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Calvary Church Communicants

Transcribed by Jackie Towner from LDS microfilm number 533478




Aug 4 1833

Amy Wickes


Cynthia Hine

June 2 1835

Lucy Elisabeth Plank


Adaline Mapes Wright

May 16 1837

Henry Elias Hotchkiss


Helen Pitcher


Mary Burt


Peter Plank


John W Taylor

May 23 1838

Polly Keith


Caroline Elisabeth Byington


Charlotte Augusta Byington

May 10 1840

Henry Augsbury Lemilly

Aug 11 1841

Cynthia Byington


Nancy Field


All the above by Bap B. T. Onderdonk

Sep 22 1848

Mrs. Maria Taylor


Catherine Jerusha Taylor


Charlotte Taylor


By Bp Delancy of W NY

Aug 20 1850

George Mays


Sally Hine


Sally Field (in private)


By Bp Whittingham

July 18 1853

Ervin Earle Darby


By Bp Wainwright

Aug 23 1854

Sarah Isabel Hayes


Alice Hine


Francis Barnum Hine


Helen Augusta Austin


Horace Austin


Sarah Hine


Caroline Hall


Mary Frances Wickes


By Bp Wainwright

July 26 1855

Stephen Chadderdon


Catherine Chadderdon


Caroline Augusta Taylor


Nancy Maria Taylor


By Bp H Potter

May 31 1856

John Chadderdon


Mary Ann Chadderdon


Mary Jane Lathrop


Arabella Wickes


By Bp H Potter

July 16 1858

Eliza Mays


Mrs Ann Lennon


Harriet Chadderdon


Helen Wicks Hasbrooke


Elisabeth Chadderdon


Mary Elizabeth Spencer


Miles Edgar Darby


By Bishop Horatio Potter DD LLD

July 18 1859

Amelia Jane Scofield


Elizabeth Burton


By Bishop Horatio Potter DD LLD

July 24 1861

Josephine Hubby


Rhoda Henrietta Weed


Mary Elisabeth Day


Caroline Elisabeth Lennon


Margaret Kelk


Kymber Holcomb


Eunice Holcomb


Catherine Stevens


By Bishop Horatio Potter DD LLD DCD

July 18 1862

Isabel Chadderdon


By Bishop Horatio Potter DD LLD

July 17 1864

Mrs Mary Prout


Mr Orrian Palen


Miss Ann Eliza Lennon


Miss Julia Whitney Lennon


Mrs Harriet Miner


Mrs. Caroline Lockwood


Malbone Watson Darby


Confirmed by Bp Horatio Potter Presented by R B Croes

June 12 1867

Mrs Frances VanHoesen


Mr John VanHoesen


Mr Lucius Byington


Mrs Harriet Hall


Joshua Porter Dean


Mrs Harriet Dean


Mrs Eliza Darby


Master John Darby


Miss Arabella Stewart Darby


Miss Julia Ann Christian


Miss Isabella Augusta Christian


Miss Christina Isadore Chadderdon


Mr Horatio Lyman Day


Miss Isabella G Murphy


Mr Moses Prout (on sick bed)


By Bishop Horatio Potter

June 30 1869

Sabrina M Byington


Elizabeth Stevens


Emma Plank


Angelia Wickes


Mary Plank


Anna Felt


Jane Chadderdon


Gaylord Murphy


By the Rt Rev W C Doane, bishop of the diocese of Albany

June 8 1871

William Horatio Day


Elmira Frances Ruggs (Briggs?)


Mary Louise Wickes


George Wickes


Mary Teresa Wickes


Eleanor Jane Ford


Helen Plank


Georgianna Plank


Ida Kate Galotian


John Alexander Galotian


Elmira Frances Galotian


Lucius Gra__ Munson


Harper Boise Murphy


Julian Ann Olmstead


Francis Boyd Darby


Charlotte Ann Terbush


By the Rt Rev W C Doane, bishop of Albany

July 14 1872

Catherine Chadderdon


Cynthia Byington


Maggie Murphey


Anna Sweeney


James Spencer


Catherine Ann Wagner


Mary C Waldron


George S Wells


By Rt Rev W C Doane, bishop of diocese of Albany

June 19 1875

Sarah Augusta Chichester


Mary Elizabeth Adams


Maria Adams


Burgess Finch


Mary Hine


Ella Edith Jones


Samuel Johnson


Sarah Elizabeth Lewis


Margaret Jane Lennon


Catherine Elisabeth Martindale


Ida Maria Steele


By Rt Rev W C Doane

June 22 1876

George Henry Noble


Jennie Stewart Noble


Sarah Irene VanSteenberg


Mary Kleim


Annie Cora Blaisdell (dead)


George Albert Hornbeck


By Rt Rev W C Doane

July 9 1877

George Drought Apjohn


Josephine Waldron


Absomi Bennett


Abigail Moore


Carmelia Drace


Emma Bogardus


By Rt Rev W C Doane

June 25 1879

Levi K Byington


George Nelson


Lydia R Storey


Fannie Storey


Sarah Ann Steele Allen


Maggie Avery


Eva K Baker Palenville


By Rt Rev W C Doane

Aug 30 1879

Adam Kraus


Margaret Maria M Smith

At ?

Helen Cecelia Finch


Annie Maria Hunter


Roland (Rachel?)Alia? M Trumpbour (in private)


By Rt Rev W C Doane


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