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Marriage Schedule from the 
Census of 1865 ~

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the original census

Marriages that occurred in the Town of Coxsackie in the County of Green, NY during the year ending June 1, 1865. This table was prepared by me, on the first day of June, 1865. F.C. Dederick, Enumerator


Name of Husband Age of husband Previous civil condition of Husband Name of Wife Age of Wife Previous civil condition of wife Date of Marriage Name of city or town where the marriage occurred Marriage solemnized by a clergyman
First Election District                
Philo H. Backus 24 S Jemima Hallenbeck 25 S 4-May Coxsackie R.P.D.
Samuel Valentine 24 S Elisabeth Van Den Burgh 23 S 9-Jun Coxsackie Prot Epis
Benjamin Crane 27 S Mary C. Van Den Burgh 21 S 9-Jun Coxsackie Prot Epis
Horace W. Brown 25 S Josephine A. Godfrey 25 S 9-Oct Coxsackie Meth Epis
Cyrus Birhans 37 S Jennie Wilson 28 S 11-Jun Coxsackie R.P.D.
Henry Campbell 32 S Fannie Ten Eyck 24 S 31-May Coxsackie R.P.D.
Timothy J. Hollister 28 S Adelaide Backus 23 S 14-Dec Coxsackie R.P.D.
John S. Campbell 21 S Rachel Clough 20 S 4-Jun Coxsackie R.P.D.
William Wells 26 S Catharine L. Stebbins 20 S 7-May Coxsackie R.P.D.
Albert Parker 22 S Catharine Carter 22 S 16-Oct Coxsackie R.P.D.
Michael Dowling 24 S Mary Bannin 24 S 29-Aug Coxsackie R.C.
Walton S. Stoutenburgh 32 S Ellen N. Southard 23 S 10-May Richmond, Me. Congregational
Theodore Cline 20 S Hester Jane Bedell 20 S 23-Oct New Baltimore Chrisitan
Peter Sharp 20 S Harriet Cure 16 S 23-Sep Coxsackie R.P.D.
Thomas H. Kennedy 20 S Susan M. Sharp 22 S 18-Jan Leeds R.P.D.
William Sagendorph 31 M Lydia Mead 30 M 26-Oct Coxsackie R.P.D.
William Moore 20 S Mary F. Dubois 17 S 4-Mar Coxsackie R.P.D.
Second Election District              
Abram V.B. Armstrong 26 S Mary Van Den Burgh 21 S


Coxsackie D.Ref.


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