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Cook(e)/Kissock Family Bible

Contributed by Joe Travis
The Bible was originally owned by Henry Cooke but bequeathed to his daughter, Minnie, who married Charles Sabra Kissock and the bible was handed down from that family. So for generations, it has been referred to as the 'Kissock Family Bible'. It will be noted that the bible contains entries with the surname of 'Cooke' and 'Cook' for some of the same individuals. Clearly the spelling of the name was in transition. All subsequent Civil records use 'Cook'. Also, it's a Catholic bible which led to it being hidden from view by most of it's Methodist owners - my grandmother kept it in a garage. Entries in [ ] added by the submitter.


Cook(e)/Kissock Family Bible Marriage Certificate: This is to certify that Mr. Henry Cooke of Ashland Greene Co. N.Y. and Miss Elizabeth Beers of Prattsville Greene Co. N.Y. were united by me in Holy Matrimony at West Settlement on the thenth [yes, that's how it was spelled] day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and forty three. Rev. Arad S. Lahim. In presence of Derick Beers [and] Clairissa B. Cooke. 

Rachel Cooke was married to John Young Dec 20th 1870 
Ichabod Cooke 2nd was married to Sarah E. West Nov. 21st 1872 
Cornelius B. Cooke was married to Cora E Hinman Jan 8th 1878 
Amos B. Cooke was married to Eva E. Traver Oct. 11th 1880 
Minnie E. [Elizabeth] Cooke married Charles S. [Sabra] Kissock Jan 17, 1882 
Lambert B. Cooke Married to Emma Tuttle Feb 18, 1885 
Clara B. Cooke married to Oscar A. Tompkins Feb. 28, 1888 

Births (1): 
Henry Cooke was born in the year 1820 June the 8th
Elizabeth Beers wife of Henry Cooke was born Feb. 24th 1823 
Rachel Cook was born Oct. 22nd 1844 
Ichabod Cooke 2nd was born Dec. 29th 1846 
Clarriss Cooke was born Feb. 21st 1849 
Sally M. Cooke was born Oct. 15th 1851 
Cornelius B. Cooke was born April 19, 1854 
Amos B. Cooke was born Aug. 11th 1856
Minnie E. Cooke was born April 28th 1859 
Henry Seth Cooke was born Dec. 6th 1861 
Lambert B. Cooke was born May 20th 1864 

Births (2):
C. S. [Charles Sabra] Kissock was born June 21st 1859 
Minnie E. [Elizabeth] Cooke was born April 28th 1859 
Floyd B. Kissock was born Nov. 22nd 1882 
Lilla May Kissock was born July 19th 1884 
Jay I. [Ichabod] Kissock was born July 6th 1886 
Ninna V. Kissock was born June 29th 1898 
Mary B. [Berthena] Irish was born March 24th 1891 

Sally M. Cooke died Dec. 28th 1874 Aged 23 years 2 mos.
Henry Cooke died March 19th 1887 Aged 66 yrs. 9 mos. 11 da.
Clara B. Cooke died Feb. 26th 1889 Aged 40 yrs. 5 days 
Elizabeth Beers died Feb. 23rd 1900 Aged 76 yrs. 29 da. 
Rachel Cooke died Dec. 26th 1912 Aged 68 yrs. 2 mos. 4 days 
Amos B. Cooke died Dec. 15th 1917 Aged 61 yrs. 4 mos. 2 da. 
Henry S. [Seth] Cooke died Sept. 5th 1917 Aged 55 yrs. 8 mos. 29 days
Cornelius B. Cooke died Mar. 4th 1919 Aged 64 yrs. 10 mos. 13 da.
Ichobod Cooke 2nd died May 4th 1923 Aged 76 yrs. 4 mos. 5 da.
C. S. [Charles Sabra] Kissock died June 26th 1930 Aged 71 yrs. 5 days 
Minnie E. Cooke died Apr. 28 1931 Aged 72 yrs. 
Lambert B. Cooke died Oct. 18th 1931 Aged 66 yrs. 4 mos., 29 da. 

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