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Christ Presbyterian
Church Catskill

Funerals 1924-1953

 Records obtained from microfilmed copies in the New York State Library and transcribed by Scott Wichmann






Mrs. J. C. Bardt

Died Nov. 26, 1924

Non Member

Wm. F. Johnson

Dec. 1-‘24

Member of our church

Charles Gardner

Nov. 29, 1924

Non Member

Mrs. Charles Brandow

(Helen Elizabeth Fonda)

Dec. 24, 1924


Mr. Lucius R. Doty

(Mary Rebecca Van Gelder

Jan. 13, 1925


Mrs. Harriet Eugenia Decker  (nee Fonda)

Jan. 16, 1925

Non Member

Dr. Dean W. Jennings

Jan. 25, 1925

Episcopalian, Wife a Presbyterian

John B. Conkling

Feb. 28, 1925

80 yrs. old; Non Member

Milton H. Becker

Apr. 19, 1925

72 yrs. old;

Non Member of Church

Mrs. George H. Warner

buried May 15, 1925

Non Member of our church

James H. Tootill

June 2, 1925

Member of Congregation; 80 yrs. old

Sarah E. Penfield

June 4, 1925

Church Member from 1875

Mrs. Allen Banks

June 6, 1925

Member of this Church

Geraldine S. Strokes

July 4, 1925

5 months old

Mrs. Fanny Saulgaugh

July 7, 1925

Refd. Ch. Saulgauh Hotel

Mary A. Cole

d. July 8-‘25

Adopted daughter of Mr. & Mrs. P. H. Vanderhorf

Mary F. Austin

d. Aug. 7-‘25

Dr. Hazard had funeral

Dorothy Strokes

d.    “    11, ‘25

(2 yrs. old)  Dr. Hazard officiated

Agnes Howland

buried Aug. 15

Non Member;       “

Mrs. Melissa Martell

buried Sept. 11-;25

From out of town; Presby.

David P. Austin

died in Savannah, Ga.

Aged 75, on Nov. 15-‘25

Mrs. Jane Chichester

d. Dec. 4, 1925

Aged 87, Member of Ch.

Mary Louise May

d. Dec. 13, 1925

Aged 83

Miss Sarah E. Abbott

d. Dec. 14, 1925

Aged 78, Member

Wm. Henry Van Orden

d. Dec. 24, 1925

Aged 74, Reformed Church

Margaret Van Zandt

d. Jan. 7, 1926

Aged 83

Mrs. Clifford Fredenburg

d. March 5, 1926


Eugene M. Falk

d. Mch. 23, 1926


Charles Irving Place

d. Mch. 23, ‘26

Aged 41

Miss Alice Lowe

Apr. 20, 1926

Member of Church

Gottlieb Schafbuck

Apr. 27, 1926

Aged 73; Non Member

Miss Libbie Palmer

May 14, 1926

Member, tho’ absent

Mrs. George D. Lewis

May 18, 1926

Aged 73; Member of Ch.

Mrs. Mary E. Harvey

buried May 21-‘26


John L. Kennedy

Buried Aug. 1- ‘26

Died in N. Y.; aged 78

Mrs. Margaret Lynn

d. Sept. 9, 1926

Aged 88; Non Member

Mrs. Effie Fray

d. Sept. 28, ‘26

Aged 65; died at Poughkeepsie

Mrs. Louis B. Decker

Oct. 10-‘26

Member Epis. Ch.; Assisted at service

Ralph B. Carlisle, Jr.

Nov. 10-‘26

Aged 22; Non Member

Robert Snyder

Nov. 26-‘26

Aged 94-4 months

Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Kortz

Dec. 14-‘26

Member of Ch.

Harriet M. Root

Jan. 13-‘26


Fred W. Palmatier

Jan. 18-‘27

Member; aged 58

James Reid

Jan. 22-‘27

Died in Syracuse; 68 yrs;

Had committal

Samuel D. Comfort

Jan. 30-‘27

Aged 70 yrs.; wife a member of ch.

Patricia Eliz. McCue

d. Feb. 1-‘27

Aged 3 days

Mrs. G. Ordway Russ

d. Feb. 2-‘27

Member of church

Charles Brandow

d. Feb. 4-‘27

Aged 76; Non Member

John Christopher Bordt

d. Mch. 21-‘27

Non Member; aged 75

Mrs. R. L. Hogaboom

d. Mch. 28, 1927

Member of Ch.

William H. Smith

d. Mch. 26-‘27

(on train near Chicago)

Brother of H. C. S.

Day, Jeremiah

d. Apr. 18-‘27

Elder of this Ch. for many yrs.

