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Athens Trinity Episcopal


Photostat copy of the original records made by the New York State Library in 1934 and transcribed by Scott Wichmann






Nov. 2nd

Mr. Winfield to Miss Huntington

Nov. 21st

Daniel Sands to Altana Hamilton



Jany 4th

Isaac Cain to Elenah Aitkin

Feby 7th

Leonard VanHoesen to Peggy Haight

Feby 11th

John Cleveland to Maria Scutt

March 11th

Ira Canfield to Polly Whiting

May 2nd

Saml Aitkin to Hannah Parrish

June 18th

Ebenezer Whiting to Hannah Canfield

June 30th

John Lizwill to Mila Johnson

July 4th

Thomas Augustus to Martha Austin

July 14th

Ezra Reed to Eliza Thurston

December 4th

William Tolle to (blank)

December 26

John House to Abby Platt



March 9th

William Scott to Pometcha Halenbeck

March 25th

John Howland to Nancy Thair

April 9th

(blank) Yale to Lydia Williams

April 20th

Peter Lockwood to Betzey Waterberry

May 1st

John Clow to Magdalene Vanhoesen

Sept  (blank)

Mr. Edwards to Miss Prudens

Oct. 11th

Mr. Halenbeck to Miss Degroat

Nov. 18th

Mr. Patterson to Miss Cook



Feby 3rd

Lawrence Van Buskirk to Maria Prevost

Feby 4th

John Smith to Gertrude Deal

Feby 10th

John Campbell to Magdalene Halenbeck

Feby 16th

Lewis Cornwall to Miss Prudens

May 1st

James Foster to Ann Colson


Francis Halenbeck to Elizabeth Vanhoesen

July 3rd

John (blank) Hasbrook to Polly Backus

July 4th

Timothy Kellogg to Betsy Miller

July 8th

Matts DeGroat to Catharine Tolle

July 31st

Mr. Devallencourt to Mrs. Bulkley

August 18th

Mr. Yumans to Mrs. Hamilton

Sept 23rd

Mr. Collier to Mrs. (blank) Sharp

Nov. 16th

Cornelius VanBuskirk to Lana Hardick

Nov. 23rd

Mr. Halenbeck to Miss Fosdick

Nov. 25th

Mr. Lamphire to Miss Ostrander



Feby 10th

Mr. Clark to Miss Julia Nicholes

March 7th

Mr. Thomas Cook to Miss Catharine VanGorder

April 22nd

Abraham Salisbury to Sarah Clow

June 9th

Doctor Donald to Miss Sally Nicholes

June 23rd


July 1st

Daniel Honis to Charlotte Jannet – In presents of Peter Thomas at Sealy’s

July 3rd

William Green to Sally Hinman

Oct. 16th

George C. Hamilton to Ann B. Malcomb

Oct. 20

Capt. Nicholas Paige to Miss Huldah Sealy


Simon N. Dexter to Laura Northrop

Decr 8th

John D. Hallonbeck to Polly Lampman

Decr 11th

John Backus to Polly Cook

Decr 26

Joseph Hull to Narissa Foster


Mr. Edward Thurston to Miss (blank) Friedenburg



March 15

Mr. Howland to Miss Barker

July 4th

Mr. John Day to Miss Catharine Myers

July 5

Christian Sears to Mary (blank)

August 6th

John B. Coffin to Electa Skinner

Nov. 12th

Danl Price to (blank) Day

Decr 3rd

John Edwards to Rebeckah Palmer

Decr 15

William Canada to Peggy Woodford

Decr 31st

Martin Vosburgh to Cornelia Out



Jany 12th


William J. Halenbeck to Parmelia Brown

Richard Clow to Pheebe Halenbeck

Jany 17

Amasa Keath to Polly Simpson

April 19

Isaac Collier, Rachael Perry

April 20th

Mr. Church to Miss Coffin

May 16

Mr. Van Loon to Miss Halenbeck

May 23rd

A Black couple at Mr. Scott’s

June 1st

Mr. Charles Rudd to Miss Sally Irish

June 3rd

Mr. Charles Irish to Miss Mehittebal Roggers


Report 1st Oct. 1813  --  Marriages 13

Oct. 30th

Coonrad Halenbeck to Rebeckah Edwards

Nov. 7th

Mr. Ichibel Sealy to Miss Williams

Nov. 8th

Joseph G. Malcomb to Angelica Malcomb


Jeremiah Haleneck to Magdalina Evertson

Nov. ?

