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David Frayer 
Family Bible

*later owned by William Frayer, W. Hartford, CT

Contributed by David H. Williams

The listings are of 2 families:    
         children of Jan Michielse Hollenbeck & Catelyntje Spoor

               children of Philip Freer & Catharina Scherp (includes David Frayer of above, but not
listed in bible)

               4 children from each family were married to each other!:

                                  David Frayer married Feytje Hollenbeck 9 Feb 1783 (Katsbaan RDC)
                                  Rachel Frayer married Michiel Hollenbeck bef 1784
                                  Jacob Frayer married Christine Hollenbeck bef 1784
                                  John Frayer married Esther Hollenbeck bef c1775

The David Frayer who married Martha Smith was the last of 10 children of John Frayer and Esther Hollenbeck ("Esteear" in bible record).

The only bible entry which is probably incorrect is the one for Eygge Frayer -- this is probably 1735 rather than 1736 -- the Linlithgo baptism records show 1735.

  David  Frayer's  Bible
bought  May  22, 1840
In  the  Town  of  Durham
In  the  County  of  Greene,  N.Y.
Bought of
Charles  M. Smith

This  was  wrote  by
Martha  H. Frayer

John Hollonbeck and Catelinche Spur married 17 Oct. 1753
David Frayer and Martha H. Smith was married October 28, 1830

John Hollonbeck born 16 May, 1731
Catelinche Spur born 16 July 1735

Sons of Philip Frayer:
John Frayer born Feb. 1746
Isaac Frayer born 8 May 1752
Jacob Frayer born 4 Aug. 1754
Daughters of Philip Frayer
Eygge Frayer born 19 Nov. 1736
Charity Frayer born 20 Aug. 1737
Nellie Frayer born 11 Aug. 1744
Rachel Frayer born 20 Sept. 1749

Mikel Hallonbeck born 28 July 1754
Esteear Hallonbeck born 18 Mch. 1756
Abraham Hallonbeck born in the 30 day of May 1757
Christeen Hallonbeck born in 6 day of May 1759
Isaac Hallonbeck born in the 25 day of May 1761
Ephraem Hallonbeck born in the 24 day June 1763
Fiche Hallonbeck born in 13 day of Oct. 1765
Richard Hallonbeck born in 17 day Nov. 1767
John Hallonbeck born in Nov. 1769
Cornelaus Hallonbeck born 29 May 1772
Nicholas Hallonbeck was born Sept. the 11th 1774
Jacob Hallonbeck, born Oct 17, 1776

David Frayer born 1799 Jan. 13th
Martha H. Smith born May 11, 1804

Seymour A Frayer was born September 28th, 1841

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