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David Whitney Family


Contributed by Shelly Taylor


This certifies that the Rite if Holy Matrimony was Celebrated between
David Whitney Jr. of Kiskatom, New York
and Catharine Vedder of Leeds, New York
by Rev. John Romine, Pastor of the Reformed Church, Leeds
Witness: Jeremiah Burgett
Witness: Maria Vedder

David Whitney Jr. September 30th 1813
Catherine Vedder June 23d 1817
Their Children:
John Orville Whitney June 18th 1849
James Castello Whitney March 8th 1853
Mary Alice Whitney March 8th 1855
Peter D. Whitney August 20th 1857
Violetta Estella Whitney August 12th 1859

David Whitney November 30th 1877
Catharine Whitney February 20th 1875
John Orville Whitney April 9th 1850
James Castello Whitney May 4th 1927
Mary Alice Whitney August 4th 1950
Peter D. Whitney May 3, 1924
Violetta Estella Whitney October 12th 1928

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