Presented by R.L. Thibon, Jr.
                                    Mr. James Jerrams                 1847 Deceased   ??? Removed
                                                                                      There have been some ??? one of the ???
                                    Mr. Wm. P. Alcott                  Communicant
                                    Mrs. E. Allcot                        
                                    Mr. Robert Fraser                   Deceased
                                    Mrs. Jane Fraser                      Deceased
                                    Mrs. C. M. Thibon
                                    Miss E.C. Clough                    Deceased
Aug. 14, 1840   Presented by Revd. Jno. Dowdney
                                    Mrs. Elizabeth Hadden         Communicant Deceased
                                    Mrs. Mary Bennett                            
                                    Mrs. Phebe Myrick                 Removed to Hudson, 1847

Aug. 5, 1843     Presented by Revd. Thos. Mallaby
                                    Mr. Joseph Seeley                  Deceased
                                    Mrs. Sarah Leffingwell         Communicant
                                    Miss Abby       do                   Comm’t.
                                    Mrs. (blank)  Mackie             Comm’t.
                                    Mrs. George Byrnes               not yet commun. 1847
                                    Mrs. Emily Turck                   do   do   14
                                    Miss S. E. Frazier                    Comm. 
                                    Miss Sarah Seeley                  Comm. 
                                    Mrs. Josephine Tolley            does not belong to parish   R.L.T.
                                    Miss Mary Foster                    not yet Comm.
                                    Miss Georgiana Byrnes          do     do
                                    Miss Mary Banker                   Communicant
                                    Joseph Hallenbeck (Col’d)              do
                                    Mrs. Lavinia Banker (in private)    do

Sep. 6, 1848    Presented by Revd. N.C. Stoughton
                                    Mrs. Martha Jerome
                                    Mrs. Elisabeth Colson
                                    Miss Sarah Jane Howland
                                    Confirmed by Rt. Rev’d. Dr. Delancey,  Bsp. of “Western New York” 

June 11, 1849  Confirmed at Hudson by Rt. Rev’d Dr. Whittingham, Bsp. of Maryland
Mrs. Sarah E. Stoughton of this Parish 

A.D. 1850       Sixth Sunday after Trinity (July 7th) the following persons were

presented by the Rev’d. N. C. Stoughton, and

confirmed by the Right Rev’d Dr. Whittingham of the Diocese of Maryland.

                                    Matthew Davenport

                                    John Davenport

                                    Daniel Thornton

                                    James Prentice Foster

                                    Mrs. Emilla Clough

                                    Mrs. Mary Ann Davenport

                                    Miss Mary Scorese


                                    Mr. Franklin Gardner Guioni    }       of Kinderhook, Received here from

                                    Mrs. Cordelia Lucille Guioni    }       Rev’d. Mr. Edwards of Hudson


June 13, 1853  By the Rt. Rev. Bishop Wainwright

                                    Mrs. Patience Frazier

                                    Mrs. Jane Haviland

                                    Sarah Ann Haviland

                                    Sarah Altanah Nichols

                                    Wealthy Fosdick Osborn

                                    Elisabeth Ely Osborn

                                    Rebecca Louisa Clough

                                    Susan Scorese


Aug. 23, 1854  By Bishop Wainwright in St. Luke’s, Catskill

                                    Mary Jane Rider


Sept. 14, 1855  By the Rt. Rev. Bishop Potter

                                    Abraham Hallenbeck

                                    Adelaide Byrne

                                    Alice L. Titus

                                    Henrietta Maria Nichols

                                    Catharine Ryan

                                    Mary Elisabeth Donnell

                                    Priscilla J. Raymond

                                    Elisabeth A. Warne


March 25, 1856  By Bp. Potter

                                    Henry Van Loan

                                    Henry O. Nichols

                                    Elbridge Nichols

                                    Wm. Peterson

                                    Nancy Dunham

                                    Anna Minnerly

                                    Julia Elisa Sears

                                    Elisa O. Van Loan

                                    Abby J. Haviland

                                    Mary Louise Loomis

                                    Joanna Scorese

                                    Alice Van Loan


March 25, 1857  Bishop Potter confirmed 7 persons in Trinity Church of which no account is made


