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Greene County Men in the Civil War by Regiment

Submitted by Doug Thomsen, former Town Historian for the Town of Durham, and currently Curator at the Durham Center Museum

Information collected from various resources within Greene County and from New York State Records.  Names of the men from the 120th regiment are typed as they appear in the book, "The One Hundred and Twentieth Regiment New York State Volunteers", by Cornelius Van Santvoord, 1894.

Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

1st New York State Mounted Rifles
E. L. Bailey, enlisted Chatham, buried Catskill

Company A, Light New York Cavalry
Luther Stickles, buried Coxsackie

2nd New York State Cavalry
Charles W. Beatty
Francis Church, enlisted New York City, buried New Baltimore
Edward C. Garrigan, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Coxsackie
John H. Marshall, enlisted New York City, buried New Baltimore

2nd United States Cavalry
Charles P. Myers, buried Catskill

3rd New York State Cavalry
Lucius Decker, buried Coxsackie

4th New York State Cavalry
Edward Decker, enlisted Jewett
Reuben Ives Delong, enlisted Windham, buried Ashland
William Fairchild, enlisted Windham
John Finley, enlisted New York City, buried Coxsackie
Jacob Haines, enlisted Hunter
James E. Haines, enlisted Hunter
Ezra Heustis, enlisted Hunter
Egbert Jones, enlisted Windham
Joseph Kerr, enlisted Hunter
George W. Leake, enlisted Greene County
Harlow Miller, enlisted Windham, buried Windham
Benjamin F. Mills, enlisted Jewett
Andrew Overbaugh, enlisted Yonkers, buried Catskill
Peter Overbaugh, enlisted New York City
Asahel Sutton, enlisted New York City, buried Windham
Monroe Truesdell
Edwin Van Valkenburgh, enlisted Jewett
Lester B. West, enlisted Jewett
Daniel T. Winter, enlisted Jewett

5th New York State Cavalry
Dewitt Acker, enlisted Catskill
Martin Aret, enlisted Athens
Henry A. Blanchard, enlisted Catskill
George A. Bogardus, enlisted Athens, buried Athens
Jeremiah Bogardus, enlisted Athens
William H. Bogardus, enlisted Athens, buried Athens
Lewis Brandeau, enlisted Athens
Andrew Bridgeman, enlisted Athens
George S. Clough, enlisted Athens
Jeremiah J. Clough, enlisted Athens
William H. Conine, enlisted Athens
Edwin Crandall, enlisted Oak Hill
Jacob Deer, enlisted Catskill
Ira Delong, enlisted Catskill, buried Catskill
William H. Dennis, enlisted Catskill
Orlean Dewitt, enlisted Oak Hill
Arthur M. Dietz, enlisted Oak Hill
Eugene D. Dimmick, enlisted Athens
A. Dutry, enlisted Oak Hill
W.H. Edwards, enlisted Athens
Godfred Frank, enlisted Catskill
Philip L. Fulton, enlisted Athens
John H. Hanes, enlisted Athens
John D. Haney, enlisted Catskill
John Harvey, enlisted Catskill
John Havey, enlisted Athens
Charles W. Hollenbeck, enlisted Athens
Eugene Hollenbeck, enlisted Athens
Goodrich J. Horton, enlisted Athens
William H. Johnson, enlisted Athens
Henry Kiveland, enlisted Athens
Levi F. Loa, enlisted Catskill
Axel S. Lohman, enlisted Athens
Abraham Lowe, enlisted Catskill
L. Lowe, enlisted Athens
Charles B. Lucas, enlisted Athens
L. Mathews, enlisted Athens
George A. Matthews, enlisted Athens
William H. Mead, enlisted Athens
Charles Minehly, enlisted Athens
Philip H. Moore, enlisted Athens
Oney Paine, enlisted Catskill
Samuel Phistre, enlisted Athens
George F. Plemley, enlisted Catskill
Peter Rafferty, enlisted Oak Hill
J. Rainey, enlisted Athens
John W. Rowe, enlisted Athens
George W. Rugg, enlisted Oak Hill
John Ryan, enlisted Athens
Michael Ryan, enlisted Athens
Caumi Sanders, enlisted Catskill
Samuel Seaman, enlisted Athens
John W. Shoemaker, enlisted Catskill
Frank Smidt, enlisted Catskill
Charles D. Smith, enlisted Catskill
John Spahn, enlisted Catskill, buried Catskill
Andrew R. Spencer, enlisted Athens
Edward Ten Eyck
Justus Travis, enlisted Athens, buried Athens
Jacob H. Van Loan, enlisted Athens
Richard Wait, enlisted Catskill
William P. Waldorph, enlisted Athens
Edward Wallace, enlisted Athens
William H. Whitcomb, enlisted Catskill, buried Coxsackie
Samuel Williams, enlisted Catskill
Peter Winne, enlisted Oak Hill
Henry N. Woodbridge, enlisted Athens
Frederick Zimmerman, enlisted Catskill, buried Catskill
Jacob Zimmerman, enlisted Catskill

6th New York State Cavalry
John Delamater, enlisted New York City, buried New Baltimore
John B. Jewell, enlisted Hudson, buried Palenville
William H. Race, buried Cairo

8th New York State Cavalry
Alfred Bennett, buried Cairo
Jules Mallay, buried Cairo

15th New York State Cavalry
James L. Benjamin, buried Palenville

16th New York State Cavalry
Salmon J. Mott

18th New York State Cavalry
Henry Andrus, buried Cairo
James Lake
William J. True, enlisted Albany, buried Athens
Franklin Weed, buried Prattsville
Stephen Wren, buried Coxsackie

20th New York State Cavalry
John R. Smith, enlisted Albany, buried Athens

21st New York State cavalry
C.W. Carman, buried Coxsackie
Charles H. O’Conner, buried Coxsackie

25th New York State Cavalry
Jesse Bancher, enlisted Greene County
Jerome E. Brown, enlisted Greene County
John Brown, enlisted Greene County
Simon Culver, enlisted Greene County
Henry Daniels, enlisted Greene County
Charles Dietrich, enlisted Greene County
Rosher P. Harvey, enlisted Greene County
Theodore Heine, enlisted Greene County
Richard Hudnut, enlisted Greene County
James W. Ketchum, enlisted Greene County
Frederick Lorens, enlisted Greene County
Reginald McDonald, enlisted Greene County
Wallace K. May, enlisted Greene County
Levi J. Newton, enlisted Greene County
George W. Nostrant, enlisted Greene County
Martin Redmond, enlisted Greene County
Edward H. Rorabeck, enlisted Greene County
John Sherlock, enlisted Greene County
Thomas Stewart, enlisted Greene County
Allen Vanderburgh, enlisted Greene County