Louise Miltimore

d. Apr. 22-‘27

in N.Y. City;  Non Member now

James Castella Whitney

d. May 4-‘27

Aged 74

Jesse Truesdell

May 15-‘27

(Former Member; age c. 51)

Wm G. Cornell

Buried May 23-‘27

Aged 68; Lived out of town

Mrs. Mary Tootill

d. May 23-‘27

Member of Ch.

Herberd W. Terwilliger

June 11-‘27

Member of Ch.

Mrs. H. L. Boughton

Jan. 3, 1928

Member of Ch.

Mrs. Charles Fredenburg

d. Jan. 7-‘28

Member of Ch.

Eugenia Cornish

d. Feb. 9-‘28

Non member of Ch.

Clara Schicht

d. Mch. 20-‘28


Muriel Sherman

d. Mch. 20-‘28

(8 yrs. old) Committal

Harriet F. Pettit

d. June 1-‘28

(80 yrs. old)

Stephen Harris

June 11-‘28

Aged 84; Committal

Miss Lydia Akins

Aug. 2, 1928

(Old ladies’ home)

Jay Louis Helling

Sept. 30-’28

(Member of Ch.)

George Nelson Simpkins

Dec. 6-‘28

(Non Member)

Ruth Ethel Dopp

Buried Dec. 18, 1928

13 months

Mrs. Josephine G. French

d. Dec. 23, 1928


George A. Wasson

d. Dec. 28, 1928

Aged 72 yrs.

Ralph G. Salisbury

d. Jan. 1, 1929

Aged 45 yrs.

William Laningan

d. Feb. 5-‘29

Ground to pieces in Cement plant

Herbert Fredenburgh

d. Feb. 7-‘29

Non Member

Lila May Dykeman

d. Feb. 12-‘29

(8 1/2 yrs. old)

Frances S. Mann

d. Feb. 20-‘29

(Non Member)

Rhodell S. O’Bryon

d. Apr. 9, 1929

(Non Member)

Miss Emily Crosby

Buried May 2, 1929


Mrs. Addie Owen

May 1, 1929


Barnard William Behun

d. Apr. 30, 1929


Mrs. Mary Norton

May 17, 1929


Mrs. Jay L. Helling

May 21, 1929

(Member of Ch.)

Frank Timmerman

buried June 3d, 1929


Edward A. Fraser

June 4-‘29

Aged 95 yrs.-7 mos.

Miss Mary E. Gunther

July 31-‘29

(Member of Ch.)

Mrs. Mabel Cole McNutt

Aug. 3-‘29


Sarah Newton

Sept. 6-‘29

(Non Member)

Mrs. Geo. W. Rank

Sept. 24-‘29


Mrs. J. Henry Deane

Oct. 13, 1929


Mrs. James Reid

Nov. 12, 1929

Non Member

   “    Hiland Hill

Nov. 14, 1929

Member; Buried Nov. 17-‘29

   “    Clarence E. Bloodgood

Dec. 13, 1929


Fred Conklin

Dec. 18, 1929

Non Member

Orin Day

Apr. 11, 1930

Elder, Trustee, Deacon

Above reported to

Presbytery, Apr., 1930


Mrs. Frank Green

Died Apr. 15, 1930


Harriett Davis

Committal Apr. 17-‘30

From Waltham, Mass.

Mrs. James W. Webster

Aug. 1, 1930

Member of Church

Mrs. Charles E. Place

Aug. 31-’30; (died Aug. 29)

      “        “      “

Harriet Elizabeth May

Sept. 10, 1930

25 yrs. old

Mrs. Harriet C. Comfort

Sept. 10, 1930


Mrs. James Magilton

Oct. 2, 1930


Mr. Charles E. Place

Oct. 8-’30; Died Oct. 6


Mr. Wm. G. McKenzie

Oct. 21, 1930

Non Member

Mr. Minis Plank

Buried Nov. 12, 1930

Died in N. Y.

Mrs. Eva Chadderdon

Buried Dec. 22-‘30

Yrs. ago member of this Ch.

George A. Egnor

Dec. 29, 1930; Suddenly; Buried Jan. 1-‘31

Non Member

Elias Lasher

Died Dec. 31, 1930


Assisted on Jan. 3d

Herman C. Cowen

Jan. 9, 1930

Aged 58; Supt. of S. S.

