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Catskill Reformed Dutch

1733 Pew Ownership

Transcribed by
The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
Edited By Royden Woodward Vosburgh
New York City
December 1919  
A list of names of pew owners in 1733 with a few later changes. The Vosburgh transcription included numbers that had been added to the original manuscript in 1882 when a Dr. Thompson was preparing newspaper articles about the church. Those numbers are not included here. Spelling and capitalization appear as found. Retranscribed by Karol Hughes.


The Men’s places in the wall seats on the east side of the church from the door to the corner.

Jan Bronck, Wessell ten Brock, Jacop ten Brock, Jan Van wormer, Hender˙ch Van wormer, Wyllem Van Norde and his son, Jurie ouerpach, Corneles Van wormer

From the corner to the first little door.

Johan pyeter ouerpach, Pyeter Sousser, --- Brandou, Neckolas Brandou

The middle bench on the east side.

Sammell Van Vechten, Tuennes Van Vechten, Dirreck Van Vechten, Tuenes Van Vechten Juner, Beniam de Bous, Salamon De Bous, Gerret Van Bergen, Marte gersen Van Bergen, Pieterus Van Be[r]gen, Martten Van Bergen, Martten gersen Van Bergen Juner

From the little door round to the Doop huysee.

Wyllhellmes Van Bergen, Henderyckes Van Bergen, Abraham profost, Johannes profost, Henderych profost, Samuel profost, Abraham profost Juner, Dommenekes Van Schack, Stefannes Van Schack, Corneles Van Schack [next] to the Doop hyse

From the Doop huysse to the west side from there.

Johannes Graet, kronmes kle˙n, Balstes k˙ffer, Hellmes torner, Lodewyck planck, geysbert osterhout, pieter pocker, pieter Sacks, frederyck Der˙ck, pyeter ouerpach

From the little door from there the middle bench [west side]

Francis Salis Bury, Silvester Salis Bury, Abraham Salis Bury, Laurencius Salis Bury, Wyllim Salis Bury, ffrancis Salis Bur˙ Junr, W˙lliam Van Bergen, peterus Van Bergen Junr, Myndert Van euere, Caespares Bronck, K˙lleyn Wynne, Jacop Taller

From the little door to the corner and so to the Door.

Frederyck Stre˙t, Jurye Stre˙t, Wyllem Leman, Duyabartys Debous, Corneles Debous, Jacop Moull, poules Smet, Henderyck graet, Johannes Dederyck, Jan oosterhou˙t

On the west side along the wall seats. The low Bench

Cattreytye Debous, Sara De bous, Treynt˙e de bous, Helena Van Vechte, Cattreyn Van Vechten, Sarra Van Vechten, Catleyn Wynne, Tuetye Wynne

The first bench along the wall seats for the family of Salisbury.

Marytye Salis bury, Lourense Salis bury, Ragell Salis bur˙, Cattrena Salis bur˙

The first bench behind the Elders

Maryt˙e Leman, Marytye Agell

The first bench on the west side of the aisle before the doop hu˙s.

1B - The first bench

Annat˙e W˙es, Cattr˙na Ten Brock, Kommart˙e Bronck as long as she resides here, And the other places for Jan Bronck’s family

1739. The above standing bench where the Dominis’s wife sat, the place of Criste˙e Ten Brock and her daughter, has been given to Cristina Van De˙ck.

 In the place of Kommertje Bronck – Maryte Van De˙ck, Cattryna Van De˙ck

B2 – The bench behind the Dominie’s wife on the west side.

Rebech Van Schachck, Jant˙e Van Schack, and Marytie Van L˙nde

[B3 – No record]

B4 – On the west side of the aisle.

Martye Osterhout, Rebecke Osterhout, Annke Torner, Mar˙t˙e Planck, Euerst Kryselar

N5 – On the west side of the aisle. [perhaps should read B5]

Marye Klyn, Emmell porker and his oldest daughter, Elisabet Brandou and her oldest daughter

[N6 – No record]  [perhaps should read B6]

N1 - The east side of the aisle.

To remain for the family of profost

N2 – The east side of the aisle.

Ant˙e Ralewyn, Temperens Van orde and her oldest daughter, Ragell Taler, Jurre ouerpach’s wife

N3 - The east side of the aisle.

anna Catr˙n Str˙t and her oldest daughter, Crystyn Kryselar, Gertruy Leman, Magryt Meller

N4 – The east side of the aisle.

Mrytye Lourens, Alt˙e Wormer and her daughter Mar˙te, Wyllem Brandou’s wife and her daughter

N5 – The east side of the aisle

Elizabet Graet, Barber Graet, Mar˙t˙ Graet, Evat˙e Dieder˙ck and her daughter Madelen

N6 – On the east side

Gert˙ ouerpach, Aent˙e ouerpach, Mar˙t˙e ouerpach, Magret korre, pyeter Sachs’ wife

The long bench along the wall seats on the east side for the family of Gerret Van Bergen

The foremost long bench for the family of Martten Van Bergen

            1736. Aug. 21. The place of Wessel ten brock is surrendered to hendereck oosterhou˙t.

            The place of ˙akop ten brock is surrendered to abaham perse

            1748. Aug. 10. The 5th bench on the east side of the aisle; the 2 places of eff˙e diederegh and her daughter have been surrendered to the church; the 2 [seats on the] bench behind the Elders is given to the family of fredereck diederigh in place of that.

            1736. Aug. 21. The little bench behind the Deacons on the wall seats, for Catrina perse and yannetye oosterhou˙t

            The place of anneke tornar has been surrendered to Catrina tornar.

            The place of gritye kore has been surrendered to mar˙a grat, wife of hendereck grat.

            May 19, 1766. This day the two seats of Domenicus Van Schack and Stephanus van Schack were given by the Consistory of the church of Catskill: the one of Domenicus to Anthony Abeel and the other of Stephanus to Gerret Abbel, upon payment of the sum of four shillings for each seat and the sume of one shilling, seat money, for each year. These seats are given them to hold during life of their continuance in the Congregation.

            May 19, 1766. This day the place of Maria Klyn was given by the aforesaid Consistory to the wife of Jemes Decker, Elizabeth, upon and with the same conditions and promises of payment and time as the above mentioned.

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