Henry Corwall to Sally Vanhoesen

Nov. 28th

John Richtmeyer to Sally Hosmer

Decr 5th

Henry Lampman to Elina Vanvleet



Feby 22

A Couple at the house opposite R. Finger

March 5

John Clow to Hannah Halenbeck

March 6

Tom Ritter to  a wench of Casper Halenbeck

April 10th

Mr. Moulton to Miss Green

July 4th

A couple at Mr. Sealey’s

July 31st

Matthias Van Loon to Judith Bogardus

Augus 14

William Mailain to Gertrude Cook

August 20

Abraham Aitkens to Nancy Stephens

August 28

Hiram Nicholes to Martha Ladu

Sept 21st

Joseph Hazelton to Betsey Stephens

Decr 18th

Luke Casted to Miss Van Loon



Jany 15th

Mr. Burrows to Miss (blank)

Feby 4th

Francis McCurlough to Theressa Stephens

Feby 18th

Mr. Samuel Baker to Miss Julia Ann Chandler

Dr. John Hazen to Miss (blank) Chamberlain

March 7th

Nathaniel Kimble to Sally Burke

May 9th

William H. Way to Caroline Stanley

May 12

Evert Van Loon to Elizabeth Mullen

May 14

Nicholas Alberson to Betsey Halenbeck

August 5th

Henry Clow to Polly Van Hoesen

August 20

Tobias Van Post to Sarah Grom

Sept ?

William Abberson to Betsey Vanhoesen

Decr 3rd

Benedick Hazard to Mary Gordon

Decr 25

William Cure to Elizabeth Earl



July 23rd

Henry Vandenburgh to Polly Degroat

August 15th

Isaac M. Sturgis to Catharine A. V- (sic)

Sept 3rd

Seth Swift to Marian Buskirk

---    ----

------- Trotter

Sept 9th

Bartimeus Kinnison to Dorothy Dillon

Octr 19th

Mark Spencer to Fanny Thompson

Nov. 2nd

Cornelius S. Martin to Sally Benton

Nov. 3rd

Hastings Castle to Mary Champlain

Nov. 22

Bucher Holmes to Elizabeth Jenicks

Decr 15

Jacob Van Loon to Elizabeth Clow



Jany 14

Robert Brown to Mahala Dobson

Jany 20th

William Haight to Lidia Jenkins

Jany 30th

Albert DeGroat to Gertrude Fosburgh

Feby 9th

Thomas Overbough to Susannah Jackson

March 17

Jacob Halenbeck to Susannah Halenebeck

May 29

Nicholas Turner to Betsy Everts

June 9th

Malcomb McGregger to Margaret Goetius


Ira T. Day to Miss Bagley


Mr. Hamiltion Mere (of) Cairo to Miss (blank)

Decr 12

Mr. Henry Ashley to Miss Susan Van Voorhis

Decr 25

Henry Schoonmacker to Charity V. Hoesen



Jany 22

Peter Egbertson to Hannah Schermerhorn


Seth Bunker to Livinia Sealy

April 22

Mr. Gay to Miss Vanhoesen, niese of John H. Vanhoesen

April 24

Matthew Dyse V. Loon to Eliza Penfield

May 9

Josiah Richards to Irzellah Hamilton

May 11th

Wilbur Carle to Hannah Vanhoesen

June 7

Peter Prevost to Sally Culver

Castle Seeley to Grace Nichols

Sept 20

John Reed to Betsey Netterville

October 28

William Whitlock to Miss Eliza Scott

Nov. 2nd

Josiah Warner Groom to Sabrina Wait

Decr 27

Mr. Collier to the Widow Van Hoesen

Decr 29

Mr. (blank) Beal to Clarissa Wainright



Jany 24th

Dirk Halenbeck to Catharine Didrick

May 5th

Binjamin V. Loon to Elizabeth Osborn

May 19

(blank) Rathburne to Caroline Hamilton

May 23rd

Mr. Hiram Wilbur to Miss Hannah Haviland

Sept 12

Philip Van Bergen to Sarah Ann Bushnell, Coxsackie

Sept 28

Mr. Wills of NYork to Miss Neutt (?) of Hudson

Octr 13

James Fleming to Sarah Nicholas, Coloured


Parochial report – 11

Nov. 7

John Spencer to Sally Barton



April 29th

William Brandow to Paulina Bogardus

Sept ??

