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Cleaveland Family Bible

Contributed by the Durham Center Museum
Retyped by Sylvia Hasenkopf

This bible belongs to Marion Edna Barrett (Mrs. "Duke" Mercer) was 11 years old when lost her mother Nellie Cleaveland Barrett in 1926
Bible copied June 22, 1980. At that time the bible was in the possession of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Mercer, Clarksville, NY

Copy placed in family file at the Durham Family Museum


Ezra A. Cleaveland and Ruth Cleaveland married February 13, 1842
Dorrance Cleaveland and Anna St. John married October 30, 1878 by
Rev. Putman. Witnesses: Mr and Mrs St John and Mr and Mrs De la Mater
Nellie Cleaveland and Clifton Barrett married June 28, 1911 in Oak Hill, NY


Ezra Allen Cleaveland b. January 14, 1817
Ruth Cleaveland b. January 25, 1823
Mary Emogene Cleaveland b. August 18, 1842
Emily Cleaveland b. February 8, 1844
Julia Ellen Cleaveland b. October 20, 1845
Pluma Louisa Cleaveland b. March 24, 1848
George Israel Cleaveland b. June 22, 1849
Platt Edgar Cleaveland b. September 20, 1852
Dorance Allen Cleaveland b. August 20, 1859 (possibly 1857) Town of Durham
Nettie Adedlaide Cleaveland b. July 25, 1860
Anna St. John b. September 22, 1860 Town of Durham
Nellie Cleaveland b. September 20, 1883 New Scotland, Albany Co.
Marion Edna Barrett b. September 8, 1914 Bellows Falls, VT


Pluma Louisa Cleaveland d. June 13, 1848
Emily Cleaveland d. January 15, 1853
Platt Edgar Cleaveland d. September 5, 1856
Ezra Allen Cleaveland d. May 30, 1893, aged 70y (appears to be incorrect date see below)
Ruth Cleaveland d. May 30, 1893
Emogene Cleaveland d. March 8, 1904, aged 61y
George Cleaveland d. July 20, 1915, aged 66y
Dorrance A. d. April 4, 1920, aged 62y
Ellen Cleaveland Jones d. May 15, 1923, aged 77y
Nellie Cleaveland De La Mater d. March 3, 1931, aged 70y
Nellie Cleaveland Barrett d. April 21, 1926, aged 42y in Leverett, Mass.

Loose paper in the bible:

Nellie d. February 13, 1904, aged 47y
William St. John d. January 6, 1905, aged 81y
Jane Ann St. John d. January 25, 1905, aged 77y
Ezra A. Cleaveland d. July 2, 1887, aged 70y

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