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Athens Trinity Episcopal


Photostat copy of the original records made by the New York State Library in 1934 and transcribed by Scott Wichmann



Name & Description



Oct. 15th 1806

D(nl?) Fairfield

Decem. 10th 1806

Mrs. Decker

March 9th

Mrs. Hubbel

March 23rd

Capt. Waring

April 3rd

Mrs. Whiting

April 14th

Miss Van Loan


Mr. Whooper, Schoolmaster at Co?

April 9th

Mr. Story

Ap. 23rd

Master Infant Hubbard

May 25th

Mrs. Sacket

May 28th

Master Warner

June 4th

Mr. Palmer, Coxmen

July 11th

Mr. Cook


Died about this time, Mrs. Follock

July 22nd

Master Murray Idiot

July 25th

Master Austin

August 25th

Child of Capt. Hillier

Aug. 26th

Child of Saml. Waring

Oct. 16

Mrs. Canfield

Nov. 5

James Burns [At this funeral Dr. Root & myself were presented with scarfs.]

Dec. 5th

Gen. Welb Claverack

Nov. 29th

Preached a funeral sermon on account of Capt. Depaynter; Scarf

December 26th

Mrs. Fish


In the course of the past year there have been three deaths in the village & neighborhood not included in the above accounts

Decembr 31st

Bram Clow



Jany 10th

Miss Colen Hudson

Feby 17th

Child of Mr. Cleveland

Feb. 19th

Child of Mr. Chester? Huntington

Feb. 19th

Child of Mr. Dillen

March 9th

Child of Mr. Raemont

March 21st

Child of Mr. Ashley

April 6th

Mrs. Halenback

April 27th

Wm Brandow

April 29th

Caroline Tallman

May 17th

Child of Mr. Jno Tolle

June 10th

Son of Saml Waring

August 22nd

Mr. Halenback

Oct. 24th

Child of John Colson

Nov. 27

A Child of Mr. Andrew Backus


Esqr Davis

Nov. 29

Mr. Schooner (Seloover)



Jany 25th

Marvin Haskins

Feby 22nd

Mr. (blank) Clow

March 10th

Mrs. Davis

April 1st

Child of Mr. Webb

April 3rd

Child of John C. Spoor

June 10th

John, son of Cap Lawrence

Oct. 12th

Child of Whiting Backus at Esqr. Parkers

Oct. 25th

A young daughter of Mr. Poultney’s by fire

Nov. 18th

Mary Dunham



Jany 4th

Miss Leffingwell

Feby 18th

Capt. Clad of Poughkeepsie

March 18th

Polly Raymond

June 1st

A Child of William Fraser

July 13th

Mr. Smith drowned

August 27th

Miss Folger of the consumption

Sept 12th

Jane Moore Van Buskirk, Daughter of Abraham Van Buskirk, Esqr.

Sept 18th

Mrs. Brando, Wife of William Brando

Sep 23rd

Rebeccah Hillier, daughter of Capt. Hillier

Sep 23rd

A Child of Cornelius Barnard

Decr 11th

Thomas Dilon – Drowned




A Child of Mr. Harrington

Feby 7th

Mr. Lampman

Sept 16th

Child of Lewis Wheeler



Jany 4th

Maria D. Groat

Jany 9th

Mrs. Sears, Wife of Christian Sears

May 25th

Child of Mr. Beakman Hudson

May 30th

Mrs. Crowse, Wife of Doct. Crowse

July 10th

Judge Hamilton


Master Woodworth at Mr. Clark’s

Sept 22nd

Mr. Escott Hudson


A child of Mr. Stone
A child of Mr. Gridley


Report Annual Deaths 13

Nov. 2nd

Mrs. Cynthia Northrop

Nov. 8th

Child of Mr. Noyse Hudson


Child of Mr. Theffs (Phelps?)

Nov. 23

A Black Child at Mrs. Thurston’s

Decr 16

Mrs. Hinman, aged 9 3



Jany 4th

Miss Nancy Clark


John C. Van Hoesen


Mrs. Tolle


Mr. Hainse

Feby 2nd

Mr. Haskins

Feby 22nd

Martin Evertson

March 12th

Joen Root


Mr. Cady

May 22

A child of Mr. Franklin


Child of Aikins


Sally Hamilton       


Esqr Backus
Mrs. Colson
A Child of Mrs. Marks


Report – Oct. 1st 1813 – Funerals – 22

Oct. 20

Mrs. Allen



Jany 1

Mrs. Hardick, wife of Francis
Doct. Rogers
Mr. Morton & Mr. Harton
A Child of Elizar Whiting
A Child of Mr. Hosmer, Mr. Norman & Mr. Thurston, Feby 6

Feby 7th

Mrs. Van Loon wife of Maj Matthias Van Loon

March 8th

Mr. Casey, Catskill

March 18

A black child in the lower village


A Child of Mr. Church

April 25

A Child of Thomas Augustus

April 26

Mrs. Clow, Wife of Richard Clow

June 23

Mr. Holmes

August 14

A Child of Jerone Hardicks

Sept 1st

Mr. Bartlet, Hudson


Whole amount of funerals during the eight years of my ministry to the present 118

Oct. 18

Miss Myrac

Nov. 15

Mr. Dengy

Nov. 16

Mr. Halenbeck, Ferryman at Mr. Folgers


Mr. Johnson




William Wells

Feby 4th

George W. Talman, aged 7 yr.