A Couple from Coxsackie

Nov. 11

Silas E. Burrows to Mary V. Buskirk

Mr. Halenbeck to Miss Jerome

Decr 27

Samuel Comfort to Mary Chollette




Nathaniel Hull to Damaris Peck

Feby 7

John Chevalier to Anna Perry

March 14

Doctor James Mairs to Stella Benton

March 28th

Stephen H. Griswold to Phebe Ashley

April 19

Justus Howland to Sarah Leffingwell

May 12

John Stephens to Phebe Hawkins

May 20th

John Jeromes to Lydia Huntington

May 23rd

Col. Isaac Dubois to Jane Woolsey

May 26

Albertus Clow to Rachael Van Loon

Sept 21

George Reed to Hester Kempton


Patrick Stevenson to Julia H. White


Mr. Porter to Mrs. Ann Hamilton

Decr 22

John Halenbeck to Susan Van Loon  {  Colored people at

Cuff (blank) to Jonton Van Loon                     J.H. Vanworden


Lewis Penfield to Comfort Van Loon


(blank) to Mrs. Legure



Jany 5

Hermanus Macka to Lana Spoor


Elnathan T. Gaylord to Lydia Croswell

April 6

Jacob Sharp to Polly Chapman


Henry Carley to Sally M. Scribner

June 2

Jeduthun Steele to Harriet M. Nicholas


Mr. Vosburgh to Miss Blasdale


A coupl(e) of Coloured people(e) (at?) Isaac Halver

July 29

Noble J. Hines to Emma Botsford

August 3rd

Mr. Hiram Comfort to Miss (blank) Luddington


A couple of Coloured people at Peter Van Loons near Isaac Halenbecks –???

August 10

John Bunce to Mary Garner

August 31st

Mr. Sutton to Miss Vanhoesen

Sep. 14

Mr. John M. Donally to Miss Janette Bogardus

Octr 11

Jehoachim Halenbeck to Fanny Brown

Octr 19

Mr. Vanhoesen to Miss Kelder


Mr. John Vanhoesen to Miss Haviland

Nov. 11

Mr. Charles Tremain to Miss Deborah Halenbeck

Decr 15

Mr. John P. Decker to Miss Adaline Pinckney



Jany 6

Mr. Franklin Wright to Miss Sally Hubbel

Jany 11th

Robert Osterhout to Levina Rose

Feby 13

William Tolly Esqr. To Mrs. R. Clow

Feby 20

Salmon Bennett to Elizabeth Reed

March 6

Mr. Watson Howland to Miss Minerva Skinner

March 12

Silas Dean to Eleaner Salisbury

March 26

William Carley to Amana Hoyt

March 31st

William R. Dykeman to Harriet M. Thompson

April 23

Sidney Smith to Nancy Frazer


(blank) Vanwort to Miss Warner

Sept 28

Mr. (blank) to Emily Spencer

Octr 16

Richard Lavender to Deone ; Coloured


Annual Report

Octr 26

Mr. Jacob Corsa to Sally Smith

Nov. 1st

Casper Halenbeck to Lany or Magdalene Vandenburgh

Nov 2nd

Mr. Willard Cowan to Miss Polly Donnally

Nov. 13

Mr. (blank) Van Loon to Rachael Vanhoesen

Nov. 20

Mr. (blank) Sheffield to Miss Anne Goldsmith



Jany 13

Mr. James Howland to Jane Leffingwell


Mr. William Frazer to Mary Eliza Harton

Feby 5

Mr. Charles Cleveland to Miss Rachael Halcot

March 4

Casper Van Loon to Rachael Clow

April 16

Jeremiah Clow to Elsa Vanloon

July 28

John Sherman to Betsey Colson

Sept 15

Edwin Croswell to Catharine Adams


Henry Halenbeck to Mary Halenbeck



??? 27

Gerrit Vanhoesen to Ruth Salisbury

April 28

Jeremiah VanValen to Betsey Cure

April 30th

Jacob Haight to Maria Luke

May 8th

Samuel Dexter to Susan Dunham

Sept 13

Samuel Dubois to Sally Allen


Sylvester Salisbury to Jane Halenbeck

Oct. 1st

Henry Martin to Catharine Johnson


Michael Plank to Julia C. Sweet




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