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Catskill Reformed Dutch

1732 -

Part 1 1732 - 1763
Part 2 1764 - 1782
 Part 3 1783 - 1799
Part 4 1800 - 1809
Part 5 1810 - 1819
Part 6 1820 - 1833

 Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Catskill
in the Town of Catskill, Greene County, New York

Transcribed by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
Edited by Royden Woodward Vosburg
December 1919

Retranscribed by Karol Hughes

The spelling of proper names was not changed, however the English translations were used in place of the original Dutch (headings, dates, etc.). Tables and dates were made consistent throughout for ease of entry and use. Records were prepared for electronic media by Karol Hughes using microfilm belonging to the LDS. It is a work in progress. More records will be added when additional pages are available.


Date Parents Children Witnesses
Page 3      
Mar. 9 Andreas Egler
Andreas Wilhelm Leeman
& Maria Eva
Same date Johannes Kreüssler
Eva Catharina
Elisabetha Nicolaas Schmid
Anna Elisabetha
Feb. 27 N--- Blanck
Marytche Helmich Dorner
Same day Casparus Conyn
Hennerica van Schaeck
Lorentz Gerred van Schaeck
and Janetche van Schaeck
Same day Stephanus Müller
Maria --------
Mar. 26 Joeru˙ S˙bers
Gertraud Cornelius Warmer
Anche Brenck
Apr. 1 Abraham Salisbury
Rachel Den Broeck
Francis Francis Salisbury
Maria Gasbeek
Nov. 29 Johann Falckenberg
Isaack Devis van Dersen
Batha van Dersen
Dec. 9 Wilhelm van Oorden
Temperantia Loveritz
Peter Denes van Vechten
Maria van der Linnen
Page 4      
Feb. 27

See same entry above.

Stephanes Muller
Maria Caspar Conyn
Hennericca Conyn
Feb. 18 Philip Bronck
Sarche Conyn
Marche Klas Egmond
Marche Bronck
Same day Cornelius Sysberger
Eytche van Sleyck
Pieterche Wilhelm van Sleyck
Alida van Sleyck
Vosburgh note – Cornelius Sixberry ?
May 26 Cornelius van

Lucas Caspar van Salisbe****
Nelche van der Camp [?]
  John Jubray [?]
Emica [?]
John John Moer
Cysche Moer
July 16 Dyrck van Vechten
Elisabetha Marthen van Bergen
and Catharine van Bergen
Same day Hoberth Harris
Rebecka Hannerich van Warmer
and Rebecka Ritschert
Aug. 5 Benjamin Dubois
Johannes Dirck van Vechten
and Lenche Van V.
June 7 Jacob Schermerhoorn
Nelche Jacob Scharp, with
Maria Scharp
Vosburgh note for the above entry: The date of baptism is somewhat illegible and is out of chronological order. The entry appears to have been inserted after the page was written.
Page 5      
Same day Nicolaus Brandau
Hennerich Hennerich Graed
Maria Catharina Dietterich
Vosburgh note for the above entry: The words eodem die (the same day), apply to entry No. 10, page 4. Therefore the baptism was performed on August 5, 1733.” See note for June 7 entry.
Aug. 12 Caspar Kalyer
Rachel van den Bergen
Michael G. M. Weiss, V. D. M.
Aug. 19 Gysberdt Decker
Janche Osterhoudt
Dysche Dyrck van Vechten
Marytche Decker
Oct. 7 Anatche Dauw Rachel Lydia Dauw,
Andres Dauw’s wife
Oct. 8 Johannes Spoor
Johannes Petrus van Bergen
Dec. 11 Friderich Dieterich
Hennerich Gabriel Graed, with
Catharina, his wife
Dec. 16 Philipp Conyn
Catharina Jonas Broenck
Stache, his wife
Dec. 23 Pieter Broenck
Annatche Pieter Broenck
Anaytche Broenck
Jan. 13 Petrus van Bergen
Elisabetha Martenis van Bergen
and Catharina, his wife
Page 6      
Mar. 2 Abraham Salisbury
Rachel ten Broeck
Catharina Wessen ten Broick, with Jacobmyntche, his wife
Mar. 17 Fridericus Streydt
Annatche G. M. Weiss, with
Anatche, his wife
  John Kurreh
Elisabetha Elisabetha Kraden, Friderich Dieterich hf
Mar. 21 Josua Brink [?]
Gesche [?]
Janche Everdt Bondt and

