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Calvary Church Rectors and Ministers

Transcribed by Jackie Towner from LDS microfilm number 533478


Ephraim Punderson

From Aug 1832 to Feb 20th 1834

Moses Birty

From 1834 to 1837

Henry H Prout

From Feb 24th 1837 to 1838

Joseph F Phillips

From Oct 1st 1838 to Oct 1839

George Sayers M A

From Jan 22th to 1840 to 1844 2nd time Apr 1851 to 1852

William Walsh M A

From Sept 1845 to 1847

Norman E Stroughton M A

From June 1847 to June 1850 2nd time 1852 to 1853

Robert B Fairbairn M A

From June 1st 1853 to Oct 1862

Robert B Croes

From Sunday Apr 3 1864. He resigned his situation as missionary on the 1st of Dec 1864

Charles H Gardiner

From Advent Sunday Nov 27th 1864. He resigned the Parish Aug 1st 1866 and his situation as missionary on 1st of Oct 1866

Henry H Prout

From Oct 1, 1866 to Apr 1, 1868

Edward Pidsley

From July 1, 1868 to July 1, 1870

Erastus Webster

From July 1870 to April 1st 1872

E H Saunders

From May 1, 1872 to Mar 4, 1873

Wm Chas Grubbe Rector

From May 4, 1874 to Oct 4th 1875

Richard Harding Rector

From Oct 5th 1875 to Oct 5th 1877

F.B. Crosier

From May 12, 1878 to Feb 1879

Wm Chas Grubbe Rector

Apr 1st 1879 to Feb 1st 1890

Chauncy Vibbard (departed this life at Danville NY Jan 5 1893)

From June 8th 1890 to June 15 1892

During the summer of 1892 the parish was supplied temporarily and ____________
by Rev Podinera, Percy St Michael and Rev H E Gilchrist.

Rev J T Zom (Zorn?) arrived in the Parish Friday Oct 14, 1892 and assumed ________ holding his first services Sunday 18th, Trinity, Oct. 16th 1892. Removed to Gra___, NY Saturday, 30 June 1894.

Rev S D Van Loon arrived in the Parish Saturday Oct 20 and assumed charge, holding his first services Sunday 22 ? Trinity Oct. 21st 1894. Resigned Sept 1902 for history, see next register.

Rev C Thasher Pfeiffer assumed the rectorship Aug 190?

Rev W Howard Mills assumed the rectorship Dec 22, 1907, resigned and removed to Avon NY Oct 1909.

On Sunday Oct 17th 1909 the Reverend Bryant Gray Harman; formerly of the diocese of Denver, assumed the rectorship. In the year of his ministry, being 31 years of age. At this date there were 55 confirmed members.

Rev Octavius Edgelow arrived in the Parish on Thursday 2nd Feb 1911 and held his first services on 5th Sunday after Epiphany, being 5th day of February 1911.

Benj. T Trigo, B D. supplied the parish from Apr 16th to Aug 1st 1916 when he became Rector. Resigned Nov 1918.

Rev Harry J Fenwick became Rector of Calvary Church Apr 1, 1919.

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