Oct. 20, 1857  By Bsp. Potter, in Christ Church, Hudson

                                    Julia Estelle Clarke

                                    Elisabeth Miller Edmonds


May 7, 1858  By Bsp. Potter

                                    Edward Van Loan

                                    Mary, his wife

                                    John Warne

                                    Louisa Rossman

                                    Elisabeth Fosdick

                                    S. Hamilton Nichols

                                    S. Cornelia, his wife

                                    Caroline Low

                                    Phebe Jane Cheesman

                                    Sarah Jane Wyant


Oct. 26, 1860  By Bsp. Potter

                                    Mrs. Theodore Seely

                                    Emeline Thornton

                                    Fredk. W. Tolley

                                    Jas. H. Coe

                                    Wm. W. Coe

                                    Sarah S. Howland

                                    Mary Colson

                                    Mary A. Nichols

                                    Foster Nichols


March 9, 1862  By Bsp. Potter

                                    Wm. T. Nichols

                                    Julia A. Nichols

                                    Wm. S. Nichols

                                    Mary Kidder

                                    Emma Warner

                                    Sarah Jane Stranahan

                                    Rachel Ann Tremain

                                    Amanda Garrison

                                    Emma L. Minnerly


July 16, 1864              Alberta Clough

                                    Ellen Morton

                                    Sarah E. M???

                                    Emma Leffingwell

                                    E (possibly a name here)


July 12, 1868  by the Rt. Rev. H. Potter

                                    Grace Beardsley

                                    John Celecte

                                    Albert Loomis           

                                    Miss Freddy Mallory

                                    Miss Julia Mallory    

                                    Miss Lucy Nichols

                                    Miss Emily Noyes

                                    Miss Augustella Tremaine

                                    Miss Emily Waters

                                    Miss Sarah Waters

                                    Mrs. Electa Halstead

                                    Kelly Hanmore

                                    Mrs. Maria Marvin

                                    Oscar Nichols

                                    Sylvester Nichols

                                    Beulah Van Wie

                                    Mrs. (Julia) Walters

                                    Emily Titus    

                                    Mrs. John Post


April 30, 1869  by the Rt. Rev. Wm. C. Doane

                                    Mrs. John Beardsley

                                    Mr. Edward Coffen

                                    Mrs. Edward Coffen

                                    Mrs. Emily Post

                                    Sarah Van Valkenburgh

                                    John Knoll

                                    Mary Low

                                    Janelle Briggs

                                    Joseph Nichols (in private)
Lydia Lee 

Sept. 13, 1870   by the Rt. Rev. Wm. C. Doane
                                    Anna  ??? Johnson
                                    * Chas. E. Nichols
                                    Frank Nichols
                                    Mr. Wm. Cumings (private)
                                    Mr. John Ducinfer
                                    Mary Hamilton
                                    George Post
                                    Alice Hubby
                                    Levi Wegmer (private)
                                    Mrs. Jennie Leffingwell

1871                            (blank)

1872                            Charlotte Self
                                    Agnes Celecte

                        * Note, See following page Mrs. Chas. Nichols recorded as conf. 1874.

                                    (Possibly Arthur Nichols see in loc.) H.G. Whitney 

1873                Confirmations by Rt. Rev. Wm. C. Doane

April 19, 1874
                                    Miss Jennie Byrne
                                    Mrs. Cornelia Cobb    (Mrs. Frank M???)  
                                    Miss Ella Hanmere
                                   (Mrs. Charles P. Nichols)  (see page 235)
                                    Miss Jane Cumberland
                                    Mr. Herbart Pennoyer 

(Mr. Arthur Nichols was confirmed, with this class, according to his clear recollection.  There is no record of his confirmation in the Register, but was certainly confirmed about this time.  Recollects that Miss Cornelia Cobb was confirmed at the same time.  H.G. Whitney)   (June 3, 1914)

April 26, 1875   Confirmation by Rt. Rev. Wm. C. Doane
                               Presented by Rev. J.E. Johnson  (See Register Vol. III, p. 7)
                                    Mr. Orville Hervey                            
                                    Mr. Frederick Van Loan                                
                                    Mrs. (blank)  Dymick
                                    Miss Mary Noll  [Van Loan crossed out]

April 25, 1875            Mr. Elisha Post at Claverack, N. Y.