Catharina Bondt

Vosburgh note: The name may be Josua Broicks; I know of no Joshua Bronck.
Apr. 14 Hennerich Hoogh-teelingh
Catharina Jonathan Hoogh-teelingh, with Treatche Hoogh-teelingh
June 23 Wilhelm
Lena Denes Hoogh-telingh, with Dorothea, his wife
Aug. 25 Ludwigh Blanck
Marytche Osterdoudt
Maria Helena Dorner
Annche Osterhoudt
  Hennerich Bondt
Janche Dys Bondt
Deatche Winne
  Christian Ferry
Annytche Hennerich Fehr
Juliana Becker
Vosburgh noted that the above entry had been written once with poor ink, scratched out, and then rewritten. The first name of the witness was changed from John to Hennerich when it was rewritten.
Page 7      
Sep. 1 Dyrck Spoor
Nicolaus Kylian Winne, with Cathalyne his wife
Sep. 22 Adam Kohl
Mrytche Johannes Kohl, with
Janche Kohl
  Johannes Schütz
Abraham Casparus Conyn
Janche Conyn
Oct. 6 Denes Osterhout
Casparus Leonhardt Conyn
Heneriche, his wife
Oct. 13 Hennerich Schenkel
Jacob Jacob Adam
----- -----
Dec. 29 Matheus van den Berck
Ryckardt Ryckardt van den Berck with Catharina, his wife
Jan. 12 Edwardt Williams
William William Hogen
Anna, his wife
Jan. 27 Jurian Syberse
Syme Petrus van Bergen
Christina, his wife
Feb. 16 Jacob Maul
Margaretha Johannes Drumbauer, with Margaretha Maul
Page 8      
Feb. 16 Stephanes Müller
Jeremias Cornelies Muller
Helche Muller
Same day John De Witt
Maria Ludwigh Blanck
Marytche Blanck
Mar. 2 Hennerich Gradt
Maria Catharina
Anna Marytche George Wilhelm Diederich
Marytche Gradt
Apr. 6 John Ophem
Maria Isaack van Arlem
Vosburgh note: Entry No. 4. Cf. entry No. 7, page 4, where both the names are doubtful. Attention is directed to the fact that these two children of John and Emma ------? were baptized on the same days as children of Cornelius and Catharina van Salisbergen. This may be merely a coincidence, or it may be more.
  Cornelius van Salisbergen
Nelche John van Salisbergen
Apr. 20 Jacobus Dorner
William Helma Johnes Dorner
Apr. 29 Joachim Kalyer


Michael Rychardt van den Berck

Rachel Kalyer

May 4 Samuel Drulie


Johannes Hennerich Worm

Barbara Gradin

May 13 Jochim Radcliff


Janche Jeremias Hoogenboom, with Annaitche Hoogenboom
Page 9      
June 16 Pieter Sausser
Petrus Christian Oberbach
with Anna Kroem
July 3 John Kurry
Johannes G. M. Weiss
July 6 Dyrck van Vechten
Eva Leonardt Bronck
Jan. 18, 1735/1736 Philiph Con˙n
Catharyntje Con˙n
Fydge Philip Bronk
Saartje Con˙n
  S’Jeems Marus
Elizabeth Marus
Elizabeth Andries Michel
Agnoet Valkenburg

June 27

Willem Esselsteyn
Fydge Esselsteyn
Elizabeth Saml. Ten Broek
Maria Ten Broek
  S’Jeems Taeler
Rachel Taeler
Johannes Stevanus Van Schaak
Marytje Van Schaak
Jan. 23, 1736/37 S’Jeems Morrison
Elizabeth Morrison
Andries Andries Michel
Antje oorbach
  Theunis Hooghteling
Dorithe Hooghteling
Coenraadt Coenraad Hooghteling
Rachel Hooghteling