Feby 8th

A Black Child of Dixons

March 3rd

A Child of Mr. Hill
Miss Bogardus, Catskill


The father of Jehosakem Halenbecks Wife, aged 90
Nicholas Van Loon
Vanvalkenburgh, a young man
A Child of Mrs. Truesdale
A Child of Mr. Leffingwell


A Stranger from Mr. Fosdicks
Tempa Jane, Daughter of Henry White
An Infant Daughter of Elijah Spencer

Dec. 1st

an infant Child of Esther Adams

Decr 16

The Daughter of Francis Clow & Wife of Abraam Valkenburgh

Decr 27

A Child of Peter Aitkins burned to death



Jany 14th

A child of William Aitkins

May 4th

Saml Dexter of Boston aged 55y

June 19th

Betsey Shaw, aged 25

August 22nd

Mr. Schermerhorn of Hudson

Sept 18th

Shadrack Hubbel

Sept 22

John, Child of John Fosdick


Miss Traverse

Nov. 2nd

Mr. Evertson

Nov. 6

Mrs. Sheffield

Nov. 10

Child of Samuel Duncan

Nov. 12

Mr. Andrew Dexter

Decr 1

Matthias Van Loon

Decr 8

The Widow Groom, mother of Peter Groome



July 22nd

Mr. Clow, Father of Casper Clow


Genl S. Haight


Mrs. Aaitkins

Nov. 28

Widow Decker


Widow Morton


Casper W. Halenbeck


Mrs. Halenbeck


Peter Bogardus


Mrs. Win


Mr. Cook, Catskill

Oct. 10

Peter, Child of Wm. Warner

1818 ???


Jany 4

Daniel Duncan


A Child of John Bogardus Jnr., Catskill


Francis Botsford, Catskill


Daughter of Mr. Morton


Child of Mr. Kinnon


John N. Van Loon


Report – 6




Edward Haight, Catskill


Mrs. Catharine Dubois, Catskill


A Child of Mr. Seaman, Catskill


A daughter of Mr. Joseph Colson


Three Children of Stephens & Cooks


The son of Mr. Haviland – 8 --

Octr 9th

Child of Mackay Croswell, Catskill


Wife of Capt. Burtus


Child of James C. Foster


George Clinton Hamilton


Widow Halenbeck, four mile point



Jany 11th

Widow Whitbeck, mother of N. J. Van Loon


Peter Johnson

Feby 16

Mrs. A. C. Hall, Catskill


Mrs. Bogardus, Catskill

April 20

James Bogardus, Catskill

May 12

Infant Child of Samuel King, Coxsackie, aged 1 yr. 10 months

June 4th

Reuben Morton, Son of Reuben Morton


Delia Cook, Catskill from Connecticut


Thomas Thompson


Miss Calkins


Henrietta Morton


Nicholas J. Van Loon


Child of E. Reed, Coxsackie



Feby 24

Talman Fitch, Coloured Woman Dion atskill ???

May 5

Mrs. Whittlesey, Catskill

May 5

Mr. Steward, Catskill

May 31

John Egbertson

June 29

Mrs. Catharine Haight, Catskill

August 4

Mr. Stevens, Catskill

August 7

Mr. Benjamin Van Loon, Catskill

Sept 15

Jane, Child of Samuel Comfort


Report 1822

Oct. 18

Mrs. Hardick


A Child of Mr. William Van Loon, Catskill


A Child of Mr. John Van Loon, Athens

Nov. 15th

Mrs. Van Loon, Athens, aged 98


Edwin Croswell, infant son of Mr. Gaylord, Castkill




Two Children of Mr. Goffe, Catskill

March 5

Mrs. Trusdale

March 12

Jacob Van Loon, aged 79


Jacob Cook

April 27

Mrs. Groom, wife of Peter Groom

May 13

John Cook


Erastus Stephens

May 31st

Francis Salisbury

June 30

Margaret Malcom, Catskill

July 19

Albert Van Loon


A Child of Mr. Coon, Athens

August 17

Mrs. Hakton, Catskill


Capt. Uriah Coffin 
Mrs. Pierson

Novr 1st

Mrs. Bogardus, Catskill, wife of John Jun

Nov. 9

Mrs. Bogardus, wife of James, Catskill         (duplicate of above?)




Jane Catharine Haight

March 6

A Child of Mr. Dingman – burnt

March 21st

An infant Child of Thomas Lynebrink

March 26

Abraham Halenbeck


Mrs. Darrow, Catskill


Cornelius Dubois, Catskill

July 13

Mrs. Clow, Grandmother to Jacob Clow, Coxsackie

Decr 7

Mr. Vangorder, Catskill Point

Decr 16

Samuel Haight


Phila Day


Mrs. John Dubois


Mrs. Ells


A Child of Mr. Howland



Sep. 17

Mrs. Lamphire


Eli Botsford


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