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Cornwallville Cemetery Internment Index

Alphabetical listing of burials in the Cornwallville Cemetery, Town of Durham, taken from the master records held by the cemetery Caretaker. The following information is all that is recorded in the master records and covers the period 1824 to 1993.

Alphabetical index transcribed from the original records and  submitted by Thomas Uhll, Durham Town Historian

Acker, Mary A. (daughter Orliff Austin), d.  12/24/1965, aged 76y
Adams, (infant d/o  Seymour & Mary), d. 11/25/1840, aged 28d
Adams, (son Morgan), aged 32y
Adams, Caroline (see Smith)
Adams, Clarissa (d/o Joseph & Mary), d. 11/22/1836, aged 18y
Adams, Joseph, d. 10/3/1875
Adams, Mary (wife Joseph), d. 4/19/1878, aged 99y
Adams, Mary (see Russ)
Allen, Walter, d.  12/31/1946, aged 57y
Armstrong, (infant son Donald)
Armstrong, Clarence
Armstrong, Edna (wife Clarence), b. 12/30/1897, d. 2/13/1976, aged 78y
Armstrong, Eliza J., d.  5/23/1938, aged 82y
Armstrong, Floyd (son Joseph), b.  7/28/1901, d.  12/7/1960, aged 59y
Armstrong, James, d. 10/16/1891, aged 80y
Armstrong, John, d.  12/18/1888, aged 80y
Armstrong, Joseph, d.  12/25/1943, aged 81y
Armstrong, Mabel Jean (d/o Floyd), d. 6/28/1930, aged 1y
Armstrong, Margaret (wife Robert & James Wetsell), d. 2/22/1892, aged 62y
Armstrong, Mary Murta (wife William), d.  1/14/1939, aged 47y
Armstrong, Minnie Morrison (wife Joseph), d.  3/13/1940, aged 79y
Armstrong, Robert, d. 6/14/1873, aged 56y
Armstrong, Robert F., b. 12/6/1885, d. 8/4/1961, aged 75y
Armstrong, William, b.  12/26/1888, d. 12/1966, aged 78y
Austin, Aaron, d. 8/24/1849, aged 63y
Austin, Elizabeth (wife Moses), d. 12/14/1824, aged 57y
Austin, Esther (1st buried here per Amanda Smith) d. 1824
Austin, Eveline (see Smith)
Austin, Flora (see Green)
Austin, Garwood, d. 11/14/1956, aged 84y
Austin, Harriet (see Munger)
Austin, Izora Rivenburgh (wife P.N.), b. 9/16/1878, d. 6/13/1904, aged 25y
Austin, Mary M. Burghart (wife O.W.), b. 2/14/1847, d. 7/7/1901, aged 54y
Austin, Mary (see Hubbard)
Austin, Moses, d. 5/2/1848, aged 80y
Austin, Orliff W., d.  7/13/1889, aged 46y
Austin, Orliff L. (son Arthur & Sadie), d. 9/3/1896, aged 5m
Austin, Polly (wife Aaron), d.  7/16/1862, aged 76y
Austin, Porter N., d.  5/3/1939, aged 65y
Austin, Rachel (see Wilcox)
Austin, Sherlocky (son M. & E.), d. 7/12/1804, aged 2y
Badley, Elizabeth (d/o Wm.), d.  5/15/1841, aged 54y
Baker, Amanda (wife George), d. 3/27/1903, aged 84y
Baker, George, d.  8/28/1885, aged 75y
Baker, George Jr., d.  10/13/1886, aged 34y
Baldwin, Harriett, d.  7/28/1837, aged 21y
Baldwin, Porter H., d. 10/11/1830, aged 19y
Baldwin, Ruth, d. 9/27/1834, aged 26y
Baldwin, Seth, d. 2/22/1832, aged 56y
Baldwin, Seth, d.  6/8/1840, aged 35y
Barker, Platt, d. 3/1/1880, aged 58y
Barlow, Eugenia (see Blakeslee)
Barlow, Lydia (see Pratt)
Barnes, Anna, d. 11/14/1949, aged 92y
Barnes, Clara Utter (wife Everett), b. 9/7/1903, d. 5/13/1982, aged 79y
Barnes, Edgar, d. 8/11/1934
Barnes, Everett (son Leroy), b. 6/12/1903, d. 2/16/1967, aged 63y
Barnes, Grace Yale (wife Leroy), d. 4/5/1926, aged 45
Barnes, Leroy, d. 7/10/1958, aged 81y
Barnes, Syrene Brockett (2nd wife Leroy), b. 4/14/1896, d. 6/30/1976, aged 80y
Battersby, Deborah Jane (wife Charles), d. 1860
Battersby, Mary M. Haynes (wife John), d. 10/27/1868, aged 64y
Battersby, Rev. John, d. 8/20/1874,  83y
Benjamin, Aria, b. 12/21/1886, d. 8/16/1963, aged 86
Benjamin, Josephine (wife Aria), b. 6/27/1896, d. 4/1/1978, aged 81y
Bennis, Jane, d. 5/22/1956, aged 82y
Betts, Edna, d.  2/20/1924, aged 85y
Blakeslee, Abigal (see Kohn)
Blakeslee, Amasa M., b. 1845, d. 9/30/1910, aged 65y
Blakeslee, Eugenia Barlow (wife Amasa), d. 5/20/1932, aged 80y
Blakeslee, Helen (see Palmer)
Blank, August (see Winn)
Blank, Augusta (see Busch)
Blank, Lena (mother Wm. Bogart), d. 1/6/1958, aged 81y
Blauvelt, Ruth (see Glen)
Bogart, William C. (son Lena Blank), b. 2/22/1904, d. 2/23/1963, aged 59y
Borthwick, Bertha L. (wife Wm. S.), b. 7/14/1871, d. 2/19/1961, aged 90y
Borthwick, Beulah (see Hill)
Borthwick, Calvin, b. 10/8/1836, d. 10/25/1904, aged 68y
Borthwick, Eunice Aurelia (see Strong)
Borthwick, George W., d.  1/17/1984, aged 50
Borthwick, Josephine Morrison (wife Orlando R.), d. 5/9/1918, aged 76y
Borthwick, Maria Bushnell (wife Wm), b. 3/10/1810, d. 1/29/1898, aged 87y
Borthwick, Mary Francis Smith (wife Calvin), b. 11/5/1838, d. 6/28/1926, aged 87y
Borthwick, Minnie A. (see Smith)
Borthwick, Orlando R.