8th New York State Militia
Frank Oakley, buried Cairo

10th New York State Infantry
William Melton, buried New Baltimore

12th New York State Infantry
Wellington Howell

20th New York State Militia (aka 80th New York State Volunteers)
John P.K. Ackley
Wellington C. Allen, enlisted in Prattsville
George W. Angle
Hiram S. Angle, enlisted Lexington
Phillip S. Angle, enlisted in Lexington
Gould P. Austin
Charles J. Baker
Jonathan Baldwin
Riley Baldwin
Sherwood Banks, enlisted Kingston
Richard Barber, enlisted Westkill
Joseph Barlow
Henry M. Barnum
Owen Beach
Romain/Romeyn Beach, enlisted Windham
Russell W. Bennett
Cyrastus H. Betts
Wesley Blaisdell
Philip Blakesley
James Bloodgood, buried Lexington
James Bonesteel, enlisted Lexington
Orrin Bowin
Huron Brandon
George Bray
Oliver Bray
Peter Brazee
Amos Briggs, enlisted Windham
Joseph Bronk
Charles W. Bullis, enlisted Cairo
Alinas Butler
Eber Butler
George Butler, enlisted Lexington
Jackson Butler
Linas Butler, enlisted Lexington
Rensselaer Butler
Wellington Butler
William Butler, enlisted Lexington
William Cahoe
Amos J. Carle
Peter S. Carle
Michael Caughlin
Francis B. Chamberlain
Walter Chapman
Edward Christian
Orlando Clark
Isaac Cleaver
Newton Cleaver
Charles Cole
George W. Cole
John Cole
Daniel D. Colpaush
Jeremiah Connolly, buried Catskill
Standish Cornish
Ezra A. Cornwall
Charles Crandell
Barney Cunningham, enlisted Lexington
William H. Cunningham, enlisted Lexington
John O. Decker
Lucius H. Decker
Martin V. Decker, enlisted Westkill
Peter Decker
Thomas Decker
Spencer Dederick, enlisted Kingston, buried New Baltimore
Andrew Dile
George H. Distin
Henry S. Distin
William R. Dopp, enlisted Lexington
Romeyn Dougherty
Daniel H. Douglass
Albert Downs, enlisted Lexington
David Downs, enlisted Lexington
Robert Downs, enlisted Greene County
James Doyle
Addison J. Dunham, enlisted Lexington
Duane C. Dutcher
Lafayette Dutcher
John Eaton, enlisted Kingston, buried New Baltimore
Lewis B. Edwards
Charles E. Enoe
Peter Ererson
Henry Fairchild, enlisted Lexington
William Fairchild, enlisted Lexington
Michael Farrel
Albines Fiero, enlisted Westkill
Conrad Fiero
Franklin Finch
George Finch
Apollis Fink, enlisted Ashland
Jacob Fister
John Foster, enlisted Kingston, buried New Baltimore
Stephen Freligh
William S. Freligh, enlisted Kingston, buried Coxsackie
Delos Frisbee, enlisted Greene County
Roswell Fuller, enlisted Windham
William Fuller, enlisted Windham
John Gaffney, enlisted Prattsville
James Gannon
Charles Garland
Robert Giles, enlisted Lexington
William Gleason, enlisted Greene County
Daniel Greenwood, enlisted Kingston, buried Greenville
Emerson D. Griffin
George Griffin, enlisted Halcott
Lewis G. Griffin, enlisted Lexington
Albert Hadden
James M. Halland, enlisted Greene County
James L. Halleck, enlisted Cairo
William Hallenbeck, enlisted Cairo
Constant C. Hanks
John Hanord, enlisted Kingston, buried Durham
William Hapeman, enlisted Kingston, buried Cairo
William H. Haulenbeck
Addison S. Hayes, enlisted Kingston, buried Greenville
Lorenzo B. Healy
William Henson, enlisted Windham
Alonzo Hitchcock, enlisted Durham, buried Cairo
Chauncey Hogeboom, enlisted Lexington
John Holmes, enlisted Greene County
Asa Holms
George Hood
James Hook
Abram Hoose
William H. Hoose, buried Coxsackie
Stephen Houghtaling , enlisted Lexington
Daniel Howard, enlisted Albany, buried Windham
George Howard
Stephen D. Howard, enlisted Lexington
Homer Hues
George L. Hughson
Aaron B. Hull, enlisted Lexington
Alexander Humphrey, enlisted Lexington
George Humphrey
Annanias Hyatt
Alfred Johnson
Brayton Johnson, enlisted Lexington
James Johnston
Asa Jones
Eli Jones
Ezekial D. Jones
Francis W. Jones
Frederick Jones
George Jones
Norman L. Jones
William Jones
Dennis Judd
Henry M. Judd
Jehial J. Judd
William Judson
Lorenzo Kibby
Richard Lake, enlisted Lexington
John Lane
James A. Lewis, enlisted Westkill
Thomas H. Lewis, enlisted Prattsville
Lorenzo Lockwood
Horatio Lord
Norman Lord
George W. Lyke, enlisted Windham
Andrew J. Maben
Willis Mackley
James Mansfield
John Marshall
Joseph Marshall
Smith McCoon
Abram Miller
Abram D. Miller
Albert A. Miller, enlisted Kingston, buried Cairo
James C. Moe
Alonzo Mondore, buried Prattsville
Adam Moore
Delas More
Henry H. More
Silas Morrison
George Moshier
John Myer
Abram Nelson
Henry J. Newell
Roger O’Donell
Franklin Palmatier
John C. Parks
George W. Pete
James Pierce
John H. Pierce
John Proper
James E. Quick
Gideon B. Reynolds, enlisted Lexington
John B. Rider
Francis Riley
John Riley, enlisted Greene County
William Rose
Joseph Rowe, buried Palenville
Barthlameu Ryan
Caleb Sanford
Charles Schoonmaker, enlisted Cairo
Henry Scutt, enlisted Kingston, buried Oak Hill
William Shaffer, enlisted Lexington
Lewis Showers
Lewis M. Showers
Charles A. Simmons, enlisted Kingston, buried Durham
Andrew J. Smith, enlisted Windham
George W. Smith
Isaac Smith
James Smith, enlisted Lexington
William F. Smith, enlisted Halcott
John H. Spencer
Martin Spencer, enlisted Acra
James Stevens, buried Greenville
Edward Thompson, enlisted Greene County
James E. Thompson, enlisted Lexington
Benjamin Thorington
Henry Tompkins
Orin M. Tompkins, enlisted Westkill
John C. Towner
Virgil Towner
Warren Travis
Hiram Travise
Amos C. Treat
Nelson J. Tryan
Levi Turk
Abram R. Van Buskirk, enlisted Kingston, buried Coxsackie
George H. Van Loan
Mark S. Van Loan, buried Catskill
Henry Van Valkenburgh
James M. Van Valkenburgh
John P. Van Valkenburgh
Monroe H. Van Valkenburgh
Nicholas Van Valkenburgh
Peter V. Van Valkenburgh
George O. Van Wagoner
Peter H. Van Wagoner
Charles A. Vedder
John Wardell
John Warner
Tallmadge Warriner, enlisted Kingston, buried Windham
Charles H. Webster
Jonathan B. Webster, buried Cairo
Stephen Webster, buried Catskill
Albin West
Francis F. Wheeler
Samuel J. White
George B. Wolcott
Madison J.C. Woodsworth
William S. Woodworth, enlisted Jewett, buried Durham
Eliakem Wright
John M. Young, enlisted Kingston, buried Catskill

