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Dear Old Greene County  

Section Seven

Facts and Figures, Portraits and Sketches,
Of Leading
Those at the Front To-Day
And Others Who Made Good in the Past

by F.A. Gallt
Catskill, N. Y.

Original book provided by Celeste MacCormack and transcribed by Arlene Goodwin

 Notaries Public For Greene County 

Appointed 1915

Ashland---Francis L. Dodge
Athens---Sarah M. Hyer, O. Gates Porter
Cairo---Richard A. Austin
Catskill--- William W. Bennett, Lee F. Betts, Beulah W. Bloodgood, P. Gardner Coffin, Seth T. Cole, John L. Fray, Geo. S. Harding, Orliff T. Heath, Clarence Howland, James L. Malcolm, Charles E. Nichols, William Palmatier, Harvey S. Scutt, Wendell S. Sherman, Myrtle E. Smith.
Coxsackie---Iarthe M. Carter, Wellman R. Church, Arthur J. Collier, Harrie McK Curtiss, Daniel H. Daley, Ernest Miller
East Jewett---Cyrus W. Van Valkenburgh
Freehold R. D. 1---Alton D Gibson
Greenville---Orrin C. Stevens, E. Lyman Wood
Greenville Center---Leander W. Hallock
Haines Falls---Joseph K. Burkle, Christopher A. Martin, Samuel E. Rusk
Hensonville---Theodore H. Merwin
Hunter---George F. Ferris
Leeds---Louis F. Teich
Lexington---Frank E. Beggs, George B. Van Valkenburgh
Medway---William N. Miller
New Baltimore---Melvin P. Hotaling
Oak Hill---Fred S. Anthony, Isaac U. Tripp
Prattsville---Elmer Krieger, George R. Laverick, Thomas J. O’Hara
Palenville---Adam A. Pelham
Tannersville---Edward W. Lackey, Cyrus Showers
Urlton---Augustus V. Simmons
West Coxsackie---William B. Townsend
Westkill---Sherwood Clawson, Robert S. Tuttle
Windham---Ellsworth E. Sharpe, Ernest E. Myer, Jr., Benjamin I. Tallmadge 

Greene County Society 

The Greene County Society, which is made up of men who hailed from Greene county or who are still residents of Greene county was organized in 1904, in New York city and every year since an annual gathering has been held in that city with a banquet, excepting in 1915. One of the principal men to promote this organization was Senator William P. Fiero, Charles L. Rickerson and Commodore Van Santvoord. At the head of the society is Edward Reynolds and roster of men all prominent in the business world:

President—Edward Reynolds, 1st Vice-Pres.—E. B. Van Deusen, 2d Vice-Pres.—J. H. Thomas, 3d, Vice-Pres.—Dorville S. Coe, 4th Vice-Pres.—Chas. E. Russell, Secretary-Treasurer—C. E. Rickerson, Registrar—Peter Fiero.


Edwin H. Snyder

Dr. Geo. F. Madigan

Fred B. Dalzell

Wm. J. Minor

Dr. Wm. B. Snow

Hon. J. F. Hylan

O. L. Youmans

Irving W. Van Gorden

Dr. W. B. Chase

E. H. Dunham

W. B. DeLamater

Andrew Colvin

Allen R. Hicks

Wm. H. McCabe

E. B. Van Deusen

Peter Fiero

D. G. Cornin

Henry W. Showers

Chas, E. Russell

Peter S. Jennings

Dr. Wm. Stevens

Raymond H. Fiero

L. W. Mower

Edward T. Dalzell

 Assemblymen of Greene County from 1800

The first assemblymen to represent Greene county then newly formed in 1800 were Thomas E. Barber and Caleb Benton, William Beach and Philip Conine, jr. in 1802.

1803    George Hale,   
M. Schuneman

1804   Stephen Simmons,                 Stoddard Smith

1805   Pat.  Hamilton                              Daniel Sayre

1806     John Ely     
J. Thompson

1807    J. Thompson              
Samuel Haight

1808   C. T. Hotaling                          Perez Steel

1809     James Gale  
E. Reed

1810   Ben Chapman                        Ira Day

1811   William Beach         
Jonas Bronk 

1812     John Ely                   
Simon Sayres

1813   John Adams                 
Perez Steel

1814   William Fraser    
A. Van Dyke

1815    James Gale              
Martin Van Bergen

1816   James Powers       
Jacob Roggen

1817   Levi Callender                                Justus Squire

1818   John I. Bronk           
Jairus Strong

1819   James Foster     
Isaac Van Loan

1820   Platt Adams                                   Aaron Reed

1821    James Powers          
Jacob Roggen

1822   Reuben Hosford     
William Seaman

1823  Caleb Coffin     
Edward Daley

1824    Gilbert Bedell
           A. Bushnell

1825  Addison Porter       
William Seaman

1826  Perkins King 
William Tuttle

1827    Elisha Bishop 
Wm. Faukner

1828  Moses Austin
Castle Seeley

1829  J. Miller   
H. Quackenboss

1830    Lewis Benton       
John Brandow

1831  E. Hamilton                        Dumah Tuttle

1833   Henry Goslee
           Wm. Pierson

1834    B. Bagley
S. Nichols

1835  D. Ingersoll        
          A. Van Bergen

1836   S. Tyron    
John Watson

1837     Thos.  Cooke
Peter Hubbell

1838   Platt Adams        
Thos. Cooke

1839   Gilbert Bedell    
S. Nichols

1840     Turhand Cooke     
D. Quackenboss

1841   Aaron Bushnell      
           Philip Teats

1843   John Laraway
A. Van Slyke

1844     Robert C. Field     
L. C. Stimson

1845   D. Hervey  
G. W. Sager

1846  N. Lawrence      
P. Van Bergen

1847     Wm. V. Adams 
A. Marks

1848   A. Palmer
F. A. Fenn

1849  A. Bailey    
Albert Tuttle

1850    Alonzo Greene       
Theo Prevost

1851   J. A. Cooke             
Henry Kinsley

1852  N. H. Gray   
T. Bedell, jr

1853     Darius Winans       
E. P. Bushnell

1854   Joshua Fiero jr
           G. Robertson

1855  M. L. Rickerson   
John C. Palmer

1856     Buel Mabin         
M. B. Mattice

1857   David Whiting
H. Baldwin

1859            Daniel Strong

1860    A. R. Macomber

1861   Gilbert Bedell

1862   J. Coles

1863-4  Lorin Green

1865   Prentiss Hallenbeck

1866   E. P. Moore

1867    Thos. A. Briggs

1868    James Loughren

1869   B. Griffin

1870-1  H. Van Steenburgh

1872-3  Augustus Hill

1874   Horatio Lockwood

1875     Benjamin F. Barkley

1876    Burton G. Morse

1877   Oscar T. Humphrey

1878     Cicero C. Peck

1879    George S. Stevens

1880   Albert Parker

1881     Orlando L. Newton

1882    Samuel H. Nichols

1883   Frank S. Decker

1884     Bradley S. McCabe

1885-86 Stephen T. Hopkins

1887    John H. Bagley

1888     Francis G. Walters

1890-1  Omar V. Sage

1892  Edward M. Cole

1893     Capt. James Stead

1894     Ira B. Kerr

1895   Daniel G. Greene

1896-7  Newton Sweet

1898     John J. Ellis

1899  D. Geroe Greene

1900     Sylvester B. Sage

1901-2 William W. Rider

1903-4 Charles E. Nichols

1905-6-7-8-9  William C. Brady

1910-11-12-13  J. L. Patrie

1914-15  George H. Chase

These men from various sections of the county served their terms with signal ability, and some of them were returned term after term, W. C. Brady of Athens, and J. Lewis Patrie of Catskill having the longest terms.