Borthwick, Robert Orlando, b. 10/11/1841, d.  7/17/1918, aged 76y
Borthwick, William S., d. 8/25/1951, aged 81y
Borthwick, William Jr., d. 9/9/1947,  aged 39y
Borthwick, William, b. 9/29/1809, d. 4/11/1896, aged 86y
Borthwick, William L. (son Orlando & Jose), b. 1866, d. 1866
Boughton, Charlotte Mudge (wife James), d. 4/8/1889, aged 63y
Boughton, Gertrude Cole (wife William), d. 6/30/1930, aged 77y
Boughton, James M., d. 8/9/1931, aged 74y
Boughton, James, d. 10/10/1893, aged 74y
Boughton, Richard L. (son James & Charlotte), d. 10/29/1869, aged 22y
Boughton, William, d. 10/1/1922, aged 77y
Boughton, Zelotes (son Wm. & Gertrude), b. 3/11/1873, d. 4/23/1875, aged 2y
Bowen, Ann Eliza (see Van Denburgh)
Bowen, David (son Isaiah)
Bowen, Eliza (wife Isaiah), d. 10/15/1891
Bowen, Elizabeth (daughter Isaiah)
Bowen, Isaiah, d.  3/17/1880, aged 80y
Brand, Mrs. Rickerson, d. 11/29/1927, aged 60y
Bronson, Emma C. (see Parks)
Brown, Betsy Safford (wife Garrett), b. 5/4/1825, d. 12/27/1905, aged 80y
Brown, Charles A. (son Garrett & Betsy), d. 4/20/1927, aged 74y
Brown, Clarence (son Edward), d. 12/12/1895
Brown, Deborah Laymon (wife Sobieski), d. 2/7/1902, aged 66y
Brown, Edward W., d. 8/4/1946, aged 73y
Brown, Elizabeth Allen (wife Ezra), d. 4/1/1872, aged 74y
Brown, Ella M. Snyder (wife Charles A.), b. 1852, d. 10/12/1912, aged 60y
Brown, Ezra, d. 9/2/1886, aged 87y
Brown, Garrett, b. 2/15/1820, d. 5/14/1897, aged 77y
Brown, Henry A. (son Garrett & Betsy), b. 7/17/1847, d. 12/2/1864, aged 17y
Brown, Jennie Hall (wife Edward), b. 1872, d. 8/2/1963, aged 91y
Brown, Mary (d/o Edward), b. 1893, d. 11/26/1963, aged 70y
Brown, Sobieski, d. 5/2/1908, aged 69y
Buchinger, Helen S., b. 2/5/1909, d. 1/18/1988, aged 78y
Bullock, Catherine (wife Gilbert), d. 1/5/1859, aged 34y
Bumgarner, Charles, d. 6/5/1932, aged 32y
Burghart, Mary M. (see Austin)
Busch, Augusta Blank (wife Emil), d. 3/13/1942, aged 62y
Busch, Catherine (d/o Emil & Augusta), d. 11/19/1919, aged 3y
Busch, Emil, d. 10/27/1937, aged 60y
Bushnell, Maria (see Borthwick)
Cain, Lydia M. Palmer (wife Orin), d. 11/10/1875, aged 20y
Cain, Orin
Capron, Jeanie (see Smith)
Cargill, Phebe (see Smith)
Chichester, Effie (see Reynolds)
Chidister, Rose N. (d/o. Bela, wife Phineas), d. 4/20/1882, aged 20y
Clapper, Harriet (see Mattice)
Clark, Alice E. (wife Pembroke), d. 5/7/1885, aged 23y
Clark, Garling A., d. 8/2/1950, aged 54y
Clark, Patricia Ann (daughter G.A.), d. 2/27/1951, aged 14y
Clark, Rebecca France (wife Ira), b. 4/11/1847, d. 6/29/1913, aged 66y
Clark, Ruth A. (d/o Pembroke & Alice), aged 6m
Clark, Verna R. (wife G.A.), b. 4/20/1905, d. 7/13/1978, aged 73y
Claver, Abigal Stevens (wife John), b. 1809, d. 12//1898, aged 89y
Claver, Anna (see Earl)
Claver, Annie (see Planck)
Claver, Betsy Pelham (wife Theodore), b. 1840, d. 5/8/1926, aged 86y
Claver, Carrie (see VanOrden)
Claver, John, b. 6/15/1831, d. 5/15/1908, aged 76y
Claver, John, d.  5/3/1868, aged 65y
Claver, Mary Vincent (wife John), b. 1/28/1836, d. 9/10/1888, aged 52y
Claver, Rhoda (wife John), d. 9//1841, aged 50y
Claver, Theodore, b. 1834, d. 7/7/1905, aged 71y
Claver, William (son J & R), d. 4//1839, aged 12y
Cole, Gertrude (see Boughton)
Cole, Huldah Louise (see Cunningham)
Cooke, Ichabod, d. 5/4/1923, aged 76y
Cooke, Sarah West (wife Ichabod), d. 7/2/1942, aged 91y
Cornwall, Dan, d. 12/24/1843, aged 84y
Cornwall, Dan, d.  4/12/1863, aged 67y
Cornwall, Mary B. (wife David H.), d. 8/31/1836, aged 34y
Cornwall, Rachel (wife Dan), d. 5/16/1855, aged 99y
Cornwall, Vina, d.  5/12/1846, aged 62y
Couillard, Joshua, b. 1863, d. 12/29/1909, aged 46y
Croft, John W. (son John & Sarah), d. 10/4/1854, aged 14y
Croft, Sarah G. (wife John), d.  9/14/1854, aged 38y
Cross, (infant d/o Grace), d.  7/15/1912, aged 4d
Cross, Rienza, d. 3/23/1912, aged 40y
Cunningham, (infant d/o Allen & Mary), d. 1/6/1935, aged 2w
Cunningham, Allen B. (son Jere), b.  5/18/1888, d. 8/21/1958, aged 70y
Cunningham, Ann, d. 4/12/1836, aged 40y
Cunningham, Dorothy (d/o Allen & Mary), d. 11/8/1936, aged 11y
Cunningham, Henry, d. 2/10/1858, aged 90y
Cunningham, Henry F., d. 3/8/1873, aged 23y
Cunningham, Henry (son H & A), d. 9/17/1843, aged 19y
Cunningham, Huldah Louise Cole (wife Jere), b. 1844, d. 3/10/1920, aged 76y
Cunningham, Jeremiah, b. 1839, d. 5/23/1908, aged 69y
Cunningham, Mary Alice (d/o Jere & Huldah), d. 8/28/1895, aged 21y
Cunningham, Mary Ann Sitzer (wife Henry), b. 1807, d. 5/5/1904, aged 97y
Cunningham, Mary (wife Allen), d.  8/18/1993
Daly, Mary J. (d/o Wm. & Janet), b. 8/23/1911, d. 10/1/1985, aged 74y
Day, Catherine, b. 1/26/1889, d. 10/31/1970, aged 81y
Day, Dr. James B., d. 7/3/1911, aged 66y
Day, Minnie Jerome (wife Dr. James), d. 1/17/1943, aged 84y
Dean, (infant son Charles), d.  3/1919
Degraugh, Maria (see Rheinhard)
Delamater, Eva Ann Swart (wife George)
Dinaso, Emma Sontag, b.1902, d. 3/16/1988, aged 86y
Doolitell, Alathea (see Wetmore)
Dornbusch, Elizabeth (d/o Emma Leland), d. 1/29/1949, aged 34y
Dougherty, Esther Rowlison, d.  1/16/1947, aged 88y
Dougherty, Horace, d. 1/20/1941, aged 39y
Drace, Jennie Goff (wife Arthur), d. 7/24/1943, aged 73y
Dutcher, Emma (wife Jacob P.), d. 2/26/1859, aged 71y
Dutcher, Fanny Walker, d. 4/30/1889, aged 64y
Dutcher, Lewis, d. 8/30/1895. aged 67y
Earl, Anna Claver (wife Obadiah), d. 6/28/1901, aged 78y
Earl, Obadiah, d. 10/24/1873, aged 53y
Ecklor, Minnie J. (see Smith)
Eggers, Dennis, b. 5/14/1914, d. 2/10/1971, aged 57y
Eggers, Dorothy McMahon (wife Dennis), d. 12/20/92
Elliott, Bertha C., d. 11/2/1950, aged 66y
Elliott, Edwin W., b. 1859, d. 12/22/1907, aged 48y
Elliott, Ida A., d. 2/2/1953, aged 91y
Elliott, Mertie Z., b. 11/23/1886, d. 12/10/1966, aged 80y
Ernst, Kathryn, d.  5/6/1993
Feare, Mrs. George B., d. 10/13/1927, aged 69y
Feare, Rev. George B., b. 1862, d.  4/18/1912, aged 50y
Field, Charlotte (see Johnson)
Field, Harriet (see Johnson)
Field, Sarah A. (see Smith)
Finch, Ann Eliza Mabey (wife Warren M.), d. 2/6/1921, aged 72y
Finch, Delia A. (see Jerome)
Finch, Frank, d. 7/18/1962, aged 64y
Finch, Malcolm (son Frank), d. 3/5/1923, aged 18m
Finch, Maude Alice (wife Frank), b. 9/7/1889, d. 8/17/1982, aged 82y
Finch, Warren M., d. 1/23/1922, aged 69y
Flinn, Isabella A. (see Uhll)
Flinn, Rose Todd (wife Thomas), d.  9/3/1927, aged 37y
Flinn, Thomas F., b. 12/27/1891, d. 3/18/1972, aged 81y
Fowler, Josephine Hope (sister David Hope), d. 9/16/1920, aged 62y
France, Aaron (son Matthias & Amanda), d. 10/17/1908, aged 65y
France, Abraham (son P & H), d. 11/10/1841, aged 20y
France, Amanda Rickerson (wife Matthias), d. 6/28/1869, aged 59y
France, Ella A. Boughton (wife Matthias), b. 12/23/1853, d. 2/19/1917, aged 63y
France, Emily C. (wife Leroy), d. 4/28/1962, aged 84y
France, Grace (d/o Ira & Lillian), d. 6/9/1924, aged 37y
France, Hannah Falk, d 10/12/1849, aged 72y
France, Ida (d/o Ira, see Gordon)
France, Ira M., d. 11/27/1922, aged 73y
France, Leroy, b. 2/1/1884, d. 3/6/1965, aged 81y
France, Lillian Mattice (wife Ira), d. 10/7/1936, aged 85y
France, Mary E, (wife Matthias), b. 1829, d. 9/12/1918, aged 89y
France, Matthias, d. 9/13/1885, aged 73y
France, Matthias Sr. (son PH)
France, Matthias, b. 2/29/1852, d. 1/16/1900, aged 47y
France, Philip, d. 3/12/1839, aged 72y
France, Rebecca (d/o Matthias & Amanda, see Clark)
France, Samuel T. (son Ira & Lillian), d. 1/18/1876, aged 3y
Francis, Jennie E., d. 11/6/1924, aged 90y
Francis, Phebe (wife Lyman), d. 3/15/1847, aged 40y
Franke, Henry, b. 3/5/1892, d. 4/20/1974, aged 82y
Freese, Jacob, d. 1/23/1894, aged 83y
Freese, Nathaniel M. (son Jacob & Sarah), b. 2/13/1838, d. 7/8/1863, aged 25y
Freese, Sarah A. Ransom (wife Jacob), d. 1/17/1884, aged 68y
French, Maria Rickerson (see Newcomb also)
Galleger, Robert J. (son in law Bennis), d.  2/18/1977, aged 61y
Gerlach, Frederick, d. 2/2/1953, aged 73y
Glen, Rev. Ernest G., b. 2/22/1891, d. 5/11/1971, aged 80y
Glen, Ruth Blauvelt (wife Ernest), b. 1893, d. 5/16/1980, aged 87y
Glenn, Donald G., b. 2/15/1932, d. 4/9/1976, aged 44y
Glenn, Helen, d. 6/26/1935, aged 9y
Glenn, Robert Wm. (son Rev. & E.G.), d. 3/20/1931, aged 20m
Goff, Ella Saxe, b. 1/23/1884, d. 10/18/1963, aged 79y
Goff, Eugene, d. 12/20/1933, aged 62y
Goff, James, d. 11/21/1845, aged 69y
Goff, James Monroe (infant son Andrew J.& Mary E.)