Mary A. Jewell

Feb. 19, 1931

Aged 87; Member

Mrs. Sarah Beatty

Mch. 6-‘31

Aged 79; Non Member

Mrs. Mary McMenamy

Mch. 18-‘31

Member yrs. ago

Charles A. Elliott

Died April 9-‘31

Elder; Funeral Apr. 11

Mrs. Mary Havill

   “        “   14-‘31

Member; aged 89

Above reported to

Presbytery, Apr. 1931


Simon Sherman

buried June 4, 1931

at Alsen; Non Member

Mrs. Mary Fox

d. June 9-‘31

Non Member of Ch.

Mrs. Nellie C. Robinson

Aug. 16-‘31

Aged 57; Non Member

Mary H. Wilbur

(Mrs. J. Herrick W.)

d. Aug. 26-‘31


Rev’d. C. G. Hazard, D. D.

Aug. 31, 1931

Pastor of this Church from 1891-1919, & pastor Emeritus until his death at Rochester, N. Y.  Funeral on Thurs., Sept. 3d, 11 A. M. in the Church.  Burial at Florida, N. Y.

Charles Norton

d. Sept. 26-‘31

Non Member

James H. Teetsel

d. Oct. 1-‘31

(84 yrs. old); Member

Mrs. Anna B. Plumb

d. Dec. 7-‘31

Member; Died in Penn.

Edward H. Babcock

d. Dec. 10-‘31

Aged 74; Member

Mrs. Julia F. Hunter

d. Jan. 13-’32

Aged 64; Member

Mrs. Frances L. Boynton

d. Feb. 7-‘32


Robt. Henry Fonda

d. Mch. 18-‘32


Joshua M. Fiero

d.    “     29-‘32

(Burial here from out of town)

Above reported to

Presbytery Apr. 1932


Mrs. John M. Smith

d. May 15-‘32

(84 yrs. old; Non Member)

Mary E. Plank 

(Mrs. Minis)

d. June 27-‘32

(died in N. Y.;

Non Member)

Mrs. Percival Goldin

d. July 24-‘32


Fred G. Leaper

d. Aug. 3-‘32

(Non Member; 29 yrs. old)

Mrs. Wilson Keeler

d. Aug. 8-‘32

(   “         “      ; Committal)

W. Mace Laraway

d. Aug. 9-‘32

Non Member)

Jacob Bloom

d. Aug. 13-‘32

(Non Member)

Josiah C. Tallmadge

d. Sept. 2, 1932


Sarah Elizabeth Rugg

d. Sept. 6, 1932

(       “     )

Mrs. Harriet Doane Ingersoll

Nov. 4-‘32

(In 94th year)

Mrs. Chauncey A. (Hattie R.) Van Orden

Nov. 17-‘32

(Non Member)

Carl Heilbrunn

d. Dec. 2, 1930

Buried Dec. 2-‘32

Aged 47 yrs

Mrs. Sarah E. Becker

d. in Schnectady

Committal here

Loraine Mae Jones

d. Dec. 30-‘32

Age 3 yrs. 11 months

Mrs. W. Timmerman

d. Jan. 2-‘33


William R. Reynolds

b. June 25, 1853

d. Jan. 14, 1933

Non Member

Miss Rose McMenamy

Feb. 6, 1933


(Mr. Rigud officiated)

Mrs. Helen B. Johnston

Feb. 27-‘33

Non Member

Mrs. Katharine E. Barker

d. Mch. 18-‘33


Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Chase

d. Mch. 13-‘33


Widow of Judge Chase

Mrs. Caroline Pousant

d. Mch. 29-‘33


Above reported to

Presbytery, Apr. 1933


Mrs. Charles Corwin

Committal Apr. 22, 1933

From Conn.

Miss Jeanie Grace Sherman

buried Apr. 23-‘33


Mrs. Mary McMenamy

buried May 23-‘33

d. in Buffalo

Charles LeRoy Rainhart

d. May 26-’33;

Aged 83 & Non Member

Mary E. (Mrs. Almerin)

Van Loan

funeral June 8-‘33

Aged 79; Non Member

Charles Beardsley

b. June 9-’33 (sic)

Non Member; aged 85

Mrs. Marie C. Shepherd

(formerly Mrs. Caldwell

& Miss Noble)

d. Dec. 21-‘32

Committal of Ashes

John W. Shufelt

d. June 29-‘33

Aged 78; Non Member

Almerin Van Loan

d. July 3-‘33

Aged 81 yrs; Non Member;

husband of Mary E.

Clarence Howland

d. July 26-‘33

Non Member; Quaker

Mrs. Ella K. Van Dyke

d. Aug. 8-‘33

(of Refd. Church Congregation)

George S. Barnard

funeral Aug. 17th

Non Member

Nelly Adelaide Lewis

d. Aug. 16-‘33

(Member of our Ch.)

