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Beach Farm Cemetery

Located on Route 23C about a mile west of the junction with Maplecrest Road, in the Town of Jewett. The cemetery is a small plot  situated on the J.J. Farber Farm. It is in excellent condition, well maintained and surrounded by a stone wall with an iron gate. A number of fieldstones were visible.

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Transcribed by Britni and Sylvia Hasenkopf August 1, 2001

  1.  Isaac D. Rider, d. October 30, 1864, aged 50y27d

  2. Julia, w/o Warren Johnson, d. January 22, 1882, aged 60y

  3. Emmerey, s/o Chancey and Mary Johnson, d. June 9, 1862, aged 3y3m11d

  4. Reuben Delong, d. October 15, 1891, aged 91y

  5. Rachel, w/o Reuben Delong, d. March 1, 1885

  6. Nancy M., d/o David and Orrilla Woodworth, d. June 26, 1834, aged 5w1d

  7. Jonathan M., s/o David and Orrilla Woodworth, d. November 1, 1827, aged 22d
    James M., s/o David and Orrilla Woodworth, d. December 25, 1831, aged 4y3m14d

  8. E.M.  (footstone only)

  9. Anna, w/o Matthew Winter, d. February 24, 1841, aged 60y6m11d

  10. Matthew Winter, d. March 3, 1841, aged 70y6m12d

  11. In Memory of Reuben, s/o Matthew and Anna Winter, d. September 1, 1827, aged 21y11m11d

  12. Caleb Hitchcock, adopted s/o Asa and Caroline Farrington, d. May 28, 1836, aged 19y

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