Goff, Jennie (see Drace)
Goff, Laura (wife Eugene & Heber Whittemore), d. 3/12/1955, aged 64y
Goff, Lydia Webster (wife Ostrander), d. 10/22/1908, aged 66y
Goff, Muriel (d/o Eugene & Laura), d. 6/24/1922, aged 1y
Goff, Ostrander, d. 6/19/1907, aged 70y
Goff, Polly (see Woodard)
Goff, Rose (see Moore)
Goff, Russell, d. 10/22/1874, aged 75y
Goff, Sally Jerome (wife Russell), d. 3/16/1870, aged 73y
Goff, Stillman B., d. 8/11/1886, aged 55y
Goff, Victor, d. 10/16/1990
Goodyear, Mehetable (see Osborn)
Gordon, Ida (wife J. Carlisle), b. 8/7/1879, d. 9/13/1965, aged 85y
Gould, Margaret Jerome (wife Rev. Wm. F.), d. 11/19/1881, aged 71y
Gould, Phebe (d/o Wm. & Margaret), d. 5/9/1845, aged 3y
Gould, Rev. William F., d. 4/7/1874, aged 63y
Graham, (infant son Franklin & Hannah), d. 1/5/1854, aged 3m
Graham, Franklin
Graham, Hannah
Green, Flora Austin (wife Wilson), d. 9/26/1960, aged 81y
Green, Gustav,d. 1/30/1936, aged 78y
Green, Howard, b. 4/28/1905, d. 2/3/1971, aged 65y
Green, Maria Kovac (wife Gustav), d. 2/3/1935, aged 83y
Green, Wilson, d. 5/2/1949, aged 78y
Griffin, Catherine Northrup (wife Ransom), b. 2/25/1803, d. 5/23/1894, aged 91y
Griffin, Ransom, b. 4/1/1809, d. 10/21/1843, aged 34y
Hall, Fanny (d/o Asahel see Yale)
Hall, Jennie (see Brown)
Harmsen, Anna (see Lloyd)
Hartmann, Anita, d. 6/13/1971, aged 73y
Havell, John D. (son Frank Vigilante), aged 14y
Hayes, Marguerite (see Moore)
Haynes, Mary M. (see Battersby)
Heidemann, Erna, d. 4/15/1990
Heidemann, George, d. 1/4/1989
Henderson, Arthur, b. 7/22/1902, d. 7/8/1983, aged 81y
Henderson, Ruth, d. 4/27/1992
Higgins, Mae B., b. 1/18/1892, d. 4/16/1973, aged 81y
Higgins, Maria (see Walker)
Higgins, Martin, d. 6/21/1992
Hill, Beulah Borthwick (wife Ken & Wm. Borthwick), d. 8/7/1993
Hill, John J. (son Platt), b. 11/26/1870, d. 11/21/1958, aged 88y
Hill, Kenneth R., b. 9/11/1905, d. 11/13/1973, aged 68y
Hill, Lewis B., d. 10/7/1945, aged 72y
Hill, Lina (wife Lewis B.), d. 12/1953, aged 74y
Hill, Mary Setford (wife Platt), d. 8/18/1935, aged 84y
Hill, Platt, d. 11/19/1925, aged 85y
Hitchcock, Charles S., d. 9/2/1865, aged 79y
Hitchcock, Harriet, d. 4/2/1881, aged 64y
Hitchcock, Nancy (wife Charles S.), d. 2/13/1861, aged 74y
Hitchcock, Rachel (see Smith)
Hollenbeck, Lovinia (wife Jacob), d. 6/3/1890, aged 65y
Hope, David, d. 9/6/1911, aged 75y
Hope, Fannie (wife David), d. 11/15/1915, aged 68y
Hope, Josephine (see Fowler)
Hough, Dora Woodworth (wife Stewart M.), b. 8/6/1856, d. 3/13/1929, aged 72y
Hough, Ethel (see Parks)
Hough, Linda, d. 5/19/1961, aged 80y
Hough, Nelson B., b. 1877, d. 3/20/1910, aged 33y
Hough, Stewart M., b. 1852, d. 5/2/1910, aged 58y
Hubbard, (infant of Loren)
Hubbard, Anna (wife Jabez), d. 11/8/1831, aged 64y
Hubbard, Benjamin W., d. 11/27/1888, aged 67y
Hubbard, Elisabeth (see Richmond)
Hubbard, Ernest B. (son Loren & Evva), d. 6/7/1896, aged 19y
Hubbard, Ida (see Woodard)
Hubbard, Jabez, d. 12/3/1844, aged 77y
Hubbard, Laura, d. 3/3/1880, aged 80y
Hubbard, Loren J.
Hubbard, Mary Austin (wife Benjamin W.), d. 2/14/1886, aged 61y
Hubbard, Philema (see Kerr)
Hull, (infant son Fred & Daisy), d. 12/14/1925
Hull, (infant son Walter), d. 4/30/1942
Hull, Alfreda (d/o Fred & Daisy)
Hull, Charley (son George & Eva), b. 12/19/1902, d. 6/5/1919, aged 16y
Hull, Daisy, b. 12/24/1888, d. 2/11/1965, aged 76y
Hull, Douglas A. (son Austin), d. 2/9/1954, aged 1y
Hull, Eva R. (wife Wm. D.), d. 8/23/1953, aged 73y
Hull, Eva (wife George), b.  8/19/1877, d. 11/8/1969, aged 91y
Hull, Fred
Hull, George D., d.  5/14/1950, aged 71y
Hull, Gladys (d/o George & Eva), b. 12/13/1907, d. 9/14/1908, aged 9m
Hull, Madeline, d. 3/5/1988
Hull, Walter, d. 3/28/1990
Hull, Wendel
Hull, William D., d. 6/22/1927, aged 49y
Hunter, Alexander, d. 4/7/1837, aged 21y
Hunter, George, d. 12/23/1831, aged 27y
Hunter, Isabella (see Parks)
Hutte, Anna, d. 5/25/1940, aged 75y
Hutte, Bernard (son Anna), b. 1/26/1899, d. 4/8/1976, aged 77y
Hutte, Josephine (see Benjamin)
Ingalls, Adaline (see Smith)
Ingalls, Diantha (see Smith)
Inglis, Gilbert, b. 7/16/1933, d. 5/26/1972, aged 38y
Jacoby, Hazel, b. 8/2/1895, d. 3/3/1970, aged 75y
Jacoby, John (husband Hazel Mackey), d. 7/2/1955, aged 77y
Jahn, Aurora Elnora (d/o Gustav), b. 12/29/1859, d. 7/21/1916, aged 56y
Jennings, Eliza Jane (wife Lewis P.), d. 8/31/1862, aged 34y
Jerome, Amanda (see Smith)
Jerome, Andrew, d. 3/25/1877, aged 76y
Jerome, Chauncey, d. 11/19/1889, aged 76y
Jerome, Clarissa (d/o John & Margaret), d. 8/28/1881, aged 65y
Jerome, Delia A. Finch (wife Chauncey), b. 1827, d. 4/27/1898, aged 71y
Jerome, Eliza Jane (only daughter A&M), d. 7/16/1857, aged 24y
Jerome, John, d. 1/19/1855, aged 83y
Jerome, Louise (d/o Chauncey & Delia), b. 1850, d. 10/18/1852, aged 2y
Jerome, Margaret (see Gould)
Jerome, Margaret (wife John), d. 8/27/1862, aged 85y
Jerome, Mary (wife Andrew), d. 5/28/1843, aged 36y
Jerome, Minnie (see Day)
Jerome, Nancy (see Wagner)
Jerome, Polly (d/o John & Margaret), d. 12/5/1850, aged 48y
Jerome, Sally (see Goff)
Johnson, Charles, d. 9/22/1848, aged 82y
Johnson, Charlotte Field (wife Collins), d. 5/4/1882, aged 68y
Johnson, Collins, d. 7/8/1867, aged 57y
Johnson, Edward, d. 9/21/1880, aged 78y
Johnson, Elizabeth Rice (wife Charles), d. 12/25/1840, aged 72y
Johnson, Harriet Field (wife Edward), d. 8/8/1891, aged 81y
Johnson, Mary Whittlesey (wife S. R.), d. 12/3/1829, aged 30y
Johnson, Mary Simmons (wife Wm. F.), d. 1/12/1924, aged 82y
Johnson, Solomon R., d. 11/5/1833, aged 36y
Johnson, William F., d. 12/1/1924, aged 88y
Jones, Alvin, d. 9/18/1896, aged 81y
Jones, Emma (see Walker)
Kellerhouse, Mrs. ?, d. 12/31/1914, aged 51y
Kerr, Ann Jane (see Smith)
Kerr, John J., d. 5/15/1870, aged 57y
Kerr, Margaret R. (see Smith)
Kerr, Philema Hubbard (wife John),d. 11/7/1891, aged 90y
Klein, Ida, d. 9/6/1923, aged 65y
Klinger, Elsie Hand (wife George W.), d. 6/14/1964, aged 82y
Klinger, George Walter, d. 10/7/1941, aged 46y
Klock, Doris Low (wife Charles Low), b. 11/2/1910, d. 5/28/1992, aged 81y
Kohn, Abigal Blakeslee (wife William), d. 10/7/1908, aged 55y
Kohn, William, d. 4/17/1923, aged 73y
Kovac, Maria (see Green)
Lamb, Patty Smith (wife Richard S.), d. 6/23/1870, aged 53y
Lamb, Richard S., d. 10/11/1868, aged 51y
Lament, Prudence (see Smith)
Lamphire, Fitch
Lamphire, Jerusha (wife Fitch), d. 1/8/1846, aged 77y
Lamphire, Jesse, d. 2/3/1873, aged 70y
Latta, Harriet Covert (wife Wm. H.), d. 5/2/1893, aged 64y
Latta, Lovina Rifenburgh (wife Wm. C.), d. 1/24/1943, aged 82y
Latta, William C., d. 10/3/1931, aged 68y
Law, Bernice (wife Wm.), d. 9/6/1985
Law, Christopher ?