Charles L. Timmerman

d. Aug. 20-‘33

(Non  Member)

Charles Daniels

d. Sept. 1-‘33

Aged 74; (Non Member)

Mrs. George A. Wasson

d. Sept. 4-‘33

    “    72; (Non Member)

Elias J. Reynolds,

D. Nov. 2, 1933

Aged 76 yrs.;

 (Non Member)

William Rugg

Committal Dec. 10-‘33

Aged 45 yrs.

Miss Cordelia Ahrest

d. Dec. 18-‘33

Aged 92 yrs. 6 mos. Member

Albert Riffley

d. Dec. 18-‘33

Non Member

Wm. W. Rider, Jr.

d. Dec. 31-‘33

Aged 74; Non Member

Miss Amelia Brehm

Jan. 2-‘34

Non Member

Dr. C. G. Van Orden

Jan. 23-‘34

Aged 79; Member

Samuel T. Beatty

funeral Mch. 21-‘34

Aged 88; Non Member

Conrad J. Hammer

d. Mch. 26-‘34


Above reported to

Presbytery Apr. 1934


Mrs. Sarah Frances Henderson

d. Apr. 18-‘34

Member; aged 94

Herbert Dietz

d. May 16-‘34

Aged 70 yrs.; Non Member

Lee F. Betts

d. May 27-‘34

Member; Trustee of Church

Mrs. Amalia Reichel Plusch

Died May 29, 1934

93 yrs.; Member Refd. Ch.;

Mr. Van Ess away

Elsworth R. Jones

d. Aug. 12-‘34

Aged 71; Non Member

Mrs. Sabra H. Root

d. Aug. 28-‘34

Member of this Ch.;

76 yrs. & 5  months

Jacob Conklin

d. Sept. 21-‘34

Non Member

Mrs. George H. Beach

d. Nov. 23, 1934


Edythe Earle Townsend

buried Dec. 3-‘34


Mrs. Frances Amelia Bouton

d. Dec. 12-‘34

Aged 81; Member

Mrs. Howard E. Muller

d. Dec. 16-‘34


Mrs. O. V. Sage

d. Feb. 24-‘35


Above reported to

Presbytery Apr. 1935


Mrs. Sarah Helen Brandow

Mch. 14-‘35


George H. Penfield

   “     27-‘35


Ellen Seamder (?) Cooke

d. Apr. 1-‘35

Non Member

Mrs. Charles Chace

Mch. 31-‘35

Non Member

William Smith

Apr. 30-‘35

Non Member

Wm. Henry Lewis

Buried May 16-‘35

Non Mem.

Doris Levins Dykman

May 15-‘35

Aged 13

Stewart Teetsel

May 18-‘35


Geo. Harrison Strokes

May 22-‘35

Non Member

Mrs. George W. McLanahan

d. May 28-‘35

Non member tho’ once a member.  Took letter years ago.  Very generous lady.

Mrs. John Johnson

June 8-‘35


Mrs. Wm. E. Klepser

d. Sept. 13-‘35


Mrs. Edwin Lampman

d. Oct. 21-‘35


Ernest Saxe

d. Oct. 26, 1935

Shot at age of 18;

Non Member

Mrs. Josiah C. (Mary E.) Tallmadge

Nov. 7-‘35


Mrs. Charles Elliott

d. Dec. 3-‘35


Mrs. E. C. Church

d. Dec. 22-‘35

Member; aged 88 yrs.

Mrs. Albert Clough

d. Jan. 12-‘36

(aged 90; Member Refd Ch..; Mr. Van Ess ill.)

Cornelius Beattie

d. Jan. 18-‘36

Non Member

Miss Elizabeth Congdon

d. Mch. 4-‘36

Member; age 83

Mr. F. S. Decker

d. Mch. 27-‘36

Member; Old & highly respected

Miss Sarah Beach

d. Apr. 7-‘36

(Member for 70 yrs.)

Above reported to

Presbytery Apr. 1936


Mrs. Fanny C. Mott

d. Apr. 26-‘36


Mrs. Neil W. Avery

d. May 11-’36 in New York

(Non Member)

Mrs. Harlow (Edith R.) Fredenburg

d. June 19-‘36

(Non Member)

Mrs. Nellie (W. J.) Scott

d. Aug. 10-‘36

(Non Member)

Mrs. Howard (Esther B.) Rightmyer

d. Aug. 20-‘36

(Non Member)

Miss Mary Story

d. Aug. 21-‘36

(Member Refd Ch.)