20th New York State Infantry
George W. Cole, buried Palenville

22nd New York State Infantry
Henry H. Bates, enlisted Glens Falls, buried Oak Hill

23rd New York State Infantry
Orrin M. Wood, enlisted Waverly

25th New York State Infantry
John W. Nasholts, buried Catskill

26th New York State Infantry
Peter Cinnamon, buried Catskill

27th New York State Infantry
John L. Bailey, buried New Baltimore

30th New York State Infantry
Jacob Wentworth, buried Coxsackie

31st New York State Infantry
John Hert, buried Catskill
John Reichart, buried Cairo

35th New York State Infantry
Abram N. Spoor

38th New York State Infantry
Edward Carman, buried Coxsackie
Michael Dowling, buried Coxsackie

41st New York State Infantry
Samuel W. Denniston, enlisted Albany, buried Catskill
James A. Winner, enlisted Saugerties, buried Palenville

43rd New York State Infantry
John H. Brandow, enlisted Ancram, buried Catskill
Thomas Edwards, buried Athens
Edgar Elmendorf
Jacob June, buried Athens
Samuel June, buried Leeds
Joseph Nifer, enlisted Albany, buried Catskill
Henry Van Zandt, buried Coxsackie
Alexander Young, buried Catskill

44th New York State Infantry
Kingsley Baker, enlisted Albany, buried Durham
Samuel C. Brown, enlisted Albany, buried Cairo
George W. Edwards, enlisted Albany
Frederick O. Friar, enlisted Albany
Henry W. Mead, enlisted Albany, buried New Baltimore
William Riley, enlisted Catskill
Hurley Roberts, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Catskill
Nicholas Russell
Webster Shaffer
John E. Stewart, enlisted Albany
William H. Vandenburgh, enlisted Albany, buried Coxsackie

47th New York State Infantry
Michael A.J. Edwards
Alonzo E. Lewis, buried Coxsackie
Eugene Vanbuskirk, buried Coxsackie
Alanson H. Wardin, enlisted New York City, buried Coxsackie
Warren M. Worden, enlisted Brooklyn, buried Coxsackie

48th New York State Infantry
Jeremiah Whitbeck, enlisted Troy, buried New Baltimore

51st New York State Infantry
Madison Mondore, buried Prattsville

54th New York State Infantry
Francis Riley, buried Coxsackie

56th New York State Infantry
Frederick Glattacker, buried Catskill
William H. Jackson, buried Catskill
Westbrook Krom, buried Coxsackie

57th New York State Infantry
James Y. Edwards, buried Palenville
J. Wesley Howard, buried Windham
Peter C. Sax, buried Catskill

58th New York State Infantry
John Bausenwein, buried Catskill

61st New York State Infantry
William J. Bennett, buried Cairo
Tunis Marshall, buried New Baltimore

65th New York State Infantry
Michael Fowley, buried Catskill

69th New York State Militia
John Butler, buried Catskill

70th New York State Infantry
Florence H. Chatfield, buried Prattsville
Roswell S. Harris, buried Jewett

74th New York State Infantry
Frederick Kennedy, buried Greenville

77th New York State Infantry
Joseph Jerome, enlisted Mohawk, buried Coxsackie

79th New York State Infantry
Edward Gedney, buried Coxsackie

82nd New York State Infantry
Thomas Fletcher, buried Coxsackie

84th New York State Infantry
Lawrence Benton, enlisted Brooklyn, buried Durham

88th New York State Infantry
Thomas G. Garrigan, buried Coxsackie

89th New York State Infantry
George W. Ferous
Lafayette Ferous

90th New York State Infantry
John Daily, buried Athens

91st New York State Infantry
Stephen Bagley, enlisted Albany, buried New Baltimore
Platt Barker, enlisted Albany, buried Cornwallville
Aaron C. Betts, enlisted Greene County, buried Cairo
Thomas Bucannan, enlisted Greene County
Oscar T. Culins, enlisted Catskill
John Defore, enlisted Greene County
Daniel Denoyelles, enlisted Greene County
James Dewitt, enlisted Catskill
John Donnelly, enlisted Greene County
Nelson Easland, enlisted Albany, buried Athens
James Evans, enlisted Troy
Jacob Finch, enlisted Hudson, buried Cairo
William H. Frazier, enlisted Greene County
William C. Gillis, enlisted Green County
Nicholas Groben, enlisted Albany, buried Greenville
William Harris, enlisted Greene County
John L. Hilzinger, buried Greenville
Richard H. Jones, enlisted Troy, buried Greenville
Joseph Kelly, enlisted Greene County
Abram Kennedy, enlisted Athens
Adonijah Miner, enlisted Albany, buried New Baltimore
Isaac Nebenburg, enlisted Kinderhook, buried Coxsackie
George Owens, enlisted Catskill
Spencer Phillips, enlisted Port Hudson, LA, buried Coxsackie
Joshua Pike, enlisted Greene County
Allen Potter, enlisted Greene County
George A. Powell, enlisted Albany, buried New Baltimore
John Powers, enlisted Catskill
Patrick Scanlon, enlisted Greene County
Andrew Serafford, enlisted Greene County
Newton Soules, enlisted Albany, buried New Baltimore
James A. Sweet, enlisted Albany, buried New Baltimore
James Taylor, enlisted Albany, buried Oak Hill
Addison Thorp, enlisted Greene County
Daniel H. True, enlisted Albany, buried Athens
Daniel Warren, enlisted Catskill
William W. Wilkens, enlisted Catskill
John W. Wilson, enlisted Greene County
Nathaniel W. Wood, enlisted Troy, buried Coxsackie

