Civil War Soldiers of 

Typed by Annette Campbell from J.B. Beers, History of Greene County, Published 1884

Francis Buckley 30th NY '61
Samuel Brandow 80th NY '64
William H. Brandow 80th NY Jan '64
John H. Brandow Pvt. Co B 43rd Inf 14 Jan '64          
Robert Brandow 26th NY Jan '64
Michael T. Byrnes 69th NY Sep 28 '64
John Beardsley Col. 9th Cav Nov 5 '61 res. 8 Apr '63
Isaac N. Brooks 120th NY Aug '62
Rowland Brooks 139th NY 15 Jan '64
S. J. Briggs 120th NY 22 Aug '62
Caleb C. Brady 159th NY Jan '64
George Bogardus 15th Cav 18 Oct '61
William Bogardus 5th Cav 17 Oct '61
Louis Cazen 32nd NY 1 Sep '61
James H. Coe 159th NY Jan '61
Peter Coon 91st NY 3 Sep '64
Jacob Coon Feb '64
Isaac Collier 6th Cav Aug '61
Jacob H. Collier Sep '63
William H. Conine Oct '61
John Daskern
Alexander Day
Castle Day
John M. Day
William Decker 1st Art Oct '62
Thomas Dora 2nd NY 10 Oct '61
George Dingo
Richard Flagg 168th NY Aug '62
James G. Foster, Capt.
Ira D. French 102nd NY 20 Sep '64
Addison Gardner 93rd NY 21 Nov '61
John W. Gardner Jun '63
August Goeler 120th NY Apr '62 Drum Major
Nelson O. Green 120th NY 22 Jul '62
Thomas Greenwood 54th NY Oct '63
Joseph Haddon 102nd NY 2 Sep '63
Barney Hallenbeck 120th NY 6 May '62 dis. 15 Dec '65
Jacob Hallenbeck
Nathan H. Hallenbeck 8th NY 2 Apr '62
Edward Harrington 4th Art Jan '64
Frank A. Haviland 143rd NY Aug '61
Charles F. Hazel 80th NY 9 Feb '64
George Hazel 31st NY Jan '64
James Hoaks 102nd NY 14 Sep '61
James Hoaks 80th NY 12 Nov '61
William H. Hosford 120th NY 7 Aug '62 k. at Gettysburg, PA
David M. Jackson 46th NY Aug '64
Jacob June
Jacob Jerome 120th NY 2 Aug '62
Jesse June
Justus June
Thomas June 95th NY Aug '62
John Kennedy
John Kelts 91st NY 31 Aug '64
Patrick Kilfire 159th NY 25 Jan '64
Edwin Lee Battery B 1st IL 2nd Jan '64
John Lee 120th NY 22 Aug '61 dis 5 Jun '65
John H. Lee 120th NY 22 Aug '62
Oscar Lewis 159th NY Jan '64
Charles B. Lucas 5th Cav Nov '62
David B. Manning 1st CT Jan '64
Martin Manning 112th NY Feb '65
Foster Nichols 1st Lt 9th Cav Feb '61 dis 17 Jul '65
George S. Nichols Maj 9th Cav Nov '61 dis 17 Jul '65
Lysander Pelton 7 Sep '64
Frank Perry
Jacob Perry 47th NY 3 Sep '61
Theodore Perry 15th Hvy Art Nov '63
Robert Poultney Sgt 5th Cav Oct '61
Samuel Prosser 91st NY
James Rainey 120th NY
James Raymond 133rd NY
Charles Raymond 133rd NY Oct '63
James B. Raymond 30th NY
Storm Reeves
Addison Scutt 146th NY 24 Jan '64
Isaac P. Seaman Bat D 5th Art Feb '61
James H. Seaman 56th NY Jun '61

Joshua Seaman 19th NY Aug '61
Sylvester Seaman 168th NY Aug '62
Samuel Seares Mar '64
William Seares Mar '64
George Sherman Sgt 47th NY 1 Sep '61
Noah C. Shurrager 8th NY 4 Mar '61
Andrew Spencer Feb '63
John H. Spencer Aug '62
Joseph M. Spencer
John Stanton 91st NY Apr '64
Peter Stanton 63rd NY 14 Aug '62
William Stillick
Lawrence A. Teal 30th NY 7 May '61
William K. Thompson 15th NY
James Tiffany 159th NY 24 Jun '64
Justus Traverse 5th Cav Sep '61
Henry True 91st NY
John E. VanHoesen 9th Art
John VanHoesen 91st
Charles VanDeusen 71st NY Sep '62
Chancellor VanLoan 51st NY 20 Apr '64
Isaac VanLoan 95th NY 16 Dec '61
Lyman W.VanLoan 8th MA Apr '61
Hiram Williams 8th NY 3 Oct '63
Edward Woolford 7th Art 11 Aug '62
Eugene Woolford 15 Dec '64
William Woolford 8th Cav 12 Apr '65

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