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Cook Family

   Courtesy of the Durham Center Museum. Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf.

According to the original transcriber, this family record, turned yellow with age, was found in the old bible of the Vermilyea's (Mrs. David C. Rosella Vermili), copied in 1908. Handwritten notes by original transcriber are in brackets

Horace Cook, b. March 24, 1817, d. April 19, 1903, age 86-0-26 (went to Wisconsin in later years and died there)
Matilda (no last name given), b. April 25, 1820, d. February 15, 1859, aged 39-9-21 (buried Old Gayhead)

They were married June 1, 1842

Moses Wm. Cook, b. April 1, 1843, d. July 19, 1844
Eunice Ann Cook, b. July 9, 1845, September 1, 1848
James Abel Cook, b. August 31, 1847, d. November 24, 1847
Caroline Leavers Cook, b. October 6, 1849, d. February 4, 1851
Henry Horace Cook, b. November 31, 1851, d. September 7, 1852 (buried New Gayhead Cemetery)
Horace (Amos) Cook Jr., b. January 10, 1853, d. May 6, 1853
Hiram J (probably Johnson) Cook, b. December 20, 1854, d. December 30, 1855
Susan Drake Cook, b. April 17, 1856, d. July 10, 1857
Lucy E(unice) Cook, b. October 9, 1858, d. July 25, 1859 (buried New Gayhead Cemetery)

(All buried in Old Gayhead Cemetery with exception of Henry H. and Lucy E. which are buried in Gayhead Cemetery. No markers for those in Old Cemetery, but fieldstones.)

Matilda was 2 months pregnant when she died. Caught a terrible cold in the winter of 1858 & 1859 which never cleared causing her death.

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