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Chauncery Court

1791 - 

Original records located at the Vedder Library

Index prepared by Sylvia Hasenkopf

File 1 - General information on the definition of the Court and a blank Creditor's Bill
File 2 - Undated - Frances Silvester, Town of Kinderhook, vs Sheldon Pierce and Hannah, his wife and Russel Castle, and Lucy, his wife, Town of Canaan - regarding the distribution of the estate of Reuben Castle, dec'd abt 1827
File 3 - Sept 1831 - Moses C. Abeel, Catskill vs Charles Baker, his brother-in-law - regarding partnership of Baker and Abeel
File 4 - 1819 - William Barthrop and James Vanderpoel of the Town of Kinderhook vs Volkert Witbeck, Town of Kinderhook - regarding distribution of estate
File 5 - 1838 - George B. Adriance and Sarah, his wife and Mary Thorn vs Tobias Teller and Pauline, his wife and Stephen L. Thorn
File 6 - 1816 - John Disbrow, Henry Parish and Ephraim Holbrook, all of the City of New York vs Elam Gibbs, Harpersfield, Delaware Co and Samuel Burns - regarding distribution of estate
File 7 - Undated - William Jearomes - deprived of reason as sworn by Elida Jearomes, his wife and Enoch Post - partial file
File 8 - 1836 - Amos Puffer vs Caltern Briggs and Ashley Rowell
File 9 - 1817 - Elisha Smith Junr, Town Coxsackie vs Seneca Griffen - regarding a promisory note - mentions Joseph B. Cottle and his father Peter Cottle abd Samuel carman
File 10 - 1834 - Anthony M. Van Bergen, Susan Van Bergen, his wife, John L. Bronk, Leonard Bronk Junr, Leonard B. Van Dyke, in trust for Susan Van Bergen, wife of Anthony M. Van Bergen vs John W. Bedell and Martha, His wife, George Marvin, the President and Directors and Comp. of the Tanner Bank, Orlando Kellogg and Hiram Hibbard - regarding a mortgage foreclosure, lot of land in the village of Catskill
File 11 - 1791 - Abraham Lott and Gertrude, his wife, Johanna Nielson Maike Coeymans, John I. Bleecher, Jacob Bleeker, Andrew Coeymans and Gertruy Coeymans vs Jacob C. Ten Eyck, exe. of the last will and testament of Samuel Coeymans dec'd, Conradt Ten Eyck, William D. Faulkner, Geritie, his wife, Thomas Bridgen Atwood and Catherine, his wife, Susannah Ten Eyck, Anthony Ernest Coenradt Ten Eyck, Tobias Ten Eyvk, Peter Ten Eyck, Hezekiah Johnson, David McCarty, Maicke Witbeck, Charlotte Bronk, John Robison, Mairitie Rooseboom, Andries Ten Eyck, Barent Ten Eyck, Margaret Barclay, Geritie Gansevoort, Elizabeth Teebles, Isaac V. Verplank, John Verplank, Levi Blaisdell, Jeremiah Spriergsteen, Jacobus Vrooman and Thomas Hoghtaling
File 12 - 1801 - Isaac Bennet vs Israel Gibbs - regarding land in Clermont, Columbia Co
File 13 - 1804 - Isaac bennett vs Geirge Wilson and Elam Gibbs
File 14 - 1804 - Israel Gibbs vs Isaac Bennett
File 15 - 1811 - Albert Van der Zee, Town of Coxsackie and Catherine, his wife, and John Van den Bergh and Lydia, his wife, of the same place vs Baltus van Sylke - regarding the last will and testament of Andries Van Slyke of Coxsackie, written 1769 - heirs: Mary, his widow, sons, Baltus and Teunis, daughters, Janetie, Lydia, Mary, Catherine *Catrine in will), Geertruy, Alida (very detailed info on family)
File 16 - 1817 - William Judson, Town of Coxsackie vs Seth Hawley and Richard Niles - regarding land
File 17 - 1817 - Alida Hallenbeck, an Infant over 14 and under 21 in age - appointment of John Brown as guardian. Alida is the only child of Jacob N. Hallenbeck. Mother had been married several times after the death of Jacob.
File 18 - 1817 - Henry Talmadge, Town of Greenville vs Israel Lake and his wife Jemima, Jonathan Sherril, Abijah Reed, Thomas Smith and Eliakim Reed - regarding land
File 19 - Stoddard Smith, Abraham Hallenbeck and William Judson vs William Denning, Joseph Klein, William Sturges and Moses Austin - regarding sale of land
File 20 - 1819 -  Dyer Sheperd, Town of Westerlo, County of Albany vs Thomas Healy and Sarah, his wife, Town of new Baltimore - regarding land
                        -  Epenetus Reed and Theron Skeel, Town of Coxsackie vs William Ashley,     City of Hudson, Columbia Co - regarding outstanding debt
File 21 - 1819 - Petition of Polly McVickar, wife of James McVickar, Town of Coxsackie, a lunatic - regarding return of his estate
File 22 - 1820 - Philip Conine Junr, Town of Coxsackie vs Abraham Hallenbeck, Dirck Spoor and Stoddard Smith
File 23 - 1821 -  Thomas W. Mitchell, an habitual drunkard vs Caleb Coffin and John W. Hollenbeck, overseers of the poor - regarding drunkeness
