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Revilo Cobb

From the Biographical Review, Volume XXXIII, located at the Durham Center Museum.
Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

Revilo Cobb, a well-do-farmer of Ashland, N. Y., was born in Windham, Greene County, March 4, 1821, son of Simon and Eunice (Lewis) Cobb. His father came here from Connecticut as a pioneer, and cleared off a tract of land, which he improved into a good farm. He was an early schoolmaster in this locality, and figured quite prominently in the growth and development of the town. He died at the age of fifty-five years. Simon Cobb and his wife, Eunice, were the parents of ten children. Three of the four now living are: Revilo, Edwin, and Sidney. The mother died at the age of seventy-two.

Revilo Cobb was reared upon the homestead farm, and was educated in Windham. His boyhood was spent in a log house, and his clothing, like that of other children of this locality at that time, was made from home-raised wool and flax, which were spun, woven, and made up by the deft hands of his mother. When a young man he turned his attention to agriculture, and tilled the soil of one farm for a period of thirty-eight years. In 1888 he moved to his present farm of fifty acres, which is admirably located and unusually fertile. His principal efforts are devoted to the care of a well-equipped dairy. He was formerly an extensive sheep-raiser, and in that, as well as in dairy farming, he has, through his energy, perseverance, and sound judgment, realized excellent financial results. He still possesses the strength and agility of a much younger man, and attends to his every-day duties with the same activity that has for years been one of his chief characteristics. In politics he is a Democrat.

Mr. Cobb married Louisa Barlow, who was born in Ashland, daughter of Alanson Barlow. Her father spent his active life upon a farm in this town, and died at the age of seventy-seven years. Mrs. Cobb died at the age of seventy-six. She was a mother of but one child, George A., who was born in Ashland, October 28, 1850. Revilo Cobb acted as a vestryman of the Episcopal church for a number of years, and his wife was a member.

George A. Cobb completed his education in West Windham, and taught school a number of terms in different places. He took charge of the homestead farm when his father left it, and he carried it on until 1894, when he relinquished it in order to assist his father. In 1878 George A. Cobb married Elizabeth Sutton, who was born in Windham, N. Y., daughter of Aden and Elizabeth (Cook) Sutton. Her father was a native of Schoharie County, and her mother was born in Windham, daughter of Ichabod Cook. Aden and Elizabeth C. Sutton were the parents of four children, namely: Elizabeth, wife of George A. Cobb; Polly, wife of Henry Sutton Ella, who married H. D. Martin; and Dr. I. F. Sutton, a physician, who died at the age of thirty-two years. Aden Sutton married for his second wife Theresa Cook, who died at the age of thirty-seven years, leaving a daughter Ursula. The latter married I. C. Lee, a merchant of this town, and is no longer living. The father died at the age of seventy-two years. He belonged to the Methodist Episcopal church, in which he was at one time a class leader, choir director, and steward.

George A. Cobb is a Democrat in politics, and takes an active interest in public affairs. He was one of the organizers of the local grange, Patrons of Husbandry, and is its present Master. Mr. and Mrs. George A. Cobb have one daughter, Hattie. They attend the Methodist Episcopal church.

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