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Augustine Prevost Family

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from a typed copy of the bible record in the Prevost family file at the Vedder Library.
The original record is located at the Albany Institute of Art.

The following is taken from the Holy Bible given to August Prevost by “his worthy friend” Thomas Brown, Esq., in 1782. 

The above Bible is a Cambridge and printed by John Baskerville, Printer to the University MDCCLXIII.

Augustine Prevost and Anna Bogardus born 8th of April 1775 were married at Hatia, County of Columbia in the state of New York by the Reverend Mr. Romaine the 2 of July 1792. 

Major Augustine Prevost died Jany 17th, 1821, in the 78th year of his age, at Greenville, Greene Co., New York. 

Anna Prevost died August 4th 1842  in the 68th year of her life at Greenville, Greene Co, New York.

Their children:

1st – Frederick Jacob born at Catts kill Landing County of Albany the 30th Day of March 1793. Baptised by the Revd. Mr. Walker Clark Gardner 25th Novr. 93. Halfpast eleven o’clock AM died June 14th 1818, aged 25 years.  

2nd – Mary Anne born at Hush Hush Farm, Freehold the 11th day of October, 1794. Mrs. T. Smith and her Mother sponsors at ½  past 6 o’clock AM. Baptized by Mr. Gardner. Died at “Hush Hush” May 2nd 79, 20 minutes of 4 AM, aged 85 years. 

3rd – Emilia Augusta born at Hush-Hush Farm, Freehold the 14th Day of June 1796 at ½ past 5 AM. Baptized by the Revd. Mr. Romaine at Clermont, Columbia County after her Oldest Sister & her God Fathe (sic) Augustin her Brother. Died in March 3rd 1822, at Redhook, New York aged 25 years, and 9 months.  

4th – Gorgiana born at Hush-Hush Farm, the 31st of August 1798 half an hour before Sunrising. Baptized by the Revd. Mr. Le Bat, Geo. Wm. Prevost, her Godfather. Died Nov. 9th at Hush Hush in 1891. 

5th – William Henry born at Hush-Hush 21 June 1800. Baptized by the Rd. Mr. Romain the 9th June 1801.William W. Bogardus and his Brother Henry, G Fathers. Died in Augst 1826, at Dexter, State of Michigan, aged 25 years & 2 months. 

6th – Francis James born the 27th Septr 1802 Hush Hush five Minutes past 5 o’clock PM. Baptized the 21st February 1803 by the Revd. Mr. Nott at Albany. Mr. Francis Panborn & his brother James as God Fathers. Died in California 1871.  

7th – Elizabeth Charlotte Nattalie born the 3rd of January 1806 at Hush-Hush, Greenfield, State of New York ½ past 6 o’clock PM. Baptized at Poughkeepsie by the Revd. Mr. Chafse the 3rd of June, her Sponsors Elizabeth my Daughter in Law and Louisa Charlotte Palmer my Daughter, Sponsors.  Died at Hush-Hush Jan. 30th 1890.  

8th – Catherine Eliza born the 14th day of April 1808 at Hush-Hush Farm Greenfield. Baptized at her God Fathers house, by the Reverend Mr. John Reed Episcopan (sic) Minister of the Church at Catts Kill. I. Bogardus & Miss Eliza S. Smith Sponcs. Died on the 24th February 1867 at Greenville, NY.

9th – Louis Theodore born the 20th June 1810 ¼ past six AM. Baptized at Hush Hush by the  Revd. Mr. Reed the 6th July his sister Mary Ann Sponser. Died at Hush Hush Farm Sept. 14th 1893.

10th – Charlotte born the 3rd February 1816 at 3 o’clock. Died 2d March 1816 @ ½ past 9 o’clock AM interred Sunday the 3rd the Ceremony performed by the Reverend Mr. Fuller at our burying ground on Hush Hush Farm.

Frederick Jacob died at Harpersfield of the typhus fever on the 14th June 1818 aged 25 years 2 months & fourteen days.  

11th- Jacob Bogardus born the 6th August 1819 at Greenville ½ past four in the morning. Baptized by the Revd. Samuel Fuller. Wm. Henry Prevost, and Georgiana Prevost Sponsors.

Theodosia daughter of William Henry and Harriet Prevost born at Johnstown Montgomery Co. New York, February 12th 1826. Baptized at Greenville by the Rev. Samuel Fuller.

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