Lawrence, Jane M. Van Denburgh (wife Wm.H.), b. 4/6/1837, d. 11/25/1922, aged 85y
Laymon, Deborah (see Brown)
Leland, Emma, b. 6/17/1878, d. 10/12/1962, aged 84y
Lewis, Chrysta (see Palmer)
Lloyd, Anna Harmsen (d/o Louise Harmsen), d. 5/6/1978, aged 36y
Louison, Lester, d. 8/22/1950, aged 40y
Love, James (brother Mrs. Wm. H. Waldron), d. 11/30/1910, aged 76y
Low, Charles, d. 6/19/1959, aged 46y
Low, Doris (see Klock)
Low, Helena Sophia, d. 8/3/1956, aged 82y
Low, Peter J. (husband Mae), b. 2/9/1906, d. 5/20/1982, aged 76y
Low, William, b. 1873, d. 1/1/1961, aged 88y
Lowerre, Albert E., b. 1/15/1914, d. 6/3/1973, aged 59y
Lowerre, Mae, b. 1911, d. 3/4/1988, aged 77y
Mabey, Alanson, d. 7/22/1872, aged 76y
Mabey, Ann Eliza (d/o Alanson & Eliza), d. 9/30/1842, aged 1y
Mabey, Ann Eliza (see Finch)
Mabey, Cora (see Randolph)
Mabey, Eliza (wife Alanson), d. 10/17/1891, aged 84y
Mabey, Horace, b. 1843, d. 1/19/1917, aged 74y
Mabey, Louise Gruett (wife Horace), b. 1848, d. 7/8/1920, aged 72y
MacKay, Jack, b. 12/17/1887, d. 4/30/1968, aged 81y
Mackey, Addie L. Pratt (wife Daniel), b. 1868, d. 9/14/1934, aged 66y
Mackey, Clarence, d. 9/11/1960, aged 61y
Mackey, Daniel H., d. 11/19/1938, aged 75y
Mackey, Florence (d/o Daniel & Addie), d. 2/7/1907,  aged 14y
Mackey, Rosetta (see Proper)
Mahler, Lavina, d. 9/3/1993
Mahler, Rev. Bruce, b. 11/3/1931, d. 10/14/1981, aged 49y
Margison, Barbara Ann, b. 7/3/1945, d. 5/27/1950, aged 4y
Margison, Ivan S., b. 3/24/1917, d. 12/14/1987, aged 70y
Mattice, Calvin W., d. 8/25/1951, aged 22y
Mattice, David, d. 3/21/1888, aged 82y
Mattice, Elias (son David & Harriet), d. 8/26/1916, aged 78y
Mattice, Everett (son William), b. 8/13/1901, d. 1/21/1971, aged 69y
Mattice, Harriet Clapper (wife David), d. 1/10/1870, aged 63y
Mattice, Helena (wife Everett), b. 6/6/1905, d. 8/24/1967, aged 62y
Mattice, Lillian (see France)
Mattice, Marie (wife William), d. 1/29/1944, aged 77y
Mattice, William H., d. 9/29/1947, aged 77y
Maus, Fanny (d/o John)
Maus, John, d. 7/25/1857, aged 63y
McCoy, Catherine H. Ransom (wife Patrick), b. 1812, d. 4/1/1897, aged 84y
McDonald, Harriet Bell (wife Thomas), b. 1883, d. 4/26/1972, aged 89y
McDonald, Thomas, d. 9/7/1960, aged 77y
McGreevy, George, b. 1913, d. 1992, aged 79y
McGreevy, Virginia (wife George), d. 11/30/1991
McKay, Scott A., d. 4/20/1990
McKenzie, Ida J. Wagner (wife James), d. 4/19/1937, aged 80y
McKenzie, James, d. 6/21/1927, aged 68y
McMahon, Agnes (wife Thomas), d. 11/8/1959, aged 68y
McMahon, Dorothy (see Eggers)
McMahon, Edward, d. 1/5/92
McMahon, Thomas Joseph, b. 1/11/1878, d. 2/14/1969, aged 90y
Mead, John W. (son Alexander & Mary), d. 5/10/1854, aged 1y
Medlar, Elizabeth, d. 4/15/1959, aged 59y
Medlar, Stephen, d. 11/2/1933, aged 55y
Merit, Cormberry, d. 11/22/1853, aged 73y
Merrit, Margaret (see Wetmore)
Merrit, Permelia, d. 3/28/1867, aged 88y
Merwin, Hannah (see Tuell)
Michaels, Oneida ?
Moore, Andrew J., d. 10/30/1934, aged 64y
Moore, Harold (husband Marguerite Hayes), d. 4/16/1958, aged 61y
Moore, Marguerite Hayes (wife Harold), d. 4/24/1936, aged 38y
Moore, Mildred (wife Warren), b. 2/22/1928, d. 9/30/1972, aged 44y
Moore, Ralph L., d. 4/9/1935, aged 50y
Moore, Rose Goff (wife Andrew J.), d. 12/4/1945, aged 77y
Moore, Vida L. (wife Ralph), b. 4/27/1890, d. 9/7/1981, aged 91y
Moore, Warren, b. 10/27/1916, d. 7/12/1974, aged 58y
More, Mary E. (d/o Nelson see Parks)
Moreland, Winfield (brother G. Wetmore), d. 4/20/1985
Morosky, Marie, d. 4/5/1925, aged 51y
Morris, Beverly, b. 6/4/1925, d. 10/6/1985, aged 60y
Morris, Frederick L., d. 10/30/1992
Morris, Lucy A. (see Woodard)
Morris, William (son Fred & Bev),  b.1965, d. 8/3/1987, aged 22y
Morrison, Josephine (see Borthwick)
Morrison, Minnie (see Armstrong)
Mosher, Anna C., d. 1/16/1964, aged 64y
Mosher, Richard G., b. 12/27/1902, d. 1/2/1969, aged 66y
Mudge, Charlotte (see Boughton)
Munger, Amanda, d. 2/26/1933, aged 84y
Munger, Bela, d. 9/27/1887, aged 77y
Munger, Caroline (wife Sylvester), d. 5/14/1878, aged 69y
Munger, Harriet Austin (wife Bela), d. 2/7/1867, aged 53y
Munger, Sylvester, d. 10/28/1887, aged 85y
Newcomb, Capt. Walter K.(son Elijah & Eliz), b. 1839, d. 8/7/1863, aged 23y
Newcomb, Elijah, d. 7/21/1871, aged 64y
Newcomb, Elizabeth Rickerson (wife Elijah), d. 11/13/1857, aged 42y
Newcomb, Gilmore (son Elijah & Eliz), d. 4/22/1855, aged 3m
Newcomb, Maria Rickerson (wife Elijah), b. 1825, d. 10/24/1907
Nicholson, Elizabeth (wife John C.), d. 8/19/1936
Nicholson, John C., d. 6/9/1923, aged 61y
Noe, Albertina, b. 1/31/1885, d. 8/14/1968, aged 83y
Noe, Charles, b. 7/4/1878, d. 12/17/1964, aged 86y
Northrup, Catherine (see Griffin)
Northrup, Lois (d/o Nathaniel & Sarah), d. 8/13/1841, aged 46y
Olmstead, Anneliese R., d. 1/17/1984, aged 65y
Olmstead, Donald M., b. 11/30/1910, d. 7/30/1979, aged 66y
Olmstead, John, d. 9/8/1984, aged 70y
Osborn, Mehetable Goodyear (wife Seba), b. 9/22/1784, d. 1/15/1858, aged 73y
Osborn, Mehetable (d/o Seba & Mehetable), d. 3/12/1846, aged 21y
Osborn, Seba, d. 5/9/1870, aged 85y
Owen, Caroline Strong, b. 12/28/1803, d. 10/10/1888
Palmer, Aaron, b. 1848, d. 12/1/1914, aged 66y
Palmer, Arnold (son Orrin & Ellen), b. 10/18/1903, d. 3/22/1904, aged 5m
Palmer, Bertha Smith (wife Gideon), b. 1/8/1867, d. 12/13/1928, aged 61y
Palmer, Chrysta Lewis (wife Fletcher), d. 10/31/1935, aged 34y
Palmer, Donald (son Zoeth), d. 8/31/1933, aged 3w
Palmer, Fletcher, b. 2/2/1896, d. 2/20/1965, aged 69y
Palmer, Gideon, d. 1/24/1937, aged 68y
Palmer, Helen Blakeslee (wife Aaron), b. 1855, d. 1/11/1910, aged 55y
Palmer, James W. (son Gideon & Bertha), d. 8/22/1957, aged 48y
Palmer, Jennie, d. 4/9/1959, aged 67y
Palmer, Lydia M. (see Cain)
Palmer, Mrs. Zoeth, d. 5/25/1948, aged 45y
Palmer, Orrin (son Aaron & Helen, hus Ellen), b. 1880, d. 9/1/1905, aged 25y
Palmer, Pearl E., d. 8/28/1980, aged 82y
Palmer, Walter Theodore, d. 8/21/1989?
