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Alfred Lake Coons

From The Capital Region of New York State, Crossroads of Empire, 1942
Francis P. Kimball

Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

The board business background of Alfred Lake Coons has excellently equipped him for the performance of his present duties as postmaster of Elizaville.  He takes the deepest interest in Columbia County affairs, and in a variety of ways has contributed to the well-being of this district of New York State.

Mr. Coons was born in 1886 in Catskill, New York, son of Alfred and Hannah (Buckley) Coons.  His father was for years a Methodist minister of Ulster and Greene counties.

Alfred Lake Coons attended Ulster County schools, and after completing his high school studies was employed as bookkeeper with an Ulster County paper company. In 1917 he removed the Elizaville, where he learned the retail merchandise business. In 1925 he bought a general store here, owning and operating it down to the time of writing. On November 5, 1923, Mr. Coons was appointed postmaster here, and he still serves in this capacity.

Mr. Coons has friends in many places, since his store and his work are centered in the heart of the summer camp and resort district, and the people from all parts of the country come flocking here in the  warm months of the year to spend their holidays.  Mr. Coons has made a deep study of the history of the Catskill district and the Capital Region, and his opinions on important local questions are regarded with the utmost respect.  He is a member of the Livingston Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, and belongs to the Methodist Church.  During the World War he was chairman of the local board for the Liberty Bond Drive.

In Elizaville, New York, Alfred Lake Coon married Margaret Leach, daughter of William and Rosalia (Fingar) Leach, of Columbia County. The marriage took place December 16, 1908. A son, Erwin Leach Coons, was born of the marriage on December 14, 1909.  He became a teacher in Poughkeepsie High School. He married Sarah Law, of Rome, New York, and they have two children: 1. Anita Lou Coons, born August 11, 1936.  2. William Alfred, born December 14, 1939.

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