95th New York State Infantry
James Gardner, enlisted New York City, buried Catskill
James Lane, enlisted New York City, buried Catskill
John Lorton, enlisted New York City, buried Durham
William Allen Pennoyer, enlisted New York City, buried Catskill
William C. Plank, enlisted New York City, buried Leeds

97th New York State Infantry
William B. Hill, enlisted Brooklyn, buried Catskill

98th New York State Infantry
Isaac Van Loan

100th New York State Infantry
Enoch Walters

102nd New York State Infantry
George Barlow, enlisted Cairo, buried North Bay
William Caniff
Edward Carpenter
Benjamin W. Grant
William Hill, enlisted Cairo, buried Cairo
James Hooks, enlisted Roundout, buried Athens
Aaron U.S. Rouse
James B. Rouse
George Saxe, buried Catskill
Frank Story, buried Catskill
Charles Towbridge
John Van Dyke, enlisted Gilboa, buried Catskill
Isaac Van Steenburgh, enlisted Roundout
? Van Stenburg, buried Catskill
John N. Wilson

104th New York State Infantry
Peter Houghtaling, enlisted Hartford, buried Greenville

113th New York State Infantry
Harvey A. Baldwin, enlisted Rensselaerville, buried Oak Hill
James Houghtaling, enlisted Albany, buried New Baltimore

114th New York State Infantry
James R. Collier, enlisted Brookfield, buried New Baltimore

