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Dear Old Greene County

Chronological Events

Extracted from Dear Old Greene County by Gallt, published in 1915. Transcribed by Arlene Goodwin.

 The Earlier Happenings are Referred to through the Book.

 Chronology 1898

Warden Sage, of Catskill, made great repairs to prison at Sing Sing. 

Luke Smith, of Catskill, died at the age of 87 years. 

Theodore Roosevelt, hero of San Juan Hill, visits Catskill, the occasion being made a holiday.

 Alexander King returns from Honolulu.

 Harry Hicks, Albert Thompson and Harry Lydecker return from Honolulu.

 Charles W. Webster, of Cairo, in the fight of block house 14 at Manila, Philippines.

 Daniel Meech, died of pneumonia at Catskill.

 William Henry Hotaling sentenced to five years for murder of Bobbie Walsh at Coxsackie.

 Lewis Hallenbeck, of Coxsackie, on navy furlough presents Enterprise with relics from the Spanish battleships, Viscya and Oquedo.

 Chronology 1899

Luther Holdridge, of Lanesville, shot four bears and they brought him $35.00 each.

A calf was born on Dwight McQueen’s farm at Hensonville having eight legs.

Big Masonic celebration at Coxsackie.

J. H. Whitbeck store at Coxsackie robbed of $750, safe blown.

St. Patrick’s fair netted $1210.

Bicycle path built from Catskill to Palenville.   Failure.

203rd regiment mustered out of service.

Jacobs’ Bottling Works, Cairo, destroyed by fire.

Catskill cat show nets Y. M. C. A. $70.00.

Margaret Fletcher died at Catskill, aged 99 years.

St. Luke’s church, costing $35,000, G. W. Holdridge builder, dedicated June sixth.

Sergt. Edgar Johnston, engineer, repaired bridge at Malolos, Philippines, while the Spanish bullets were flying all about him.

Theodore Haines, of Catskill, died suddenly after being injured.

Col. Omar V. Sage, of Catskill, made warden of house of refuge, Randall’s Island.

Capt. Henry Nicholls, commander of the monotor Monadnock, U. S. N., Admiral Dewey’s squadron, died at Manila. Born in Athens in 1845. Body shipped to United States.

Tannersville railroad opened from Otis Junction.

Smallpox in Athens brick yard.

Geo. W. Holdridge brought the old St. Luke’s church for $2700. 

Geo. W. Holdridge commenced work on Rowena school at Palenville, a $40,000 structure.

Melvin Wynkoop drowned at Coxsackie.

William Bigelow, Crawford Owens, William Henzel and Antonio de Batiste crushed to death in cave-in of brick kiln at Catskill.

Jas. Busbee committed suicide at West Camp.

Lewis Hadden, war veteran, died at Big Hollow, aged 65 years.

Dominic Crommis drowned at New Baltimore.

Howard Cohn killed by accidental discharge of gun while hunting at South Cairo.

Sixteen Separate Company participated in Dewey parade at New York, Lieut, Searles commanding,   37,000 men in line.  All the vessels in parade also.

Walter ____, killed in electric light station at Catskill.

Mrs. Judson Wilcox, aged 95 years, fell and fractured his hip. Accident resulted in her death. She was for over 50 year a member of St. Luke’s church.

Murder at Kiskatom—Elizabeth Baer, an old woman, cut the throat of Catherine Wolvin, a helpless invalid.  She than took Parisgreen.  Dr. Lamont saved her life.  Tried and convicted of murder in the second degree.

Socialists polled 300 votes A. C. Fancher for supervisor of Catskill.

Good Templar convention at Tannersville.

Fire in Conklin store, Catskill.

Store house of Catskill & New York  Steamboat company destroyed by fire.

Apkes hotel at Palenville burned.

Summit Hill House barns burned

Democrats elect ten supervisors. S. B. Sage, assemblyman.  Pierre S. Jennings contest the results.

Wiley Hose Co. fair netted $1000.

Hon. J. Leroy Jacobs, former assemblyman, dropped dead at Cairo, aged 55 years.

M. L. Newcomb died at home of Dr. Lamont, Catskill. Former member of assembly and school commissioner, also supervisor from Windham.

Catskill town audit $5,862, budget $15,185.

Mike Madigan crushed to death in Bridge street sewer, Catskill.

The Rev. William S. Chamberlain, missionary to India, give purse of $100 by Reformed church, Catskill.

Former Sheriff Peter Magee died at Athens.

Mary Edith Ingersoll, of Catskill, burned to death at Doane Home.

Conradt Stevens died at Catskill, aged 83 years, former whaler.

The single vote of the Spanish War veterans cost Greene county $1000.

Albert Post, of Lanesville, celebrated his 55th anniversary by shooting his 55th bear.

Chronology 1900

Trolley promoted from Coxsackie to Greenville.

Mother Van Cott held revival at Jefferson.

Monument erected to memory of Edgar K. Williams.

Dewitt Decker, of Prattsville hung himself.

Case Hallenbeck of High Hill, aged 80 years, found dead in bed.

O. T. Humphrey, former Catskillian and member of assembly from Greene county, died at Johnstown.

 State Comptroller in his annual report paid tribute to Warden Sage, of Randall’s Island. Conditions best ever and a saving of $13,000 over his predecessor for a year’s work.

 William T. Conine committed suicide while deranged at Catskill.

 Barnet Palmer, 83 years; Catherine Wolvin, 82 years; John Rider, 77 years; and John Saxe, 72 years,  died at Kiskatom.

St. Mary’s church fair at Coxsackie netted $5000.

Sidney Crowell, of Catskill, former district attorney, died from stroke of paralysis.

Catskill Examiner office and store of Peary and Lobdell damaged by fire.

Mrs. Harry Decker, of Athens, inherits a fortune of $48,000.

Solomon Cornwall, died March 22, at Coxsackie, aged 94 years.

School moneys for town of Catskill were $3,165.

George A. Dykeman put 10,000 trout in Palenville streams.

Justice Emory A. Chase presided at Greene county term of Supreme court, April session.

War veteran James Lane found dead in bed at Lawrenceville.

Oscar Merwin, of Hunter, committed suicide, taking Laudanum and whiskey.

The Rev. William Fitzgerald appointed to St. Patrick’s church at Catskill.

Forty priests officiated in mass for the Rev. William J. Finnegan, deceased.

John Bassett and Oscar Dederick of Catskill in the big fight at Cebu.

Samuel Austin of Leeds, fined $50 and sent to the penitentiary for six months for whipping his wife.

Residence of Robert Seaman, Catskill, destroyed by fire.

Great parade in Catskill Memorial Day, occasion of the unveiling of the Edgar William’s monument.  Company E, Catskill Band, Squad 31st Regiment, G. A. R. Veterans, Po’keepsie Drum Corps, Citizens, Wileys, Wilsons, Osborns, Pruyn Drum Corps, three Athens companies, clergymen and trustees in line.  Address by Rev. R. E. Bell.

L. T. Beach census enumerator for Catskill.

James McLean died at Windham, aged 89 years.

Survey made for trolley line from Catskill to Cairo.

Justice Chase presided at the June term of Supreme Court.

Frank Norton, Co. H, in fights against Philippinos.

Maggie Van Cott conducted revival at Lebanon Springs.

Samuel Mallory, of Catskill, died at the age of 88 years.

Mrs. Robert McGiffert died in the arms of her husband while going from the boat to the hotel in Catskill.

 Douglass B.  Thorpe, of Catskill, died at Manorkill, where he was visiting his brother.

 Greene County Fireman’s convention held at Catskill Labor Day.

 $8000 pledged towards public library in Catskill.

 Work commenced on Catskill trolley.

 Contractor George W. Holdridge commenced work on Wiley Hose house.

 Frank Layman burned to death fighting fire at the Laurel House.

 J. F. Gaylord, Frazer C. H. and Gen. Coster had their pockets picked at the Greene county fair. John Van Tassel had his leg broken in a horse race.

 Office of J. A. Betts at Catskill damaged by fire.

 Sheriff Holdridge ran down three pickpockets who worked at Cairo fair.

 Rowena school at Palenville dedicated.

 Greene County Sunday School association met at Ashland.

 Frank Cherowsky and William Mattice killed at Smiths Landing while at work in an ice house.

 2000 people saw the laying of the corner stone at St. Mary’s church at Coxsackie, a  $25,000 structure.

Catskill trolley commenced operation September 20th.

General W. S. C.  Wiley elected president of Republican club at Catskill.

Supervisor P. Gardner Coffin sent $100 to Galveston sufferers.

The Albany Burgess Corps celebrated their 67th anniversary in Catskill. Company E. paraded with them.

William Jennings Bryan visited Catskill October 29th.

J. C. Tallmadge elected county judge; General W. S. C. Wiley, senator; W. W. Rider, assemblyman; Cyrus Bloodgood, county clerk; Henry Van Bergen, sheriff. McKinley carried county for president.

Large barn of Andrew Overbaugh, Catskill, destroyed by fire.

Roof of shale brick building at Catskill collapsed and Erasmo Casseragolio was killed and others injured.

Elmer Krieger elected chairman of  Board of Supervisors.

Company E. paraded at Hudson.

Thomas Daglish, of Catskill, died from and over dose of laudanum.

Hon. James G. Olney died at Catskill, aged 67 years.

Albert Saulpaugh, veteran 203d ret. Elected captain of Co. E.

Chronology 1901

 Hon. Geo. S. Stevens, assemblyman from Greene county, died at his home in Catskill.

 Horace Van Akin killed by Catskill trolley.

 Hannah Lynan, aged 72 years, burned to death at her home in Catskill.

 John Robb, aged 85 years, died at this home in Kiskatom of pneumonia.

 Judge Marcus Beach, a former Catskillian, died at this home in Jersey City, aged 82 years.