Eugene Martin

d. Sept. 27-‘36

(Aged 88; Non Member)

Mrs. S. E. Teetsel

d. Oct. 13-‘36

(Member since 1890)

Ira F. Tompkins

d. Oct. 25-‘36

(Non Member)

Peary W. Tompkins

d. Dec. 3-‘36

(Father of above Non Member)

Mrs. Richard Falke

d. Dec. 28-‘36

(Non Member)

Andrew Ziegler, Sr.

Died Feb. 7-‘37

(Member; Aged 73)

Harry E. Joseph

Funeral Feb. 9-‘36

(Jew. Non Member)

Robert J. Jamison

Buried Mch. 13-‘37


James Lewis Malcolm

d. Apr. 7-‘37

(Member & Trustee)

Robert Scheffer

d. Apr. 7-‘37

(Non Member)

(Above Reported to

Presbytery Apr. ’37)


Mrs. J. Howard Austin

d. Apr. 21-‘37


   “    Eugene Martin

d. Apr. 21-‘37

(Non Member)

   “    Clarence A. Noble

d. Apr. 20-‘37

(Refd. Church)

   “    William Ham

d. Apr. 21-‘37

(    “          “     )

   “    Kittie Hubbard Burhans Boughton                                

d. May 4-‘37


   “    Bertha Richardson

d. June 1-‘37

(Non Member)

Maurice Oxelgren

d. June 27-‘37

(Non Member)

Clarence A. Noble

d. July 3-‘37

(Refd. Church Member)

William J. Bird

d. July 6-‘37

(Non Member)

James Robbins

Committal on July 11-‘37

(Non Member)

Mrs. Joseph (Alice) G. Doll

d. Sept. 3-‘37

(   “         “      )

Mrs. Florence Snyder

d. Sept. 27-‘37

(Non Member)

Archie Dykeman

d. Oct. 21-‘37

(Non Member)

Fanny L. Brandow

d. Nov. 1-‘37


Ernest Falke

d. Nov. 21-‘37

(Non Member)

Wm. C. Lucas

d. Nov. 26-‘37

(Non Member)

Gerald Charles Brandow

d. Nov. 29-‘37

(Aged 1 mo. 3 days; Colored)

Mary Elizabeth Fiero

d. Jan. 2-‘38

(Committal here)

Wm. C. Tice

d. Jan. 20-‘38


Alice Marion Conklin

d. Feb. 2-‘38


Mary A. Limbrick

d. Feb. 18-‘38

(Non Member)

Dr. Charles Orin Day

Committal Feb. 24-‘38

(Died in Boston)

Mrs. Philip Elmandorf

Mch. 3-‘38

(Assisted Minister of M. E. Ch.)

(Above Reported to



Mrs. Nellie W. Lampman

d. Apr. 19-‘38


Miss Agnes Van Gordon

May 3, 1938

Member Reformed Church

Mrs. Fred W. Palmatier

May 27, 1938


Arthur Haviland

Burial June 14, 1938

d. in N. Y.

G. Henry Dean

d. July 21, 1938

Member; Former Trustee

Joseph Sherman

Buried Aug. 23-‘38

3 yrs. old; From New Jersey

Prof. Charles J. Hale

d. Oct. 6, 1938

Prof. of English at Rutgers for 25 yrs.

Frank Green

d. Oct. 13, 1938

Non Member; 88 yrs. old

Mrs. Elizabeth Brandow

d. Oct. 23-‘38


Dr. E. A. Bennett

d. Nov. 30-‘38

(Dentist; Non Member)

Garret Henry Gardner

d. Dec. 11-‘38

Non Member; aged 88

Mrs. Wm. M. Rapp

d. Dec. 31-‘38

(Member; Wife of Elder)

Mrs. Anna Way (Mrs. Warren) Gardner

d. Feb. 25-‘39

(Non Member)

Mrs. Lucius Layman

d. Feb. 26-‘39


(Above reported to



Dudley T. Lyall

d. Apr. 26-‘39

(Member & Trustee of Ch.)

Mrs. Harriet M. Rainhart

Apr. 29-‘39


Mrs. Grace C. Penfield

d. June 20-‘39


Mrs. Dora M. Stevens

d. July 23-‘39


L. Carlton Austin

d. Aug. 15-‘39


Charles Lampman

d. Aug. 20-‘39

(on L. I.; age 85;

Non Member)

Miss Augusta M. Terry

d. Aug. 23-‘39

(Buried in Home For Aged Women.)

Miss Alice Louisa Babcock

d. Aug. 28-‘39


Frederick Hugo Meyer

d. Aug. 31-‘39

(Non Member)

Miss Elizabeth G. Boughton

d. Oct. 10-‘39

(Member; Z’dary roll)

Mrs. Sophie Bouchey

d. Oct. 20-‘39

(Non Member)

Frederick B. Hammer

d. Jan. 6-‘40

(Member; Z’ary roll)

Ernst J. H. Muller

d. Jan. 22-‘40


Sexton for c. 50 yrs.)

