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Christ Church Episcopal 
Greenville, Greene County, NY

Transcribed by Jackie Towner from records microfilmed in 1932 by the New York State Library and rented through the Family Library of the Church of Latter Day Saints





Sept 1 1805

Josiah Rundle to Nabby Leavenworth

Rev. Mr. Judd

Mar 18 1812

Hardy Rundle to Cornelia Simpson

Rev. Mr. Judd

Sept 12 1830

Reuben Rundle to Charlotte King

Rev. Sam Fuller

Sept 21 1822

Bartholomew Gedaway? to Hannah Rundle

Rev. Sam Fuller

Oct 13 1855

James Reasonby to Maria McDermott

C. B. Ellsworth David & Mary Evans

Oct 7 1856

Charles E Wooster to Melissa A Hitchcock

C. B. Ellsworth Geo. Robbins & Ellen Miller

Nov 18 1856

John K Chapman to Ann Sherill

C. B. Ellsworth Geo. & Cornelia Sherill

Sept 14 1857

Charles Sherill to Ellen Adelia Miller

C. B. Ellsworth David Wooster & Cor. Sherill

Sept 25 1857

Anson Slauson to Sarah Bush

C. B. Ellsworth Geo. Palmer & Geo. Buchurd

Jan 28 1858

David Schultz to Catherine Millet

C. B. Ellsworth Richard Millet & Annine Baker

Feb 4 1858

George E Palmer to Clara J Calhoune?

C. B. Ellsworth James Calhoune & S. R. Palmer

Feb 16 1858

Alanson Rarkmeyer to Esther Cargill

C. B. Ellsworth Geo. Bushnell & Ezra A Slater

Jan 20 1859

Geo. W. Rouse to Rachel A King

C. B. Ellsworth

Mar 6 1859

Thomas Smith to Julia Thayer

C. B. Ellsworth Mrs. E Robbins & Amasa Thayer

Mar 17 1859

Joseph Dussote? to Martha Wood

C. B. Ellsworth Nelson Wood & John Sampson?

Aug 13

Patrick H? Clinton to Adelia Lake

C. B. Ellsworth

Sept 25 1860

Geo. W. Robbins to Lucy M. Reynolds

C. B. Ellsworth K? E. Robbins & J.W. Reynolds

Oct 15 1860

Allen Tagden? To Adaline Garris?

C. B. Ellsworth Esther Ellsworth & G? Hand---?

Nov 24 1861

Chas. Shumacher to Eunisia? Jane Kiasiel?

C. B. Ellsworth Wm E. Siote? & A. Spaulding

Feb 1 1863

Lemuel O. Cross to Emily Haines

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Mrs. J. A. Hoffman

May 17 1863

James H. Walker to Anna M. Sollcox

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Mrs. J. A. Hoffman & Valentine Engel

June 10 1863

James F. Burroughs to Julia A Rundle

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Hardy, George, and Margaret Rundle

May 31 1864

John G. Welsh to Rebecca Sherrill

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Lewis Sherrill & wife, E.Wackenbagen & wife, H. McCabe & wife

July 24 1864

Ezra Thorne to Lydia Lake

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Mr & Mrs Thorne & family, Alice Roe

Sept 5 1864

Nelson Esland to Mary Teets

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Lewis Butler & wife, James T Burroughs

Jan 22 1865

Lorenzo Teator to Cornelia Ann Vanderson

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Mrs J. A. Hoffman

Sept 12 1865

Daniel M. Wooster to Leula Hitchcock

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Mrs Hoffman, Chas. Wooster & wife, Roxana Hitchcock

Dec 15 1865

George H. Travis to Fanny W. Sickels

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Thomas Elliot & wife

Oct 22 1866

Leander D. Scofield to Rosaltha Compton

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Mrs Susan Compton & Mrs Laura Wheeler

Nov 10 1866

John Tappan to Susan Sturd

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Mrs Julia A Hoffman , Wm Lillis & Ellen Lillis

Jan 1 1868

John H Parker to Kate M. Clark

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Mrs Fichett, J.S. VanAlen & Miss Ivy? Fichett

Mar 25 1868

Andrew John Baunach to Eva Margaret Tremmel

Rev. J. W. Hoffman Michael Tremmel, Mary Tremmel, Addie?