Palmer, Walter Fletcher (son Fletcher), d. 10/13/1931, aged 5m
Palmer, Wilbur (son Gideon & Bertha), b. 12/2/1907, d. 7/21/1963, aged 56y
Palmer, Zoeth, b. 9/28/1901, d. 7/22/1980, aged 78y
Parks, Addie L. Wetmore (wife Edward J.), d. 9/24/1931, aged 56y
Parks, Alexander H., b. 1847, d. 2/20/1910, aged 63y
Parks, Clarence E. (son Elijah Parks), d. 12/13/1895, aged 4y
Parks, Edward J., d. 11/5/1947, aged 75y
Parks, Elisha N., d. 8/30/1942, aged 75y
Parks, Elizabeth M. (wife Ferris), b. 9/8/1908, d. 3/10/1970, aged 62y
Parks, Emma C. Bronson (wife Elisha), d. 1/20/1957, aged 90y
Parks, Ethel Hough (wife Alex), d. 3/21/1942, aged 55y
Parks, Floyd B., b. 4/26/1902, d. 5/1/1984, aged 82y
Parks, Freeman Alexander, b. 3/31/1889, d. 12/22/1967, aged 78y
Parks, George W. (son John & Isabella), d. 7/16/1879, aged 25y
Parks, Isabella (d/o John & Isabella), d. 11/8/1873, aged 17y
Parks, Isabella Hunter (wife John), b. 8/20/1826, d. 7/17/1900, aged 73y
Parks, John, d. 7/30/1889, aged 72y
Parks, Mary E. More (wife Alex H.), b. 1841, d. 2/4/1917, aged 76y
Parks, Thomas (son John & Isabella), d. 4/25/1867, aged 3y
Paul, Christine, d. 7/4/1967, aged 75y
Paul, John, d. 6/9/1956, aged 62y
Pelham, Betsy (see Claver)
Perkins, Charles (son Charles & Deborah Battersby), d. 1860
Pierson, Mary (see Smith)
Pierson, Polly (wife Charles Pierson), d. 8/22/1849, aged 55y
Pipero, Catherine, b. 12/24/1906, d. 1/7/1975, aged 69y
Pipero, Vincent, b. 1900, d. 4/29/1976, aged 76y
Pitts, Clara (d/o R. Linsley & Edna), b. 7/23/1900, d. 1/20/1902, aged 1y
Pitts, Robert Linsley, d. 6/10/1946, aged 73y
Planck, Annie Claver (wife Frank), b. 7/24/1864, d. 3/15/1892, aged 27y
Pratt, Addie L. (see Mackey)
Pratt, Elnora L., d. 7/8/1936, aged 72y
Pratt, George W., d. 7/11/1951, aged 80y
Pratt, George W., d. 7/17/1904, aged 85y
Pratt, Lydia Barlow (wife George W.), d. 10/4/1895, aged 67y
Pratt, Minnie S. (wife George), b. 7/24/1878, d. 1/5/1968, aged 89y
Proper, Arthur, d. 6/15/1960, aged 80y
Proper, Charley L. (son James & Rosetta), b. 1875, d. 1/4/1897, aged 22y
Proper, Delia Treyer (wife Arthur), d. 1/22/1941, aged 55y
Proper, George (son H. G.)
Proper, Harrison G., d. 3/29/1893, aged 62y
Proper, Hazel Dopp (wife Leonard), d. 11/18/1987, aged 68y
Proper, James Willard, b. 1852, d. 6/22/1921, aged 69y
Proper, Leonard J., b. 12/2/1918, d. 10/15/1971, aged 52y
Proper, Rosetta Mackey (wife James W.), b. 1853, d. 5/10/1905, aged 52y
Pucker, Kathie (sister Anita Hartman), d. 9/17/1980
Randolph, Cora Mabey (wife Fred), d. 5/19/1937, aged 63y
Randolph, Fred, d. 5/26/1934
Ransom, (infant James & Leah), d. 10/28/1818
Ransom, Catherine H. (see McCoy)
Ransom, James, d. 5/7/1855, aged 65y
Ransom, James (son James & Leah), d. 11/26/1837, aged 10y
Ransom, Jerusha M. (wife Jonah), d. 10/23/1876, aged 32y
Ransom, Jonah, d. 9/23/1872, aged 37y
Ransom, Leah (see Snyder)
Ransom, Leah Valck (wife James), d. 8/27/1869, aged 75y
Ransom, Melvina (d/o James & Leah), d. 4/4/1826, aged 11y
Ransom, Rhoda, d. 4/13/1879, aged 46y
Ransom, Sarah A. (see Freese)
Ransom, Vina (d/o James & Leah), d. 3/19/1852, aged 21y
Reinhard, Lizzie (see Rogers)
Reynolds, Charles M., b. 1855, d. 10/11/1909, aged 54y
Reynolds, Effie Chichester (wife Charles), d. 2/14/1945, aged 81y
Rheinhard, Maria Degraugh (wife Wm.), b. 4/2/1827, d. 2/8/1901, aged 73y
Rice, Elizabeth (see Johnson)
Richmond, Elisabeth Hubbard (wife George), d. 4/5/1921, aged 90y
Richmond, George, d. 3/1/1897, aged 77y
Richmond, Sherwood L. (son George & Elisabeth), d. 2/24/1865, aged 3y
Rickerson, Amanda (see France)
Rickerson, Elizabeth (see Newcomb), b. 6/10/1815, d. 11/13/1857, aged 42y
Rickerson, Maria (see Newcomb & French)
Rickerson, Mary A. (see Thorn)
Rifenburg, Betsy M. Traver (wife David), b. 1841, d. 5/23/1906, aged 65y
Rifenburgh, Lovina (see Latta)
Rivenburgh, Izora (see Austin)
Rogers, Fletcher, b. 1834, d. 8/18/1907, aged 73y
Rogers, Georgiana Wagner (wife Fletcher), d. 2/7/1930, aged 85y
Rogers, Harrison (son Wm. & Lizzie), b. 10/17/1878, d. 1/22/1879, aged 4m
Rogers, Howard W. (son Wm. & Lizzie), b. 5/21/1882, d. 8/16/1882, aged 3m
Rogers, Lizzie Reinhard (wife William), d. 9/12/1928, aged 66y
Rogers, Louisa Smith (wife William), d. 6/15/1870, aged 51y
Rogers, William, d. 4/15/1926, aged 71y
Rogers, William, d. 3/5/1894, aged 87y
Rowlison, Esther (see Dougherty)
Rowlison, Joseph, d. 10/14/1873, aged 47y
Rowlison, Pierpont ?