Elizabeth A. Barkman

d. Feb. 7-‘40

(Aged 81; Non Member)

Mrs. Homer Russ

d. Feb. 26-‘40

(Died in Eliz. N. J.;

Non Member)

Arthur P. Fox

d. Mch. 2-’40 at St. Petersburg, Fla.; Burial in Catskill

(Member of Ch.)

Mrs. W. A. Doty

d. Mch. 10-‘40


(Above reported to



Miss Jessie E. Tagert

d. Apr. 7-‘40

(Member; Teacher of music in schools; Died suddenly)

Miss Amelia Gunther

d. Apr. 15-‘40


Francis Brandow

d. May 8-‘40

(Child of 7 months; Colored)

Miss Lina Bassett

d. June 23-‘40

(Member for 64 yrs.)

Edward H. Cole

d. July 31-‘40

(Non Member)

Lionel A. Lethbridge

d. Sept. 6, 1940

(Non Member)

Charles L. Santer

d. Oct. 31, 1940

(Methodist Min. away)

Clarence W. Timmerman

d. Nov. 20, 1940

(85 yrs. old; Non Member)

Douglas Denniston

d. Nov. 27, 1940

(82 yrs. old; Non Member)

John L. Driscoll

Jan. 2, 1941

Age 103 yrs., 2 mos, 22 days; Member

Eddie Elisha Brandow

d. Feb. 2, 1941

4 ½ months old; Colored

Miss Emily Frances Becker

d. Feb. 23-‘41

(Refd. Ch. Member; Village Librarian for yrs.)

(Above reported to



Mrs. Clarence O. Bloom

d. Apr. 24-‘41


Howard C. Smith

d. May 5-‘41

(Elder & Trustee of Ch.)

Miss Adelaide Cooke

d. May 24-‘41

(Non Member)

Minor S. Wait

d. Aug. 8-‘41

(71 yrs. old; Methodist)

Mrs. E. A. Bennett

d. Aug. 14-‘41

(Member; 71 yrs. old)

Mrs. Robert Baird

d. Oct. 27-‘41


Frank Dumond

d. Dec. 12-‘41

(Non Member)

Mrs. George Warrington

Burial Jan. 1-‘42

(Non Member; Assisted at funeral)

Dr. George R. DeSilva

d. Feb. 18-‘42

(Non Mem.; Age of 86)

Wm. R. Timmerman

d. Feb. 23-‘42

(Non Member)

Mrs. Frederick Lane (Katherine S.)

d. Feb. 25-‘42

(Non Member)

(Above reported to



John W. Ward

d. May 21, 1942

(Non Member)

Miss Elizabeth Smith

d. June 21, 1942

(Member of Church)

Mrs. Caroline W. Brinkman

d. Aug. 15-‘42

(Non Member)

Mrs. Louis Miltimore

d. Oct. 9-‘42

(Died in Nyack.)

George Pulis

d. Oct. 30-‘42

(Aged 84; Non Member)

Rachel A. Doane

d. Nov. 9, 1942

(Member of Ch.)

John Landa

d. Nov. 9, 1942

(d. in Orange, N. J.;

Non Member)

Mrs. Margaret Riffley

d. Dec. 26, 1942

(Aged 90 & Non Member)

Charles A. Sherman

d. Jan. 25-‘43

(Member of Ch.)

James B. Holdridge

d. Feb. 5-‘43

(Non Member)

Peter Fred Trumpbour

d. Feb. 11-‘43

(Non Member)

Mrs. Herbert Butler

d. Feb. 17-;43

(Non Member)

William Klepser

d. Mch. 1-‘43


Lewis K. Austin

d. Mch. 6-‘43

(Member years ago)

Mrs. Eliz. Yorgensen

d. Mch. 20-‘43

(Committal only)

Mrs. John Cumming

d. Apr. 7-;43


Albert Spahn

Funeral Apr. 17-‘43

(Died in Weehawken, N. J.

(Above reported to



Mrs. Delger L. Simpkins

nee Sarah E. Person

d. June 3, 1943


Edward Mink

d. Aug. 9-‘43

Aged 83; Non Member

Miss Lisbeth A. Driscoll

d. Sept. 28-‘43


Henry W. Barker

d. Sept. 28-‘43

Non Member

Albert C. Bloodgood

d. Oct. 22, 1943

Member; Elder, Trustee;

Very good & generous man;

Great loss to Ch.