Jacob Haight of Catskill in 1834 was state treasurer, and in 1861 Edward Hand of Catskill was banking superintendent.

Notable Events and Men

Cyrus W. Field, layer of the Atlantic Cable, was born at Durham in 1782, and was the son of Ambrose Field, a pioneer of that town.

Lyman Tremaine, the great lawyer and judge of Greene county, was born at Oak Hill, in 1812. He was attorney general of the state in 1857; he was also a member of the legislature 1865, and defended Edward S. Stokes, tried for the  murder of James Fisk.

Uncle Barney Butts was the greatest bear hunter of Greene county. He was born near Windham in 1799, and his father and mother each lived to be 100 years of age.  He died at the age of 75 years in 1874, and had killed over 100 bears, getting as many as 3 in a single day.

Anson P. Wright, of Durham, lived to be 95 years of age, and was a musician in the Revolution: he was born in 1792, and his wife was a daughter of Col. Bullock, an officer of the Revolution, who died at the age of 94 years.

Col. Platt Adams was born at Durham in 1792, and he represented Greene county in the legislature 1821-24, and in the senate in 1848-49. He was also colonel of the 49th regiment, holding that position for 10 years. He was supervisor of Durham 1825-28-34-38, and sheriff of Greene county 1828-30.

Col. Ezra Post, of Durham, was colonel of the 49th regiment in the war of 1812. His son William was also a colonel.

Capt. Ashiel Jones, of Hervey Street, was an officer in the Revolution, and settled in Durham in 1788.

Moses Austin, of Durham, was a judge of the court of Common Pleas. He settled in Cornwallsville in 1806, and was an assemblyman in 1829.

Capt. Charles Johnson, of Durham, served in the Revolution, and a relative of Mrs. W. F. Lamont, of Catskill.

Thomas E. Barker, of Cornwallsville, settled at that place in 1790. He was a member of the legislature 1798-99, 1800; supervisor of Durham 1822-24; also judge of court of Common Pleas.

Caleb Benton was also from the town of Durham and was a judge of the court of Common Pleas.

Capt. Hinman, of Durham, was in the French and Indian war, 1755, and was with General Braddock at the time he was trapped by the Indians.

Timothy Munger, of Durham, also served in the French and Indian war, 1755.

Mackey Croswell, publisher of the Catskill Packet, 1792, now Catskill Recorder. He retired from printing to the more strenuous occupation of village tavern keeper.  His brother, Dr. A. H. Croswell, took up the duties of postmaster, being appointed by George Washington. Mr. Coswell was in the drug business with Dr. Brace.

The Gallt Family

In the search of old books and documents that came into our possession while writing this history of Greene county we find mention of William Galt great-great-grandfather of the writer, F. A. Gallt. Referring to the Linzey patent Fitch says in his history: “David Ramsey, James Campbell, William Galt and William Dixon from Ireland settled on the patent in 1742 at the village of Cherry Valley.” At that time there were but 8 people in the entire township, and owing to the fear of the Indians there but 60 in 1752. Among that number was the Rev. Samuel Dunlop who taught a classical school, said to be the first one west of the Hudson river.  Nov. 11, 1778 the Indians descended on the town and murdered the inhabitants, burning every building in the place.  16 continental officers and soldier were among the slain.

William Galt was among the number slain, but his sons John Galt and Joseph Galt escaped. He was one of the 6 brothers who came to this country from Ireland, having fled from France during the persecution of the Huguenots.

From the old family bible printed in 1728, which was in the possession of William Galt at the time of the massacre in 1778 and in the handwriting of William Galt we find that William Galt, son of William Galt was born in the Parish of Kilragh and county Enbron, in the Kingdom of Ireland.  Came to America in Nov. 1740. Was married to Margaret Harper, daughter of John and Abigal Harper, at Cherry Valley, August, 1765, by the Reverend Mr. Dunlop. John Gallt, oldest son of William and Margaret Galt, was born at Cherry Valley, July 24, 1766. Was baptized by the Rev. Mr. Dunlop. John Galt escaped at the time of the massacre. Joseph Gallt, born 1773, also escaped.

The Gallts settled later at Cato, Cayuga Co., moving to Harpersfield, and then to Jefferson where in 1869 Frank A. Gallt was born.

The old bible lacking 13 years of being 200 is in his possession as are also a number of books that were the property of the Rev. Mr. Dunlop. Two of these books were printed in 1793, and have written in them the names of William Galt and Joseph Gallt, “his book”.  They were called “Dessertations of the Prophesies” by Thomas Newton DD, 10th edition, Edinburgh,  MDCCXIII and dedicated to ‘his Grace, the Lord Bishop of Canterbury.” The books are bound in heavy leather and yellow with age.

The Harper family were conspicuous in the early colonial history of Schoharie county, Mrs. James Gallt being a Smith, and her mother a Harper. Also tracing to Tim Murphy, the Indian fighter.

The record also shows the birth of William Gallt, May 1, 1767, Minerva Gallt, James Gallt, Margaret and Matthew Gallt, all of whom were baptized by the Rev. Mr. Dunlop at ‘Cheryvaly.’

The name of William Galt is among those carved on the Tryon county monument at Cherry Valley. Showing the names of the persons who were massacred by the Indians and Tories under Brandt.  William Galt was knocked on the head with a gun, scalped and left for dead.  He lived for a day or two.

Frank A. Gallt, Publisher of the Catskill Enterprise, established October 1898. Born Jan 1, 1859, at Jefferson, Scho. County, N. Y.  Father and mother James and Hetty V. Gallt, of Harpersfield, Delaware county. Married Oct. 26, 1882 to Carrie E. Pratt of Oak Hill, N. Y.  Learned the printing business a Jefferson Courier office, and was educated at Stamford academy. Studied art at Paterson, and came to Catskill in March 1882. Employed on the Catskill Recorder, later with the Examiner.

Served 5 years Company E., Honorary member of Citizens’ Hose Company.  Formerly secretary and treasurer of company, and member of the running team.  Has five sons, William, Robert, Frank E., Joseph, Raymond, and one daughter Reba M., wife of marketman Fred E. Field.

James Gallt, father of F. A. Gallt, was born and his early life spent in a log house and the first pair of shoes that he had to wear was after he was big enough to make them himself.

