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Cousin Addie to
Susie Houck


From the personal collection of Sylvia Hasenkopf




Miss Susie Houck
Catskill, Greene Co,

Posted from Newark, NJ
Nov. 15
2 cent stamp

Reverse: New York Transit
Nov 15 83, 930(-)M 

Newark, NJ
Nov. 4th 1883

Dear Cousin Susie 

I suppose you think I should have written before, But better late than never. 

I hope this finds you all well. It does not leave us ar(?) at least Ma feeling very well. I am gaining strength I am writing to you and rocking the baby with my foot and he as a bread dinner in his mouth. He cant seem to get enough to eat for I only have one breast to nurse him from as my other one has gathered and broken. But is getting over it now. He is a good baby if he has enough to eat. He will be 2 months old the 24 of this month. Ma says he acts like a baby 4 or 5 months old. We call him Elward Gordon Marsh. I suppose you will think that an odd name. Gerty is writing you a long letter and telling you lots of news, I cant keep track of all she says. That little boy that boards with us has been away most 2 weeks. And that accounts for you getting a letter from her fir she is so different  and acts like herself when he isnít here. Ma is feeling quite miserable to day and says she wants Aunt Linnie to come down for she wants to see her for something very piticular. And she musnt say she cant. I received Linnies letter. And will send that velvet next week. So she may look for it. We have had 2 or 3 snow squalls since Monday morning. Linnie wrote you wasnít going to teach school this winter. How I wish you were coming down here to spend the winter with me. But Linnie says that if nothing happens your both coming next fall. Oh I do hope can and will come. Ma has got her flowers in. But she could not stop to fix them for the weather come on so freezing cold Monday morning that she was afraid they would be frozen before she got them. (box with kisses) Gerty wanted me to put some kisses right there. She has some in her letter to you I believe. And wanted me to put some in my letter to you. It is seven in the evening and the boy is crying and wont take his dinner and I donít know what is the matter with him. Grandma has taken him and he is still now. So I thought Iíd write a few lines again. Donít wonder why I dont write oftener now. Have you had any snow storms out your way. Will and Abbie were up the other day. Abbie isnít well she has a bad cold. She made a dress for Ma and is is real nice. I was going to write to John to day But I cant seem to get the chance, not even to finish your letter. So Uncle Will is going to send us some buckwheat O; I am so glad. And will you send me some butternuts if you have any for I do love them so. Gerty says to tell cousin Aubie that she was coming up next summer and nothing happens. Ella Bayhert boards with us she is in her 15 year and she dont go to school. And she helps me quite a good deal with the baby. And is very kind in a good many ways. I have looked Maís letters over And cant find any from John for Ma says he didnt write any letters to her that she remembers off. Ma is mixing bread to bake to morrow. And then she is going to bed I guess. It is a beautiful moonlight night out. I havent been out in the street yet. And we have had some fine days too. So you have been dressmaking. I wish you could make one for me too I cant get time to fix or mend one, let a lone making one. Well Susie do you find any thing in this letter that is interesting. I am afraid not. I wish you would come here and open a select school. And you would have 3 scholars to commence with. Wilford, Gerty and Ella. And there is others that would send theirs too of there was a pa school up this way. Ella has never been to school much and she is studying some home. Well I might as well say no more on that line. For that is the furtherest from your thoughts. Well I must think of getting Elward ready for bed. Gerty is eating an orange and some candy good things to go to bed with.


Well Iíll close as I cant think of any thing more to write. We all send our love to you and all the rest. And hope this finds you all well. Answer soon. From your cousin

                                        Addie, 27 Sussex, Ave, Newark, N.J.

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