 The Rev. Anna Shaw and Harriet May Mills lectured in Catskill.

 Chauncey Richards, of Athens, walked off the dock in Catskill and was drowned.

 James B. Person, of Catskill, found dead in bed.

Diphtheria broke out in Catskill kindergarten, a number of deaths following,  Frank H. Russ lost two children.

Co. E in camp at Lake Mohegan, Capt. Saulpaugh in charge.

Arthur M. Terns, of Kiskatom,, crushed to death in an accident on the Catskill Mountain railroad.

Alvert Van Santvoord president of the Day Line and also interested in the Catskill Mt. And Otis Rys., died on his yacht.

Dominic Petrol, employed on the Webber bridge, Catskill town, drowned in the creek at that place.

Estimated expenditures of Catskill schools, $21560.

Myrtle Wood, of Oak Hill, struck by lightning and killed.

Citizens Hose Co. purchase new mirror parade carriage. Finest in the country.

F. N. DuBois presents Catskill wit Y. M. C. A. building.

Clarence Garrison, of Catskill, killed by live wire, while working on the line near Broad street.

Geo. W. Holdridge gets contract for public library.

Three story boarding house of A. Amman destroyed by fire at Catskill. Mr. Amman and wife were at Valdez, Alaska.

Ten Democratic and five Republican supervisors elected. William W. Rider, assemblyman; Judson A. Betts, county treasurer; Egbert Palmer, district attorney; Hotel license carried in Catskill by 42 votes. Hunter no license. Supervisors elected: Athens—W. C. Brady; Ashland—Levi Thompkins; Cairo—Solon W. Stevens; Catskill—Charles A. Post; Coxsackie—D. Geroe Greene; Durham—Almerin Moore; Greenville—Orrin Stevens; Halcott—Lemuel Kelly; Hunter—Michael O’Hara; Jewett—Franklin Woodruff; Lexington—Clarence Tompkins; New Baltimore—C. V. Elmendorf; Prattsville—Elmer Krieger; Windham—Osborn Cole.

Vincenzo Fragola killed by the cars of the West Shore depot.

Abigal Crosby, aged 88 years, died at Catskill.

Chauncey Smith dropped dead on Main street, Catskill.

Farmers Telephone Co. organized in Cairo.

Chronology  1902

The Mountain Gazette published at Windham suspended.

Fred Miller found dead in the barn at the Mower House, Cairo.

John Townsend, of Greenville Center, found at his home  so badly frozen that the could not recover.

In a Washington’s birthday reception at the Presbyterian church Justice Chase represented Washington and Judge Tallmadge Philip Schuyler.  Fifty other Colonial characters were represented by Catskillians, Charles G. Coffin, Judson A. Betts, Clarence Sage, Lucius Doty, Charles E. Elliott and Percy W. Decker,  being among the number.

 Hon. John A. Griswold died at his home on William street, Catskill, aged 79 years.

 Justice Sewell presided at March term of Supreme Court.

 High water on March 1st did great damage in Catskill.

 A pine tree cut on the Pratt farm at Oak Hill, measured 18 feet at the base, 65 feet to the first limb, 175 feet in height and rings indicated age of 235 years.

 Albert H. Ford kill at Athens by a falling derrick.

 Catskill public library opened.

 Thomas E. Ferrier died at Catskill, aged 81 years.  Former supervisor and county treasurer.

 Joseph Keeler died from chloroform accidentally spilled upon his bed during his sickness.  He was an old resident of Catskill.

Potter Palmer, uncle of Mrs. H. L. Boughton, of Catskill, died at Chicago, and remains were interred at Potters Hollow, his birthplace.  He was born in 1826, conducted store at Durham, owned 95 houses in Chicago at time of great fire in 1870, all destroyed. He was worth $25,000,000.

Bishop Burke confirmed class of 150 at St. Patrick’s church at Catskill.

10,000 people burned to death in volcano eruption at St. Pierre, Mantinique, greatest disaster of modern times.

Catskill Shale Brick plant in hands of receiver.

Geo. W. Holdridge given contract to build Catskill Y. M. C. A.

Esquire Cowles died suddenly at Durham, aged about 76 years.

Judge Sanderson died sitting in his chair, at the home of his daughter in Catskill. County judge in 1882 and in 1888, defeating M. B. Mattice each time.

Firemen’s convention in Catskill, June 17-18. Great days.

William H. Tolley, of Athens, committed suicide by hanging.

Sherwood Selleck dropped dead in the Nelida theatre while attending commencement exercises.

Catskill firemen returned $500 to board of trustees.

Sherman Sanford, of Greenville, cut his throat and was found dead.

Barn of Charles Sherman at Leeds struck by lightning and destroyed.

John Allen died at Acra, aged 83 years.

John Eggelheimer, drowned at Tannersville while fishing.

One hundred people from Catskill made pilgrimage to Auriesville, the shrine of Father Jogues, the martyr of the Christian faith.

Walter Fish killed by a fall from the West Shore bridge.

Barn and stables of John Cunningham at Leeds destroyed by fire.

Lee Betts, R. A. Obenaus, Van Person, Chief Henry R. Hinman and Mike Foley won prizes at State Fireman’s Convention at Hudson and Citizens Hose Co., of Catskill, a keg of beer.

Steamer McManus, of Catskill Evening Line, destroyed by fire at her dock in New York.

Tug boat Laurida burned at Athens.

Greene county Firemen’s convention held at New Baltimore on Labor Day. Frank Nichols, of Athens, elected president.

Frazer C. Hall, editor of the Recorder, died of brain hemorrhage.

Teacher’s Institute held at Cairo.

Ice house of Nicholas Russell, Catskill burned.

Christ’s church, Catskill, repaired, new windows put in and new pipe organ presented by Helen Mackey,

Frank Carrillo was murdered by Peter Berlin at Coxsackie.

William Graff, of Catskill, wads drowned in the creek while attempting to pull up the boat anchor.

Charles L. Beach died at his home in Catskill, He was born in a log house in Lexington in 1813. Autobiography on another page.

Peter Conover, Robert Bonner’s great horseman, committed suicide in Catskill by shooting himself. He trained Dexter.

Albert Chase, of Hensonville, stricken with paralysis and died.  Deceased was father of Judge Chase, of Catskill. He was 84 years of age.  Other notice elsewhere.

Bernard Smith held for attempt to murder Wm. Friend at Alton.

Marco Luck Rich ground to death in a conveyor at the Catskill Cement company’s plant.

Capt. J. H. Barley, of Catskill, dropped dead on the street. Notice elsewhere.

Charles A. Nichols elected assemblyman, Orin Q. Flint, school commissioner; J. B. Logendyke, coroner.  County Republican by about five hundred.

Remains of Kitty McLaughlin, of Catskill, found in river at Hyde Park.  Her father was killed in a quarry, brother shot at Huntsville.

Wardwell Van Bergen shot to death at Catskill Point by a darkey named Long.

Oliver Bourke, of Catskill, died suddenly.  Notice elsewhere.

Carl Becker, of Alsen, murdered at Saugerties.

Justice Herrick presided at November term of Supreme Court.

Charles A. Post elected chairman of Board of Supervisors.

Last of county bonds, $150,000, paid.

Dr. Levi King died at Cairo.

Bernard Smith and Robert Burns escaped for Catskill jail.

Chronology 1903

 George Harding, of Philadelphia, built Hotel Kaaterskill, Edward Lampman, of Catskill, contractor.

 Otis Griffin, of Halcott, plowed up a gold watch.

 Charles G. Coffin, of Catskill, broke leg but continued to work.

 Hattie Borst, of Hunter, obtained a divorce.

 I. E. Baker, of Coxsackie, went into bankruptcy.

 Rural delivery in Catskill May 1st, William O’Brien, Harry Lydecker, David Egnor, Tril Lynes and John Butler, carriers.

 Harry Lee coughed up a four-inch lizard.

 Mrs. Charles Herdman, of Hunter, died under an operation.

 Philip Smith, of Catskill, veteran of the Franco-Prussian war, dropped dead.

 Great propeller launched from Baldwin’s shipyard at New Baltimore.

 Peter Verzein shot and killed Frank Gargolio at Coxsackie.

 Robert Burns, and John Smith escaped from Catskill jail.  They hooked the keys from the wall by means of a long stick,  Smith was recaptured.

 Andrew Johnson died at Coxsackie.

 Maggie Van Cott had 100 converts in a revival at Charlotteville.

 Trolley line projected from Catskill to Cairo and Middleburgh.

 James Hallenbeck shot a bear that crossed the Hopkins’ place in Catskill.

 Methodist church at Centerville celebrated its 100th anniversary,  Mrs. Van Cott assisted.

 First Baptist church of Catskill celebrated centennial.

 Herbert Day drowned at Coxsackie.

 Charles H. Cummings started paper at Palenville.

 Fred Trumpbour, of Palenville, built electric light plat at that place.

 William Steinmitz fell off the high cliff at the Mountain House and escaped alive.

 George Williams, of East Durham, fell heir to $600.

 Jacob Fromer, of Tannersville presented the hose company with a lot for hose house.

 Old Maids’ convention at Greenville netted $100.

 The Rev. C. G. Hazard, of Catskill, delegate to the General Assembly at Los Angeles, California.

 Catskill Foundry and Machine Works incorporated capitol $50,000.

 Robert Brink, an inmate of the Alms House, got $800 back pension.

 James Kiveland drowned at Catskill.

 Fifty Smiths from Greene county attended reunion of five hundred Smiths at Peapeck.

 Christ’s Presbyterian church at Catskill celebrated centennial.  The Rev. Chas. O. Day preached the sermon.

 Lionell R. Long tried for murder of Wardwell Van Bergen, shot at Catskill Point on steamboat.  E. Palmer for people, G. H. Jones for defendant.  Acquitted.