Sept 30 1874

Lewis Tremmel to Alice Roe

Erastus Webster Parents & others

Oct 10 1876

Hiram B Wooster to Rhua A Rider

E. Webster Parents & others

Mar 3 1878

Frederick Fisher to Mary E Groben?

Erastus Webster Mr & Mrs Groban the parents

May 28 1878

Orvill W Chevelier to Georgia A Plank

Erastus Webster Mr & Mrs James Mabie, Mr. Thos. Elliot


Walter B Ward to Ida Kate Lawyer

Rev. W. W. Battershall

Dec 15 1885

Addison W Smith to Effie King (Waldron) both of Greenville Center

Rev. J. B. Blanchet Byron Waldron & Byron Jena Hitchcock

Jan 10 1886

Byron Waldron to Rozenia M Hitchcock both of Greenville

Rev J. B. Blanchet Chas E Wooster & Roxie Hitchcock

Dec 15 1886

Watson V Lockwood to Delilah Hews both of South Westerlo NY

Rev. J. B. Blanchet G. W. & Lucy M Robbins

May 9 1888

Lorenzo D Stewart to Josephine C Robbins both of South Westerlo NY

T. A. Snyder Geo W. Robbins & Mrs G.W. Robbins

Aug 19 1888

Mathew Gelten? Of Rensaerlville? To L. Alice Joyce of Westerlo NY

T. A. Snyder Mrs. T. A. Snyder

Nov 14 1888

William S Vanderbilt to Mary Reed Chapman both of South Westerlo NY

T. A. Snyder Mrs Ann S Chapman & Edwin K Chapman


Herbert Sanford to Jennie Palmer

T. A. Snyder E. N. Palmer & Reuben Palmer

Nov 12 1890

Cassius Sanford of Greenville to Mary Ann Prosser of Westerlo

T. A. Snyder Chas F Dean & Eugenia V. N---? At res. Of bride’s parents, Westerlo

May 23 1893

Wesley Knifer of Sidney NY to Fannie VanVleck of Acra NY

T.A. Snyder Sarah Sherman & Dora Snyder at Rectory Greenville

June 27 1895

Frank Derosway? Dusenburg to Lillian VanNorman

T. A. Snyder Amelia R. VanNorman & Alnarder? B. Dusenburg at res. Of bride’s mother Freehold NY

Aug 28 1895

Armenius Smith to Anna Hezer

T.A. Snyder Annie B Carter & Sara C Litchfield in Christ Ch. Greenville 4 PM

Dec 11 1895

George Thomas Tucker to Cora Francis Oliver

T. A. Snyder Mrs R Hunt & Mrs Augusta C Bonelvous at rectory Greenville

May 5 1897

Theodore P Roe to Julia Hertt

T. A. Snyder Clara Tremmel & Chas A Tremmel at rectory Greenville

Dec 22 1897

Homer J Coonley to Jessie E Reynolds

T. A. Snyder J. Harry Reynolds & Ida A McInoe at res. of bride’s mother So Westerlo NY

June 28 1899

Charles Edward Wooster to Helen Thayer Smith at res. of bride’s mother So Westerlo NY

T. A. Snyder Madison Stewart & Anna E Smith

July 23 1899

John Henry Whitbeck to Mary Lillis? Fozel?

T. A. Snyder Mrs Mary A Joyce & Dora Snyder at rectory Greenville NY

Sept 10 1899

Albert E Bell to Mary C VerPlenck

T. A. Snyder L. F. Chapman of Chicago & Dora Snyder at the rectory Greenville NY


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