116th New York State Infantry
John Akeley, buried Catskill

120th New York State Infantry
Epinetus B. Abrams, enlisted Greenville
William Abrams, enlisted Greenville
John W. Akens, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Coxsackie
Gideon H. Alberti, enlisted Prattsville
John J. Ashley Jr., enlisted Catskill
Nathan Augustus, enlisted Durham, buried Oak Hill
William M. Austin, enlisted Greenville, buried Greenville
John Ballard, enlisted Prattsville, buried Prattsville
Henry Balser, enlisted Catskill, buried Catskill
Sherwood Banks, enlisted Durham
George P. Barber, enlisted Catskill
Ayers G. Barker, enlisted Greenville
Asa Beach, enlisted Lexington
Arthur W. Beattie, enlisted Coxsackie
William H. H. Beattie, enlisted Coxsackie
Henry C. Bell, enlisted Coxsackie
Theodore F. Bell, enlisted Coxsackie
William H. Bell, enlisted Catskill
Reuben Bellows, enlisted Coxsackie
George W. Benjamin, enlisted Hunter
Horatio Benjamin, enlisted Lexington
John W. Benjamin, enlisted Hunter
William H. Benjamin, enlisted Kingston
Lemuel L. Bennett, enlisted Cairo, buried Catskill
Jacob Besley, enlisted New Baltimore
John H. Betts, enlisted Cairo
John Blaisdell, enlisted Greenville
Gilbert Blight, enlisted Kingston
John A. Blodgett, enlisted Windham
Anthony Bogardus, enlisted Coxsackie
John Bonesteel, enlisted Lexington
Charles Brandow, enlisted Kingston
George Brandow, enlisted Jewett, buried Cairo
Milo Bray, enlisted Hunter
Silas W. Briggs, enlisted Athens
William D. Brizie, enlisted Lexington
Levi Brizze, enlisted Lexington
Isaac N. Brooks, enlisted Greenville
John E. Brown, enlisted Lexington
Warren Brown, enlisted Durham
William H. Brown, enlisted Catskill
David H. Bullard, enlisted Windham
Addison P. Burgess, enlisted Hunter
Allan D. Burgess, enlisted Greenville
James Butler, enlisted Prattsville
Stephen V. Calkins, enlisted Coxsackie
William C. Carey, enlisted Coxsackie
John Carr, enlisted Prattsville
Lewis L. Chappel, enlisted Cairo, buried or Durham/Cairo
Emery D. Cline, enlisted Hunter
Michael Clinton, enlisted Catskill
Abram Clough, enlisted Coxsackie
Charles Cole, enlisted Catskill
Edward Cole, enlisted Lexington
Gilbert C. Conroy, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Cairo
Isaac N. Cornell, enlisted Windham
Leonard B. Cornell, enlisted Windham
George W. Cornwall, enlisted Cairo
Henry G. Cotton
John Coyle, enlisted Catskill
Albert Craft, enlisted Ashland
John F. Crandell, enlisted Windham
Charles H. Crane, enlisted Durham
Lucius Craw, enlisted Greenville
William Currie, enlisted Ashland
William H. Currie, enlisted Kingston
Edward Curtis, enlisted Coxsackie
Francis W. Dederick, enlisted Coxsackie
Herman C. Dederick, enlisted New Baltimore
Edsell De Frate, enlisted Durham
Charles Deuble, enlisted New Baltimore, buried New Baltimore
Smith B. Dibble, enlisted Coxsackie
Putnam B. Dickerman, enlisted Jewett
James Dougherty, enlisted Ashland
Francis J. Dunham, enlisted Catskill, buried Catskill
Henry Dutcher, enlisted Prattsville
James Edwards, enlisted Catskill
Abram Eignor, enlisted Lexington
Jackson H. Eignor, enlisted Lexington
Theodore Eldrige, enlisted Greenville
William T. Emmett
Stephen Enist, enlisted Kingston, buried Catskill
James H. Everett, enlisted Durham, buried Kingston
John A. Every, enlisted Prattsville
John Exter, enlisted Coxsackie
George W. Faulkner, enlisted Catskill
Alvin B. Felt, enlisted Cairo
Henry Finch, enlisted Ashland
John B. Fish, enlisted Coxsackie
Edwin Ford, enlisted Lexington
Francis Ford, enlisted Lexington
George W. Garrison, enlisted Kingston, buried Athens
Irving T. Germain, enlisted Durham
August Goeller, enlisted Kingston, buried Athens
Emory J. Goodsell, enlisted Hunter
James M. Gorslin, enlisted Cairo, buried Cairo
Albert S. Graham, enlisted Hunter, buried Jewett
Alfred R. Graham, enlisted Hunter
Charles O. Grannis, enlisted Cairo
Minor H. Greene, enlisted Coxsackie
Nelson Orville Greene, enlisted Hunter
Samuel W. Greene, enlisted Lexington
Charles B. Griffin, enlisted Greenville
Uriah P. Griffin, enlisted Jewett
Pratt Groat, enlisted Kingston, buried Prattsville
Elbert O. Hall, enlisted Jewett
Barnett Hallenbeck, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Athens
William Hallenbeck, enlisted Durham, buried Oak Hill
William Ham, enlisted Catskill
Stephen Hann, enlisted Prattsville
Robert Hapeman, enlisted Windham, buried Windham
John Hardick, enlisted Windham
Dwight W. Hartwell, enlisted New Baltimore, buried New Baltimore
Foster Hartwell, enlisted Kingston, buried New Baltimore
Fenton Hill, enlisted Prattsville, buried Prattsville
Robert Hilton, enlisted New Baltimore, buried New Baltimore
John Hiserd, enlisted Coxsackie
William H. Hiserd, enlisted Coxsackie
Samuel F. Hitchcock, enlisted Catskill
Aaron Hoes, enlisted Jewett
Albert T. Hoffman, enlisted Coxsackie
David Hey Hoffman, enlisted Coxsackie
Edward Hollenbeck, enlisted Durham
Lansing Hollister, enlisted Coxsackie
Charles Holmes, enlisted Windham
William W. Hopkins, enlisted Windham, buried Windham
William H. Hosford, enlisted Coxsackie
Lewis Hotchkiss, enlisted Durham
Orrin W. Hotchkiss, enlisted Catskill
Martin A. Houghtaling, enlisted Coxsackie
Isaac C. Howard, enlisted Cairo, buried Cairo
Jonathan Howard, enlisted Jewett
William Wallace Hull, enlisted Ashland
Frederick Ingalls, enlisted Hunter
David Jaycox, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Coxsackie
John F. Jennie, enlisted Windham
Jacob Jerome, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Athens
Joseph F. Joesbury, enlisted Catskill
David Johnson, enlisted Jewett
William D. Johnson, enlisted Greenville
Daniel Sutherland Jones, enlisted Durham
Milo A. Jones, enlisted Jewett
Ezekial Fitzroy Judd, enlisted Windham
John C. Keller, enlisted Hunter
Henry C. Kipp, enlisted Greenville
Charles Andrew Kline, enlisted Catskill
Ambrose Knapp, enlisted Greenville, buried New Baltimore
Peter Lackey, enlisted Catskill
Philetus Lake, enlisted Greenville
Richard Lake, enlisted Lexington
Roderick Lake, enlisted Coxsackie
John Langin, enlisted New Baltimore
Alexander Layman, enlisted Durham
Chauncey Layman, enlisted Durham, buried Greenville
John H. Lee, enlisted Athens
Robert Lee, enlisted Cairo
Stewart Lee, enlisted Cairo
Lewis B. Lennon, enlisted Cairo, buried Cairo
Charles L. Lindlsey, enlisted Cairo, buried Cairo
James Linsley, enlisted Hunter
Isaac Mackey, enlisted Catskill
Timothy Majilton, enlisted Catskill
Joseph Marshall, enlisted Windham
John M. Mastling, enlisted Hunter
Hiland Maynard, enlisted Windham
Dennis McCloskey, enlisted Durham
James McCoon, enlisted Catskill
John B. McWilliams, enlisted Cairo
Stephen S. Mead, enlisted New Baltimore
John Miller
John S. Moffatt, enlisted Catskill
Thomas H. Morris, enlisted Cairo
Bartholemew Mullagan, enlisted Catskill
John M. Murphy, enlisted Prattsville
John Nagel, enlisted Catskill
Joseph S. Oakley, enlisted Catskill
Willis Olmstead, enlisted Windham
John H. Ostrander, enlisted Hunter
Theodore F. Overbaugh, enlisted Catskill, buried Catskill
Gilbert Parslow, enlisted Coxsackie, buried New Baltimore
Charles R. Payne, enlisted Windham
Lyman P. Peck, enlisted Jewett, buried Jewett
Tennant Peck Jr, enlisted Lexington
Gilbert Pettit, enlisted Lexington
James M. Pierson, enlisted Cairo
William Plimley, enlisted Catskill, buried Catskill
Dorlin J. Pond, enlisted Jewett
Orin Porter, enlisted Durham
Ezra R. Post, enlisted Durham
James D. Powell, enlisted Lexington
David S. Preston, enlisted Windham, buried Catskill
Harrison Proper, enlisted Prattsville, buried Cornwallville
Elijah Reynolds, enlisted Lexington
Ira S. Reynolds, enlisted Windham, buried Windham
William Rhodes, enlisted Catskill
George E. Rice, enlisted Jewett
James H. Richtmyer, enlisted Cairo
Alexander W. Rider, enlisted Hunter
John Rider, enlisted Catskill
David Rivenburgh, enlisted Lexington
Hiram Rockafellow, enlisted Durham
John G. Rogers, enlisted Prattsville
Almeran M. Rood, enlisted Durham
William H. Rose, enlisted Hunter
Charles Ruger, enlisted Catskill
Peter Russell, enlisted Greenville
William L. Russell, enlisted Catskill, buried Catskill
Abram P. Schermerhorn, enlisted Prattsville
William H. Schermerhorn, enlisted Catskill
Abram Scutt, enlisted Lexington
Robert B. Scutt, enlisted Cairo, buried Cairo
John George Shantz, enlisted Hunter
Andrew J. Sharp, enlisted Durham
William Shaw, enlisted Coxsackie
Milo Sheffield, enlisted Windham
John H. Shortmen, enlisted Durham
Alonzo Sickler, enlisted Coxsackie
David Silvernail, enlisted Cairo
Edgar Simpkins, enlisted Kingston, buried Greenville
Solomon M. Simpkins, enlisted Greenville
Peter Sitzer, enlisted New Baltimore
Smith Slater, enlisted Windham
John Rudolph Sleigle, enlisted Durham
Lucius K. Smalling, enlisted Hunter
Abram Smith, enlisted New Baltimore, buried New Baltimore
Allen T. Smith, enlisted Durham
Henry Smith, enlisted Durham
Henry A. Smith, enlisted Durham
John C. Smith, enlisted Ashland
Joseph P. Smith, enlisted New Baltimore, buried New Baltimore
Origen A. Smith, enlisted Durham
William T. Smith, enlisted Ashland
Edward Snyder, enlisted Windham
Martin Luther Demerest Snyder, enlisted Durham
George C. Spaunburg, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Coxsackie
Luther H. Spencer, enlisted Durham
William H. Spencer, enlisted Cairo, buried Cairo
John I. Spoor, enlisted Coxsackie
Lorenzo F. Stoddard, enlisted Cairo
Andrew Strawbinger, enlisted Cairo
Walter J. Sutherland, enlisted Durham
Francis T. Sutton, enlisted Catskill
William R. Sutton, enlisted Prattsville
Thomas G. Taylor, enlisted Catskill
Theodore Ten Broeck, enlisted Catskill
Arthur W. Thomas, enlisted Catskill
William A. Thomas, enlisted Cairo
Jeremiah S. Thompson, enlisted Ashland
George H. Tibbals, enlisted Windham
Charles W. Tompkins, enlisted Ashland
Kimber Traphagan, enlisted Lexington
James W. Trowbridge, enlisted Catskill
Lewis Tucker, enlisted Coxsackie
Emory S. Turner, enlisted Kingston
Giles Van Aiken, enlisted Windham
William H. Vandeberg, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Coxsackie
Jacob Vanderberg, enlisted Coxsackie
Robert H. Vanderberg, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Coxsackie
John Van Dyke, enlisted Catskill
Ambrose A.Van Leuven, enlisted Catskill
John W. Van Leuven, enlisted Catskill
Dennis Van Loan, enlisted Kingston
George Van Loan, enlisted Catskill
Derrick Van Schaack, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Coxsackie
Peter G. Van Schaack, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Coxsackie
William S. Van Valkenburg, enlisted Lexington
John B. Van Wie, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Coxsackie
William H. Vining, enlisted Cairo
Frederick Wagner, enlisted Coxsackie
Moses Walters, enlisted Cairo, buried Athens
Nelson Walters, enlisted Cairo
Stephen Walters, enlisted Greenville
Alfred Waterman, enlisted Ashland
Truman H. Wheeler, enlisted Durham, buried Oak Hill
Richard H. Whitbeck, enlisted Coxsackie, buried Coxsackie
George E. White, enlisted Ashland
Lawrence D. Whitman, enlisted Cairo
Francis Whittaker, enlisted Catskill
Esseck G. Wilbur
Peter Wilcox, enlisted Hunter, buried Big Hollow
Emmett F. Willard, enlisted Catskill
Joseph T. Wiltsee, enlisted Catskill
George Witsie, enlisted Cairo
Caleb Wixson, enlisted Coxsackie
Philip Francis Wolf, enlisted New Baltimore
Tunis Philip Wolf, enlisted New Baltimore
Charles P. Woolhiser, enlisted Windham
John Wright, enlisted Coxsackie
John Francis Wright, enlisted New Baltimore
Oliver Wright, enlisted Lexington, buried Oak Hill