File 24 - 1820 - Leonard Witbeck and others - heirs of John M. Van Loon, dec'd
File 25 - 1 - 1822 - William Jeroms and Lydia, his wife and daughter of Jacob N. and Catherine Hallenbeck - vs Catherine Hallenbeck, widow of Jacob N. Hallenbeck, late of the Town of Coxsackie - regarding the estate of Jacob N. Hallenbeck
            - 2 - 1822 - Thomas W. Mitchess vs William Roe - regarding a complaint
            - 3 - 1822 - Andrew A. Van der Zee vs John Van Sant, Oliver Haight, Daniel Coonly and James Calanan - regarding a mortgage
            - 4 - 1822 - Peter I. Hoos vs William Welford, Town of Coxsackie - regarding land
File 26 -  1822 - Samuel Haight, William Wyman, Chester Clark, Matthew Carpenter, and Elijah Carpenter vs Roswell Reed - regarding land, sale of house of Seberry Fish
File 27 - 1821 - Roswell Reed vs David Lane, Daniel Lane, Willard Cleveland, Ebenezer Hale and James Lyon - regarding a mortgage
File 28 - 1822 - John Boyd, Town of Greenville vs Peter O'Hara (O'Haro) and Lucy, his wife, Dennis Osborn, Town of Greenville, Abijah Reed - regarding estate of James Phillips
File 29 - 1824 - Isaac Bogert vs William A. Wells and Ann, his wife, Town of Mayfield, Montgomery Co - regarding foreclosure of mortgage
File 30 - 1824 - Nicolas Walrod vs Eazer Knowles, Aaaron Hall, Ell Knowles and Hannah Knowles - regarding land
File 31 - 1824 - Petition of John H. Cuyler and his daughter Eliza Cuyler, Town of Coxsackie - regarding the last will and testament of Jacob Cuyler (John H. Cuyler is his nephew)
File 32 - 1824 - Coenrad Ten Eyck, Jacob A. Ten Eyck, Anthony Ten Eyck, where Jacob Ten Eyck are administrators for the estate of Anthony Ten Eyck, dec. vs William Billingham, Albert Smith, Harry Smith, Leonard Palmer - regarding mortgage and bond
File 33 - 1824 - Epenetus Reed, Theron Skeel vs John Brandow - mortgage foreclosure
File 34 - 1824 - Andrew A. Van Slyck, administrator of the estate of Teunis A. Van Slyck vs John McCarty, survivor of William McCarty, dec. - regarding promissory note/mortgage notes (David McCarty is the father of John McCarty)
File 35 - 1824 - Epenetus Reed vs John Bartlett, Leonard Bronk, Conklin Bartlett (mentions Elam Gibbs and Israel Gibbs) - regarding a mortgage
File 36 - 1825 - Elisha Williams, City of Hudson, Columbia Co. vs Richard Witbeck, Town of Peeble, Cortland Co - regarding a mortgage
File 37 - 1825 - John Garrett, Town of New Baltimore, vs Samuel Baker, Levi Blaisdell, Abraham Ten Eyck Jun, James V.S. Riley, which said Abraham and James are commissioners of loans for the county of Albany - regarding a mortgage dispute, mentions William Judson, Town of Coxsackie
File 38 - 1826 - Abraham Brinckerhoff, James L. Brinckerhoff vs Barent Van Vleck, Lucas Van Alen, Henry Van Vleck, executors and administrators of Isaac A. Van Vleck, Abraham Van Vleck, dec., Abraham Van Alstyne and Jane his wife, Christina Van Vleck, children and heirs of law of the said Isaac A. Van Vleck, dec. vs Peter Van Alen and Jane, his wife, Eliza Van Vleck, John Van Vleck, Abraham Van Vleck, Christina Van Vleck and Catherine Van Vleck, heirs at law of the said Abraham Van Vleck, dec. - regarding a bond and mortgage
File 39 - 1826 -Andrew A. Vanderzee and Anna, his wife, vs Henry Vanderzee, Town of Bethlehem, County of Albany - regarding a land dispute as a result of the lands owned by Heindrick Van Sante, Town of Coeymans, dec. (died April 1806, intestate, leaving widow Catharina, 4 children - John, Jospeh, Peter, Gilbert)
File 40 -1 - 1827 - Henry Brandow vs. Rhoda Brandow - divorce due to adultery by wife
File 40 - 2 -1827 - Elizabeth Wheeler, Town of New Baltimore vs. her 5 children (Lee Wheeler, Henry Wheeler, John Wheeler, Noah Wheeler, Eunice, w/o Frederick Powell) to recover her dower in the estate of Noah Wheeler, who died January 27, 1826
File 41 - 1829 - William Barthrop vs Betsey Clark, Thomas I. Son and Sally, his wife, Robert Clark, Ira Hunt and Elizabeth, his wife, Abram Humphrey and Mary, his wife, Harry Clark (Calvin Clark, Ralph Clark, James Clark, Andrew Clark, Hannah Clark, who are infants) - regarding bond and mortgage
File 42 - 1829 - William Denning, City of New York Merchant, William Sturges, of Cairo, late of Catskill, clothier, Moses Austin, of Durham, farmer, Joseph Klein, of Catskill, merchant vs Stoddard Smith, Abraham Hallenbeck, William Judson (mentions Henry Person and sons Abraham Persen and Joel Persen) - regarding a mortgage/bond

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