August 12, 1862, J. Gallt received a patent and put in circulation encased postage stamps which were used all over the country as money.  These consisted of a stamp with a layer of mica over the face framed in a round metal case. They were 1,2,3,5,10,12,30 and 90 cents.  And all these stamps enclosed are at a premium today of from 75 cents to $12.

Sir John Galt was a  member of the British Parliament.

Dr. Robert Galt established the Fox Memorial Hospital at Oneonta. Col. Fox who married his daughter, being shot in the Rebellion.

Claude H. Heath

Claude H. Heath, Worshipful Master of Catskill Lodge 468, F. & A.M. year 1914. Was born at Cooksburgh, Albany Co., on August 13th, 1876 and came to Catskill April 1st, 1898. Married Jessie L. Moore of Mackey, Schoharie Co. on June 14th, 1899. Have no children.

Employed, as miller at the Rushmore mill, Catskill Mountain Ry Co. and by the Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co. as locomotive engineer and on May 19th, 1911, was appointed Railroad Fire Inspector in the Catskill Forest Preserve, on June 5th, 1912, was appointed Chief Inspector for the Conservation Commission, State of New York, which position he now holds.

He is a member of the Reformed Dutch Church of Catskill, Catskill Lodge 468, F. & A. M., Catskill Chapter R. A. M. 285, Lafayette Commandery 7, Hudson, N. Y., Cyprus Temple A. A. O. N. of the Mystic Shrine of Albany, N. Y. Catskill Chapter O. E. S. 293, Catskill, N. Y.  Catskill Masonic Club, (Past President) also a member of Citizens Hose Company No. 5 of Catskill N. Y.  Ex-Member of Co. E. N. G. N. Y.

Major Augustine Prevost

Major Augustine Prevost, owner of a patent of 7000 acres of land at Greenville, was born at Geneva, Switzerland, and served in the French and Indian wars, in the Royal American regiment, of which his father was colonel.  He moved to Greenville in 1794, and occupied the old house of which we show a picture elsewhere. He died at Greenville in 1821.

Prominent Greene County Men:
Frederick Goslee

Frederick Goslee, who represents the town of Jewett in the Greene County Board of Supervisors, is one the leading men of that town, and having served several terms in the board naturally is regarded by his fellow townsmen as the right man in the right place. The town of Jewett has certainly been well looked after by him.

The Goslees were among the early settlers of that town, coming to this country from Connecticut soon after the Revolution.

Frederick M. Goslee was born in Jewett in 1866, and is the son of Milton Goslee. His mother was Esther L. Goslee. He was married to Frances E. Brainard in 1897 and has four children, Milton B., H. Reginald, F. Howard and Helen Esther.

He is a member of the Presbyterian church at Jewett, and Mountain lodge, No. 529, Windham.

Various members of the Goslee family have served the town and county in official stations. Munsion Buell, great great grandfather of Frederick Goslee, had the distinction of being county judge, and Henry Goslee, a great uncle, was also county judge. Henry Goslee, great great grandfather, was one of the early settlers of the town of Woodstock, later Windham and then Lexington, and finally now Jewett, being the different arrangements of the original territory of Woodstock, Ulster county. He bears the very considerable distinction of having been a soldier in the Revolution, and having been one of the guards over Major Andre, who was captured by the American forces with plans of West Point fortifications in his possession, that had been given to him by Benedict Arnold for delivery to the British.  He was shot in the leg in the fight at Stony Point, and for years carried the bullet.  The doctors were unable to locate it, but one day he took his pocket knife and performed the operation for its removal himself.

Other members of the Goslee family are scattered all through the towns of the county, and the state as well.

Edgar B. Goslee, of Tannersville, an adjoining town, served in the Board of Supervisors for a number of years, being in the Board with Frederick Goslee.

Lewis Hoose

The Hoose family were among the early settlers of the town of Greenville, and the Hooses have always stood for progress and the welfare of the community in which they lived. Supervisor Lewis Hoose of Greenville is no exception to the rule.  Unassuming and retiring he never pressed himself into politics, and naturally enough it was with great reluctance that he yielded to the pleadings of his party to represent the town in the Board of Supervisors, for his election was taken as a matter of course.  His work in the Board was very gratifying to his friends and the town profited by his wisdom. The affairs of the town at home were never better looked after than since they have been in his hands.

Lewis Hoose was the son of Wm. H. Hoose and his mother was Miss Lucinda Webb, of Urlton, town of Coxsackie, and the had a family of two children.

Lewis Hoose was born on Feb. 5, 1858, and was married March 1st, 1879 to Fannie J. Hotaling of Coeymans Hollow, Albany County.  The members of his family are three sons, Eugene, Arthur and Charles.

He attends the M. E. church at Greenville. Is Charter Member of Lyman Tremaine Lodge No. 265 I. O. O. F. Oak Hill, N.Y., also Charter Member Park Green Council Royal Arcanium No. 684 Greenville N. Y. and member of Zeus Lodge No. 360 Knights of Pythias, Greenville, N.Y.

He served the town of Greenville as Highway Commissioner during the years of 1894-1895-1899-1903-1904-1905-1906. 

Omar V. Sage 

Omar Van Leuven Sage, Former Warden of Sing Sing Prison, was born at Catskill, N. Y. December 17, 1834. He was for several years employed as bookkeeper in New York City and later with his brothers conducted a general store at Prattsville, N. Y.

From 1865 to 1872 he was in the commission business in New York City.

In 1880, he established the coal business at Catskill, which he now conducts.

He has served as Supervisor of Prattsville, as County Clerk of Greene County, and in 1889 and 1890 was a member of the State Assembly.  From October, 1894 to May, 1899 he was Warden of Sing Sing Prison; and from October, 1899 to July, 1904, was Superintendent of the House of Refuge on Randall’s Island. In July 1863 he enlisted in Company A 86th. Reg., N.G.N.Y.: was captain, August 22, of the same year; Ordinance Officer 8th. Brigade, July 8, 1867: Assistant Adjutant General 8th Brigade, and Lieutenant Colonel, October 8, 1874; his commission expiring February 11,1875; re-enlisted, 16th. Separate Company, October 8, 1879; Ordinance Officer Fifth Brigade, and captain, January 31, 1883; and Major, Apr. 23, 1883. Major Sage is a Mason a director of the Catskill National Bank, and president of the Co-Operative Fire Insurance Company and of the Commercial Mutual Fire Insurance Company. He married Julia F. Houghtaling, February 15, 1868.

Col. O. V. Sage traces to David Sage, who was born in 1639, in Wales and was one of the first settlers at Middletown, Ct., in 1652, where the stone marking his grave is still standing. From his generations come 90 per cent of the Sages in the United States, a very large and honored family.

Benjamin and Daniel Sage were with Arnold at Quebec and also with General Gates at the time of Burgoyne’s surrender.  Among the 20 members of the Sage family in the Revolution Comfort Sage was a Colonel.