121st New York State Infantry
Samuel Horton, buried Cairo
John B. Shove, enlisted Oneonta, buried Windham
Warren P. Smith, buried New Baltimore

125th New York State Infantry
Charles E. Bloodgood, buried Palenville
Walter K. Newcomb, enlisted Troy, buried Cornwallville

128th New York State Infantry
Jacob Carl, enlisted Hudson, buried Catskill
Lorenzo D. Ford, buried Coxsackie
John S. Hardwicke, enlisted Valatie, buried Catskill
John Christian Schiller, enlisted Livingston, buried Catskill

132nd New York State Infantry
Hugh Murphy, buried Coxsackie

133rd New York State Infantry
John/Jonathan Brennan, buried Coxsackie

134th New York State Infantry
Jacob Wyman, buried Windham

136th New York State Infantry
James D. Covert, buried Greenville

137th New York State Infantry
Abner B. Palmer, enlisted Port Crane, buried New Baltimore

140th New York State Infantry
John Hood

143rd New York State Infantry
Chester S. Morgan, enlisted Lansing, buried Catskill
James D. Morris, enlisted Forestburg, buried Durham
Hiram T. Reynolds, enlisted Highland, buried Windham

144th New York State Infantry
Wesley D. Blaisdell, enlisted Walton, buried Cairo
Jacob Makely, buried Cairo

146th New York State Infantry
Addison Scott, buried New Baltimore

155th New York State Infantry
G.T. Reeves, buried Athens
William H. Turner, enlisted Brooklyn, buried Catskill