Russ, Clorinda P. (d/o Henry & Mary), d. 11/28/1856, aged 20y
Russ, Darwin (son Henry & Mary), d. 3/24/1904, aged 75y
Russ, Ellen Schermerhorn (wife Darwin), d. 3/28/1919, aged 85y
Russ, Henry, d. 12/27/1879, aged 80y
Russ, Mary Adams (wife Henry), d. 3/1/1898, aged 90y
Russ, Sanford G. (son Henry & Mary), d. 2/21/1834, aged 8m
Russell, Leland, d. 12/10/1991
Safford, Betsy (see Brown)
Salotto, Anna, d. 10/15/1991
Salotto, Salvatore
Samsel, August, d. 7/13/1958, aged 59y
Samsel, Charlotte Marie (wife August), b. 1/9/1894, d. 2/27/1950, aged 56y
Sanford, Etta L., d. 3/27/1955, aged 64y
Sanford, Neuman F., d. 1/2/1944, aged 74y
Sargeant, Mary Worthington (Rev. Samuel), b. 11/10/1863, d. 9/19/1919, aged 55y
Schermerhorn, Ellen (see Russ)
Segur, William, d. 12/13/1990
Seidel, Bernard, b. 10/2/1890, d. 1/9/1975, aged 85y
Seidel, Florence, b. 9/25/1885, d. 8/2/1969, aged 82y
Setford, Joseph, d. 8/7/1896, aged 70y
Setford, Lewis Henry, d. 8/9/1918, aged 72y
Setford, Lucy (see Walker)
Setford, Martha (see Winters)
Setford, Mary (see Hill)
Setford, Rachel (wife Joseph), d. 6/12/1914, aged 85y
Sheldon, Lydia Converse (wife Edward A.), d. 3/23/1890, aged 64y
Sherman, Jennie (d/o Edgar & Anna), d. 5/21/1891, aged 11y
Simmons, (infant son Lewis & Octavia), d. 2/27/1851
Simmons, Juliette (see Smith)
Simmons, Mary (see Johnson)
Simmons, Phebe Catherine (wife Lewis), d. 1/8/1842, aged 23y
Smith, (infant Sidney & Jeanie), b. 10/6/1884, d. 10/15/1884, aged 9d
Smith, (infant son Addison & Sadie), d. 4/7/1909
Smith, A.Burdette (son Fletcher & Rebecca), d. 3/7/1902, aged 69y
Smith, Abram O., d. 7/27/1919, aged 82y
Smith, Adaline Ingalls (wife John A.), d. 4/3/1944, aged 58y
Smith, Addison P (son Fletcher & Rebecca), b. 5/22/1825, d. 10/30/1891, aged 66y
Smith, Addison Zoeth, d. 5/23/1939, aged 69y
Smith, Adelia, b. 10/16/1855, d. 3/27/1941, aged 85y
Smith, Alice E. (see Clark d/o Joseph & Minerva)
Smith, Alice Louise (d/o Addison Z.), b. 1/1898, d. 2/5/1974, aged 76y
Smith, Alvord (son Sidney & Jeanie), d. 2/27/1878, aged 2y
Smith, Amanda Jerome (wife Bela), d. 2/21/1906, aged 91y
Smith, Ann Jane Kerr (wife Abram O.), b. 1847, d. 7/22/1929, aged 82y
Smith, Anna H., d. 3/20/1935, aged 79y
Smith, Anna (wife Charles W.?), b. 3/9/1878, d. 5/25/1966, aged 88y
Smith, Annie E. (d/o Eben & Eveline), d. 9/3/1876, aged 32y
Smith, Armenius, b. 2/19/1838, d. 1/4/1901, aged 62y
Smith, Basil H. (son B & M), d. 5/23/1922, aged 74y
Smith, Bela (husband of Margaret), d. 4/28/1891, aged 80y
Smith, Bela, d. 9/16/1881, aged 69y
Smith, Bertha (see Palmer)
Smith, Burdette L. (son A. Burdette & Prudence)
Smith, C. Augusta (d/o Rev. James), d. 11/1/1929, aged 73y
Smith, Caroline Adams (wife Samuel), d. 6/23/1881, aged 72y
Smith, Charles D., d. 1/2/1859, aged 37y
Smith, Charles W., d. 3/1/1956, aged 78y
Smith, Charles Wetmore, d. 4/16/1931, aged 60y
Smith, Chester J. (son John A.), d. 2/25/1957, aged 34y
Smith, Clara, aged 1
Smith, Clarence A., b. 10/8/1897, d. 8/4/1967, aged 70y
Smith, Clarissa (wife Thomas), d. 11/7/1841, aged 51y
Smith, Conrad (son Sidney & Jeanie), d. 6/24/1883, aged 6y
Smith, Cora M. (d/o Armenius & Eliz), b. 8/10/1863, d. 7/4/1901, aged 37y
Smith, David Van Orden (son Bela & Margaret)d. 10/31/1874, aged 31y
Smith, Diantha Ingalls (wife Zoeth), b. 1832, d. 1/11/1914, aged 82y
Smith, Eben P., d. 9/5/1884, aged 80y
Smith, Edward, d. 8/1/1932, aged 74y
Smith, Elizabeth C. Wetmore (wife Armenius), b. 1840, d. 10/15/1886, aged 46y
Smith, Ellen (d/o Bela & Margaret), d. 10/13/1875, aged 17y
Smith, Emma C., aged 12y
Smith, Eugene V. (son Bela & Margaret), d. 8/27/1875, aged 23y
Smith, Eveline Austin (wife Eben), d. 1/14/1882, aged 74y
Smith, Everlina E. (d/o Eben & Eveline), d. 4/19/1842, aged 10y
Smith, F. Jerome, d. 4/11/1872, aged 6y
Smith, Fletcher, d. 1/21/1846, aged 41y
Smith, Gary (son Chester), b. 10/23/1952, d. 8/8/1971, aged 18y
Smith, Gertrude E., b. 6/26/1879, d. 8/8/1965, aged 86y
Smith, Gracie (d/o Addison & Juliette), d. 8/5/1876, aged 3y
Smith, Guy Burdette, d. 7/9/1871, aged 8m
Smith, Harrison E., d. 8/11/1948, aged 73y
Smith, Harrison, d. 8/11/1948, aged 73y
Smith, Hattie E. (see Strong)
Smith, Helen C. (wife Joseph M.), b. 1816, d. 10/7/1900, aged  84y
Smith, Helen G. (wife Jack), b. 2/3/1898, d. 10/7/1981, aged 84y
Smith, Imogene (wife Henry B.), d. 7/18/1883, aged 36y
Smith, Isaac H., b. 9/14/1829, d. 11/4/1882,  aged 52y
Smith, Isabelle, b. 2/18/1857, d. 8/16/1940, aged 83y
Smith, Jack W (son Basil & Rachel), d. 3/9/1926, aged 34y
Smith, Jay Adams, d. 1/22/1931, aged 53y
Smith, Jeanie Capron (wife W. Sidney), d. 9/20/1926, aged 80y
Smith, John M. (son Bela & Margaret), d. 1/5/1895, aged 39y
Smith, John A, b. 2/5/1885, d. 7/27/1966, aged 81y
Smith, Joseph A., b. 10/1839, d. 7/18/1896, aged 56y
Smith, Joseph M., b. 1818, d. 10/14/1889, aged 71y
Smith, Juliette Wagoner (wife R. Smith), d. 1859
Smith, Juliette Simmons (wife Addison W.), d. 11/13/1875, aged 29y
Smith, Lafayette (son Zoeth & Diantha), d. 6/29/1856, aged 1y
Smith, Lauren (son David Van Orden Smith), b. 1870, d. 9/19/1909, aged 39y
Smith, Louisa (see Rogers)
Smith, Lucy (see Walker)
Smith, Lucy, d. 11/20/1955, aged 77y
Smith, Lucy (wife Harrison), d. 11/20/1955, aged 77y
Smith, Mae (wife Clarence), b. 2/17/1891, d. 12/16/1979, aged 88y
Smith, Margaret Van Orden (wife Bela), d. 5/9/1888, aged 72y
Smith, Margaret R. Kerr (wife Abram), d. 1/9/1881, aged 38y
Smith, Mary A. (see Wetmore)
Smith, Mary Urania (d/o Bela), d. 8/12/1863, aged 42y
Smith, Mary Francis (see Borthwick)
Smith, Mary Pierson (wife Rev. James), d. 6/5/1904, aged 73y
Smith, Mary Wetmore (wife Isaac H.), d. 4/2/1894, aged 64y
Smith, Merwin, aged 3y
Smith, Minerva White (wife Joseph A.), d. 12/12/1919, aged 80y
Smith, Minnie A. Borthwick (wife Truman), b. 12/26/1855, d. 2/20/1929, aged 73y
Smith, Minnie J. Ecklor (wife Edward), D. 10/18/1943, aged 76y
Smith, Nettie O., d. 3/21/1943, aged 77y
Smith, Obed A. (son Eben & Eveline), d. 4/17/1842, aged 14y
Smith, Olive Merwin (wife Zoeth), d. 12/20/1852, aged 79y
Smith, Olive (d/o Fletcher & Rebecca), d. 12/21/1883, aged 47y
Smith, Patty (see Lamb)
Smith, Phebe Cargill (wife Addison P.), b. 5/25/1833, d. 5/2/1888, aged 54y
Smith, Phebe (see Strong)
Smith, Platt Adams, d. 12/24/1924, aged 88y
Smith, Prudence Lament (wife A. Burdette), d. 1/16/1917, aged 75y
