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Church Membership
1816 - 1831

Transcribed from R.W. Vosburgh's original transcription of the First Volume of the records from the Second Presbyterian Church in West Durham, completed in 1920. Donated by the Durham Center Museum and retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

May 7, 1816 Names of the Members Belonging to the Church when Organized:
Deacon Benjamin Hubbard and Huldah his Wife (Dead)
Josiah Gilbert and Hannah his Wife (Dead)
Elihu Moss and Hannah his Wife (Dead)
Elam Finch and Esther his Wife (Dead)
Erastus Day and Amelia his Wife
Giles Sutton and Mary his Wife (Dead)
Samuel Scovil and Rosannah (Dead)
Alvin Doty (Removed) and Melinda his Wife (Removed)
Nathaniel E. Doty (Removed) and Nancy his Wife (Removed)
William Ingraham and Hester his Wife (Dead)
Stephen Scovil and Widow Hannah Waid
Wells Finch (Dead)
Betsey, Wife of Giles Ingraham (Removed)
Elam Finch Jr. (Removed)
Eunice, Wife of Charles Broughton
Clarrissa, Wife of Samuel Toles
Jerusha, Wife of Jesse Brainard
Rhoda, Wife of Joshua Nowlin (Dead)
Experience, Wife of Thomas Scovil (Dead)
Widow Temperance Doty (Dead)
Sybil, Wife of John Newell (Dead)
Julia, Wife of William Doty (Removed)
Anna Scovil (Dead)
Esther Finch, Daughter of E. Finch (Dead)

Admitted September 1, 1816:
Sybil Hubbard
Eliza Gilbert (Dead)
Melinda Warner
Lucinda Hubbard
Mahala Houghtailing (Removed)
Clark Finch (Removed)

Admitted November 3, 1816:
Thankful, Wife of Adney Clark (Dismissed)
Marget Gilbert (Dead)
Emma Moss (Dead)
Phebe Warner

Admitted by Letter from Plainfield, Massachusetts, January 1817:
Rev. James Jewell

Admitted July 6, 1817:
Widow Jane Brainard (Dead)

Admitted by letter from the church in Windham December 1, 1818:
Hannah, Wife of Elam Finch Jun. (Removed)
Widow Sarah Newman

Admitted September 5, 1819:
Elizabeth, Wife of Sylvester A(n)drus
Elizabeth, Wife of Israel Hubbard

Admitted November 7, 1819:
Esther Hubbard

Admitted March 5, 1820:
William S Fowler, his Wife admitted same day (Both dead).

Admitted January 6, 1822:
Julia, Wife of Clark Boughton
Eunice Scovill
Axie Scovill
Patty Rodgers (Dead)
Scinthia Waid
Armenia E Humphrey
Mary Moss (Dead)
Polly, Wife of Andrew, a Black woman
Beeri Waid
Erastus Day Jun. (Dead)

Admitted March 3, 1822:
Samuel Scovill Jun. (Dead)
Sophia, Wife of Samuel Scovil Jun (Removed)
Chloe Warriner (Dead)
Hepsibah Clark (Removed)
Anne Hubbard (Removed)
Rebekah Ingraham

Admitted November 3, 1822:
Rebekah Coe admited by letter from the Church of Christ in Plainfield, MA (Dead)

Admitted by letter in 1822 from the Church of Christ in Southington, Connecticut:
Jared Clark (removed) and his Wife (Dead)

Admitted September 2, 1827:
Thomas Scovil
Levi Brainard

Admitted November 4, 1827:
Joseph Fellows by letter (Dead)
Lydia, wife of L.H. Fellows (Dead)
Betsey, Wife of Justin Finch (Moved)

Admitted January 4, 1829:
William Doty
Carlos C Day
Lucy A Gilbert, having been previously examined and propounded (Removed)

Admitted July 5, 1829:
Rhoda Kirtland
Sarah Coe, by letter
Nabby Newman, upon a profession of faith having been previously examined

Admitted September 20, 1829:
Mrs. Martha Coe
Ephraim Coe and his Wife, by letter

Admitted by letter November 1, 1829:
Ruel P Bascom and Electa his wife

Admitted November 7, 1830:
Levi B. Gilbert
Susan Brisack

Admitted July 3, 1831:
Thankful Moss
Bathsheba Gilbert

Admitted by letter November 6, 1831:
? Austin
29 by profession

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