Daniel Sage was killed in the fighting at Quebec.

William Sage was killed in the fight at Bunker Hill.

Moses Sage was killed in the fight at Lexington.

Hosea Sage died at West Point.

James Sage was with General George Washington at Monmouth, N. J.

Captain Nathan Sage was a privateer and had the distinguished honor of capturing an English transport loaded with ammunition at a time when the colonies were in great need of powder.  Later he was a judge, and died in 1833, at Oswego, where he was collector of the port.

Moses Sage was impressed into the British service, but jumped overboard and escaped after swimming about three miles.

Sparrow S. Sage, in 1812, found that during his absence from home his wife had been taken captive, and he trailed the party, having only an axe as defense. Coming up with the Indian who had the captives, he rushed at them with his axe, and the savage attempted to shoot but the flint lock missed fired, and Sage’s axe did its deadly work. He returned home with the Indian’s scalp, gun and tommyhawk, and his wife and another woman who had been captured.

Miles Sage was captured by the British at Haddenfield, N. J., and after being bayoneted was left for dead.  He recovered.

The Hon. Russel Sage was a congressman many years, and a great railroad man.

David Sage had two sons, David, born 1665 and John, born 1668.  John Sage had one son, born 1695 and his son, Benjamin was born in 1703.  Benjamin had 5 sons, Benjamin, Daniel, Harleigh, Selah and John, and 4 daughters, Sarah, Chloie, Lucia and Elsie.

Daniel Sage, his son, was born 1756, and he had 8 sons, of whom Jewett was born in 1793, and had 6 sons and 4 daughters. He lived at New Berlin and was 5th from David.

Nelson Sage, son of Jewett, was born in 1836, and had 2 sons and 2 daughters.

Daniel Sage, was grandfather of Omar V. Sage. He was born at Conesville, N. Y. in 1785 and had 3 sons and 5 daughters.

His oldest son, Hart C. Sage, was father of Omar V. Sage. He had 3 sons, Omar C. 1834, Omar V. 1834, and Sylvester B. 1836.

Omar V. Sage was 10th generation from David and has had 3 children, Clarissa H., Elizabeth H., and Mary A.

Sylvester B. Sage was for many years in business in Catskill in the Meech building, and his son, Clarence, is in the coal business with Omar V. Sage.

John Sage died at the age of 88 years and had 15 children, 120 grandchildren, and 40 great grandchildren, according to the tablet in the old grave at Cromwell, Ct., 1752.

Salisbury House, Leeds 

The Salisbury Manor house is still standing practically the same as when it was built, on the heights west of Leeds. It was built in 1630.


There have been some remarkable changes near the Hop-o-Nose. Here was located the famous old Stone Jug mansion with its colonial times history.  This mansion gave way to the continuous kiln of the shale brick plant. The headland opposite the point of rock was blasted out and carted away and gave place to the big machinery building of shale plant, which was commenced in 1882. On this headland in the year the Steamer Emaline of Pokeepsie, bearing a number of fire companies was sunk.  The continuous kiln and the great stack that surmounts it were a grand piece of mason work built by Contractor George W. Holdridge.  The stack has been struck by lightning a number of times but stands erect and almost without a scar, except a few bricks at the summit.  Mr. Holdridge also built the big stacks on the lower plant that now does the burning of the brick.


M. Edw. Silberstein

M. Edw. Silberstein, publisher and editor of the Catskill Daily Mail, was born in New York city 38 years ago.  When yet a young man he became intensely interested in newspaper work, his initial appearance in that field being in 1895, when he became manager of the “Show,” a little journal published by the Madison Square Company of New York city. Here his duties were to take care of the advertising, a responsibility he assumed with but scant experience, but with a determination to learn the business from the ground up. The years 1898 and 1899 found him a little further advanced, his connection at that time being as one of the publishers of the Society Journal, of New York and the Far Rock-away Guide.  A little later he joined the advertising staff of the New York American, representing the great Metropolitan daily as its solicitor for summer resort advertising in the Catskill mountains. In this capacity he remained 10 years, and while employed on the American he became interested in street car advertising, and for some time controlled the advertising of the street railroad companies in Catskill, Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Peekskill, New Paltz, Highland, Hudson and Albany. He finally disposed of his interests to Ward and Gow, of New York city and in the year 1906, purchased the Catskill Daily Mail.

During his residence in Catskill, a period of about 15 years, Mr. Silberstein has proven that there is an exception to every rule, for he is one New Yorker who loves the open, and no inducement could lure him back to the city.  All his interests, his business, residence and social affiliations are so closely allied to Catskill and Greene county, that in the fullness of time he will be written down, and old timer, almost a native.

William Joesbury

William Joesbury has been assessor of the village of Catskill for twenty-five years.  In 1890 to 1894 he was postmaster of Catskill under President Harrison.  In 1865 he became a member of F. N. Wilson Fire company, leaving it in 1869 to organize Citizens’ Hose company.  He has been chief of the fire department, postmaster and clerk of the village of Catskill.

The Militia

We do not find much in regard to the early wars so far as Greene county is concerned.  Representative men from the section came into prominence and among them were Col. Pratt, Major Prevost, General Haight, and Colonel Dubois, and others and a good many men were in the ranks serving during the campaigns along the Mohawk river, upper Hudson River and in the Champlain section, Benjamin Tryon of Coxsackie is said to have come to this country with Captain Kidd the great pirate, and served in the revolution. Capt. John Pratt, George Wright, James Utter and Augustus Pratt, of Durham were veterans of the revolution, and Captain Hinman and Timothy Munger also of Durham served in the Indian wars. Capt. Electus Pratt also of Durham lost his arm at the battle of Gettysburgh. Reuben Stebbens of Greenville, Silas Rockwell of Durham, and Col. Ezra Post served in the war of 1812. Col. Ashiel Jones of Durham served in the Revolution.

The old Indian trail ran from Catskill to Oak Hill, Preston Hollow and Middleburgh and on the Mohawk valley. During the revolution the Mohawk Indians in this section became hostile and some of their prisoners, the Abeels, Henry Plank of Oak Hill and a few others were taken over the route to Canada.  The Abeels returned but Plank did not come back. A man named Howard was also carried to Canada.

In the Hermance Library at Coxsackie has been preserved a number of matters in regard to the revolutionary period that are most valuable. These show that as early as 1740 John L. Bronk was commissioned a captain in the 11th regiment of which Anthony Van Bergen of Coxsackie was Colonel.  A remarkable number of men, population considered, saw service in the revolution from the district of Coxsackie, which was designated in 1772, and embraced sections now Greenville, Durham, New Baltimore, Cairo, and from the names that appear it would seem that Catskill men must have been in the list.

In Anthony Van Bergen’s regiment 1777, John L. Bronk, adjutant.  W. J. Van Orden, quarter master, Joachim Tryon, Lieutenant. Cornelius Conine, ensign. Derrick Leverson, sergeant. John Van Buskirk, fifer. John Whitbeck, capt. Wessell Salisbury lieut. Henry Van Bergen, ensign.  John Van Vechten and John Du Bois lieutenants, John Wigram 2d lieut.

