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Dean Family 

Transcribed by Sylvia Hasenkopf from the Rossi Records at the Durham Center museum
Mrs. Rossi transcribed bible records from throughout Greene County and compiled them into a series of record books.

Family Records of Francis Wilson Dene (Dean) and Jane Groom
This bible record in the possession of Henry Dean 


Francis Wilson Dean and Jane Groom were married Athens, NY February 2, 1848 


Francis Wilson dean was born June 26, 182?
Jane Groom Dean was born October 17, 1827

11 children:
Nathan Emory Dean was born September 22, 1850
Josiah Warner Dean was born November 21, 1848
Frank Dean was born February 14, 1852
John Henry Dean was born November 22, 1855
Wilson Dean was born April 19, 1858
Elizabeth Groom Dean was born August 30, 1860
Marcus Griffin Dean was born April 4, 1862
George Powers Dean was born June 3, 1865
Virginia Dean was born August 15, 1870
Charles Dean was born September 19, 1867
Jerry Dean was born April 15, 1873

Eugenie Agusta Burgess, wife of Marcus G. Dean, born November 13, 1860, died 1951
Wellington Davis, husband of Virginia Dean, born April 12, 1870
Louise Smith, wife if Charles Dean, born January 19, 1871
Nellie Darrow, wife of Frank Dean, born (blank)
Lydia Earl, 1st wife of Josiah Warner Dean born (blank) divorced (blank)
Mary Pettit, 2nd wife of Josiah Warner Dean born (blank) died (blank)

George Powers Dean died May 18, 1868 in his 3rd year
Nathan Emory Dean died February 16, 1852 in his 2nd year
Frank Dean died (no date)
Wilson Dean died (no date)
Charles Dean died (no date)
Elizabeth Dean Pausley died October 3, 1894
Josiah Warner Dean died November 25, 1921
Virginia Dean Davis died 1937
John Henry Dean died July 22, 1938
Marcus Griffin Dean died November 11, 1944
Jerry Dean died February 8, 1950, single

Mary Caroline Losee, wife of John Henry Dean, born March 10, 1855, died October 13, 1929
Frank T. Pausley, husband of Elizabeth G. Dean, born June 24, 1859, died January 10, 1919


Family Bible of John Henry Dean and Mary Caroline Losee


John Henry Dean and Mary Caroline Losee were married November 22, 1876
George Albert Dean and Harriet Frances Kemp were married October 21, 1903
Harold Sager Dean and 3rd wife Mary Dwyer of Gary, Indiana were married 1935
Mary Emalia Dean and Patrick Carlisle Beattie were married July 7, 1934


John Henry Dean was born November 22, 1855
Mary Caroline Losee was born March 10, 1855

George Albert Dean was born August 1, 1880
Harold Sager Dean was born November 15, 1892 

Mary Emalia Dean, daughter of George A. and Harriet F. Dean, was born September 10, 1905
Mary Ann Patricia Dean, daughter of Harold S. and Mary D. Dean was born November 22, 1936


John H. Dean died July 22, 1938
Mary C.L. Dean died October 1, 1929


Marcus G. Dean and Eugenie A. Burgess family records, given by Henry Dean, Catskill which were on a paper in his bible, year 1937
(Some records contributed by Geo. Dean and Jerry Dean) 


Marcus Griffen Dean and Eugenie Augusta Burgess were married April 9, 1882
Frank Wm. Dean and 1st wife Edith De Seta were married 1908
Frank Wm. Dean and 2nd wife Florence Hartt were married 1924
Mary Ann Dean and Yan de Laet were married Catskill, NY June 16, 1909
Helma de Laet and Frederick Coe married (blank)
Anna Louise Dean and 1st Charles De la Verne married Catskill, NY October 7, 1909
Anna Louise Dean and 2nd Frank Howard
Anna Louise Dean and 3rd ____ Gaugh of So. Troy, NY  1937


Marcus G. Dean was born April 4, 1862
Eugenie Augusta Burgess was born November 13, 1860
Frank Wm. Dean was born July 7, 1885
Mary Ann Dean was born May 17, 1888
Anna Louise Dean was born April 29, 1891 (In Greenville records recorded as 1890) 

Children of Frank Wm. Dean and his 1st wife Edith De Seta (born 1886):
Anna Frances Dean born 1910

Children of Frank Wm. Dean and his 2nd of Florence Hartt:
Francis Dean born 1925
Marcus Dean born 1926

Yan de Laet was born 1878
Helma de Laet born April 27, 1910
Yan de Laet Jr. born September 14, 1920
Dean de Laet born March 12, 1929

Peter Coe, son of Helma de Laet and Frederick Coe, was born 1937, Buenes Aires, South America

Anna Louise Dean had no children in any of her marriages

Mary Ann Dean de Laet killed in auto accident September 1929
Yan de Laet Jr. killed in same accident September 1929
Marcus G. Dean died November 11, 1944
Frank Wm. Dean died March 20, 1849
Edith De Sita 1st wife if Frank Wm. Dean died 1922
Eugenie A. Burgess Dean died 1951
Edith De Seta died 1922

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