June 19

Jurr˙ Zyvertse
L˙betje Zyverse
Annaatje Gerrit Van Bergen
Catharyna Van Bergen
  Johannes Spoor
Eva Spoor
Cornelis Dirck Van Vegten
Lena Van Vegten
  Cornelis Bekker
Jannetje Bekker
Marrytje Gysbert Oosterhoud
Marritje Oosterhoud
Feb. 26, 1737/38 Abraham Paers
Catharyna Paers
Debora Martin Gerritsen van Bergen
Debora van Bergen
Note: Entries 4-13 on page 9. Vosburgh noted that Dominie Van Schie who entered these items had an unusual method of abbreviation. The full name is entered for this electronic transcription.

Oct. 17

Dirck Van Veghte
Lena Van Veghte
Jannitie Stephs. Van Schaack
Janitie Van Schaack
May 14 Jacobus dorner
Catharina Horenbeek
Johannes Gerret van Bergen
Debora van Bergen
May 15 Gullian Wenne
Gertruy Coster
Nicolaas Nicolaas Egmont
Marretje pronk
Page 10      
May 30 Petrus Viele
Elisabeth Louw
Anna Philippus Viele
Anna Louw
  Frederich Brando
Mareitje Groat
Elisabeth Johannes diederich
Catharina brando
Oct. 8 William Salisbury
Theuntje Staats
Francis Abraham Salisbury
Leurentsje Salisbury
  Theunis van Vegten
Judikje ten broek
Samuel Turk van Veghten
Helena Seiland,
His wife

Nov. 23

William Salisbury
Tenche Staets
Nelche Barendt Staets
Nelche Staets

Feb. 8

Jurg Johann Jung
Maria Jung
A son is baptized with name Johannes Henrich Brauer, with his wife Gritgen

