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Athens Trinity Episcopal

Communicants and Confirmants

Photostat copy of the original records made by the New York State Library in 1934 and transcribed by Scott Wichmann

Jany 1st 1809

Delucina Backus
Edward Hinman & Wife
Henry Ritter & Wife
Elisha Backus
Mrs. Wells
Mr. VanBuskirk
Ira Canfield
Mrs. Tinker
Laura Hamilton
John T. Nitterville
Sally Prentice
            Joseph Prentice, Rector

Esther Day In addition to the above
Mrs. Nitterville
Mrs. Hiller
Wm. V. Buskirk
Mrs. Canfield
Andrew Backus
Jacob Van Loon & Wife
Mrs. Saml. Hamilton
Andrew Dexter & Wife
Andrew Dexter Jnr. & Wife
Mrs. Green
Aaron Delass
Two Miss Nettervilles
Mrs. Aron Recob (?) 

Began to supply the parish at Hudson on the last Sunday of Sept 1811 was absent the first Sunday Oct. from which time my service with them may be considered as commencing.-----------------

April 1st 1814 Resigned the Rectorship of the parish in Hudson but continued to officiate there till the last of said Month, when I received a call from the parish in Catskill; $500 per year half the time if I reside in Catskill village, $375 for the same time remaining where I am.  --  I accept the latter.  Mr. H. Croswell supplies the Ch in Hudson.

Persons Confirmed at Athens
Sept 29, 1819

By Bishop Hobart

Marian Woolsey
Margaret Woolsey
Henry Woolsey
Catharine Reed
Hepzibeth Hubbel
William Van Buskirk
Mary Van Buskirk
Mrs. Johanas Halenbeck
Sarah Halenbeck
William Scott
Sally Hubbel
Miss Hubbel, sister to Hepzibeth

Persons Confirmed in St. Lukes Church
Catskill, Sept 30, 1819

By Bishop Hobart

Lanah Bogardus
Mrs. Van Valkenburgh
Edward Haight
Mrs. Seaburn
Mrs. Scott
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Brosnaham
Genette Donally
Martha Scott
Mrs. Croswell
Caroline Cook
Emily Bartow
Mary Rogers
Mrs. Sarah Britton
Margaritta Cozzens
Marian Britton
Charles Rogers
(blank) Clark
Lewis Benton
Mrs. Castle
John J. Ashley
Polly Ashley
Phebe Ashley
Deon Black
Mr. Van Loon
Emily (blank)
Emma Botsford

Communicants in Christ Church

December 25th 1808


Reuben Rundle
Stoddard Smith & Wife
David Waterberry & Wife
Shadrach Hubbel
Mrs. Burrows
Mr. Taylor
            Joseph Prentice, Rector

Sunday aft Easter, in addition to the above

Minor Hubbel
Mr. & Mrs. Finch
Mr. Taylor
Mr. Rundle

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