Mrs. Maude Eloise Petette

d. Nov. 1-‘43

Non Member

Mrs. Orin Day

d. Nov. 3-‘43

Aged 90; Member

Mrs. Henry Peters

d. Dec. 15-‘43

    “    79; Non Member

Clifton Freeman

burial Jan. 15-‘44

(Colored) Episcopalian

LeGrand Riordon

burial Jan. 21-‘45

Non Member

Ernest William Brinkman

d. Mch. 13-’44 in Kingston

Not a Member

George W. Ronk

d. Mch. 14-‘44

Non Member

(Above Reported to



Harrison F. Stevens

d. May 21-‘44

Non Member

Mrs. Anna S. DuBois

d. June 19-‘44

Non Member

Miss Emily Miller Gallaher

d. June 27-‘44

Non Member

Julia D. Lane

d. Aug. 3-‘44

(Refd. Ch.)

Miss Lillian Bogardus

d. Aug. 14-‘44

(d. in Kingston;

Former Member)

Mrs. Archibald Brown

d. Aug. 17-44

(Non Member)

Mrs. Anna G. Haines

d. Aug. 20-‘44

at Home for Aged Women

Mrs. Lewis J. Homer

d. Aug. 20-‘44

Funeral in Albany, N. Y.

Mrs. Emma J. Cammer

d. Sept. 1-‘44


Wm. H. Person

d. Sept. 27-‘44

      “     ; Aged c. 86

Mrs. Cora Whitbeck

d. Oct. 9-‘44


Harrison W. O”Bryon

d. Oct. 28-‘44

Non Member

Mrs. Sarian Baker

d. Nov. 4-‘44

   “          “

Lawyer Mellen

d. Nov. 9-‘44

Elder of Church

Clarence Martin

d. Nov. 23-‘44

Member of Ch.

Miss Cora T. Mott

d. Jan. 29-‘45

Member from 3/28/1882

Mrs. Jennette Carman

d. Feb. 8-‘45

Non Member here

Albert Lewis Deane

d. Mch. 9-‘45


Robert Baird

d. Apr. 2, 1945

in Jersey City

Mark Fitton

Buried Apr. 14-‘45

(Body in vault in Winter)

(Above Reported to



Curtis Snyder

d. May 24-‘45

Non Member

Mrs. Mary J. Gonnerman

d. June 22-‘45

Non Member

Ray L. DeHyse

d. Aug. 1-‘45

   “         “

Miss Nora Bogardus

d. Aug. 6-‘45

Member; D. in Kingston

Mrs. E. C. Titus

d. Aug. 24, 1945

Member of this Church

Fred Storey

d. Aug. 27-’45

in Nyack, N. Y.;

Non Member

Mrs. August Coster

d. Sept. 25-‘45

in Hudson; [Non Member]

Mrs. Sarah J. Wynkoop

d. Oct. 14-‘45

in Hartford, Conn.;

 Non Member

Mrs. Kate M. Rockefeller

d. Nov. 21-‘45

Member of this Ch.

John H. Maurer

d. Nov. 26-‘45

In Jersey City;

Non Member

George Blackall Gonnerman

d. Jan. 2-‘46

Non Member

Mrs. Eliz. Machasana

Buried Jan. 14-‘46


Mrs. George L. (Levinia) Pulis

d. Feb. 5-‘46

Non Member here;

Member in Kingston

Clifford Fredenburg

d. Feb. 24-‘46

Non Member

Noah Francis Clark

d. Mch. 21-‘46


Mrs. Wm. H. Person

d. Mch. 27-‘46

      “     ; Aged 87

(Above reported to



Charles Elliott Russell

d. May 9-‘46

Non Member

Dr. Louis H. Holden

d. July 9-‘46

Non Member; Former

Professor at N. Brunswick, N. J. Theological Seminary

John Cumming

d. July 31-‘46

Non Member

Fred Ellenburg

d. in Kingston Aug. 4-‘46

Committal service

Mrs. Johanna Rusack

d. Oct. 11-‘46

Non Member

Miss Elizabeth Fitch

d. Oct. 13-‘46

Member; aged c. 95

Anna P. Betts

d. Nov. 18-‘46


Henry Van Dyke Smith

d. Nov. 20-‘46

Non Member

Arlington E. Gelsin

d. Nov. 20-‘46

Non Member

Mrs. Anna M. Garling

d. Feb. 7-‘47

Member since 1875

William Henry Cook

of Leeds

d. Mch. 2-‘47

Non Member of Ch.

Mrs. Mary Eliz. Young

d. Mch. 2-‘47

Non Member; 95+ yrs.