Smith, Rachel Hitchcock (wife Charles D.), d. 9/10/1851, aged 31y
Smith, Rachel J. Davy (wife Basil H.), d. 7/9/1939, aged 87y
Smith, Rebecca Jerome (wife Fletcher), b. 1/24/1803, d. 7/30/1885, aged 82y
Smith, Rev. Bela, d. 7/3/1847, aged 64y
Smith, Rev. James W., d. 9/22/1886, aged 61y
Smith, Rhoda Merwin (wife Rev. Bela), d. 9/22/1862, aged 82y
Smith, Rhoda (see Strong)
Smith, Richard Robert, d. 10/29/1946, aged 51y
Smith, Richard, b. 1821, d. 2/16/1909
Smith, Samuel R. (son Joseph & Minerva), aged 1y
Smith, Samuel, b. 1/16/1811, d. 9/13/1867, aged 56y
Smith, Sarah A. (wife Addison Z.), d. 3/4/1958, aged 82y
Smith, Sarah A. Field (wife Platt), d. 1/23/1905, aged 69y
Smith, Scott (son Zoeth & Diantha), b. 11/12/1872, d. 9/13/1901, aged 29y
Smith, Scott, aged 1y
Smith, Sewell, aged 1y
Smith, Thomas, d. 7/15/1842, aged 53y
Smith, Thomas (son Bela & Margaret), d. 4/5/1855, aged 17y
Smith, Truman I., b. 1858, d. 3/24/1913, aged 55y
Smith, Valmer (son Sidney & Jeanie), d. 12/25/1876, aged 3y
Smith, Viania, d. 5/1/1879, aged 70y
Smith, W. Sidney, d. 2/4/1918, aged 77y
Smith, Walter L. (son Basil & Rachel), d. 9/17/1875, aged 2y
Smith, Warren Basil (son Jack & Helen), d. 4/5/1942, aged 20y
Smith, Zoeth, d. 4/28/1840, aged 67y
Smith, Zoeth, d. 2/18/1879, aged 56y
Snyder, Ann Maria (d/o Martin A.& Jemima), d. 11/23/1835, aged 25y
Snyder, Eliza (see Strong & VanGelder)
Snyder, Ella M. (see Brown)
Snyder, Harriett (d/o Martin & Jemima), d. 11/19/1856, aged 29y
Snyder, James M., b. 11/15/1815, d. 12/22/1856, aged 41y
Snyder, Jane K. (d/o Martin & Jemima), d. 3/20/1846, aged 21y
Snyder, Jemima (wife Martin), d. 9/13/1855, aged 70y
Snyder, Josiah (son Martin & Jemima), d. 6/29/1883, aged 64y
Snyder, Leah Ransom (wife James M.), b. 11/15/1823, d. 3/13/1910, aged 86y
Snyder, Martin, d. 11/1/1831, aged 52y
Snyder, Rachel (d/o Martin & Jemima), d. 2/1/1887, aged 73y
Snyder, Sally (d/o Martin & Jemima), d. 9/20/1850, aged 38y
Snyder, Stephen F. (son Martin & Jemima), d. 11/3/1861, aged 40y
Snyder, William V. (son James & Leah), b. 2/2/1848, d. 5/25/1897, aged 49y
Sontag, Emma (see Dinaso)
Sontag, Evelyn W., b. 11/30/1910, d. 7/30/1979, aged 68y
Squillante, Nunzio, d. 9/13/1990
Stanton, Permelia Ann (wife Elias), d. 10/16/1846, aged 36y
Stevens, Abigail (see Claver)
Stone, Eleanor Yale (wife Homer), d. 5/17/1884, aged 29y
Stone, Homer, d. 8/23/1883, aged 28y
Strong, Alice (d/o John & Rhoda), d. 12/31/1883, aged 36y
Strong, Anson, d. 1/9/1848, aged 71y
Strong, Anson (son John & Rhoda), d. 7/1/1873, aged 20y
Strong, Arthur E. (son Philip & Eunice), d. 9/17/1952, aged 73y
Strong, Caroline (d/o John & Rhoda), b. 3/1/1851, d. 7/27/1925, aged 74y
Strong, Eliza Snyder (wife Fred), b. 2/23/1843, d. 4/8/1905, aged 61y
Strong, Elizabeth (d/o Ellsworth & Phebe), d. 12/14/1910, aged 56y
Strong, Ellsworth A., d. 9/4/1929, aged 81y
Strong, Ellsworth, d. 5/18/1884, aged 72y
Strong, Emily, d. 9/2/1858, aged 50y
Strong, Eunice Aurelia Borthwick (w. Phil), b. 9/1/1838, d. 9/16/1912, aged 74y
Strong Frederick C., d. 9/13/1879, aged 38y
Strong, Hattie E. Smith (wife Wm. H), d. 10/16/1880, aged 29y
Strong, John S. (son John & Rhoda), d. 5/12/1909, aged 66y
Strong, John B., d. 9/26/1870, aged 56y
Strong, Joseph B. (son John & Rhoda), d. 12/13/1864, aged 24y
Strong, Lelia Maria (d/o P. Embury & Aurelia), b. 1878, d. 4/13/1878
Strong, Louise (wife Wilbur F.& Lewis VanDuesen), d. 3/13/1917, aged 50y
Strong, Martha (d/o Ellsworth & Phebe), d. 5/2/1916, aged 64y
Strong, Martha F. (d/o Wilbur & Louise), d. 6/8/1908, aged 19y
Strong, Olive, d. 3/24/1933, aged 76y
Strong, Phebe Smith (wife Ellsworth), d. 4/17/1868, aged 54y
Strong, Philip Embury (son John & Rhoda), b. 1/6/1845, d. 10/1/1893, 
aged 48y
Strong, Polly, d. 6/3/1860, aged 40y
Strong, Rhoda Smith (wife John B.), d. 8/22/1888, aged 75y
Strong, Sally Butler, b. 1/7/1779, d. 11/23/1873, aged 94y
Strong, Sally, d. 7/23/1882, aged 76y
Strong, Thomas B. (son John & Rhoda), d. 6/10/1897, aged 4y
Strong, Wilbur F., d. 7/17/1864, aged 25y
Strong, Wilbur F., b. 2/11/1866, d. 9/25/1894, aged 28y
Sutton, Asbury (son Osmer & Inez), b. 7/23/1900, d. 9/6/1907, aged 7y
Sutton, Erik (son Osmer), b. 11/18/1911, d. 5/22/1988, aged 76y
Sutton, Gertrude, d. 8/22/1993
Sutton, Inez, d. 2/5/1953, aged 77y
Sutton, Osmer C., d. 12/17/1945, aged 70y
Swart, Eva Ann (see Delamater)
Taylor, Aaron, d. 9/9/1827, aged 37y
Taylor, Thomas G., d. 5/8/1837, aged 20y
Thorn, John Wesley (son John & Mary), b. 4/16/1846, d. 1/24/1868, aged 21y
Thorn, John B., d. 3/14/1876, aged 70y
Thorn, Mary A. Rickerson (wife John), d. 5/19/1890, aged 76y
Todd, Rose (see Flinn)
Traver, Betsy M. (see Rifenburgh)
Treyer, Delia (see Proper)
Treyer, Dorothy (d/o Paul & Gertie), b. 4/25/1914, d. 5/18/1917, aged 3y
Treyer, Gertrude A. (wife Paul), b. 6/25/1884, d. 3/26/1958, aged 74y
Treyer, Paul, b. 9/14/1890, d. 10/27/1976, aged 86y
Tripp, Hannah (mother Lovinia Tripp), d. 5/16/1884, aged 76y
Tripp, Joseph, d. 5/19/1885, aged 79y
Tripp, Lovinia (see Hollenbeck)
Truesdell, Phebe (see Yale)
Tuell, (infant son Samuel & Charlotte), d. 3/20/1851, aged 5w
Tuell, Charlotte
Tuell, Elmira (d/o Samuel & Charlotte), d. 3/27/1851, aged 4y
Tuell, Hannah Merwin, b. 8/31/1787, d. 3/19/1873, aged 86y
Tuell, Samuel
Turk, Clarence, d. 11/1/1893, aged 27y
Turk, Harold, d. 11/19/1960, aged 67y
Turk, Hazel I. (wife Harold), b. 2/17/1894 , d.11/2/1957, aged 63y
Turk, Ivan (son Harold & Hazel), d. 5/7/1983, aged 49y
Uhll, Isabella A. Flinn (wife Dan), b. 3/28/1920, d. 12/10/1991, aged 71y
Underhill, Mary (see Walker)
Utter, Clara (see Barnes)
Utter, Julia E. (see Wetmore)
Uttz, Emma (wife George Sr.), d. 2/22/1901, aged 78y
Uttz, George, d. 10/3/1898, aged 86y
Uttz, George Jr., d. 1/30/1896, aged 28y
Van Denburgh, Abram, d. 11/19/1895, aged 84y
Van Denburgh, Minnie (d/o Joseph & Mary), d. 8/2/1868, aged 2y
Van Denburgh, Jane M. (see Lawrence)
Van Denburgh, Ann Eliza Bowen (wife Abram), d. 2/19/1888, aged 69y
Van Denburgh, Joseph, d. 3/6/1892
Van Denburgh, Sarah, d. 2/1/1873, aged 17y
Van Deusen, Louise (wife Lewis & W.F. Strong)
Van Orden, Margaret (see Smith)
VanGelder, Eliza Snyder (wife Jacob)
VanOrden, Carrie Claver (wife W.Gates), d. 12/31/1936, aged 72y
VanOrden, Leslie G., b. 2/4/1910, d. 9/6/1979, aged 69y
VanOrden, William Gates, d. 3/3/1951, aged 86y
Vedder, Catherine (see Wetmore)
Vigilante, Frank ?
