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Britt Family Bible 

Located in the Rossi Records, Volume 34 at the 
 Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.
Items in parenthesis likely additional notes by Mrs. Rossi.

Bible published 1831


Peter Britt Jr. was married to Hannah Ramson, May 13, 1815
Michael Mower was married to Hannah the widow of Peter Britt Jr., October 10, 1829
Roswell M. Lawrence was married to Catherine Britt, November 11, 1832
Lyman Chidester was married to Charity Mower October 12, 1853
John A. Mower was married to Emily Stewart January 27, 1857
Ira J. Sax was married to Caroline Mower April 1, 1857
Celia A. Chidester (daughter of Lyman and Charity Chidester) married to Oliver E. White May 20, 1874
Charles E. Chidester (son of Lyman and Charity Chidester) married to Lucinda Parks (daughter of John Parks and Lillian Hunter) April 30, 1881
Addie R. Chidester (daughter of Lyman and Charity Chidester) was married to Charles S. Overbaugh May 25, 1881
Carrie M. Chidester (daughter of Lyman and Charity Chidester) was married to John F. Stewart (son of Dennis Stewart and Hannah Holdridge) November 18, 1891
Milancthon Holdridge was married to Catherine Sherman of Ellenville, NY (no date)
Bertha Celia Chidester was married to Howard Duncan November 16, 1904
Bertha C. Duncan was married to Arthur W. Jenkins of Waltham, Mass. June 21, 1931
Bertha C.D. Jenkins was married to Gerald O. Holdridge son of Gilbert Holdridge February 27, 1956
Lyle C. Duncan was married to Margaret Chesbro June 28, 1928
Emmet E. Duncan was married to Margaret Quick October 15, 1932
Keith A. Duncan was married to Mairlyn Mathews June 5, 1953


Nicholas P. Mower born October 19, 1809
Michael Mower born July 14, 1813
Catherine D. Mower born November 14, 1815
Mary Eliza Mower born January 11, 1819
Charity Ramsen Mower born August 29, 1830
John A. Mower was born October 12, 1834
Caroline Mower was born August 4, 1836
Catharine Britt was born September 11, 1816
Roswell M. Lawrence was born December 8, 1862
Luther R. Sax was born August 3, 1860
Michael Mower was born January 7, 1782
Hannah Ramsen was born August 22, 1794
Peter Britt Jr. was born March 24, 1781
John Ramsen was born November 27, 1766
Charity Ramsen was born April 10, 1769
Wm. M. Sax was born March 16, 1865
Stanley Lawrence was born September 21, 1834
Sarepta Lawrence was born June 9, 1838
Mary C. Lawrence was born November 13, 1842
Sary M. Lawrence was born March 5, 1868
John Lewis Lawrence was born June 25, 1851
Catharine B. Lawrence was born March 8, 1855
Thomas John Duncan was born December 6, 1934
Paul Duncan was born September 1, 1937
Emmett Duncan was born April 25, 1940
Lyslie Chidester Duncan was born June 28, 1906
Emmett Edger Duncan was born May 23, 1912
Lyle Duncan Jr. was born December 9, 1927
Ruth Duncan was born January 30, 1931
Celia A. Chidester August 18, 1854
Charles E. Chidester was born April 3, 1856
Adaline R. Chidester was born March 5, 1852
Caroline M. Chidester was born August 18, 1866
Bertha Celia Chidester was born January 27, 1884
Howard Duncan was born August 14, 1886
Arthur W. Jenkins was born November 3, 1880
Gerald O. Holdridge was born March 22, 1880
Kevin Duncan born October 9, 1952
Gary D. Duncan born December 9, 1954
Karen Duncan born December 9, 1955
______ Duncan born 1957
Lyman Chidester was born 1826
Charity M. Chidester was born 1830
Celia White was born 1854
Oliver E. White was born 1845
Carrie C. Stewart was born 1866
Charles S. Overbaugh was born 1846
Adeline (Addie R.) C. Overbaugh was born 1859
Henrietta_____ was born 1849
Edward Stewart was born 1847


Children of Lyle Duncan:
Howard Duncan died October 13, 1956, buried Cairo, NY

Arthur W. Jenkins died September 24, 1941
Lyman Chidester died 1904
Charity M. Chidester died 1908
Celia C. White died 1916
Oliver E. White died 1915
Carrie C. Stewart died 1910
Charles S. Overbaugh died 1917
Adeline (Addie R.) C. Overbaugh died 1941
Henrietta _____ died 1944
Edward Stewart was born 1900
Elizabeth Mower who died June 20, 1829
Michael Mower who died September 10, 1838
Charles Ramsen who departed this life August 5, 1836
Sary M. Lawrence who died September 8, 1869
Sarepta Lawrence who died April 20, 1851
Catharine B. Lawrence who died September 7, 1859
Caty Emrick departed this life December 9, 1860
Peter Britt Jr. departed this life May 29, 1825
John Remson who died who died March 27, 1853
Hannah Mower departed this life March 6, 1881, Kiskatom. NY, aged 86 years, 6 months, 15 days
At Kiskatom, NY, Catherine Fiero, wife of Wm. Britt in her 83rd year (no date)
Died near Leeds, NY, March 29 (no year) Margaret Chidester, wife of Hiram Stewart in her 75 year of her age
Raswell M. Lawrence died November 5, 1891
Catharine Lawrence died August 11, 1897
Caroline Sax died June 26, 1897
Lyman Chidester died March 30, 1904

Written in the bible:
Alex H. Parks, V.S. died Feb. 20, 1910 in Cornwallsville, NY at the age of 63. He was born in NY City 1847 the son of John and Isabella Hunter Parks. Alex married Mary, daughter of Nelson Moore in 1867. A daughter Mary Parks, wife of Rev. E. Wetsen Morse of Bridgeville, NY, a son Edward, also surviving one 3 sisters and 3 brothers of a family of 12 children. Alexander H. Parks mother Mrs. Isabella N. Parks died july 17, 1900. They came from Sligo, Ireland. Mr. John Parks, his father, was buried 11 years ago this month (July 30, 1889).

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