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Chase Family Bible

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

Bible copied April 6, 1979 by Helen Haskins and copy placed in family file in the Durham Center Museum
Bible was in the possession of McDonalds Book Shop, Catskill, NY


D. Noble Chase and Louise Rowley married February 22, 1837
D. Noble and Amy Burtis married April 15, 1859
Albert S. Graham and Florence L. Chase married February 6, 1867
Platt N. Chase and Mary L. Smith married May 19, 1875
Homer E. Tompkins married Ada L. Chase February 24, 1881
Rev. Gurdon B. Crippen married Amy Chase October 21, 1897
Ernest P. Graham married Jennie A. Fisher March 17, 1877 (should be 1897)
Noble Graham married Olive Connine married October 13, 1904


D. Noble Chase b. March 22, 1813
Louise Rowley b. December 19, 1814
Amy Burtis b. December 17, 1825
Horace W. Chase b. April 10, 1840
Florence L(ouisa) Chase b. July 1, 1845
Albert S(amuel) Graham b. September 23, 1840
Platt N. Chase b. October 20, 1848
Mary L. Smith b. December 21, 1843
Ada L. Chase b. October 31, 1860
Homer E. Tompkins b. December 20, 1855
A. Noble Graham b. July 5, 1869
Emma B(ushnell) Graham b. October 3, 1877 (should be October 3, 1872
Ernest P(latt) Graham b. February 29, 1876
Daisy E. K. Chase b. January 4, 1881
Jay E. Tompkins b. January 19, 1887
Gurdon B. Crippen b. January 22, 1831
Jennie A(nn) Fisher b. February 12, 1872
Olive Connine b. April 5, 1879
Florence M. Graham b. April 27, 1906


D. Noble Chase d. April 23, 1895, aged 82y1m1d
Louise Rowley d. August 29, 1858, aged 43y
Amy Burtis d. January 1, 1917, aged 91y14d, at Catskill
Horace W. Chase d. March 14, 1844, aged 4y
Platt N. Chase d. November 1, 1923, aged 75, at his home, Green St,
Emma B. Graham d. September 18, 1877, aged 1y11m15d (date inconsistent with birth)
Daisy E.K. Chase d. October 27, 1909
Gurdon B. Crippen d. April 23, 1902
Abigail Chase d. August 20, 1848, w/o D. Chase
Charlotte Chase d. May 22, 1867, w/o D. Chase
David Chase d. August 27, 1871, aged 85y
Horace L. Graham d. March 20, 1882, aged 36y


Middle names in parentheses, correct date of birth for Emma Bushnell Graham, and corrected marriage date for Ernest Platt Graham and Jennie Ann Fisher were provided by Patricia Morrow, Windham Town Historian.

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