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Athens Trinity Episcopal


Photostat copy of the original records made by the New York State Library in 1934 and transcribed by Scott Wichmann


May 12, 1835 Edmund S. Janes Minister Philadelphia Charlotte Thibon New York Edwin Janes & Marion Tunis Lewis Thibon, Jr.
Dec. 23, 1835 Albert LeRoy White Farmer Rutland Almira White Athens Henry A. Green & Eliza White Lewis Thibon, Jr.
Dec. 27, 1835 Alexander Raymond Labourer Athens Eunice Lockwood Athens George Nichols & Mrs. Duncan Lewis Thibon, Jr.
Nov. 3, 1836 Michael O'Brien Labourer [blank] Maria Decker Athens Mrs. Hannah Houghtaling Lewis Thibon, Jr.
Nov. 13, 1836 Theodore Ten Eyck Labourer Athens Susan Dixon Athens Miss Hannah Post Lewis Thibon, Jr.
Dec. 21, 1836 Henry Augustus Green Boatman Athens Emma Stitt Athens Alonzo Green & Mary Eliza Coffin Lewis Thibon, Jr.
July 9, 1837 Wilson Worthy Grocer Hudson Hannah Flanney Hudson Mr. Edward Reed & Mrs. C.M. Thibon Lewis Thibon, Jr.
Sept. 4, 1837 Almon Abbot Merchant Coxsackie Caroline Simpson Coxsackie Mr. O.F. Wright & Mrs. Jane Hubbel Lewis Thibon, Jr.
Sept. 20, 1837 Henry Greene Merchant Albany Myrtilla Hubbell Coxsackie Mr. Humphrey & Miss Ely Lewis Thibon, Jr.
Nov. 5, 1837 Joseph Turk` Teacher Athens Matilda Dobson Athens Mr. Nelson & Miss ??? Lewis Thibon, Jr.
Dec. 12, 1837 Samuel Muckridge Shoe Dealer New York Hannah Wells Baltimore Mr. Lasher & Miss E. Lasher Lewis Thibon, Jr.
Dec. 31, 1837 John B. Leffingwell Boatman Athens Imogen Morton Athens Mr. Colson & Miss M. White Lewis Thibon, Jr.
Jan. 3, 1838 Wm. Van Loan Boatman Athens Mary Stitt Athens Mrs. James Byrne & Miss C. Dickson Lewis Thibon, Jr.
March 15, 1839 Charles Syms Carpenter Athens Ann Dunham Athens Wm. Dunham and Mrs. (illegible)  
(illegible), 20, 1839 Nathan E. Edwards
Ship carpenter Athens Hannah (illegible) Athens (illegible)  
(illegible) 30, 1839 Edward Green Ship carpenter New York Luise L. Foster Athens The parents  
(illegible) 30, 1839 Fred R. Wm. Tolley Sip carpenter Athens Josephine Foster Athens The parents  
Dec. 22, 1840 Wm. Edwd. Green Merchant New York Margaret Bunker Athens Mr. N. Clark, Jr. & Miss Seely Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Dec. 24, 1840 Stephen Jerrams do Athens Deborah Tremain do Mr. Keith & Miss Jerrams Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Oct. 28, 1840 M. Brinckman do New York [blank]   Dean New York Mr. & Miss Dean This marriage was celebrated [prior] to my coming to Athens
Dec. 26, 1841 Isaac Roberts Boatman Cairo Maria V an Vleeren Cairo Mr. James Scott, Jr. & Mrs. Betsy Pierce Revd. Thos. Mallaby
March 31, 1842 William Colson Mechanic Athens Elizabeth Morton Athens Mr. George Nichols & Miss Ann Foster Revd. Thos. Mallaby
May 1, 1842 William Edwards Farmer Madison Elizabeth Hallenbeck Madison Mr. Jnos. Edwards & Miss Elsie June Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Aug. 14, 1842 John D. Edwards do do Elsie June Madison a younger sister Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Oct. 20, 1842 Seth Geer, Jr., M.D. Physician Tompkinsville Harriet Ann Seaman Tompkinsville Mr. Geer & Miss Rebecca Seaman Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Oct. 30, 1842 Rufus T. Gaston Clerk Elyria, OH Charlotte Evarts Athens Mr. & Mrs. N. Clark Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Dec. 19, 1842 James Byrne Merchant Athens Abigail Bennett Athens The parents Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Jan. 14, 1843 Garrit Tolley Farmer Athens Catharine Van Loan Athens Father, Mr. & Mrs. Clark Revd. Thos. Mallaby
March 26, 1843 William Brooks Boatman do Temperance Raymond ditto The Parents Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Aug. 9, 1843 Nathan Clark Jr. Merchant do Sarah Seeley ditto The parents Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Nov. 1, 1843 Thos. Diederick Labourer do Betsey Augustus now ditto The Father & Hannah Groom Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Jan. 4, 1844 Thos. Delzel ditto do Sarah Holden now ditto James Denatison & Mr. Van Loan Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Apr. 17, 1844 Jacob Bronk ditto do Hannah Post Athens The Father & Christina Post Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Aug. 5, 1844 George Wilson ditto Albany Ann Jones Coxsackie Mr. Mallaby Revd. Thos. Mallaby
July 3, 1845 Abraham Gardner ditto Athens Lorry Highdecker Athens Mr. & Mrs. Marvin & others Revd. Thos. Mallaby
July 20, 1845 Thos. Benjm. Jackson Barber New York Sarah Christina Post ditto Mr. & Mrs. Post & others Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Oct. 7, 1845 Geo. S. Nichols Merchant Athens Ann N. Foster ditto Hamilton Nichols & Miss Coffin Revd. Thos. Mallaby
Oct. 23, 1845 Stephen R. Roe Hotel Keeper N.York Mrs. Josephine A. Tolley ditto Mr. Roe & Miss Mary Foster Revd. Thos. Mallaby
July 21, 1846 Charles Green Shipwright New York Susan Cornelia Trumpore New York James and Isabella Jarvis Revd. S. Douglass
June 23, 1847 David J. Wetbeck Farmer Coxsackie Catherine Louisa Van Loan Athens William Wetbeck and Elizabeth Ann Titus Revd. S. Douglass


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