June 1, 1876    Confirmed By Rt. Rev. Wm. Croswell Doane, S.T.D.
                                Presented by Rev. James W. Stewart
                                    Frank Beardsley
                                    Mary Theresa Van Woert
                                    Flora Van Loan
                                    Matilda Chamberlain
                                    Ellen Wright Buell
                                    Jane Chase
                                    Alice Goldsmith
                                    Elizabeth Van Loane

May 6, 1877    Confirmed By Rt. Rev. Wm. Croswell Doane, S.T.D.
                                Presented by Rev. James W. Stewart
                                    John Russell Demary
                                    Alonzo Dymic Marvin
                                    Charles Scism
                                    Nathan Mark Rose      (living here)
                                    William Cook
                                    Thomas H. Davenport
                                    George W. Brooks
                                    Charles Wallace Minnerly
                                    Eliza Stevens
                                    Eliza Ann Marvin
                                    Sarah Jane Hatch
                                    Louis Anna Celia Moseman
                                    Carrie Bronk   (Col’d)                        suspended[?]

April 16, 1879   Confirmed By Rt. Rev. W. C. Doane, S.T.D., Bishop of Albany
                                    Henry C. Fuller
                                    Kate Ellison Fuller
                                    Byrne  Cook

March 18, 1880
                                    Elisa Ann Cass
                                    Minerva Nichols

March 27, 1882         
                                    Nathan Clark
                                    George Edward Ostrom
                                    Margaret Van Schaack
                                    Francis Van Schaack
                                    James Casper Plimpton Van Loan
                                    Jacob Backes


Feb. 12, 1884  Confirmed By Bishop Doane

                                    Mary Carpenter Wolcott

                                    Mary Van Schaack

                                    Mary Jane Van Steenburgh    }Col.

                                    Mary Anguervinne                 }


Sept. 19, 1885   Confirmed by Bishop Doane

                                    Isidora Rochelle Byrne

                                    Adelaide Sutherland Byrne

                                    Helen Alice Decker

                                    Mary Elisabeth Sherman

                                    Susan Plunket

                                    Isabel Campbell Bennett

                                    Annie Sullivan


May 28, 1887  Confirmed By Rt. Rev. Wm. Croswell Doane, S.T.D.

                                    William Decker          died Oct. 1, 1899

                                    Emma Elzaida Deadrick        Transferred to Christ Ch., Hudson

                                                                                                June 9, 1916  (H.O.W.)

                                    Minnie Cook               removed 1889


May 9, 1889    Confirmed By Rt. Rev. William Croswell Doane, S.T.D.

                                    May Morton

                                    Ena Bennett

                                    Anna Bertha Jones      dead


May 9, 1890    Confirmed By Rt. Rev. Wm. Croswell Doane, S.T.D.

                                    Jennie Noll

                                    Mary Emma Rider

                                    Bertha May Rider

                                    Lilian Augusta Decker

                                    Frank Porter Morton

                                    Seth Stitt Greene


May 11, 1892  Confirmed By Rt. Rev. Wm. C. Doane, S.T.D.

                                    Jane Elizabeth Saunders

                                    Sarah J. Saunders

                                    Rachel Isidora Saunders

                                    Sophia Wright Vosburgh

                                    Addie Edna Vosburgh

                                    Carrie Wilbur

                                    Maud Stella Allen

                                    Minerva Nichols Davenport

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