In Captain Henry Van Bergen’s company there were Peter Bronk, Richard Bronk, Mathias Bloom, Jacob Bogardus, Henry Bogardus, Manning Bogardus, John Baptiste, Ephraim Bronk, John G. Bronk, Philip Bronk, Peter A. Van Bergen, Godfrey Brandow, John Brandow, John Boom.

Cornelius Conine, Peter Conine, Jeremian Conine, Peter Conyn, Hermanius Cuyler, Michael Colier, James Chichester, Daniel Clark, Samuel Chichester, John Carle, Christopher Dise, John Dise.  Samuel Folton, Leonard Fore, Caleb Foster. John Garrett, Samuel Garrett, Isaac Garrett.  Thomas Houghtaling, Henry Houghtaling, Richard Houghtaling.  Peter Joans, Thomas Joans, John Jans.  Stephen Lantman, James Magee, Samuel Mott.  Joachem Van Pelt, Stephen Parmun, Jacob Parmun, Solomon Parmun. Edward Roberts. Cornelius Sluyter, Nathan Stanton, Ebenezer Stanton, Joseph Stanton, James Stanton. Lawrence Tead, Robert Trips, Wilson Ostrander. Richard Vandenburgh, Peter Van Pelt, Teunis Van Slyke, Peter Vandenburgh, Joechem Van Pelt, Baltus Van Slyke, Lucas Van Deusen, Teunis P. Van Slyke, Jacobus Van Slyke, Hendrick Van Slyke, Dirck Van Slyke, Tunis Vanderzee, Peter Van Slyke, Anthony Van Bergen, Peter A. Van Bergen, Robert Vandenburgh. Richard Vandenburgh, Martin Vandenburgh, Samuel Van Pelt.  Nicholas Wells, William Wells, John Wagoner, Adam Wood, John Wigram, John Watson, Solomon Wiggs.

In addition to the above list there were some nine months men listed for 1776.

Johannes Brandow, Godfrey Brandow, Casperus Bronk, Ephraim Bronk, Philip P. Bronk, Peter Bronk, Jeremiah Conine, Christopher Dise, Peter Shaddon, Richard Sherman, Stephen Lantman, John Vandenburgh, Robert Vandenburgh, Richard Vandenburgh, William Vandenburgh, Peter Van Slyke, Albert Vanderzee.

A good many of these families are represented today at Coxsackie notably the Van Bergens, Bronks, and Van Slykees.

The men who served in Capt. Samuel Vechten’s Company formed in 1776 were:

Samuel Van Vechten, captain. John Hoodghkirk and John Ball, lieutenants. Daniel Everts, ensign. Ralph Cole, Charles Shaver, Isaac Overbaugh, Joseph Bettes and Teunis Van Wagonen , seargents. Andrew Dunlap, Justus Valkner, Ambrose Tuttle, Gilbert Van Debogart and Stephen Mason, corporals. David Floyd, fifer, Elijah Manrole, drummer.

The privates were:

Moses Akine, Valentine Asken, Jacob Asten. John Barnett. Joseph Bettes, Atchison Bullock. Abraham, Cammer, Robert Cannada, William Caniff, Joseph Conklin, Michael Coombs, Peter Coombs, Peter Crapo. William Evans, John Emerigh. Jacob Farrington, William Flangler, Francis Flamin. William Grimsey, James Giers, John Griffeth. Matthew Halenbeck, Michael Harp, James Halstead, Nathaniel James, William King, Peter Laraway, Jacob Livingston, John Low. Isaac Marick, Stephen Mason, David Miller, John McIlmol, John Mizner. Peter Ostrander, Joseph Parker, Edward Ray, John Roberts. Benjamin Samons, Solomon Scutt, Thomas Staats, Francis Smith. Cornelius Taylor, John Taylor, Ambrose Tuttle. Jacob Van Tesley, Christian Van Vorst, Gilbert Vandebogart. Jeremiah Wolfe, John Young.

Of the above 17 deserted. They carried guns, pistols and tommyhawks.

The first regiment that went out from this section in 1861 was under command of Col. George W. Pratt, and from that time to the end of the war there was a stream of volunteers from Greene county and Companies D. K. and F. of the 120th New York were from here, the 5th heavy artillery had more of our men, and the draft of 1862 covered a list of over 1800 men. Many of these men were unfit for service and some found substitutes. Various bounties up to $750 were offered to volunteers. The report of the county treasurer in 1864 showed that $822,502 was raised on the County bonds to pay for volunteers. The total number of men furnished was 4190. Showing in a faint manner the awful drain of war upon this section. Many of these men never returned, and others came back crippled and maimed for life.  A few still remain scattered over the county.

During the Revolution, 17 regiments were raised in New York and in 1777 the Colonel of the 11th regiment was Colonel Anthony Van Bergen of Coxsackie, and the lieutenant Colonel Cornelius Du Bois, whose picture we have shown on another page in connection with the history of the Du Bois family. The cottage of Cornelius Du Bois is also shown on another page.  Cornelius died in poverty. Though up to the last of his life he used to sit by the old fire place, with his pipe and tobacco and narrate his campaigns against the Indians in the Mohawk valley and along Lake Champlain.

The last of the war bonds were paid in 1909.

The history of company E. which was organized in 1880 as the 16th Separate Company, completes the military record of Greene county. The first drill was over what is now Waggoner’s store and the law offices in the Sage Building at the corner of Main and Williams streets, and Col. Omar V. Sage was the first commanding officer. The company had in its ranks such staunch men as Emory A. Chase, Clarence E. Bloodgood, Judson A. Betts, Arthur M. Murphy, George W. Holdridge, and others.

The successive commanders of the company have been Col. O. V. Sage, Arthur M. Murphy, William W. Bennett, Lieut. Searles, H. W. Cowlbeck, Albert Saulpaugh, Percy W. Decker, Daniel J. Cassidy.

The present armory was built in 1884 at a cost of $40,000, George W. Holdridge doing the work. It has since been greatly improved at an expense of many thousands of dollars.  It has a great drill shed, parlors, pool room, officers rooms, mess hall, kitchen, reading room, and library, locker rooms, rifle range, bowling alleys, and is equipped for active field service in time of need.

The company forms a part of the regular militia, and is drilled annually in state camps by the officers of the regular army.

The company was called out to quell riots at Lime street and in the great railroad strike at Buffalo.

It has also a fine rifle range at Leeds.

The roster of the company is 60 men, who serve without compensation, except that during attendance at state camp, the men get $10. The armory is under the personal care of Lieutentant Charles A. Vrooman, armorer; Sergt. William Hock, assistant; and William E. Daniels, engineer.

It has generally led in target practice and fine general attainment.

The 16th separate company was represented by a full company in the Spanish-American war, Captain William W. Bennett commanding at that time.