Samuel Austin, of Catskill, found dead in creek by Neiland brothers, fisherman.

 William Johnston committed suicide.

 Boiler exploded at Holcomb’s saw mill in Palenville, Great wreck but no one killed.

 Catskill Y. M. C. A. dedicated on April first.

 New windows presented to St. Luke’s church.

 Mrs. Van Cott conducted  revival services at Ashland and Westerlo.

 Jeremiah Vosburg, of Coxsackie, found dead in bed, aged 87 years.

 Ambrose Greene, of Urlton, aged 90 years, found dead in bed.

 Charles Garrighan, of Coxsackie, found dead in bed.

 Albany and Catskill Trolley Company organized.

 Charles E. Haines committed suicide at Cairo.

 John Richards committed suicide at Purling.

Jacob Fromers’ horse and wagon fell into the clove Canyon, six feet and escaped serious injury.

William Ellis, war veteran, aged 87 years, found dead in bed at South Cairo.

Kingston district conference of the Methodist church held in Catskill.

Catskill town bridge carried away. Michael Moran, captain of barge and William Dwyer drowned. Patsey Williams, Fred Bigelow and Jack McNary carried down with the structure, but escaped alive. The flood did great damaged throughout the county. New span cost $10,000. Ben Plusch build temporary structure.

 Windham village six feet under water.

 Marshall Day, West Athens, dropped dead, aged 55 years.

 Benjamin Brenn, of Catskill, committed suicide in cistern.

 Thomas Hall drowned at Four Mile Point.

 James Little, of New Baltimore, sent to Dannemora for 20 years for rape.

 Fred Van Dyke unearthed skeleton of Indian on the Milton Palmer farm, near the Indian fording place. Skeleton was in sitting posture.

Frank Krom, of Purling shot when rabbit stepped on trigger of his gun which he had laid on the ground.

Hunters with blood hounds killed a bear at Hunter.

Durham creamery burned.  Loss $4000.

George A. Van Valkenburgh died at Lexington, aged 65 years.

John R. Hicks, of Catskill, found dead in bed, aged 79 years.

Henry F. Olmstead died suddenly, aged 89 years.

Caroline Palmer, died at Greenville from cancer, aged 62 years.

P. Clinton Lewis, formerly of Catskill, died at Boston, under an operation.

Matthew Griffin died at Griffins Corners, aged 93 years.

Joseph Keeler died at Catskill suddenly, aged 79 years.

Sally Smith died at Catskill, aged 84 years.

Mrs. R. H. Van Bergen died at Coxsackie, aged 86 years.

Frederick Knowles died at Coxsackie, aged 91 years.

Steven Ennist, war veteran, died at Palenville, aged 79 years.

Isaac Van Schaack, died at Coxsackie, aged 84 years.

Mrs. Mary Calhoun died at Greenville, aged 81 years.

Daniel T. Lennon died at Palenville, aged 83 years.

Sarah M. Fowler, aged 80 years, died at Clintondale, mother of Hon. Frank S. Decker, of Catskill.

Mrs. A. N. Bentley, of Greenville, found dead in bed, aged 82 years.

Oscar Edward, of Catskill found dead in bed.

Susan Nelson Fitchett, formerly of Catskill, died at Coxsackie, aged 92 years.

George Roraback, of Westkill, died suddenly, aged 85 years.

Joan Christopher Klepser, of Catskill, died at age of 81 years.

Harvey Delamater, of Catskill, found dead in bed.

Romantuds Lake, war veteran, died at Greenville.

Lawrence Benton, war veteran, died at Durham.

Remarkable death record—there were eighteen persons buried in Locust cemetery near Norton Hill during the past year.  There was one over 100 years old at her death, three between 90 and 100, two between 80 and 90, four between 75 and 80, two between 60 and 70, two between 50 and 60, one between 40 and  50, two between 30 and 40, and one, the youngest, 23 years.

  Chronology 1904 

Boiler exploded in Hop o’ Nose mill, several hurt. Percy Pindar, Charles Kiefer, Al Cole, George and Fred Pfiel and Harold Russ among the number.

Mrs. Ellen Post, of Catskill, left $1500 to Carnegie library, $100 to Y. M. C. A. and the income of $3000, $1000 to the First Baptist and $500 to the Reformed churches of Catskill.

Mrs. Van Cott, aged 74 years, conducted two weeks’ revival at Windham.

Hudson River Ministerial Association met at Catskill.

Capt. Charles Hallenbeck, pilot of the steamer Katterskill, dropped dead in New York.

Mrs. Andrew Moore, aged 78 years, burned to death at Cornwallville.

Justice Emory R. Chase entertained Greene County Bar Assn.

Justice Howard presided at February term of Supreme Court.

Rev. W. G. Price opened Business College at Freehold, also published Christian Echo.   Failures.

Assemblyman Charles A. Nichols fathers new equalization board law for Greene County.

Justice Chase elected president Bar Association.

Charles Sickles, aged 90 years, died at Athens.

Robert Seaman, formerly of Catskill, died in New York at the age of 82. Inventor of the iron clad milk can and a millionaire.

Happy Jack Kilroy fell from a piazza at Haines Falls and was killed.

James H. Snyder died at Kiskatom at the age of 82.

School money, town of Catskill, $3775.

Lyman Chidester died at Leeds at the age of 78.

Lake Kiskatom Water Works incorporated.

Hezekiah Dederick, aged 89 years, died at Drummond Falls.

Captain George Edwards died at his home in Athens, 69 years.

Abram Harkness, a war veteran, who suffered the horrors of Libby prison, died at his home in Hunter.

Mrs. H. M. Mace, principal of the Catskill High school, succumbed to typhoid fever.

Dr. Nelson Fanning, of Catskill, fell down stairs and was killed.

The steam yacht of Frank Leek was dynamited at Athens.

Geo. L. Arbanasius, paymaster at the Alsen Cement works, died as the result of blood poisoning from colored stockings.

Robert Conine, of Catskill, was killed by C. M. Ry. train at Catskill Point.

Milton J. Snyder, of Catskill, shot himself in the Landa woods and was missing ten days when found.

Hon. Isaac Pruyn, aged 88 years, died at his home in Catskill June 2d. President of Catskill National bank for thirty-three years. Practiced law with John Van Vleck.

Engineer B. E. Conklin, of Catskill, of the fated steamer Slocum, stuck to his post while hundreds were burned to death.

Cyrus C. Ballou, of Catskill, fell from a cherry tree and was killed.

Conrad J. Droogan, a Catskill lawyer, found dead in bed at the Smith House.

Addison S. Hayes, of Hensonville, one-armed veteran, died suddenly at that place.

Estimate expense of Catskill schools, $23505.

Frank Lampman drowned in the creek at Catskill.

Barns on the Martin Van Sylke place at Coxsackie destroyed by fire.

Charles Pediger, of Catskill, drowned in creek.

Frank Deane died at Greenville, aged 79 years. Father of Supervisor J. Henry Deane, of Catskill.

Alexander Pausley died at this home in Athens, aged 71 years.

Hudson River Holiness school opened by the Rev. W. Albrecht at Catskill September 6th. Dismal failure.  Bills still unpaid. Former principal of academy of Greenville.

Harry Overbaugh, of Catskill, killed in a sewer cave-in at Saugerties.

Frank Smith, of Athens, drowned in the river at Hudson.

Victor Grandeis committed suicide at the Salisbury Manor, Leeds, blowing his head off with a shot gun.

James J. McDermott found dead in the woods near Green Lake, Company C encamped at Binghamton.

Hudson River Baptist Association met at Catskill.

Thomas Reilly, of Coxsackie, had the top of his head blown off by the accidental discharge of his gun while hunting rabbits.

 Daniel H. Link saved coupons from tobacco packages and got a $300 piano.

 William Walters and wife slashed to the point of death by Jack and Charles Deer, who also threw stones through the windows and shot-up the house.

George Proctor killed while operating a threshing machine near Catskill. One foot was cut off and he bled to death.

Charles Truesdell, of Prattsville, was killed by a companion while shooting at a target.

St. Patrick’s academy at Catskill received gold medals from the St. Louis exposition for excellent work of pupils.

Company E  celebrates its 25th anniversary October 3rd. Addresses were made by Col. Sage, A. M. Murphy, Senator Bloodgood, Justice Emory A. Chase, Alderman Thorpe, Postmaster Doty, Judge Tallmadge, Supervisor P. G. Coffin, County Treasurer J. A. Betts, and Dr. Englert, former members, and by Contractor George W. Holdridge, who built the armory.

Last great races at the Catskill driving park.

Kingston district conference held at Coxsackie.

Peter and Fred Cornell, of Catskill, shot 71 partridge and 33 woodcock on a hunting trip.

Carrie D. Hotchkiss, of Catskill captured a big owl measuring 24 inches.

Republicans swept Greene county. Roosevelt 700. William J. Hughes elected county treasurer.

Justice Kellogg presided over November term of Supreme Court.

The Rev. Alfred Demarest, former pastor of Catskill Reformed church, died suddenly while getting ready to go aboard.

John Seers, of Leeds, sentenced to four years imprisonment for bigamy.

John Ageo killed by the cars at Alsen.

Lewis Wolf, steamboat man, died suddenly at Athens, aged 76 years.  Treasurer Evening Line, president of Hudson River Ice Co.

County indebtedness reduced to $80,000.

Michael O’Hara chairman of Board of Supervisors. Henry S. Van Orden supervisor of Catskill.

Citizens Hose company’s fair netted $1200.

Chronology  1905

Nile Linzey drowned in the Catskill creek while skating.

Isaac Van Loan died suddenly at Athens from paralysis.

Annual meeting of Bar Association at Catskill. Justice Emory A. Chase presided.

William Brandow died at South Jewett, aged 80 years.

Justice Howard presided at February term of Supreme Court.

Richard Jones, 82 years, and wife, 78 years, died at Greenville in same week.

The Newkirk house at Sandy Plains destroyed by fire.

H. Leroy Austin, of Catskill, appointed chief accountant in comptroller’s office at Albany.

Art Exhibition at Carnegie library at Catskill.

Palenville and Kiskatom Telephone Company organized.

Vernon E. Ford, of Catskill died following an accident at his saw mill in Catskill. His leg was amputated.

“Alone in London” by Cairo amateurs, netted $250.

St. Patrick’s fair at Athens was a great success.

Frances Wilcox, oldest teacher in the county, died at the age of 76 years at Catskill.

Jane Johnson, the last slave in Greene county, died at Catskill, having been a servant in the Mann family over 30 years.

Three cases of spotted fever appeared at Palenville. All three died.

Catskill fisherman captured many carp weighing from 24 to 44 pounds in the creek.

Charles A. Gumier committed suicide by jumping into the river at Catskill Point.

School money for Greene county, $27,725.

John H. Brink, of Haines Falls, killed by the cars at Alsen.

Thomas F. Botsford, a prominent resident of Catskill, died suddenly.

Frank Knoll elected president of the Deuter Untersteutungsverein of Catskill.

Maggie Van Cott in great revival at Jefferson, Iowa.

Woodbridge King, aged 92 years, died at his home in West Athens.

Frank Schmidt, of Catskill, champion at gun practice on the battleship Illinois.

District Attorney Pierre S. Jennings passed through successful appendicitis operation.

Albert Boshardt drowned at Smith’s Landing.

Charles Vedder, of Coxsackie, fell overboard and was drowned from the City of Hudson.

Henry S. Mace died at Catskill at the age of 89 years.

Four men terribly injured in a dynamite explosion at the Catskill Cement works.

Charles Waterman died at Ashland at the age of 90 years.

Enos V. Smith, of Coxsackie, found dead in his wagon.

Joseph  Hertack, of Windham, walked off the dock and was drowned at Catskill. Had been missing about ten days from home.

S. B. sage died at his home in Catskill, aged 68 years. Born in Prattsville 1836, educated there.  Assemblyman from Greene County 1897-8-9.  Also under-sheriff in 1880.

Judge Cochrane presided at June term of Supreme Court.

Citizens Hose Co. of Catskill wore new white suits at Mt. Vernon and were headed by the Astor drum corps of New York, 35 pieces.

Peter Dambrowski committed suicide at the hotel of A. Allulis in Catskill.

Catskill public library reports 6261 volumes.

New Methodist church at South Cairo dedicated.

Charles E. Smith, of Coxsackie, jumped from his motor car and struck on his head killing him.

Margaret Herrick, oldest women in Greene county, died at Catskill, aged 96 years.

Estimated expenditures for Catskill Schools, $24,484.

Company E  qualified 25 men on the state rifle range.

John Gill, aged 79 years, died at Athens.

Greene county firemen’s convention held at Catskill Labor Day. Hensonville band, Hunter band, Hudson band, Catskill band, Pruyn Drum Corps, Hudson, Hunter and Catskill companies represented in parade. Jacob Fromer elected president of association.

Isaac Spoor died at West Coxsackie, aged 84 years.

Emerson, Ford, of Durham, James Hughes, of Stuyvesant Falls, and Eugene Wayne, of Catskill, appointed Equalization Board for Greene County.

FOUR DROWNED—Mary C. Bedell, Jennie L. Bedell, of New York, Sarah Brown, of Brooklyn, and Margaret McKay, of Coxsackie, drowned at Hudson when the Powers ran into the Young America, the boat being sunk.

Henry Van Valkenburgh, of Coxsackie, was killed at that place by cars. He was driving a manure spreader.

Otis Stevens shot Edward Griffin at the Golden Stairs hotel at Catskill.

Green County Sunday School convention held at Cornwallville.

The remains of William Wilkinson, of Catskill, were taken from the river at Malden.  Case a mystery.

William Wood, of Coxsackie, committed suicide by drowning.

Atlantic City Guards encamped in Catskill.

The Presbytery of Columbia met at Tannersville.

Henry Layman, of Catskill, caught a carp weighing 75 pounds.

William Layman, of Catskill, fell from a ladder at Oak Hill while picking apples and was killed.

Harry E. Norton killed by a Catskill trolley car.

Daniel Glennon, of Catskill, died at the age of 93 years.

Supervisors Board a tie, seven Democrats, seven Republicans.  Wm. C. Brady elected to assembly. Leslie Tompkins and William N. Anderson elected school commissioners.

Cairo Electric Light Company building $80,000 plant at Woodstock.

Catskill Mountain and Mohawk Valley Railroad incorporated.

Justice Hasbrouck presided at November term of Supreme Court.

Michael O’Hara chairman of Board of Supervisors. George B. Van Valkenburgh clerk.

Green county equalization, $12,762,677.

Morrison Brooks, of Athens, found dead in bed, aged 71 years.

The Supervisors elected are—Ashland, Homer E. Tompkins, R; Athens, J. K. Van Woert, R; Cairo, Chas. Jones, D; Catskill, H. S. Van Orden, R; Coxsackie, W. T. Haswell, R; Durham, T. I. Smith, R; Greenville, Henry Botsford, R; Hunter, Renwick Dibble, D; Halcott, L. J. Deamer, D; Jewett, Geo. Chase, R; Lexington, Geo. Moore, D; New Baltimore, B. Van Slyke, R; Prattsville, E. Krieger, D; Windham, S. L. Ford, D.

William S. Berrs burned to death.

Howard Boughton, one of Catskill foremost citizens died as he was about to retire for the night. Born at Windham 1849, came to Catskill in 1865. Was in business with L. R. Doty. Very successful business man.

Waldo Schmidt found dead in the lots near Summit Hill House, Catskill. He had been hunting, and shot himself by accident.

Capt. Geo. R. Benter, Formerly of Catskill, died in New York. 

Julius Colwick, of Alsen, was buried in a bin of cement at that place and killed.

George Trumpbour, aged 69 years, died at Palenville.

Sally Davis, aged 92 years, died at Oak Hill.

Chronology 1906

William Ford, of Cairo, enlisted and went to Phillipines.

Nelson S. Bloom died from stroke of paralysis at Oak Hill.

Oscar Greene dropped dead at Coxsackie.

Hart House at Catskill Point destroyed by fire.

Bolivar Newbury, one of the early manufacturers of power pressed for printing, died at Coxsackie, at the age of 82 years.

A crazy man called on the Rev. I. H. Hoag, at Leeds, and announced that God had sent him to kill him.  The pastor side stepped him and the sheriff got the quarry.

Ned Mirles, of Catskill, killed by the cars of Alsen.

Justice Howard presided at February term of the Supreme Court.

Greene County Bar Association met at the Palmer House, Catskill.  Justice Chase presided. Arthur M. Murphy read paper on Judge Osborn.

Dr. Henry L. Whitbeck, a former resident of Greenville, killed his wife, Emmaline Haight, of Freehold with  a tack hammer and then blew the top of his own head off with a rifle.

John Paige died at the home of his daughter in Coxsackie at the aged of 87 years.

Abram Sickles, aged 65 years, tried to cross the river on the ice at Coxsackie and was drowned.

Truman Gillett, a former Catskillian and private secretary of Thurlow Weed, died at his home in Chicago, aged 87 years.

David Davis, of Union Society, died at the age of 82 years.

John Slattery, a prominent resident of Athens died at the place following a stroke of paralysis.

George H. Vedder, of Leeds, a graduate of Harvard college publishes magazine at La Hacienda.

William Raney died at Coxsackie of pneumonia.

The Rev. John W. Gorse, aged 89 years, died at Catskill.

Rev. C. G. Hazard, the Rev. E. P. Miller, The Rev. Wm. Fitzgerald, the Rev. Robert Knapp, William Van Orden, F. S. Lynes, Orrin Day, James P. Philip, William Palmatier and P. Gardner Coffin committee to raise funds for San Francisco earthquake sufferers.

Arthur Coggswell, of Athens, killed by the cars.

Antonio Gentillio killed by the cars at Coxsackie.

Ransom Thorne, oldest resident of Freehold, died from heart trouble.

The Presbytery of Columbia met in Catskill. Large attendance.

Norman Francis, of Oak Hill, found dead in his room.

Walter Dederick, of Catskill, fell against buzz saw he was operating in lumber  camp at Leeds and had his leg cut off. He recovered.

Charles Thatcher dropped dead on Mansion street in Coxsackie.

Mrs. Margaret Ensign, formerly of Coxsackie, lost all her possession in the San Francisco disaster.

Elder E. P. Pratt, of Oak Hill, representative to General Assembly at Des Moines.

Jacob Fromer, of Hunter, passed through serious operation at Albany hospital.

Amount sent from Catskill to San Francisco by committee $2829; other sources, St. Patrick’s church, 150 and Reformed church, $59.

Albert Hoffman, of Coxsackie, committed suicide by taking strychnine.

Joseph Ostrander of Tannersville, committed suicide by taking arsenic.

Charles Young drove to Oak Hill, tied his horse and then went into the barn and cut his throat with a jack knife. He died.

The body of Joseph Pulaski, of Catskill, found in the river.

Willis S. Post died at Palenville at the age of 71 years.

Albert Chase, father of Justice Emory A. Chase, died at Hensonville, aged 84 years.

William Garrison, aged 77 years, while hunting rats shot himself and died instantly.

Buildings of J. G. Newbury at Coxsackie destroyed by fire. Loss $18,000.00

Justice Fitts presided at June term of Supreme Court.

Citizens Hose Company, of Catskill, paraded at Rensselaer.

Ninety-first annual meeting of Greene County Bible Society at Catskill.

Lucius E. Tuttle and Mrs. Tuttle were shot July 4th as the closing event of a celebration. The shot was fired by Italians on Water street, and they were never apprehended. Mr. Tuttle died instantly and Mrs. Tuttle finally recovered. The bullet passed through her body.

Company E  spent 10 day sin camp at Fleischmans.

The upper town bridge at Catskill blown up by dynamite.

Hiram Bogardus, former school commissioner of county, died at Coxsackie, of gangrene.  He was 74 years of age.

Mrs. Edgar Poole found  dead in her home on Broome street, at Coxsackie.

Clayton Bump, a Catskill veteran of the Spanish war committed suicide at Albany, using gas and chloroform.

Hendrick  Hudson steamer, of the Day Line, made first trip on August 23rd.

Commodore William B. Nelson died suddenly at Catskill.

Great fireman’s celebration at Hunter on Labor Day.

Teacher’s Institute held at Catskill. W. N. Anderson and Leslie Tompkins, commissioners.

David Layman killed at Washburn brick yard at Catskill by a falling derrick.

Jacob Fromer elected president Greene County Fireman’s Assn.

Kingston District Conference held at Catskill Methodist church.

Green County Sunday School Convention held at Palenville. Sixty-three schools in the county.

Alvin Brewer found dead in  bed at his home in Catskill.

John Post, of Catskill, celebrated his 97th birthday.

Ice house of New Jersey Company, at Smith’s Landing destroyed by fire.

George Burleigh, a Civil War veteran, died at Athens, at the age of 72 years.

Steamers Adirondack and Saratoga in collision below Catskill. Two dead, many hurt.

Kennedy Valve Works at Coxsackie, damaged to extent of $9000 by fire.

Morris Guards encamped at Catskill.

John W. Rusk, of Haines Falls, invents steam wagon, also process of printing 50 photographs a minute.

Greene county gave Hughes for governor plurality of 500. W. C. Brady elected member of assembly; E. A. Gifford, district attorney; J. C. Tallmadge, county judge; Ira T. Tolley, sup’t of county house, and Hardy Stewart, sheriff.

Henry S. Van Orden elected chairman ad Geo. G. Van Valkenburgh clerk to board of Supervisors. Board—Ashland, Homer Tompkins; Athens, J. K. Van Woert; Cairo, Charles P. Jones; Catskill, Henry S. Van Orden; Coxsackie, W. T. Haswell; Durham, t. I. Smith; Greenville, Henry Botsford; Hunter, Renwick Dibble; Halcott, L. J. Deamer; Jewett, Geo. H. Chase; Lexington, Geo. Moore; New Baltimore, Brand Van Slyke; Prattsville, Elmer Krieger, and Windham, Sidney L. Ford.

Thomas Brown, aged 78 years, a war veteran, and old time whaler, died at Freehold.

Work commenced on new concrete bridge at Catskill.

Maggie Van Cott held revival meetings at Pittsfield and Baltimore.

J. B. North, of Tannersville, a brakeman, was killed by a fall from his train.

Company E  entertained Board of Supervisors.

Thomas Regan fell off a high bank at Alsen in the night and was killed.

Greene county Board of Supervisors vote unanimously for state road.

Chronology 1907

Edward Butler, of Coxsackie, was murdered on the road near Troy.

J. T. Henderson died suddenly at the Smith House, Catskill.

Jane Walsh found dead in bed at Woodstock.

Catskill Trolley Company went into hands of a receiver.

Hiram Goff, of Catskill, committed suicide at his boarding place, taking carbolic acid.

William H. Denton and Laura Denton, old people, burned to death in a fire that destroyed their residence near Cairo.

James Van Tran, a civil war veteran, died at Prattsville, from gangrene in his foot.  He lived four years after the disease set in and one by one he cut off his toes with a pocket knife.

The Rev. C. G. Hazard, of Catskill, attended the Hague Tribunal.

Frank Norton drowned in the creek at Catskill.

Monroe Truesdell, of Lexington, youngest soldier in federal army, being fourteen when he enlisted. He was a member of Warrens and Sheridan’s staff.  Wounded at Winchester.   In lumber business at East Jewett.

Eleanor C. Heermance endows Hermance Memorial Library at Coxsackie, leaving $60,000 for the purpose.

William G. Plank, Grand Army veteran, of Cairo, passed away, aged 70 years.

Chauncey Dixon, of Catskill, rounded out 100 years. War veteran. Mrs. Dixon died at the age of 103.

Kate Dunlap, of Windham, tried to deal in liquors at that place and it cost her $200 fine, and not having the money she went to jail.

Tenth annual convention of the American Zionists held at Tannersville.

Ribbel Hess drowned in the river at Catskill.

Robert Scott, of Catskill, a Grand Army veteran, died at Cairo, at the age of 87 years.

Jacob Makeley, a Cairo farmer, committed suicide by taking laudanum.

Walter Mott, of Catskill, died of strangulated hernia at his home in that place, aged 76 years.

The new concrete bridge at Catskill opened with a celebration and fireworks in the evening.

Barn of Burton Van Derzee at Coxsackie destroyed by fire, the building being struck by lightning.

Cooper shop of Howard Carey and dwelling of Edward Dixson at West Coxsackie burned.

Store of Nicholas D. Onifrio at Athens destroyed by fire.

Major Leroy Palmer, a Catskill boy, returned to the Philippines.

The council tree of the Mohican Indians, located on the Casper Hallenbeck farm at Coxsackie, struck by lightning and destroyed.  It was under this tree that the Indians met to sell land to Jan Bronk, Martee Gerisee Van Bergen and Jan Jacobse Hallenbeck.

William Curtis, of Kiskatom, died from gas poisoning while at work in a well at his place.

Forty-ninth annual convention of the Greene County Sunday School Association held at Catskill.

Store of C. I. Collier, at Coxsackie, partially destroyed by fire.

The Rev. John B. Thompson, former pastor of the Catskill Reformed Church, died at Trenton, aged 77 years.

The Greene County Fireman’s 19th annual convention was held at Coxsackie.

Hannah Pierce died at Kiskatom at the age of 95 years.

 Ford H. Clegg, of Leeds, died as the result of injuries when he jumped out of a window at his home, during his sleep.

 Annual meeting of the Greene County Bible Society held at the Reformed church in Catskill.

The first horseless wagon said to  have been made by Peter Van Hoesen, of Leeds, who lost all his money trying to perfect the machine.

Morris Guards encamped at Catskill.

Thomas Whitlock, of Brooklyn, in his 92nd year visits Catskill.  A friend of General Lafayette, Past master Odd Fellows over 53 years.

Order of Forresters organized at Catskill. Angelo Sission first chief.

Levi M. Francis, a veteran of the civil war, suicide at his home in Catskill, taking strychnine.

St. Patrick’s church at Athens dedicated.  Bishop Burke officiated.

Thomas Bell, of Catskill, died suddenly at the age of 81 years.

Edward Smith dropped dead at his home in Athens.

Mrs. Jennie Olm, of Catskill gets verdict of $9000 for death of her husband who was killed by the cars near Hudson.

Ten Democrats and four Republicans elected supervisors.  The Board: Franklin Finch, Ashland; Elmore Mackey, Athens; Charles P. Jones, Cairo; Charles A. Post, Catskill; William B. Townsend, Coxsackie; W. S. Borthwick, Durham; N. Sanford, Greenville; Renwick Bibble, Hunter; L. Van Valkenburgh, Halcott; Geo. H. Chase, Jewett; V. R. Kirke, Lexington; Ezra H. Palmer, New Baltimore; Elmer Krieger, Prattsville; Dr. Sidney Ford, Windham.   Judson A. Betts, County Treasurer. Pierre S. Jennings, District Attorney. Wm. C. Brady, Member of Assembly. Durham no license by six votes.

James B. Mitchell, war veteran  and 13 months in Andersonville prison, fell down stairs and died a few hours later.

Justice Fitts presided over December term of Supreme Court.

Maggie Myers, aged 60 year, indicted for keeping house of ill repute. Sixty days in prison.

E. S. Hay dropped dead in the office of the Catskill Recorder.

County budget for the year $82,206.

Jeremiah Dean died at New Baltimore. He was 76 years of age.  Was for three years on a whale vessel.  In California during the gold excitement.  He was an uncle of Supervisor J. H. Deane, of Catskill.

Chronology  1908

Aaron Wynkoop, of Cairo, drowned in the creek at South Cairo, attempting to cross  the stream while intoxicated.

The new school building on the West Side in Catskill completed by Contractor Geo. W. Holdridge, at a cost of about $30,000.

Rene Rowlinson, of Windham, burned to death at the Smith House in Catskill, his clothing catching fire in some unknown manner.

Charles A. Post, of Catskill, elected chairman of Board of Supervisors: George G. Van Valkenburgh, clerk.

The barn of Newton Spoor, at Coxsackie, valued a t $3,000, destroyed by fire.

Residence of Peter Fitchett, near Coxsackie, destroyed by fire.

Supervisor Franklin Finch, one of the leading citizens of Ashland, passed away at his home after he return from a meeting of the Board of Supervisors.  He was 63 years of age.

Mary E. Garrison found dead in her home at Indian Ridge.

Mrs. Catherine Goodwin, aged 82 years, died at Palenville.

Philip Freese, died at Purling, at the age of 80 years.

Tannersville and Cairo want county seat located at these places.

Judge Clearwater presided at February term of Supreme Court.

Wilbur Brown died at Catskill, aged 58 years.

Tannersville offers to raise $100,000 to have county buildings located there.

Trustee Charles A. Elliott offers site for court house in Catskill.

Frederick S. Lyons, a prominent Catskillian died at the age of 84 years.  Forty years sup’t of First Baptist Sunday school.

Greene county Board of Supervisors met at Catskill and decided to locate building there and to spend $15,000 for new court house.  The vote to locate in Catskill was 11 to 3. It was also decided to locate the buildings on Bridge and Main streets, and Messrs. Post, Krieger, Dibble and Chase, of the Board of Supervisors were appointed a committee to secure plans, etc.

Mass meeting of Citizens of Catskill held at court house in the matter of new buildings.  New sites purposed.

Estimated that site of lands will cost $47,000 on Bridge and Main streets.

Emory A. Chase re-elected president of Bar Association.

Burton Whitbeck shot and killed his wife, Maude B. Whitbeck in front of their home at West Coxsackie and then committed suicide in the barn of his uncle, John Curtin.

The remains of Fred Brandt were taken from the Catskill creek below the bridge. He  had been missing for six weeks.

Emanuel J. Hill, former resident of Catskill, and steamboat man, died in Brooklyn at the age of 84 years.

Philip Spencer fell from the dock at the pumping station at Catskill and was drowned.

Celebration of Old Home Week in Catskill, October 4-7. Great parades, carnival, fireworks, athletic sports on race track, and ball game following day.  Hon. Wm. Fiero made the principal address. Catskill was thronged with guests all the week.

Michael Doherty found dead in his home at Coxsackie.

Governor Hughes given a rousing welcome in Catskill.

The committee passed a resolution of thanks to Chairman J. P. Philip for his services and zeal which made Old Home Week a great success.

Willis H. Taft, president, carried Greene county by 478; Hughes, governor, 263; Brady, assembly, 290; Tompkins, commissioner, 488; Longendyke, coroner, 488.

Justice Fitts presided at November term of Supreme Court.

The Malcolm Mill went out of business at Catskill.

District Attorney Pierre S. Jennings had 30 cases before grand jury.  Jas. Cartan, of Catskill, held for attempt of poison his wife.  Sentenced to 18 years imprisonment.

Henry Limbrick, Catskill oldest resident, died, aged 93 years.

Elmer Overbaugh, of Palenville, went after pitch to make gum and did not return.  His body was found in the creek.

Set of resolution presented to Bank President J. P. Philip by Old Home Week committee. Addresses made by Rev. Clark Wright, William E. Thorpe, Village President Charles A. Elliott and Senator Bloodgood.

Shops of the Catskill Mountain railroad at the Point destroyed by fire.

Charles A. Elliott attends session of Hudson Fulton committee in New York.

Michael O’Hara, of Tannersville, appointed county superintendent of highways.

$150,000 appropriated fro Fulton Celebration; $5,000 for Catskill.

Bonded indebtedness of town of Catskill, $73,500, of which $42,000 was for concrete bridge.

Work commenced on steamer Robert Fulton.

Company E entertained Board of Supervisors.

Frank Packer, of Catskill, successfully treated for lock jaw, being first case on record.

Catskill Civil Organization expended $1072 for the year. Omar V. Sage president.

Mrs. Mary Griffin burned to death by the explosion of a lamp at Ashland.

Chronology 1909

Dominic Sabbtani drowned at Catskill Point New Years Day attempting to cross on the ice.

Charles Paddock found dead in bed at his home in Purling. He was 78 years of age.

Bank President J. P. Philip and wife, of Catskill, leave on a three months’ tour of Europe, January 31, 1909.

J. P. Philip and wife sailed for Egypt.

Sarah Timmerman died at Palenville at the age of 86 years.

John Costigan, aged 77 years, dropped dead at the residence of Joseph Malcolm.

John Huested died suddenly at Cairo, aged 7 7years.

Barn of Silas Finch at Cairo destroyed by fire.

Mrs. Willis A. Haines elected Worthy Matron O. E. Stars.

Harry Boyne, of Catskill, received 15,000 volts of electricity from Woodstock high tension wire, rendered unconscious but recovered.

Charles R. Howard, a prominent resident of Tannersville died at that place. Eight hundred people attended his  funeral.

Justice Howard presided at the February term of the Supreme Court.  Eugene Kurau foreman of grand jury.

Annual banquet of Bar Association held at Catskill.

Catskill Gun Club held banquet at Y. M. C. A. hall.

Catskill Masons held annual banquet at Smith House.

Asbury Ringman, drive on the Oak Hill stage, was killed at Eagle Bridge in a runaway accident. Rig went off the bank into the creek. Mrs. Z. A. Pratt had hip broken, three other people hurt.

A number of liquor dealers fined $200 each for violation of the tax law.

Annual banquet of Brotherhood of Reformed church at Catskill.

Mass meeting held at Catskill on water question. Nothing settled.

William Hamm killed by fall at the ice house of Smith and Haines at Catskill.

Maggie Van Cott, aged 89 years, closed successful revival at Claverack, Columbia County.

George Doyle, a workman, was ground to death in a machine at the Catskill Cement works.

Corporation counsel Arthur M. Murphy died suddenly from blood poisoning.  A very successful lawyer and prominent member of St. Patrick’s church at Catskill.

Citizens Hose Company celebrated 40th anniversary.

Catskill Millenial Dawnists decide that the world will come to the end in 1914.

Justice Fitts presided at April term of Supreme Court.

Rip Van Winkle produced in the woods at Palenville. A great

The grand jury had but three cases to consider.

George W. Holdridge appointed receiver of the Catskill Trolley Company.

Jacob Miller, of Hunter, committed suicide by taking Paris green.

Lydia P. Millard, aged 80 years, died at her home in Catskill.

Mystic Five basketball team played 59 games, winning 33.

The Arch Deaconry of Albany met at St. Luke’s church, Catskill.

Barns and residence of John Lind at Sandy Plains destroyed by fire.

Famous stone house, erected in 1751, on Cauterskill road, torn down.

Catskill Savings Bank’s new home finished and opened for business. W. I. Jennings, president.

Jacob June, war veteran, aged 70 years, died at Lime Street.

Company E encamped at Fort Ticonderoga.

Eddie Shepard thrown from a horse in the races at Cairo and injured so badly he died.

Sanford Overbaugh walked off the open end of the Catskill draw bridge, escaping with a broken arm. Town settled for $250.

G. W. Holdridge awarded contract to pave Main street at Catskill for sum of $10,769.

Citizens Hose Company attended State Firemen’s Convention at Po’keepsie and got a very raw deal.

The Wiley mill at Catskill closed on account of hard times.

Maria Clute died at Coxsackie at the age of 86 years.

Wilbur Funk, conductor of the Catskill trolley, killed by a fall while boarding his car at Leeds.

Richard Phelan, a Grand Army veteran, died suddenly at Leeds.

Washington Kennedy, a former resident of Catskill, died at Kingston at the age of 84 years.

Joseph Porter hanged himself in a shed at Athens.

Democrats elect entire county ticket:  J. Lewis Patrie, member of assembly; Abram Post, sheriff; George B. Van Valkenburgh, county clerk; Ira T. Tolley, superindent. Democratic Supervisors: Elmore Mackey, Athens; Charles P. Jones, Cairo; J. Henry Deane, Catskill; Lorenzo Van Valkenburgh, Halcott; E. B. Goslee, Hunter; W. H. Woodworth, Jewett; Herbert Kipp, Lexington; H. J. Miller, New Baltimore; Elmer Krieger, Prattsville; S. L. Ford, Windham.  Republican Supervisors: Frank Doge, Ashland; Dayton B. Smith, Coxsackie; W. S. Borthwick, Durham; and Truman L. Ingalls, Greenville.

Seven barns in town of Jewett, incendiary. Detectives employed to get evidence. Four men arrested.  No one convicted.

William McManus, of Drummond Falls house, Palenville, died at the age of 80 years.

Charles A. Post, chairman Board of Supervisors, George B. Van Valkenburgh, clerk.

Frank Sanger killed at Alsen cement works.

West Shore station at Catskill destroyed by fire.

Catskill Board of Trade organized December 7th.

Catskill’s league basketball team, with Matthews, Grobe, Deer, Hallenbeck and Boyne, defeated Newburgh, Paterson, Hudson, Yonker, Po’keepsie and Troy, winning their first six games.

Mrs. Hannah Osborn, of Windham, fell down stairs while walking in her sleep.  She was 88 years of age. The accident resulted in her death.  She was the mother of Counselor Frank H. Osborn, of Catskill.

Chronology  1910

Board of Supervisors appropriated $35,000 for jail, court house and grounds.

Ann Overbaugh, aged 91 years, died at her home in Catskill.

Emauel a Carl Nufia burned to death in tool house of West Shore railroad at New Baltimore.

Atlas Cement Company’s buildings at Hudson destroyed by fire.  Loss $100.000.

Catskill Trolley line sold to Wm. C. Wood for $33,000.

Hotel of M. P. McCabe burned, Loss $9,000.

Harry Holdridge, of Catskill, killed by the cars at Alsen.

Dr. Sidney L. Ford elected chairman of Board of Supervisors, William B. Townsend, clerk.

J. Holmes King committed suicide at Palenville, taking chloroform.

William H. Bogardus commenced action against Catskill village for $10,000.

Miss May Hoy voted most popular young lady in Catskill.

Charles Roorke, of Catskill, smothered in a bin at the Alsen cement works.

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Philip presented the Catskill Reformed church with $500.

William Schryver, son of William Schryver, of Tannersville, killed by the cars at Saugerties.

Hotel of Stephen Shufelt burned at Haines Falls.

Hotel of Charles Speenburgh burned at Catskill.

Harry Van Valkenburgh was killed by the cars at West Athens.

Nellie and Lewis Desco, of Catskill, completely recovered from malformation after operation made possible by County Clerk Geo. B. Van Valkenburgh.  Both would have been cripples for life.

Daniel J. Barnaby, of Coxsackie, run down by automobile and killed in New York city.

Stanley Luciskis murdered at Cementon by parties unknown.

A million dollar improvement wiped out by fire at the Burden iron mines opposite Catskill.

William Freese and Elias Lasher elected trustees of Catskill.

Assemblyman J. Lewis Patrie gets teacher’s pension bill passed.

Dominic Leone, of Cairo, killed while attempting to get on train at Cairo.

Barn of Sylvanus Story at Gayhead struck by lightning and destroyed.

Hon. O. V. Sage elected president of Catskill Civic Society.

Justice Le Boeuf presided at April term of Supreme Court.

Egbert Bogart, and old time resident of Palenville, died of cancer.

Bank President J. P. Philip and wife visited the West Indies and the scene of the great disaster at Martinique.

Citizens Hose co. produced the Passing Show.  Receipts $1200.

Contractor Geo. W. Holdridge laid pavement in Main street.

Moses Covel killed in runaway accident at Catskill.

Mrs. Giles Sutton dropped dead at her home in Leeds.

Chauncey Wolcott, of South Cairo, died following an operation.

Senator Addison P. Jones died at his home  in Catskill, aged 87 years.  He started business in Catskill in1840.

Fed Lewis, of Saugerties, Nettie Naylor, Mabel Van Valkenburgh and L. B. Decker, of Catskill, all badly injured in automobile accident. All recovered.

John and Richard Doyle and Harry Abeel playing with matches in a barn at Saugerties set fire to the building and were burned to death.

Steamer Po’keepsie burned to the water’s edge at Highland.  Loss $100,000.

The Misses Bedell present Baptist church at Catskill with $1200.

Stephen Edwards drowned in creek in Catskill while swimming.

Seaboard Cement Company organized with capital of $7,000,000. Plant not finished and company failed.

Harold McKenzie pitching for Catskill shut our Albany Troy, Hudson Fultons, and Hudson Professions, two games 1-0 and 0-0, thirteen innings, and let Stottville down with one run, six successive games.

Barn of Charles A. Vedder at Leeds destroyed by fire. Loss $3000.

Joseph Steele fell overboard at Coxsackie with a bag of coal and was drowned.

Residence of Norman Van Hoesen of Leeds destroyed by fire.  He fell down stairs with a lighted lamp which exploded.

Wiley Knitting Co. at Catskill, went into hands of receiver.

Residence of Hiram Wilcox on Allen street, Catskill, destroyed by fire.

H. Leroy Austin of Catskill, appointed game commissioner of state. He thereupon resigned the office of district attorney of Greene county. Orin Q. Flint appointed in his place.

Liquor tax money from Greene county, $24,847.

Morgan Brookfield killed by trolley car near Spooky Hollow.

William P. Fiero elected senator; Judson A Betts, county treasurer; J. Lewis Patrie, member of assembly; Howard C. Wilbur, district attorney; and Sidney L. Ford, coroner.

Chronology 1911

Emerson Ford, equalization commissioner of Greene county died suddenly at his home in Oak Hill.

Dr. J. B. Longendyke, coroner of Greene county, died in the hospital at Kingston.

Charles G. Coffin, prominent citizen of Catskill passed away.

The Rev. S. W. Roe died at Cairo, at the age for 84 years.

Chauncey Dixson, died at Catskill at the age of 103 years. He was born in Greenville and was a veteran of the G. A. R.

Barn of James Majilton at Catskill burned.

Eugene Campbell frozen to death near Coxsackie.

Catskill Poultry association organized.

 Vitaliano Trepas tried for murder of Joseph Geneveso at Alsen. Verdict was not guilty.

Emory A. Chase re-elected president of Greene County Bar Assn.

The parsonage of the Christian church wrecked by dynamite bomb. House completely wrecked but every member  of the pastor’s family escaped injury.

Pierre S. Jennings, former district attorney, died at the age of 37 years, death being due to consumption.

Residence of Fenelon C. Kniffen at Catskill destroyed by fire.

Bank President J. P. Philip and wife made trip to the Sandwich Islands, visiting the great volcano.

William B. Mattice died suddenly at his home in Catskill.

Robert T. Martin, of Ashland, committed suicide. He placed the muzzle of a shot gun in his mouth and fired.

John Cornwall, a former Catskill shoe dealer, committed suicide by shooting himself.

Fred P. Derne died suddenly at Athens.

The Rev. Acton Civille, of Coeymans, knelt down to pray and committed suicide by shooting while in that position.

Hannah B. Osborn, mother of Attorney Frank H. Osborn, of Catskill, died at his residence in Catskill, at the age of 89 years.

William J. Reed drowned in the Catskill creek near West Shore railroad bridge.

John Hagewater was drowned at Athens.

George Kelk, a New York policeman, was struck by lightning at South Cairo and killed.

Walter S. McClelland, pastor of Trinity Episcopal church, drowned at Athens while canoeing.

William M. Smith, of Catskill, passed away at the age of 54 years.

Robert Cole, a vaudeville actor, committed suicide in the creek at Catskill.

Lulu Hover, a Catskill girl, prevented the Kingston hospital from burning up, by closing the doors and getting to work with the hand grenades.

Joseph Henske, Nona Meany and May Jarvis, city boarders, drowned at Green Lake, the bodies being recovered three days later.

William Carter, of Catskill, committed suicide by drowning at Tupper Lake.

Kissel Kar put on the route between Leeds and Cairo.

Frederick W. Brink, a former Catskillian, drowned at New York.

Greene County Fireman’s Convention held at Catskill.

Benjamin Myers, of Catskill, was killed by the cars near the West Shore bridge.

Barns of John E. Overbaugh at Catskill destroyed by fire.

The Rev. William S. Winans died at Catskill, aged 87 years.

Gustav Schlenker, of Catskill, killed by a live wire near the Holdridge quarries.

Maria S. Doane, of Catskill, died at the age of 98 years.

Democrats carried Greene county for Patrie, assembly; Branch, coroner, and elected eight supervisors.

John Van Wie, of Athens, killed by  a trolley car in New York.

Feliz Moroffskie fell down stairs at Coxsackie and broke his neck.

Greene County Bar Association held banquet at the Saulpaugh.

New York and Hudson Steamboat Co property burned in a $200,000 fire at Hudson.

Mrs. Bert Howard died at Tannersville, following an accident in which her scalp was torn off. Seventy operations for engrafting skin failed to save her life.

Last $10,000 of Greene county bonds paid off.

  Chronology 1912 

Mrs. Chauncey Goodwin died at Palenville at the age of 84 years.

Hiram Case died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Clarence E. Bloodgood, in Catskill, at the age of 92 years. He was the last of the family of fourteen children.

Edward Broussau, a former resident of Smith’s Landing, died at the age of 92 years.

Residence of William L. DuBois in Catskill destroyed by fire.

Supervisors for 1912-13: H. Clay Ferris, Ashland; Elmore Mackey, Athens; Floyd F. Jones, Cairo; J. Henry Deane, Catskill; Dayton B. Smith, Coxsackie;  Almeron Moore, Durham; Truman I. Ingalls, Greenville; Wallace K. Crosby, Halcott; Edgar B. Goslee, Hunter; Frederick M. Goslee, Jewett; John Kelly, Lexington; Henry J. Miller, New Baltimore; Elmer Kreiger, Prattsville; and Dr. Sidney L. Ford, Windham.

Edward J. Ashley father of Mrs. I. Wheeler Brandow, of Catskill died at age of 75 years. Former resident of Catskill and chief of the fire department.

Mrs. Ezra P. Pratt died suddenly at Oak Hill at the age of 79 years.

William H. Hayes, a civil war veteran, died at Cairo, 68 years.

Justice Samuel Edwards died at Hudson, aged 72 years.

Mary Whiting, a former resident of Athens, burned to death at Chicago.

Eugene Van Loan, a prominent resident of Athens, died at the age of 69 years.

Augustus Post died at his home in Catskill at the age of 81 years.  Was formerly in the furniture business with Dr. J. A. Deane.

Joe Zebratis drowned in the river at Coxsackie.

B. F. Bogardus, of Coxsackie farmer, hanged himself.

Frank Fruger, of Leeds, committed suicide with a shotgun.

Michael Gavigan, of Catskill, suffocated to death in a hot house at Newburgh.

Mrs. Sarah Abrams, of Coxsackie, aged 85 years, burned to death.

Justice Rudd presided at April term of the Supreme Court.

Henry T. Hotaling died at Coxsackie at the age of 94 years.

Dana Simpson, a Coxsackie farmer, committed suicide by hanging.

William K. Thompson, a war veteran, died at his home in Catskill at the age of 83 years.

Howard Sanderson, formerly of Athens, died at Milwaukee, at the age of 76 years.

Boarding house of Joseph Carnack, Coxsackie, destroyed by fire

Mrs. William Jordan, of Prattsville, dropped dead.

John Rogers, a Catskill farmer, dropped dead.

Charles R. Polo drowned at Green Lake.

Body of Miss Dorcas Snodgrass found in DuBois creek at Catskill.  Murder suspected and an investigation was made by District Attorney Howard C. Wilbur.

Residence of Edward Win at Tannersville burned.

Shady Glen House at Durham destroyed by fire.  85 guests narrowly  escaped with their lives.

William G. Alcott, employed on the steamer Ursula, fell overboard at Hudson and was drowned.

Charles Ford drowned while in swimming in Austin’s Glen at Catskill.

The Rev. Frazer Metzger, a former Catskill minister got  big vote for governor of Vermont, making it necessary for the legislature to appoint a governor.

John E. Newkirk dropped dead at Leeds.

John Henderson, aged 75 years, died at Catskill.

