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Christ Church Episcopal 
Greenville, Greene County, NY

Transcribed by Jackie Towner from records microfilmed in 1932 by the New York State Library and rented through the Family Library of the Church of Latter Day Saints

Organization of Christ Church, Greenville, Greene County, NY 1825 by the Rev. Samuel Fuller

To all whom these presents may concern. We whose names & seals are hereunto fixed do certify that in persuence of notice given for that purpose at the time of divine service on the two Sundays now last past, the male persons of full age belonging to the church, congregation, or society at Greenville and county of Greene, in which divine service is celebrated according to the rites of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the state of New York, met at the house of Mr. Reuben Rundle in the said Greenville for the purpose of incorporating themselves under the act entitled, "An act to provide for the incorporation of Religious Societies", and the act to amend the same; at which meeting, and by a majority of voices, the undersigned, Samuel Fuller was called to the chair and presided; and by a like majority of voices, Reuben Rundle and Shubal Newman were elected Church Wardens and Robert G Palmer, Reuben Rundle jun., Lewis King, Hardy Rundle, Jim Boyd, Israel Palmer, Caleb Tomkins and Aaron Hall were elected vestrymen of Christ Church at Greenville in the county of Greene, was in like manner fixed on and agreed to, as that by which the said church, congregation, or society shall be known in law.

In testimony whereof, we, the said Samuel Fuller together with the undersigned Reuben Rundle and Robert G Palmer hereunto subscribed our names and affixed our seals this fourth day of April in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five.

Hardy Rundle, Samuel Fuller, Lewis King,  Reuben Rundle, Reuben Rundle, Robert G Palmer

This is a true copy of the incorporation as recorded in the clerk’s office of this county Sept 7, 1825 at ……

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