The men who formed Company K., Catskill, 203rd regiment, who served in the Spanish-American war were:

Capt. William W. Bennett, Catskill; 1st Lieut., James G. Hanna, Glens Falls; 2nd Lieut., Walter I. Lyman, Watertown; 1st Sergt., Edwin W. Knoll; Quartermaster Sergt., Edward W. Mallory.

Seargents: William Hock, Michael J. Murphy, Robert W. Bowen, Albert Saulpaugh Jr.

Corporals:  John E. Bassett, Fred J. Dwyer, Leroy Palmer, Frank J. Brook, Albertus B. Cumming, John  E. Crowley, Paul B. Mattice, Charles Beaucamp. George E. Hewitt.

Musicians: Eugene A. Chilson, Ray Goodfellow

Artificers: George Osterhoudt; Wagoner: Lyman Huntley.

Privates:   Fred Bigelow, Joseph Bigelow, Melvin Baker, James Burns, William R. Burns, Roscoe Barber, Wallace J. Bell, Stephen Beesmer, Edward Coffee, John Cleary, Michael Connolly, Edward Callnan, Bernard Casey, Augustus Cargill, dec’d, Charles H. Carpenter, C. R. Diefendorf, Harry Distin, William E. Dwyer, dec’d, Joseph Ellis, John E. Flynn, James T. Fitzgerald, John B. Fitzgerald, Michael Fitzgerald, John B. Fritzen Jr., William L. Foote, Wesley E. Garrison, dec’d, Albert E. Guthrie, dec’d, Christopher Granger, Dennis E. Hartnett, Robert H. Hathaway, Frank M. Harvey, Charles E. Holbrook, George H. Hood, Frank D. Hughes, William Humphrey, J. O’Brien, George W. Ish, J. H. Judd, Jacob Johnston, Paul Kock, G. W. Long, Fred C. Legg, John W. Losty, H. M. McCarthy, John McCall, Peter Miller, John Maher, Arthur Myers, George Mason, Adam Rutz, Michael Madigan, dec’d, Arthur Palmer, Frank Rowan, Patrick Madigan, James Reardon, John McNary, dec’d, Neil Ross, John Mattice, James Sullivan, Geo. A. Morrison, James A. Sonn, dec’d, Thos. Marshall, William Shear, Robert Newman, William Wood, Frank Norton, George C. Wood Clyde Oringer, Michael T. Welsh, Geo. M. Phillips, Charles E. Wilbur, Thos. J. Phillips, dec’d, John C. Webster, dec’d.

The company comprised 406 men. They went first to Camp Black, July 21, 1898; Camp Mead, Sept. 12, 1898; Camp Conewago, Oct. 1, 1898, where they were isolated on account of fever, and to Greenville, South Carolina, Nov. 1898. They were mustered out March 25, 1899. They had roses at Christmas time, and in February the flaps of their tents froze in zero weather, and stoves were installed in the tents.  The men slept in all their clothing and overcoats, and even then they suffered very much from the cold.

Charles A. Vrooman was promoted from 2nd Lieut. of K. to 1st Lieut. Company 3, at Greenville, S. C.

Other Catskill men who saw service in the war were Edgar Johnston, who enlisted in Co. A. Batallion U. S. Engineers, Regular Army, and was stationed at Manila in 1898 and ’99.

Edgar K. Williams was with the 71st New York regiment and died in the service, his monument in the Catskill cemetery being the finest in the county.

Paul Whitmarsh was also in the regular army, Also Arthur Freshwater.

Those who served going to Honolulu were in Company M. Kingston. Charles M. Becker corporal, deceased. Leroy Overbaugh, Willis Overbaugh, Van Ness Ploss, Fred Lynes, Harry Hicks, Burton G. Nasholtz, deceased, Fred Brown, Alex King, Lee F. Betts, Harry Lydecker, Lewis Holdridge, Alex Plusch, Clayton Bump deceased, John Hess, John Cook, Harry Fleming, Warren Miller, Oscar Dederick, who later served at Cebu, Fred Keiffer, Abram Brandow, James Barber formerly of Catskill, Albert Thompson, W. J. Potter.

Chauncey Minkler and Olive Minkler, of the 11th U. S. Vol. were in fights in the Philippines and Chauncey Minkler was shot through the arm by a Mauser bullet.  Marshall Smith and Harry Smith were at Porto Rico with a regular army. John Bassett, Frank Hannan and Wyckoff Smith were in the Philippines.

Frank Norton was with Co. H. 81st Coast artillery, and so was Tod Shear. Harry Kirchner was at Porto Rico with the 11th U. S.

The men who went to Honolulu were mustered in May 1st. Left Fort Hamilton June 11, in camp at Presidio, Cal. Arrived in Honolulu, Aug 14.  Made a trip to the famous volcano. Sailed for home Dec. 8, Arrived in Kingston Dec. 27.

Lieut. Jomes G. Hanna, formerly of the 16th was shot in leg, at Marong, Philippines, Frank Thorne Co. K. 17th Inf. was in the fight at Jolo, in the Philippines.

J. H. Finley was with H. U. S. Cavalry. Bert Conklin 19th U. S. Inf. served at Cebu.

Charter Members of 16th Separate Company:

Fred W. Werner, Joseph E. Aldrich, Dwight Boughton, W. Myron Allerton, Spencer C. Phillips, Jesse T. Rundell, George R. Olney, Peter Welsh, A. K. Hill, Wm. H. Owens, Frank P. Hicks, Wallace M. Hunter, William P. Cowles, Peter J. Regan, Lucius R. Doty, Jon W. Shufelt, Egbert Palmer, Charles A. Spencer, Marcus K. Halcott, Frank E. Van Gorden, George D. Boughton, Wheeler Howard, Sylvester B. Sage, Chas. Flanigan, John H. Hulbert, James M. Beach, Herbert Niklewicz, Edwin Ashley, Geo. F. Tolley, Joseph Obert, Minis Plank, Granville R. Person, Frederick Clark, Jacob W. Kelley, William Rider, Frank Lynes, Albert Saulpaugh, Wm. H. Minnick, John Wince, Sidney Austin, C. A. Laun, Philip Smith, Emory A. Chase, James Holdridge, James S. Smith, Eugene Wayne, George H. Brandow, Frank H. Burroughs, Wm. L. Mead, Gottlieb Fromer, James H. Salisbury, Clarence Van Valkenburgh, R. A. Browere, Carlton E. Coffin, Clarence Bloodgood, G. Howard Jones, Henry T. Jones, R. L. Rosselle, Wm. H. Adams, Frederick Seldon jr., Donald Brauleigh, Louis E. Deer, J. S. Bamforth, William P. Mc Claury, Louis W. Richardson, William E. Thorpe, Ira Gay.