156th New York State Infantry
James Armstrong, enlisted Hunter
Horatio N. Badgley, enlisted Greenville, buried New Baltimore
Martin Bart, enlisted Greenville
Robert K. Bennett, enlisted Greenville, buried Catskill
Nelson D. Campbell, enlisted Greenville
Thomas Campbell, enlisted Greenville
Jacob T. Chichester, enlisted Durham
Oswald L. Chittenden, enlisted Durham
Charles Daley, enlisted Greenville
Ebenezer Delamater, enlisted Greenville
Joseph Embree, buried Catskill
Henry W. Every, enlisted Durham
Orlando Every, enlisted Durham, buried Freehold
David Ezeland, enlisted Greenville
Gilbert C. Ferris, enlisted Greenville
Clarence Finch, enlisted Durham
Fritz Fisher, enlisted Greenville, buried Greenville
Nathaniel Freese, enlisted Durham, buried Cornwallville
Charles T. Green, enlisted Durham
Harvey Griffin, enlisted Greenville, buried New Baltimore
Charles A. Hallenbeck, enlisted Durham
Gideon Hassell, enlisted Greenville
Robert Hollenbeck, enlisted Durham
Robert E. Hollenbeck, enlisted Durham
Benjamin N. Hungerford, enlisted Durham
Alfred Johnson, buried New Baltimore
Foster Jump, enlisted Greenville
George Lanfare, enlisted Greenville
Lorenzo Leipold, enlisted Greenville
James W. Linsley, enlisted Durham
L.F. Low, buried Catskill
Walter Mead, enlisted Cairo
Edward Miller, enlisted New Baltimore
Hiram H. Morrison, enlisted Durham
James W. Noble, enlisted Cairo
Abraham Post, enlisted New Baltimore
James J. Reed, enlisted Durham, buried Oak Hill
Levi K. Shores, enlisted Cairo
Stephen R. Simpkins, enlisted Greenville
Josiah Skinner, enlisted Durham
Nelson Snyder, enlisted Durham
John C. Speller, enlisted Durham
Theodore Sullivan, enlisted Durham
Charles Van Valkenburgh, buried Coxsackie
Sylvester Wait, enlisted Durham
Alanson Walters, enlisted Cairo
Philetus R. Welch, enlisted Greenville
George H. White, enlisted Durham
Daniel Winegard, enlisted Durham
Levi S. Wood, enlisted Greenville, buried Greenville
John Young, buried Catskill

158th New York State Infantry
Edward Miller, enlisted Brooklyn, buried Athens

159th New York State Infantry
William Foster
Jacob Hallenbeck
Justis Junes, buried Athens
Jonas A. Kellerhouse, buried Catskill
William Shufelt, enlisted Germantown, buried Catskill
James L. Tiffany, buried Athens

162nd New York State Infantry
William Vandenburg, enlisted New York City, buried Greenville

176th New York State Infantry
Joseph C./G. Ives, enlisted Kingston, buried Cairo
Joshua R. Marquit, enlisted Kingston, buried Cairo

177th New York State Infantry
Sylvester Brooks, enlisted Albany, buried Athens
Ambrose W. Craw, enlisted Rensselaerville, buried Oak Hill
James H. Cutler, enlisted Albany, buried Cairo
Albert C. Hale, enlisted Albany, buried Greenville
Nathaniel T. Roe
Isidor Walther, enlisted Albany, buried Coxsackie

192nd New York State Infantry
John H. Fredenburgh, buried Prattsville
Sylvester H. Phelps, enlisted Schenectady, buried Catskill

193rd New York State Infantry
William P. Bell, enlisted Albany
Peter A. Zimmer, buried New Baltimore

1st New York State Light Artillery
Willis P. Clark, enlisted Kingston, buried Windham
Dwight McQueen, enlisted Goshen, buried Windham
Oscar Payne, enlisted Minden, buried Windham
James Sherwood, buried Coxsackie

4th New York State Artillery
James Akley, enlisted New Lebanon
Robert D. Apjohn, enlisted Cairo, buried Cairo
Wallace Bullis
James Clark, buried Prattsville
George E. Freeman, buried Coxsackie
Vernon Hitchcock, enlisted Cornersville, buried Cairo
James A. Keley, buried Cairo
Romantus Lake, enlisted East Durham, buried Greenville
Charles P. Lennon, enlisted Gallatin, buried Cairo
Abram G. Miller, buried Windham
James G. Newburg, buried Coxsackie
Marcus Richtmyer, buried Prattsville
Reuben Secor
George W. Smith, buried Palenville
Hiram Smith, buried Catskill
Daniel H. Stacey, buried Athens
George Tompkins, buried Windham
Moses J. Wixsom, enlisted New York City, buried Coxsackie

5th New York State Artillery
Calvin Borthwick, enlisted Kingston, buried Cornwallville
Jeremiah H. Carpenter
William H. Chesbro, buried Greenville
Sylvenus P. Eaton, buried New Baltimore
Alden P. Falk, buried Palenville
Calvin Goodwin, buried Palenville
William Jackson, enlisted Troy
William H. Lee
George L. Leridington
Patrick Madigan, buried Catskill
Christopher McNamee, buried Cairo
Harmon Mealius, buried Catskill
David C. Mower, buried Catskill
George Palmer, enlisted Brooklyn, buried Greenville
Frederick Pollock, buried Palenville
Egbert Post, buried Palenville
Peter Smith, buried Catskill
Wilbur F. Strong, enlisted New York City, buried Cornwallville
Francis Van Steinberg, buried Catskill
William Van Stenburg, buried Catskill
Leroy H. Whitaker, buried Palenville
Alonzo D. Wright, enlisted New York City, buried Greenville

7th New York State Artillery
William B. Faulk, enlisted Albany, buried Durham
David Layton, enlisted Rensselaerville, buried New Baltimore
Thomas H. Thompson, buried Coxsackie
James L. Warner, buried Coxsackie
Robert Wilson, enlisted Coeymans, buried New Baltimore
Cornelius Young, buried Coxsackie

8th New York State Artillery
John Brackney, buried Catskill

9th New York State Artillery
Alfred R. Cole, buried Catskill
A. Alonzo Craw, buried New Baltimore
Charles B. Cure, buried Coxsackie
George Franklin Eldred, buried Coxsackie
Stephen Parson, enlisted Savannah, NY
George D. Spoor

11th New York State Light Artillery
Joel B. Cole, buried Coxsackie

15th New York State Heavy Artillery
John Allen, enlisted New York City, buried Catskill
Bethuel Stewart Barnum, buried Jewett
Robert Brink, enlisted New York City, buried Catskill
William H. Cummings, buried Durham
William Laverty, enlisted Copake, buried Catskill
Horace Proper, buried Prattsville
Edgar L. Sherman
James H. Stewart
Charles M. Thornton
John S. Van Vechten, enlisted New York City, buried Catskill
John Wetsel, buried Greenville

33rd New York State Independent Battery
Simon Pratt, buried Palenville

1st New York State Engineers
George W. Burleigh, buried Catskill
William Decker, enlisted Cornwall, buried Athens
Elias Mattice, enlisted Otsego County, buried Cornwallville
James W. Sonn, enlisted New York City, buried Catskill