Aug. 21

Richert von den Berg
Catharina von den Berg
A son is baptized with name Richard Matthaeus von den
Rebecca von den Berg
Page 11      
Sep. 12 Pieter Sauzer
Mareytje Overpach
Annatje Godfrey Brandauw
Catarina Brandauw
  Johannes Diderick
Elizabeth Overpach
Frederick Wilhelmus Diderick
Elizabeth Diderick
      13 Isaac Vosburgh
Commertje Bronck
Sara Philip Bronck
Sara Bronck
June 9 Henderick van den Berck
Treyntje Hoogteling
Maria Richard van den Berck
Maria van den Berck
  Pieter Schoemaker
Elizabeth Brando
Elizabeth Hieronimus Brando
Maria Brando
  Jurriaan Overpach
Elizabeth Lament
Geertruy Frederick Brando
Mareytje Brando
  Robert Fine
Margariet Christiaanse
Andries Andies Christiaanse
Elizabeth Christiaanse
Page 12      
Apr. 11 Johannis Diderick
Elizabeth Overpach
Anna Henricus Diderick
Antje Overpach
  Hubartus Van Vegten
Maria Spoor
Helenaa Dirck Van Vegten
Helena Van Vegten
Oct. 13 Jurrian Jonck
Maria Emmerich
Margarita Wilhelmus Emmerich
Margarita Emerich
  Barent Freylig
Lydia Lange
Elisabeth Jurian Overpach
Elisabeth Overpach
  Godfrey Brando
Catarina Overpach
Catarina Frederick Brando
Maria Brando
July 1 Matthew Erston
Jannitje Valentyn
Maria Matthew Erston
Helena Lowerse
Aug. 26 Marten Gerrison van Bergen
Marejtje van Deyk
Petrus Gerrit van Bergen
Debora van Bergen
Page 13      
On this page the brackets indicate where the original page could not be read. Vosburgh was able to deduce the months by what was showing, but left many dates unknown. Abbreviations are the transcriber’s.
[O]ct. 8 Wiljem SalsBerry
Teuntje SalsBerry
Abraham Abraham Gaesbeek Chambrs,
Ragel ten Broek
[N]ov. [ ] 8 Gubartus Van Vegten
Maria Spoor
Dirrick Teunis Van Vegten
Eva Van Vegetn
  Paulus Smith
Cristina TrompHoor
Maddelena Johannes Fiere
Margrita Fiere
  Gothfree Brando
Catriena Overpagh
Annaetje Pieter Souser
Mareytje Souser
  Huybartus du Boeys
Cornelia Halenbeek
Cattreyntje Christiaen Overpagh
Sara du Boeys
  Jurrian Jongh
Maria Jongh
Johannes Johannes Jongh
Annaetje Diderick
[No]v. [ ] 7 Johannes Overpagh
Mareitje Overpagh
Abraham Christisen Overpagh
Sara Overpagh
[Jan]. [ ] Barent Freligh
Liedea Freligh
Margrita Henderik Valentyn
Marejtye Eykelaer
[Jan]. [ ] Johan Jurri Overpagh
Catrrina Smith
Catrina Henderik Smith
Christina Smith
[Feb]. 9 Kornelis de Boeys
Catrina van der Poel
Geertruy Melgert van der Poel
Annaetje van der Poel
[Fe]b. 24 Jan Van Orden
Treyntje Orden
Willim Willim Van Orden
Temperens Lofrige
[M]ay 11 Jan Persen
Debora Van Bergen
Gerrit Gerrit Van Bergen
Johannes Schuneman
Anna Maria Van Bergen
  Jan Persen
Debora Van Bergen
Maria Adam Persen
Sara Persen
[M]ay 23 Egberth Bogardus
Annaetje Persen
Petrus Petrus Bogardus
Catrina Bogardus
[J]an. 16 Wilhelmis Van Bergen
Annaetje Van Bergen
Anna Maria Petrus Van Bergen
Anna Maria Van Bergen
Page 14      
June 29 John Toole
Mary Toole
Thomas Casparis Bronck
Elizabeth Hamm
Aug. 5 Geysbert Oosterhoudt
Annaetje Oosterhoudt
Tunis Tunis Van Vegten
Judikje Van Vegten
Aug. 9 Johan Hend. Kramer
Anna Maria
Maria Christina Paulus Smith
Christina Tromphouder
Sept. 15? Deneys Hegeman
Aeltje Hegeman
Jannitje Tunis Van Vegten
Judikje Van Vegten
Oct. 9 (?) David Beel
Neeltje ABeel
Anthony Christophel ABeel
Margritje ABeel
Feb. 9 Isack Duboeys
Lena Sammon(?)
Johannes Benjamen Duboeys
Catrina Duboeys
Mar. 23 Salomon de Boeys
Margrieta de Boeys
Sara Jan Van Orden
Treyntje de Boeys
May 10 Samuel Wittiker
Catrina Wittiker
Lena Willem Schut
Lena Schut
  Jan Batist Dumond
Margrita Dumond
David Isack Post
Hanna Post
June 17 Johannes Dekker
Catrina Dekker
Petrus Jurrian Overpagh
Elizabeth Overpagh
         18(?) Johannes Diederick
Elizabeth Overpagh
Johannes Pieter Souser
Mareytje Overpagh
July 13 Jurrian Overpagh
Elizabeth Lemandt (?)
Jerima Paulus Smith
Christina Smith
Aug 10 Johan ?urrig Overpagh
Catrina Overpagh
Petrus Pieter Souser
Mareytje Overpagh
Aug. 13 Cornelis de Boes
Catrina van der Poel
Lourens Isack de Boes
Helena Sammons
Aug. 23 Henderik Graet
Catrina Graet
Margrietje Helmus Diederik
Elizabeth Diederik
Oct. 2 Jurrian Jongh
Maria Jongh
Jerima Johannes Mossier
Geertruy Mossier
Page 15      
Dec. 14 Johannes Schuneman
Anna Maria Van Bergen
Marten Gerrisson Marten Van Bergen
Neeltje Van Bergen
Dec. 28 Johannes Overpagh
Mareytje Overpagh
Johannes Johannes Diderik
Elizabeth Diderik
Jan. 25 HuyBartus de Boeys
Cornelia Halenbeek
Rachel Isack de Boeys
Lena Sammons
  Marten Gers: Van Bergen
Mareytje Van Dyck
Elizabeth Wilhelmus Van Bergen
Anna Van Bergen
Feb. 8(?) Paulus Smith
Christina Tromphouder
Aeltje Neyes Hegeman
Aeltje Hegeman
May 15 Wilhelmus Van Bergen
Annaetje Van Bergen
Aannaetje Marten Gerrisson Van Bergen
Marrejtye Van Deyk
Jan. 7 Wilyem Salsbury
Teuntje Staats
Annaetje Samuel Staats
Neeltje Staets
Aug. 23 Jan Persen
Debora Van Bergen
Johannes Cornelis Persen
Neeltje Van Bergen
Note. There were blank areas towards the end of this page of which Vosburgh said “the intention evidently was to copy in some more baptisems”. Dates are not in chronological order.
Page 16      
July 25 Henderick Valentyn
Annaetje Vallentyn
Jacob Cornelis de Boeys
Catriena de Boeys
  Jacob Spoor
Feytje Halenbeek
Liedia Hubartus Van Vegten
Maria Spoor
  Robbert Halenbeek
Lenaa Halenbeek
Cristina Hubartus de Boey
Cornelis Halenbeek
Aug. 8 Geysbert Osterhoudt
Anna Overpagh
Petrus Johannes Diderik
Elizabeth Overpagh
Sep. 5 John Van Orden
Treyntje de Boej
Benjamen Hubartus de Boej
Cornelis Halenbeek
Oct. 3 Barent Frylig
Liedia Frylig
Catrina H: Jurrian Overpagh
Catrina Smith
Oct. 17 Wilhelm Halenbeck
Maria Spoor
Catrina Jan Halenbeck
Catrina Gus
Nov. 21 Simion Larrowa
Jannitje Larrowa
Isack Jan Larrowa
Marrytje Larrowa
Mar. 27 David Abeel
Neeltje Abeel
Gerrit Marten Gerrisen
Marrytje Van Bergen
Apr. 10 Johan Jurry Overpagh
Catrina Overpagh
Johannes Johannes Overpagh
Mallie Overpagh
      24 Hendrick Louwerse
Lena Louwerse
Maria Johannes Overpagh
Mallie Overpagh