Other members shortly after were:

Albert Saulpaugh, Herman Behm, W. J. Soper, Harry C. Vedder, Thomas E. Jones, Wm. A. Pennoyer, J. Frank Boughton, Wm. H. Palmer, Wilson  Thomas, Thomas Jackson jr., Albert R. Austin, George Fitchett, Charles E. Butler, Wm. H. Brundage, John F. Callahan, John J. Ladeau, Thomas Carney, George Egnor, William L. Gunther, Anthony Von Pieper, George A. Englert, Joseph Bell, Julius Kircher.

The first captain was Col. Omar V. Sage, who was followed by Arthur M. Murphy, Harry M. C. Vedder, William W. Bennett, Albert Saulpaugh, Percy W. Decker, and Daniel Cassidy now at the head of the command.  H. W. Cowlbeck and F. R. Searles were in charge for a time, the former taking the company to New York where they participated in the Dewey parade.

Dr. Wm. P. Mc Claury, E. E. Elliott and F. R. Searles served as assistant surgeons.

The lieutenants of the 16th. Arthur Murphy, Emory A. Chase, Irving Osborn, Augustus R. Hill, R. L. Rosselle, Bornt W. Stryker, Robert J. Beach.

The present officers of the company are:

Capt.—Daniel J. Cassidy
1st Lieutenant—Lucius H. Doty
2d Lieutentant—William Heath.
Sergeants—Wm. J. Scott, M. J. Carl, David E. Cole.
Quarter Master Sergeant—Wm. E. Daniels
Corporals—Percy H. Doty, W. W. Comfort, J. R. Cole

Roster of Men—Privates—J. C. Brooks, H. W. Becker, Wm. E. Clark, Norman Cole, Wm. Delanoy jr., P. G. Doty, D. M. Downes, Louis C. Fiester, Omar Frayer, R. H. Freer, W. HJ. Graf, R. P. Hallenbeck, E. E. Hallenbeck, John Heath, H. E. Knapp, F. E. Knapp, M. H. McGovern, Raymond R. O’Brien, A. W. Phillips, Antonine Peterson, E. B. Robb, Ernest Saxe, A. A. Scott, A. P. Shield, H. R. Sigwarth, W. J. Shufelt, Ivan Slater, Clarence Smith, Wm. Teetsell, Alger Van Hoesen, O. I. Webber.

Charles A. Vrooman has been armorer for many years assisted by William F. Hock, who was sergeant of the company. William E. Daniels has been clerk.

J. W. Watson Post 514 G. A. R.

John W. Watson Post No. 514, Department of New York G. A. R. was organized Sept. 23, 1884, at Number 5 engine house, Catskill, with a charter membership of 20, and Joseph F. Joesbury Commander.  He died during his second term of office January, 28, 1886, and George W. Holdridge completed his term.  John B. L. Oakley was commander for 3 years 1887-89, W. R. Vedder 1890, Charles A. Vrooman 1891-2, W. R. Vedder 1893, Theodore B. Beach 1894-4, William H. Adams 1897-8, Benjamin W. Grant 1899-1910. He was succeeded by J. Hubbard Wilcox the present head of the organization.

Shortly after organization Odd Fellow’s hall was rented and is still used by the post as headquarters.

Of the charter members Wm. H. Adams and George W. Holdridge are living.

The present officers of the Post are:
John H. Wilcox—Post Commander
William C. Tice—S. V. Commander
Solomon J. Mott—J. V. Commander
A. S. Castle--Adjutant
Henry G. Myers—Quartermaster
James B. Rouse—Surgeon
William H. Hull—Chaplain
William Caniff—Officer of Day
George W. Holdridge—Patriotic Instructor
William J. Reed—Officer of Guard
Benjamin W. Grant—Quarter Master Sergeant
Wm. H. Adams—Sergeant Major
Trustees---John N. King, David D. Ostrander, William Caniff.
Relief Committee—William W. Hull, John N. King, Wm. H. Adams. 

The muster roll shows the following members:
Wm. H. Adams, James Akeley, John H. Brandow, Chas. C. Beauchamp, Wm. P. Bell, Theo. B. Beach, Nelson R. Benton, Geo. A. Bogardus, Andrew D. Berry, Geo. H. Coons, A. Sidney Castle, William Caniff, Marion Couchman, Fred O. Friar, Benj. W. Grant, Calvin Goodwin, Geo. W. Holdridge, Joseph Hert, Wm. W. Hull, Albert Hansen, John N. King, Albert H. Kelsey, Wm. H. Lee, Joseph H. Lounsbury, Solomon J. Mott, Henry G. Myers, Edmond R. Martin, John Mc Cormack, Maj. Geo. S. Nichols, Peter Overbaugh, David W. Ostrander, James B. Rouse, Mortimer Rockerfeller, Nicholas Russell, Nathaniel F. Roe, Albert E. Rider, Aaron V. S. Rouse, Peter H. Scribner, Geo. D. Spoor, Wm. S. Swart, Robert Snyder, James Stevens, Richard Sisco, Wm. C. Tice, A. Sidney Thomas, Charles Trowbridge, Wm. H. Teal, Jon W. Van Leuven, Chas, Vroman, Chas. Vedder, John H. Wilcox, Geo. W. Winans, Wm. R. Weddel, John Young, Charles Wildey, Wm. Brandow, Aaron C. Betts, H. C. Becker, Enoch Walters.

Those who have been mustered by death are:
Isaac Benton, Samuel Brandow, Geo. N. Brandow, Alfred R. Cole, Jacob Carl, Jeremian Connolly, Martin B. Cross, J. H. Carpenter, Harvey Delamater, Henry Darling, Lucas Decker, Chauncy Dickerson, Cornelius Du Bois, Geo. W. Edwards, M. A. J. Edwards, Thomas Edwards, Stephen Ennist, Joseph Embree, Edgar Elmendorf, Wm. H. Fuller, Columbus Frey, Michael Foley, Aug. Goeller, James Gardner, Jas, Hallenbeck, Albert Hadden, Wellington Howell, Asa Holmes, John M. Hannon, John Hood, Alexander Halicouse, Geo. Halicouse, Simon Hock, John Jones, Joseph Joesbury, J. A. Kellerhouse, Wm. H. Losee, Wm. Laverty, John Long, James Lake, Geo. S Ludington, Andrew Overbaugh, J. Malcolm, James B. Mitchell, Chester S. Morgan, David C. Mower, A. E. Miltimore, Harmon Melius, Patrick Madigan, Geo. Meeker, Chas. P. Myers, Geo. Markel, Wm. P. McLaury, J. H. McChesney, J. B. Oakley, Egbert Post, David S. Preston, Wm. A. Pennoyer, Geo. Powell, Walter Parsells, Wm. J. Reed, Robert A. Scott, James W. Sonn, John Spahn, James H. Stewart, George Saxe, John C. Shear, Wm. Selleck, J. C. Shiller, Abram Spoor, J. Frank Story, Chas. L. Santer, Wm. Sharples, John Sherlock, Frank Swartwout, James Henry Snow, John Secord, John Snyder, J. K. Thompson, Chas. Thornton, Wm. Van Steenburgh, Isaac Van Loan, M. S. Van Loan, Wm. H. Whitcomb, John N. Wilson, W. L. Woodruff, Luther S. Wright, Jonathan B. Webster, Stephen Webster, Alexander Young, Jacob L. Yates, Geo. Sears.