Arthur Reed committed suicide at Haines Falls.

Dr. Geo. C. Gulick, former Catskillian, died in New York of cancer.

Dr. DeSilva, of New York city, located in Catskill.

Jeremiah M. Day dropped dead at Green’s Lake.

Remains of Robert DeBois found in Catskill creek.

Remains of Ruth Hellmud found in river at Coxsackie by Lewis Vogel, of Catskill.

Lyman M. Donald, a prisoner in the jail at Schoharie, eloped with the daughter of Sheriff Dutton, and was married to him by Rev. Kerr.

Harriet T. Penfield, prominent Catskillian, died after a brief illness at her home in Catskill.

Barn on the Nelson place at New Baltimore destroyed by fire.

Ezra P. Pratt, of Oak Hill, dropped dead at Watertown, N. Y., where he had gone to attend a convention. He was 80 years of age.  For 50 years he was an elder of the Durham Presbyterian church.

Senator William P. Fiero passed away at his home in New York.

Democrats elect Josiah C. Tallmadge, judge; J. Lewis Patrie, assemblyman; Elmore Mackey, sheriff; Geo. B. Van Valkenburgh, county clerk; Ira T. Tolley, county sup’t; Dr. Van Hoesen, coroner.  Judge Tallmadge with opposition.  Majorities 1,000 to 1,600.

Catskill Cement Company’s plant damaged to the extent of $20,000 by fire.

Justice Cochrane presided over November term of Supreme Court.

Wilson for president carried Greene county by 932 votes.  Mackey for sheriff, 2960.

Attorney F. H. Osborn won remarkable case in Supreme Court in which it was shown like and Argosy story that defendant had set fire to his boat for the purpose of getting insurance money.  He was against Howard Chipp, of Albany, and what looked like a hopeless case.  He let the prosecution prove too much for their own welfare.

Charles McMenamy, of Catskill, died of cancer.

Charlotte Westland, of Tannersville, committed suicide by jumping from the Manhattan bridge in New York.

Thomas J. O’Hara and Charles E. Nichols appointed elections commissioners for Greene county.

Michael Taylor, a boiler maker burned so badly at Alsen that he died.

Chronology 1913

Stores of Lysle Nelson and Stephen Hitchcock at New Baltimore destroyed by fire.

Adelbert E. Dunham, of Spruceton, cutting off the butt of a tree that had blown down was crushed to death underneath the stump when the main part had been cut off and the stump snapped back into the hole in the ground.

Gilbert Greene, of Hunter, suffering from cancer, hid in a cave and then took carbolic acid, causing his death.

Charles Smith, of Rouse & Smith, passed away after short illness at his home in Catskill.

Charles A. Beach, president C. M. R. R., died suddenly of apoplexy.

Ste___ Vining, an eccentric Windham teamster, found dead by the highway.

William H. Henderson, former trustee of Catskill, died of blood poisoning following an injury to this little finger.

George H. Bump found dead in bed at his home in Catskill.

Cassius Simpson, of South Cairo, killed by a fall from his wagon at Leeds.

Ice house and coal sheds of Raymond Smith at Catskill destroyed by fire.  Loss $15,000.

Judge Chester presided at February term of Supreme Court.

Barn and stables of William Perry at West Coxsackie destroyed by fire.

J. A. Betts and W. W. Rider made trip to Panama.

The two sons of Andrew Rosenburgh of Coxsackie, were drowned while out fishing on Sunday with their father.

Athens Knitting Company goes bankrupt.

Truman I. Smith committed suicide at his home in Catskill.

John T. Heath passes away at his home at Catskill, aged 70 years.

Zobles T. Cater, of Catskill, plunged into the Catskill creek and saved the life of little Jimmie Smith.

John T. Heath passes away at his home in Catskill, aged 70 years.

Gilbert Goes, aged 85 yeas, committed suicide at Hunter, taking laudanum.

Assemblyman Patrie introduces bill to pave West Main street, Catskill, which passed and  ____ signed by the governor.  Paving laid by the Catskill Construction Company.

Nathan Richards, of South Cairo, killed by the cars at Athens.

Alexander Wilbur, prominent Catskillian, died suddenly at the age of 69 years.

$10,000 fire on dock at Coxsackie.

Frederick t. Beach died suddenly at his home in Catskill.

Ashes of George Howland, of Athens, scattered at sea.  He died at Genoa. Worth $1,000,000.

Patsey Wiweke killed in accident at the Cementon crossing.

Hudson Valley Fireman’s Convention held at Catskill. There were in the parade 60 fire companies and brass bands.

Famous old Simmons house in Jefferson destroyed by fire.

Boarding house of  F. W. Cole near Coxsackie destroyed by fire.

Big fire on Main street, Catskill, destroying Horton Brothers’ sale stables, Person’s shop, barns of Brandow, Horton, Yanonnie, Hay and Linzey, Fontnell’s house. Tynan’s shop, M. E. church shed, on July 10th.  On the Sunday morning following the Boston store was destroyed and the building of  Amos Post in which was the Smith store and Daily Mail office, and the Church store were gutted  by fire. On Monday the barn of George Bates on Water street was burned. Loss $200,000.

Joseph Butler, of Athens, committed suicide by drowning. Remains recovered a Catskill.

Residence of Perry Tompkins at Leeds destroyed by fire.

Louis Baucusco murdered at Athens. Sheriff Mackey arrested the murderer, Joe Vots.

John Seers, a Catskill darkey, killed by the cars at the Athens crossing.

Cornelius DuBois, war veteran, died at Palenville.

Residence of Elmer Dederick at Athens destroyed by fire.

West Shore freight house at Coxsackie, destroyed by fire.  Loss $30,000.

Herbert Lanfare drowned in the river at Athens.

Greene County Sunday School convention held at Athens.

E. S. Mulford found dead in bed at his home in Catskill.

Gov William Sulzer impeached by vote of 51 to 1.

Bank President James P. Philip presents Catskill with park at the head of Main street, which has been killed up the village and called Pruyn Park.

Casper Clough, aged 94 years, died at Coxsackie.

Judson a. Betts elected county treasurer; Howard C. Wilbur, district attorney; George H. Chase, member of assembly.

Supervisors elected—Jones, Cairo; Huyck, Durham; Smith, Coxsackie; Ferris, Ashland; Republicans;  Nichols, Athens; Deane, Catskill; Hoose, Greenville; Seifferth, Hunter; Baldwin, New Baltimore; Krieger, Prattsville, Roraback, Lexington; Goslee, Jewett, Ford, Windham, Democrats.

Justice Cochrane presided at November term of Supreme Court.

John Rhume, a Coxsackie lad, out hunting skunks, killed when his companion accidentally dropped his gun which went off.

Lumber yard of J. H. Goodwin at Coxsackie destroyed by fire.  Loss $10,000.

Jennings Hotel at Cairo destroyed by fire.  Loss $15,000.

Nelson murder trial at Catskill resulted in verdict of guilty.

Joseph Bosco tried for murder.  Wm. E. Thorpe for defendant.

Chronology 1914

Henry Dixon killed at Coxsackie by collapse of shed.

Residence of Mary Phelan, Phelan Hall and residence of Paul Lynan, at Leeds, burned.

St. Anthony’s School, Catskill, burned January 14th.

Hamilton Smith, of Athens, died from exposure.

Twin Pine House, Cairo, burned.  Loss $10,000.

James Ott, of Tannersville, blew his head off with gun.

Charles T. Smith crushed to death on Storm King.

H. Leroy Austin, of Catskill, gets verdict of $1,700,000 for New York City Railroad.

Albert Van Hoesen, of Catskill, committed suicide.

Several men killed in accident at logging camp at Haines Falls.

Frank Freeman, of Coxsackie, drowned while in swimming.

Former Sheriff Hardy Stewart died at Athens.

Abram Lewis, of Catskill, killed by kick of his horse.

Paul Deyo committed suicide at Hunter.

Cyrus E. Bloodgood, former county clerk, died at Catskill Aug. 10.

Floyd Overbaugh and Harry Rose killed in motorcycle accident at Alsen.

Worthy Tolley, of Athens, shot and killed Leroy Hallenbeck. Tried and found guilty for murder in the first degree.  Sentenced to be electrocuted.  Sentence appealed.

James Reardon killed in automobile accident in Windham.

Mrs. Charles Crohl killed in automobile accident near Catskill.

Tony Canape, a Catskill child, burned to death while playing with matches.

George Mason dropped dead in Catskill.

George Hawver, of Lawrenceville, cut by buzz saw so badly that he died a few days later.

Smith House badly damaged by fire.

Chronology 1915 to July first

Great revival in Catskill.

Howard Wilcox died suddenly of heart disease.

Peter Welsh died suddenly at his home in Catskill

John D. Smith, former postmaster and founder of Daily Mail, died suddenly at this home in Catskill.

Omar Hotaling, of New Baltimore, murdered at Highland.

Catskill Mountain Ry. depot at Haines Falls destroyed by fire.

Residence of T. J. Nolte at Cairo destroyed by fire.  Loss $7000.

John Black sentenced to Dannemora prison for the murder of Pardy Shoemaker at Lexington.

Receivers appointed for Catskill Mt. Ry.

Ruth Hammer and Ida Beach, of Catskill, murdered by Henry Long, of Albany, a gardener in the employ of Henry Hansen.  He shot the girls while they were out gathering wild flowers and then committed suicide.

Residence of Nicholas Worrell, valued at $50,000., burned at Onteora Park.

Pete Saxe, a war veteran, hung himself in a barn near Cairo.

Oscar Ford, of Tannersville, committed suicide by shooting.

Eagles Nest, summer residence of Frederick Buckinburger near Catskill, destroyed fire.

Nicholas Lauria, proprietor of Salisbury House, Catskill, died suddenly.

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