(yes, same as above)
  Neyes Hegeman
Neltje Hegeman
Margrita Johannes Schuneman
Maria Schuneman
  Jonas Larwa
Elizabeth Larwa
Abraham Pieter Larwa
Jannitje Larwa
Page 17      
Aug. 14 Johannes Schuneman
Maria Van Bergen
Johannes Marten Van Bergen
Neeltje Van Bergen
Sep. 4 Johannes Diderick
Elizabeth Diderick
Elizabeth Godtvried Brando
Catrina Brando
Sep. 18 Harmanis Van Aelsteyn
Catrina Van Aelsteyn
Andries Harmen Valk
Mareytje Larrowa
Nov. 5 Teunis Van Veghten
Judit Van Veghten
Elizabeth Cornelis ten Broek
Margrietje ten Broek
Anna Maria Pare
Jan. 1

Assume 1758

Jurrian Jongh
Marya Jongh
Marya Mattyes Diderik
Marya imrich
Jan. 27 Wilhelmus Van Bergen
Anna Van Bergen
Gerrit Johannes Schuneman
Neelje Van Bergen
Mar. 25 Wiljem Salsbury
Teuntje Salsbury
Catrina Abraham Schuyler
Mareytje Salsbury
Catrina  Schuyler
Note for.above entry. Vosburgh stated “In my opinion Catrina Schuyler was a sponsor, but Dominie Schuneman did not write her name in the right place.”
May 27 Wilhelmu Osterhoud
Marytje Oosterhoud
H(a)nna Isack Post
Hanna Post
  Jan Persen
Debora Persen
Marytje Adam Persen
Sara Van Stienberge
Marytje Van Dyk

June 9(?)
Johannes Overpagh
Malli Overpagh
Maria Pieter Souser
Mareytje Souser


  Byde Ouders Lidia Barent Fryligh
Lidia Fryligh
Entry above. “What Dom. Schuneman has written here is that “both parents” were parents. He may have intended to write zelfde ouders (same parents), or what is more likely he has the columns reversed in this entry. In the latter case Barent and Lidia Fryligh were the parents and the parents were also the sponsors. If this is a fact (and it seems the most reasonable explanation to my mind), it will fill the mind of the reader with apprehension. If Dom. Schuneman has reversed the parents and sponsors columns in this instance, how many times has he done it before; or how many afterwards? When examining this and the Coxsackie record some years ago, I suspected Dom Schuneman of reversing entries, but I cannot now recall the specific case. Let this note put the readers on their guard!”
Page 18      
July 23 Godfree Brando
Catrina Overpagh
Sara Johannes Diderik
Elizabeth Overpagh
  Ignatus Van Orden
Annaetje Oosterhoud
Sara Willim Van Orden
Temperens Loveridge
Aug. 20 Hubartus Van Veghten
Mara Spoor
Elena (Helena) Dirrick Van Veghten
Helena Van Veghten
Nov. 19(?) Koenraed Engel
Eva Maria Engel
Jurrian Jurryan Jongh
Marejtye Jongh
Dec. 17 David De Mon
Elizabeth Van Orden
Willem Willem Van Orden
Tempie Loverige
  Frederick Brando
Marejtje Brando
Margrietje Nicolaes Brando
Elizabeth Brando
Apr. 1_(?) Catrina Overpagh
Weduwe van Johan J.
(Widow of Johan J.)
Jerimia Johannes Diderik
Elizabeth Overpagh
Apr. 30 Wiljem Smith
Catlejntje Brouwer
Maria Albartus Van Vegten
Marya Spoor
Aug. 22 Hendrik Louwerse
Lena Brouwer
Cornelis Joseph Nisbith
Catrina Wurmer
Sept. 9 Johannes Schuneman
Anna Maria V: Bergen
Johannes Wiljem Van Bergen
Catrina Van Bergen
Mar. 10 Johannes Schermerhoorn
Elizabeth Didirik
Annaetje Jacob J: Schermerhoorn
Marritje Schermerhoorn
Page 19      
Apr. 29 Jurrian Jong
Marytje Jong
Annaetje Coenraad Eengel
Marejtye Engel
June 1 Geysbert Osterhoud
Antje Overpagh
Petrus Pieter Souser
Mareytje Overpagh
Sep. 28 Wiljem Salsburry
Teuntje Salsburry
Lauwrens Francis Nickels
Anna Nickels
  Wessel Van Dyk
Anna Van Dyk
Elizabeth Gerrardus Newkerk
Elizabeth Van Bergen
Nov. 29 Barent Frylig
Liedia Frylig
Jan Jan Schermerhoorn
Elizabeth Diderik
Jan. 25 Johannes Overpagh
Marejtje Overpagh
Catrina Godtfri Brando
Catrina Brando
  Johannes Diderik
Elizabeth Diderik
Catrina Johannes Overbagh
Marejtje Overbag
  Jacobus Van Aelstyn
Lidia Van Aelstyn
Jochchem (?) Lammerse Simon Larrawe
Jannitje Larrawe
Dec. 16, 1760 Petrus Begardus
Catrina Begardus
Scnibobeth (?) Roelif Phillip
Barbara Phillip
Mar. -- 1761 Jan Van Orden
Catrin De Boey
Pieter Ignatius Van Orden
Annaetje Osterhoud
Page 20      
Mar. 6 Jonas Larrewa
Elizabeth Larrewa
Isack Isack Larrewa
Dina Larrewa
Apr. 16 Henry Douw
Elizabeth Douw
Folkert Wiljem Douw
Marrytje Ten Broeck
May 3 Dirrick Van Deyk
Elizabeth Van Deyk
Christejntje David Van Deyk
Neeltje Van Bergen
May 16 Wilhelmus Van Bergen
Annaetje Van Bergen
Anna Maria Johannes Schuneman
Anna Maria Van Berg
June 4 Gerrit Neuwkerk
Cornelia Welsch
Samuel Samuel Welsch
Marreytje Welsch
Sep. 20 Johannes Schuneman
Anna Maria Schuneman
Catharina Martin Van Bergen
Anatie Van Bergen
Dec. -- Steven Landtman
Marrya Brando
Petrus Godtfri Brando
Cattrina Brando
Dec. 25 Hendrik Louwerse
Lena Brouwer
Matthewis Matthewis Winne
En Syn Huys Vrouw
Jan. 24 Lambert Valkenburg
Sara Van Veghten
Dirrik Theunis Van Veghten
Judikje Van Veghten
  Isak Larrawe
Annaetje Van Valkenburg
Abraham Isak Van Valkenburg
Jannitje Van Valkenburg
Mar. 25 Wessel Van Deyk
Syn Vrouw Annaetje
Johannes Neeltje Newkerk
Doriti Newkerk
Mar. 28 Isak Bekker
Jannitje Larrewa
Maria Petrus Larrewa
Blandina Lerrewa
Page 21      
Apr. 21 Jan Schermerhoorn
Elizabeth Diderik
Frederik Johannes Diderik
Elizabeth Overbagh
  Matthewis Winne
En Syn Vrouw, Margrita
Neeltje Henry Oothoudt
Neeltje Van Bergen
May 9 Nicolaes Spoor
Marya Van Veghten
Judikje Theunis Van Veghten
Judikje Van Veghten
  Egbert Bogardus
Annaetje Bogardus
Sara Jan Person
Jannitje Person
May 27 Henry Webber
Elizabeth Brandow
Maria Frederik Brandow
Mareytje Brandow
July 27 Wilhelmus Diderik
Catrina Brando
Frederik Frederik Diderik
Eifje Diderik
Aug. 29 Pieter Schut

