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Cyrus Edward Bloodgood

From The Capital Region of New York State, Crossroads of Empire, 1942
Francis P. Kimball

Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

Cyrus Edward Bloodgood---Long active in business affairs in the Capital Region, Cyrus Edward Bloodgood was for years a merchant and public servant in Hensonville, and during much of his official career in Greene County made his home in Catskill, the county seat. Throughout county and district he was exerted in the many different connections of his life was a constant power for good.

Mr. Bloodgood was born September 23, 1846, in the town of Jewett, Greene County, son of Jason F. and Lucinda (Coe) Bloodgood. His father was engaged in farming.

Cyrus E. Bloodgood had a public school education and spent his early life on his father’s farm.  When he reached the age of twenty years, he went to Hensonville, where he entered the mercantile business in association with his brother Levi W. Bloodgood. Elected county clerk of Greene County, Cyrus E. Bloodgood served in that office from January 1, 1898, to January 1, 1904. On being so elected, he removed to Catskill, where he lived for the rest of his life.  In 1881 and 1882 he was chairman of the board of supervisors.

Many aspects of community life interested Mr. Bloodgood, who was a trustee of the Catskill Savings Bank and a director of the Tanners National Bank of Catskill. For six years he was clerk of Greene County, as indicated above, and held the other offices indicated. He was a trustee of the Young Men’s Christian Association and the Catskill Methodist Church.

Cyrus Edward Bloodgood married (first) January 4, 1871, at Hensonville, New York, Lydia A. Chase, daughter of Albert and Laura Orinda (Woodworth) Chase and a descendant of Thomas Chase, who came to America from Chesham, England, in 1636, according to family records.  There are seven generations from Thomas Chase to Mrs. Bloodgood. Her grandparents on the maternal side were Abner and Betsey (Judson) Woodworth, who were married at East Jewett, New York, in 1844. Mrs. Bloodgood’s brother, the Hon. Emory Albert Chase (q. v.), was a distinguished lawyer and judge. Cyrus E. and Lydia A. (Chase) Bloodgood were the parents of one son, Albert C. Bloodgood (q.v.), born November 23, 1871.

Mr. Bloodgood married (second), December 12, 1883, at Windham, New York, Alice A. Munson, daughter of Silas L. and Julia R. (Smith) Munson. They became the parents of three children: 1. Grace M. Bloodgood, now Mrs. Grace M. (Bloodgood) Deer, born January 18, 1885.  2. Beulah W. Bloodgood, born November 28, 1886, now Mrs. Beulah W. (Bloodgood) Rogers. 3. Clarence M. Bloodgood, born February 16, 1894.

The death of Cyrus Edward Bloodgood, August 10, 1914, was an occasion of deep sorrow in the Catskill community and throughout Greene County, where he was so widely known. Services were preformed by the Rev. J. W. Tetley, pastor of the Catskill Methodist Church, and the Rev. C. G. Hazard, D. D., pastor of the Christ Presbyterian Church.  The Rev. Mr. Tetley called attention to Mr. Bloodgood’s loyalty to principle and to friends, and spoke eloquently of his worth as citizen and Christian; and it is said that, as he spoke, there was not a dry eye in the large audience, so great were the esteem and admiration in which Mr. Bloodgood was held. The “Catskill Daily Mail” of August 10, 1914, said : 

Cyrus E. Bloodgood was physically and mentally of that rugged fiber which marked the citizenry of another generation which is rapidly disappearing. He thought in straight lines and expressed his opinions and belief in an equally straightforward manner.  He was little in sympathy with equivocation, but loved a man who told the truth whether he was friend or foe.  And, perhaps, it was because of this characteristic that he had so few foes and so many friends. He bore his own troubles almost stoically, but for the sorrows of others he had the most profound sympathy. He will be remembered for those splendid traits of character which go toward the making of the high-minded, self-controlled, patriotic citizen.

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