There are now buried in the different cemeteries in Catskill of the Revolutionary, the Civil, and the Spanish-American wars, 250 soldiers, at the entrance of the Catskill Cemetery there is a soldiers’ monument and on this plot are buried 26 veterans.

There were also connected with the Post a Woman’s Relief Corps and an encampment of Sons of Veterans, but these organizations have disbanded.

Watson Post is in good financial condition and has been the means of bringing assistance to many veterans and their needy families.

Hollister Post, Coxsackie

Hollister Post No. 27, G. A. R. was organized and its first set of officers installed by Lew Benedict Post of Albany.

At the organization of this Post there were 70 members. Now there are only 16 survivors, and Col. Van Wie has been commander continuously for 26 years.

The present officers are:
Commander — John B. Van Wie; senior vice commander — David Hoffman; junior vice commander — George Jones; chaplain — Isaac Nebhenburgh; surgeon — Jacob Wentworth; quartermaster — Chas. E. Van Valkenbaugh; officer of the day — Joel B. Cole; officer of the guard — John S. Hiseerd; adjutant — Newton J. Calkins; delegate to State encampment — Warren P. Smith; alternate — John S. Hiseerd.

A. N. Baldwin Post 263, Hunter 

N. Baldwin Post 263, Hunter, N. Y. was organized in 1882, by Major J. H. Everett of Pratt Post, Kingston. At one time there were about 60 members, but at the present time there are only about a dozen members.  J. H. Wilcox who is inspecting office found a bare organization on the occasion of his recent visit.

 The Army Post at Cairo passed out of existence a number of year ago.

School Directors, Trustees and Teachers of County

First District, Greene County
Directors—Hon. Clarence E. Bloodgood, Catskill, Chairman; Claude Witing, Athens; David T. Jerome, Andrew P. Freese, Cairo; Thomas C. Perry, dist. Supt., Catskill; Dr. E. H. Van Denburgh, Arthur Powell, Coxsackie; Dr. J. B. Rouse, Leeds.

Trustees of the town of Athens—Daniel W. Saunders, Orin Q. Flint, John J. O’Grady, Rueben B. Quick, O. D. Van Valkenburgh, Athens; Edward Gonnerman, Catskill; Ira B. Kerr, Catskill.

Teachers—Charles D. Coutant, prin., Elizabeth Slattery, Isabella Rainey, Marion Lewis, Ruth Harris, Ella Gallup, C. Louise Miller, Fanny Leworthy, Mrs. Helena Wood, M. Blanche Wood, Emily Horn, Margaret Van Woert, Athens; Esther Rowe, Leeds; F. Lena McCarthy, Mrs. Elsie Mauterstock, Catskill.

Trustees of the town of Cairo—George W. Squires, A. H. Rocker, Cairo, Guy Meddaugh, Acra. W. Benjamin Roe, Freehold, Jos. Morison, South Durham, J. W. Fiero, Round Top, Amos rose, Clarence Arnold, Purling, John Rouse, Charles Bassett, South Cairo, Isaac Powell, Leeds.

Teachers—Edward Richmond, Hope L. Farnham, Mary Halloran, Grace Timmerman, S. Edna Story, Melville Bulmer, Cairo, Willard C. Van Dyck, Ethel Chadderdon, Acra, Orloff Story, Josephine O’Hara, Freehold, Jane Miller, Round Top, Theodore Whitcomb, Purling, Mrs. Elizabeth Jump, Mrs. Alma Clay, Judge R. Hanner, Leeds.

Trustees of the town of Catskill—Dr. F. C. Clarke, pres., James Sterritt, Percy Holmes, F. D. Overbagh, Edgar Saxe, S. C. Sutton, Charles Story, Luther Saxe, T. J. William, Ciarence Martin, Catskill, B. David Guth, Alsen, John Hinman, Palenville, W. R. Vedder, Leeds, Scharken Stewart, South Cairo, Mrs. S. A. Craft, Cementon.

Teachers—E. C. Hocmer, supt., M. Alice Saxe, Mrs. Anna Molloy, Mrs. Harriet Pflegl, M. Geneva Garling, Mrs. Hattie Maher, Carrie Bogardus, Mrs. Lottie Holmes, Beulah Timmerman, Catskill, Herbert DeLong, Nellie Lawrence, Annabel Rose, Frances Timmerman, Palenville, Arthur Lewis, Julia Vedder, Pauline Davis, South Cairo, Edward Keeley, Saugerties, M. Agnes Ellinger, Mary O’Brien, Helen Buckman, Alsen.

Trustees of the town of Coxsackie—L. A. Warren, A. A. Collier, B. G. Townsend, Wm. Youmans, Elmer Van  Valkenburg, Coxsackie, Wm. R. Palmer, Charles Lampman, William Townley, Urlton, Charles Martin, Climax.

Teachers—Henry R. Soper, principal, M. Sophia Fuller, Ella Morgan, Annie Craigie, Mae D. Link, Anna Spoor, Edith Van Denburgh, Eliza Green, Jennie Whitbeck, Amy Smith, Charlotte Olmsted, Laura Bailey, Grace Van Schaack, Marian Mackey, Harriet Conklin, Coxsackie, Ethel Robbins, Bessie Lezatte, Urlton, Reginald Van Woert, Louis Lounsbury, Athens, Matie Jones, W. Coxsackie, Grace Cheeseman, Mabel Youmans, Coxsackie, Mary O’Brien, Climax.

Second District, Greene County
Teachers—West Coxsackie—Mabel Vosburgh

New Baltimore Station—Sarah Robbins, Marion Van Hoesen, Grace Looney, Ada Powell.

Ravena—Maomi Vroman

New Baltimore—Edna Hotaling, Harry Ostrander, Alida Mulder, Alice Sidlake.

West Coxsackie—Evelyn Austin

Urlton—Gertrude Tryon

Windham—Alda Miller, Florence Marquit, Clarence Powell, Ada Smalling, Beatrice Steele, Harriet McLean, Christine Wood, Kittie Doolittle, Blanche Miller.

Hensonville—Edith O’Conner, Abner Woodworth.

Norton Hill—Ivan Gifford

Freehold—Mrs. Minnie Beers, Hazel Highney, Idson Gibson, Katherine Beichman.

Greenville—Annie Coonley, C. L. Cook, Julia Rider, Mrs. A. D. Townsend, Charlotte Story, Julia Hallenbeck, Eva Hoose, Mrs. Edith Abrasis, Hattie Green, Clara Minkley.

Surprise—Jessie E. Boyd.

Gayhead—Robert Webber, Edith Losee.

Cornwallville—Florence Beach, Mrs. Anna Smith, Edna Brainerd.

Durham—Maude Stryker, W. D. Hull.

East Durham—Frank Paddock.

Cooksburg—Mrs. