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Family Bible

Submitted by Daryl Holmes

The following information comes from a very old, rapidly decaying family bible. These folks lived in Greene county from the late 1700s into the 1850s or 1860s, although some of the kids of John and Mary removed to Delaware county in the 1830s. Presumably, many descendents are still in Greene county today... All entries below are exactly as they appear in the Family Record section of the bible. Note that the publication date of this bible is 1816, so some of the dates clearly were entered much after the event.

Transcriber's notes/comments appear within [ ] .


Eber Cornish jun married to Ruth Cornish April 10th 1815


Eber Cornish jun Born March 7th AD 1793

Ruth Cornish Born April 19th 1795

Lucinda Cornish Born January 22 1816

[separate column, same page. This column's writing has faded almost completely away.]

Walter Clever Born April 10, 1808

Polly Clever Born Dec 3 1808

George Clever Born Feb 3 1833

Jery Clever Born Dec 3 1837

Maria Clever Born [? ?] 1839

Mary E Clever Born Aug 20 1842

Amasa Clever Born Sept 12 1845

Clara Clever Born Jan [or Jun] 1 1852

[New page, separate column]

George Clever was born May the 9th 1741

John Clever was born May the 1th 1774

Isaac Clever was born August the 6th 1799

George Clever was born January the 1th 1802

Hannah Clever was born March the 3d 1805

Walter Clever was born April 10th 1808

Maria Clever was born February 21th 1811

Phebe Clever was born May the 6th 1813

[separate column, same page]

James Clever was born July the 23d 1815

Katherine [crossed out] Clever was born December 15th 1818

under the above entry, different ink: Caty Clever was born December 15th 1818


George Clever Died April the 9th 1778

Hannah Clever Died October the 19th 1806

Mary Clever wife of John Clever died March 13th 1848 aged 74 years and 5 months

Maria Clever Died June 1839

James Clever Died August the 24 1888

John Cleaver Died Sept [nothing more is written here...]

[new column, same page]

Mary Clever Died March the 13th 1848 Aged 74 and 5months

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