Vincent, Charles, d. 2/5/1984
Vincent, Cora, b. 6/13/1877, d. 10/20/1951, aged 74y
Vincent, Emma Frances (wife Charles), b. 10/11/1900, d. 3/13/1963, aged 62y
Vincent, Milo, d. 1/25/1873, d. 9/6/1955, aged 82y
Wagner, Caroline (see Woodard)
Wagner, Clayton (son Darius & Nancy), b. 1864, d. 2/17/1900, aged 36y
Wagner, Dwight (infant son Warren & Virginia Hull Wagner)
Wagner, Edgar (son Darius & Nancy), b. 1846, d. 1870, aged 24y
Wagner, Georgiana (see Rogers)
Wagner, Ida J. (see McKenzie)
Wagner, J. Darius, b. 1812, d. 3/5/1900, aged 88y
Wagner, Marvin H., b. 1848, d. 8/17/1923, aged 75y
Wagner, Nancy Jerome (wife Darius), d. 2/22/1906, aged 84y
Wagoner, Daniel (son Philip & Maria), d. 1/16/1842, aged 21y
Wagoner, Eliza Ann, d. 2/17/1873, aged 65y
Wagoner, Juliette (see Smith)
Wagoner, Maria Mickel (wife Philip), d. 5/20/1871, aged 85y
Wagoner, Philip, d. 2/7/1859, aged 76y
Wagoner, Silvester (son P&M), d. 4/24/1816, aged 2m
Wagoner, Simeon, (son P&M), d. 9/26/1826, aged 1m
Wagoner, William (son P&M), d. 10/24/1825, aged 7y
Waldron, Maggie L. (d/o Wm. H.), d. 12/15/1882, aged 13y
Waldron, Mary E. (d/o Wm. H.), d. 12/13/1882, aged 10y
Walker, Anna (wife Duane), d. 11/19/1932, aged 69y
Walker, Arthur (son Wesley & Maria), b. 11/20/1873, aged 4/26/1884, aged 10y
Walker, Duane, d. 4/7/1952, aged 85y
Walker, Eli Lewis, d. 4/10/1890, aged 71y
Walker, Emma Jones (wife Duane), d. 1/31/1900, aged 35y
Walker, Ezra
Walker, Fanny (see Dutcher)
Walker, John (son Wesley & Maria), d. 5/25/1957
Walker, Lucy Setford (wife Eli Lewis), d. 5/11/1879, aged 50y
Walker, Lucy Smith (wife Ezra)
Walker, Maria Higgins (wife Wesley), d. 4/29/1921, aged 70y
Walker, Mary Underhill (wife Eli Lewis), d. 11/19/1885, aged 49y
Walker, Reuben, d. 8/21/1891
Walker, Thomas S. (son Wesley & Maria), b. 4/5/1884, d. 10/8/1884
Walker, Wesley, d. 11/11/1906, aged 76y
Watrous, Betsy C. (see Wetmore)
Wattles, Henry B. (son), d. 2/21/1832, aged 18y
Wattles, Patty
Wattles, Simon l. (son), d. 8/3/1827, aged 4y
Wattles, Sluman
Webster, Lydia (see Goff)
West, Sarah (see Cooke)
Wetmore, (infant Paul Wetmore), d. 6/1/1948
Wetmore, Addie L. (see Parks)
Wetmore, Alathea Doolitell (wife Charles), d. 12/15/1897, aged 46y
Wetmore, Betsy C. Watrous, b. 8/9/1814, d. 12/21/1897, aged 83y
Wetmore, Catherine Vedder (wife Charles), b. 1805, d. 4/4/1896, aged 91y
Wetmore, Charles H., d. 5/14/1896, aged 49y
Wetmore, Charles, b. 1809, d. 1/23/1895, aged 86y
Wetmore, Clark, d. 9/20/1922, aged 84y
Wetmore, Elizabeth C. (see Smith)
Wetmore, Ferris, d. 3/23/1925, aged 73y
Wetmore, Hattie (d/o Charles & Alathea), d. 3/21/1873, aged 6m
Wetmore, Hattie (d/o Charles & Alathea), d. 11/2/1893, aged 14y
Wetmore, Helen M., d. 7/31/1856, aged 22y
Wetmore, Hiram F., d. 11/13/1872, aged 64y
Wetmore, Hobart, d. 2/11/1940, aged 78y
Wetmore, Jane E., d. 8/31/1843, aged 1y
Wetmore, Joel (son Hobart), d. 10/24/1959, aged 63y
Wetmore, Julia E. Utter (wife Clark), d. 1/26/1908, aged 79y
Wetmore, Margaret Merrit (wife Wm. H.), d. 5/29/1919, aged 83y
Wetmore, Mary A. Smith (wife Ferris), d. 5/27/1935, aged 83y
Wetmore, Mary (wife Hobart), d. 11/28/1950, aged 78y
Wetmore, Mary (see Smith)
Wetmore, Orrin T., d. 3/17/1858, aged 2y
Wetmore, Paul (husband Grace), d. 6/12/1977, aged 66y
Wetmore, Pearl (d/o Hobart), d. 4/16/1920, aged 14y
Wetmore, Theal (son Hiram & Betsy), d. 3/28/1869, aged 19y
Wetmore, William (son Charles & Alathea), d. 4/11/1898, aged 10y
Wetmore, William H., d. 8/22/1918, aged 85y
White, Minerva (see Smith)
Whittemore, Laura (see Goff)
Whittlesey, Mary (see Johnson)
Wilcox, Rachel Austin (d/o M & E wife Ira), d. 7/31/1817, aged 23y
Winn, August (d/o Lena Blank), d. 10/10/1984, aged 62y
Winter, Helen, b. 4/28/1884, d. 9/9/1963, aged 79y
Winter, Paul, d. 9/5/1959, aged 77y
Winters, (infant Edward)
Winters, Daniel, d. 10/22/1917, aged 69y
Winters, Martha Setford (wife Daniel), d. 7/31/1932, aged 79y
Wodarzick, Richard, b. 2/22/1911, d. 5/11/1964, aged 53y
Wolcott, Lucy Ann (daughter of Joel & Lucy), d. 2/25/1841, aged 10y
Woodard, Caroline Wagner (wife Jerome), b. 1850, d. 3/14/1927, aged 77y
Woodard, Frank, d. 6/25/1942, aged 86y
Woodard, Ida Hubbard (wife Frank), d. 4/17/1930, aged 69y
Woodard, Jacob, d. 2/7/1883, aged 77y
Woodard, Jerome E., d. 7/21/1930, aged 82y
Woodard, Lucy A. Morris (wife Jacob), d. 11/14/1900, aged 83y
Woodard, Polly Goff (wife Amos), d. 5/31/1877, aged 54y
Woodworth, Beulah (see Borthwick/Hill)
Woodworth, Dora (see Hough)
Woodworth, Dorothy (wife William), d. 10/22/1988
Woodworth, Milton B., d. 4/3/1988, aged 84y
Worthington, Mary (see Sargeant)
Yale, Bertie (son Josiah & Fanny), d. 7/25/1884, aged 6m
Yale, Eleanor (d/o Moses & Phebe see Stone)
Yale, Fanny Hall (wife Josiah T.), d. 1/1/1926, aged 65y
Yale, Grace (see Barnes)
Yale, Josiah (son Moses & Phebe), d. 5/19/1925, aged 67y
Yale, Moses, d. 1/12/1890, aged 66y
Yale, Phebe Truesdell (wife Moses), d. 6/4/1914, aged 91y
Young, Mary E. (d/o Chas. & Nancy Hitchcock), d. 7/1/1868, aged 40y

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