15th New York State Engineers
Theron A. Abram, enlisted Greene County
William H. Brandow, enlisted Albany, buried Cairo
Alexander Brewer, enlisted Greene County
Alvin P. Brewer, enlisted Greene County
Angris S. Castle
A.V.D. Collier MD., buried Coxsackie
Theodore Coonley, enlisted Albany
Robert Divine, enlisted Catskill
James Finch, enlisted Greene County
Levi M. Francis, enlisted buried Catskill
Stephen R. Graham, buried Palenville
Edwin Greene, enlisted Torrey, buried Freehold
William Howard, enlisted Albany, buried Freehold
George W. Knowles, enlisted Albany, buried Greenville
Richard Millett, buried Freehold
George W. Renne, buried Palenville
Erastus H. Scofield, enlisted Greene County, buried Freehold
Peter H. Scribner
Daniel D. Simpkins, enlisted Albany, buried Freehold
Jeremiah Smith, enlisted Albany, buried Freehold
Platt A. Smith, enlisted Greene County
Vanness Smith, buried Freehold
John H. Sponburgh, buried Coxsackie
William K. Thompson, enlisted Ulster County, buried Catskill
Albert Weaver, enlisted Greene County, buried Freehold

50th New York State Engineers
Ambarson Bishop, enlisted Albany

Black Troops
Anthony Benton, 54th Mass. Infantry, buried Coxsackie
Isaac Benton, Co. G 21st USCT, buried Catskill
Nelson R. Benton, Co. C 54th Mass Infantry
Nelson W. Broadhead, Co. K 20th USCT, buried Catskill
Ezra Bronk, Co. H 8th USCT, buried Coxsackie
Peter H. Deneyck, Co. C 20th USCT, buried Catskill
Chauncey Dickson, Co. A 31st USCT, buried Catskill
Albert Dixon, Co. A 26th USCT, buried Coxsackie
Alexander Halicouse/Haligus, Co. K 26th USCT, buried Catskill
George Halicus, Co. H 26th USCT
James H. Hasbrook, Co. C 54th Mass Infantry, buried Catskill
George Ingold, Co. B 20th USCT, buried Coxsackie
Benedict Jenkins, Co. D 4th USCT, buried Greenville
Jacob Moore, Co. C 20th USCT, buried Catskill
Alexander Pugley, Co. M 11th USC Heavy Artillery, buried Coxsackie
Harry Robinson, Co. K 20th USCT, buried Catskill
John Rouse, Co. K 20th USCT, buried Catskill
Samuel Schism, Co. A 31st USCT, buried Catskill
George Sears, Co. A 31st USCT, buried Catskill
Samuel Sears, Co. K USCT, buried Catskill
Richard Sisco, Co. I 54th Mass Infantry, buried Catskill
Peter H. Van Allen, Co. H 26th USCT, buried Catskill
Sylvenus Van Slych, Co. C 20th USCT, buried Coxsackie

Col. Peter S. Bomus
Capt. George Everett, 38th USCT, buried Catskill
Brig. General George Nichols
Col. George Pratt
Col. O.V. Sage

Served in Regiments from other States
Theodore Benjamin Beach, Co. H 7th Conn Vol.
Henry D. Becker, Co. F 5th Wis
Newton A. Calkins, Co. C 2nd CT H Art, buried Coxsackie
A.E.M. Himore, 33rd Wisconsin
Simon Hock, Co. H 32nd Wis
Joseph Malcom, 49th Massachusetts
James Murphy, 71st Penn Inf., buried Catskill
Theodore N. Orner, Co. A 27th NJ, buried Coxsackie
William J. Reed, 49th Massachusetts, buried Catskill
John Secord, Co. B 32nd Wis and Co. H 16th Wis
William Sharples, 4th NH Inf., buried Catskill
Thomas Shehan, 57th Massachusetts, buried Coxsackie
James Henry Snow, Co. B 10th Conn Inf, buried Catskill
Samuel Stevens, Wisconsin, buried Greenville
John J Sullivan, Co. A Purnell Light Infantry, Maryland, buried New Baltimore
Linus F. Sutton, 141st Penn Inf, buried Windham
Alfred Utter, Co. H Iowa 2nd Cavalry
David Vining, Co. H 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, buried Big Hollow
John W. Watson, 5th Iowa Cavalry, buried Catskill
Elias Wright, 4th NJ Infantry

United States Troops
Asa P. Stickles, Co. K 11th Infantry, buried Greenville
L.C. Webbihew, Co. H 14th V.R.C., buried Coxsackie

United States Navy
William Drinkwater, buried New Baltimore
William E. Dunham, served on the S.S. Isaac Smith, buried Catskill
William Hinds, served on the Wasp, buried Catskill
George W. Holdridge
John H. Kelsey, buried Cairo
Syrenous Kniffin, served on the Passaic, buried Gayhead
Charles F. Martin, served on the Passaic, buried Catskill
Edmund R. Martin, buried Catskill
Frank Swarthout, served on the Fuchsia, buried Catskill
John H. Wilcox
George W. Winans, served on the Howgriagh

Regiment Unknown
Burdette ?
Stillman Adams
David Allcot
Thomas Allcot
Philo H. Backus
Hiram Baker
George W. Barlow
Charles Bassett
George M. Becker
George B. Benter
Andrew L. Brand
Jacob Brandow
Thomas Bush
George B. Calhoun
Edward Cleary
Dwight Conine
Ezra Conine
Solomon E. Conine
Eli B. Connie
Franklin Craw
James B. Daley
E.G. Dayton
Harvey Delamater
James Evans
Patrick Fitzpatrick
William Fowks
Jacob H. Gibson
Simeon H. Guild
Abram Hagaman
A. Clark Hill
William Jackson
Henry Jump
William Latta
Charles N. Layman
John Leach
Joel Lee
Henry B. Lewis
Nelson Le Zatte
Harvey Lines
George B. Marsellies
Anson P. Martin
Sylvester S. McCarrick
Joseph McGarrick
Richard H. Mead
Ernest E. Mintler
Rev. Lafayette Moore
John H. Overbaugh
Stephen Parsons
Franklin Perry
David Rifenburg
George Robertson
Joseph Rowlison
Henry M. Sager
Noble B. Scofield
William H. Shufelt
William Smith
William S. Swart
John Travis
Rowland Trumpbour
Alfred Wright Turner
John C. Van Bergen
Isaac Van Leuven
Tunis Whitbeck
David E. Wing
R. Wolff
Joseph Zimmerman

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