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Charles Hagadone
Family Bible

Contributed by Audrey Klinkenberg

Philip Couchman was a possibly a Methodist Pastor

Marriage Certificate
William W. Spencer of Smithton and Loueas A. Hagadone of Livingston Ville were married September 11, 1879 at Durham by Rev'd Phillip Couchman.

Charles C. Hagadone and Eliza A. Duncan were married Nov 13, 1839

Charles C. Hagadone, borned March 10th 1816
Eliza A. Duncan, borned April 17th 1814
William L. Hagadone, born November 9th 1840
Phebe E. Hagadone borned November 8th 1842
Loueas A. Hagadone borned March 20th 1844
Edwin G. Hagadone borned December 11th 1846
Deborah Hagadone borned September 19th 1848
Wesley B. Hagadone borned September 23d 1854
Lydia Hagadone borned February 11th 1857
William W. Spencer borned December 26th 1833

William L. Hagadone died July the 18th 1841
Wesley B. Hagadone died November 22, 1876
Charles C. Hagadone died July 7th 1889
Eliza A. Hagadon died May 25th 1897 <sic on name>
Edwin G. Hagadone died January 18th 1898
William W. Spencer died December 31st 1900
Loueas A. Spencer died June 19th 1901

a sheet of paper in the Bible
Melvin B. Cook was borned Agust 27, 1857, died August 11, 1869

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