Albert D. Lennon

d. Mch. 5-‘47

Aged 51; Non Member

Mrs. Harriet Rightmeyer

Du Mond

d. Mch. 15-‘47

Non Member

Mrs. Helen May Hale

d. Mch. 21-’47 in N.Y. City

Non Member

J. Howard Austin

d. Mch. 23-‘47

Elder of Ch.;

Devoted member

(Above Reported to



Lewis A. Freese

d. Apr. 29-‘47

Elder & Trustee of Ch.

Dr. Lawrence M. Schmidt

d. May 4-‘47

Member of Ch.

Gilbert MacFarland

d. July 13-‘47

Non Member

Miss Elizabeth Yost

d. Aug. 8-‘47

Non Member of Ch.

Herbert Hooker

d. Sept. 25-‘47

Non Member of Ch.

Mrs. Wm. C. Tice

d. Oct. 19-‘47

Member of Ch.







Mrs. Marie Mink


Member of Church

Mrs. Emily Cairns


Member of Church

Edward Miller

d. 2/26/48


Mrs. Anna Kaufmann

d. 4/9/48


Mrs. Fannie V. D. Smith

d. 4/23/48


Richard E. Falke

d. 5/4/48


Philip Pousont

d. 5/22/48


Mrs.        Sherman



Mrs. Mary A. Egnor

d. 9/13/48


George Lorenz

d. 10/9/48


John W. McMenamy

d. 10/17/48


Miss Emma H. Stevens

d. 10/30/48     Committal


Mrs. Emma Byrd Crofts

d. 11/1/48


Henry F. Place

d. 11/24/48

Member of Church




Miss Mary L. Hale

d. 1/5/49

Member of Church

Waldo Hunt

d. 1/28/49


Mrs. Elizabeth S. Beardsley

d. 2/19/49

Member of Church

Milton A. Young

d. 4/12/49

Member of Church

Mrs. Ida M. Miller

d. 4/28/49


Mrs. Adeline R. Chrysler

d. 5/11/49


William B. Duncan

d. 1/49

Non-Member (Committal)

Miss Julia comfort

d. 5/25/49

Non-Member (Committal)

Mrs. Julia M. B. Williams

d. 6/6/49

Member of Church

William E. Thorpe

d. 8/11/49


Mrs. Pansy Mae Brandow

d. 9/6/49


Horace R. Moore

d. 9/24/49


William L. Rice

d. 10/23/49


Kenneth E. Decker

d. 10/25/49


William A. Rockefeller

d. 11/5/49





Miss Florence Timmerman

d. 1/19/50

Member of Church

Jerry Deane

d. 2/8/50


Charles S. Young

d. 3/8/50


Miss Katherine A. Edwards

d. 4/10/50

Member of Church

Mrs. Lillian C. Bainbridge

d. 6/20/50


Mrs. Adaline W. Spalding

d. 3/10/50

Non-Member (Committal)

Walter W. Countryman

d. 6/28/50


Mrs. Katherine S. Person

d. 7/4/50

Non-Member (Committal)

Mrs. Mary H. Armitage

d. 7/23/50


Miss Mary A. Spalding

d. 7/29/50

Member of Church

Theodore F. Lange

d. 9/6/50


Stephen Mills

d. 9/28/50


Mrs. Carrie M. Clarke

d. 11/24/50

Member of Church

James Hendricks

d. 12/29/50


Miss M. Olive Newell

d. 1/1/51


Howard C. Wilbur

d. 2/12/51


William H. Steenburn

d. 2/17/51


Edgar Johnston

d. 2/19/51


Mrs. Estella S. Timmerman

d. 2/21/51


Mrs. Ida Blackett Low

d. 3/11/51


Miss Ella Howell

d. 4/8/51


Mrs. Elfreda F. Van Loan

d. 5/15/51


James W. Webster

d. 5/15/51


Mrs. Mildred E. Mathers

d. 5/25/51


Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hartman

d. 5/25/51


Miss Margaret Rifley

d. 9/24/51

Member (Service by Mr. Hansen)

Nelson Eugene Weed

d. 2/21/52


Frederick Hill

d. 3/4/52


Anna M. Hale

d. 3/8/52


Elizabeth Dean

d. 7/28/52


Emma W. Jones

d. 9/3/52


Kate P. Russ

d. 9/4/52


Philip Elmendorf

d. 12/20/52


Julia Lucas

d. 4/20/52


James Henry Worth

d. 7/2/52


Mary Brown Hammer

d. 2/27/53


Mrs. Charles Herbert

d. 4/4/53


Frank A. Ruf

d. 4/30/53



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