& Syn Vrouw

Neeltje David Abeel
Neeltje Abeel
  Jacob van de Linde
En syn vrow
Petrus Jan Person
Debora Person
Nov. 1 Johannes Saxs
Margrieta Saxs
Paulus Paulus Smith
Christina Smith
  Johannes Rous
Maria Rous
Marrytje Pieter Souser
Marreytje Souser
Dec. 27 Thenus van Veghten
Judikje ten Brock
Abraham Frensis Salsbury
Rachel Salebury
Jan. 22 Evert Dewith
Geertruy Persen
Abraham Nicolaes Trompheude
Maria Tromphouder
Page 22      
Feb. 26 Jacobus Van Aelstyn
Lidia Larrawa
Simion Jonas Larrawa
Maria Larrawa
Mar. 10 Jonas Larrawa
En Syn Huysvrouw
Doritie Isak Van Aelsteyn
Syn Suster Larrawa
(his sister Larrawa)
Apr. 8 Johannes Overbagh
Maria Overbagh
Annaetje Wiljem Van Bergen
Catrina Van Bergen
  Matthyes Vebie
Maria Bevie
Maria Hubartus Van Veghten
Maria Van Veghten
May 8


Jurrian Jongh
Marrytje Jongh
Abraham Johannes Jongh
Annaetje Jongh
Catharina Jurri willen Diderik
Catharine Diderik
July 10 Marten Goerisson
--- Van Bergen
Elizabeth --- ---
Marrejtye Van Dyk
July 24 Wiljem Salsbury
Teuntje Staats
Wiljem Samuel Staats
Neeltje Staats
Aug. 21 Thomas Gervie
Marrytje de Boey
Jan Jan Bever
Cornelia Dekker
Oct. 2 Jan Van Orden
Treintye De Boeis
Johannes Cornelis De Boeis
Catrina van der Poel
  Jan Bever
Cornelia Dekker
Catharina Ephraim Bever
Debora Dekker
Nov. 12 Wilhelmus Diderik
Cathrina Brando
Johannes Johannes Diderik
Elizabeth Overbagh
  Henry Oothoudt
Neeltje Van Bergen
Catharina Folkert Oothoud
Catharina Oothoud
Rachel Van Driesen
Page 23      
Dec. 2 Chrstiaen Sax
Susanna Moesier
Annatje Johannes Moesier
Geertruy Jongh
  Louwrens Schouler
Sara De Boey
Annatje Paulus Smith
Christina Smith


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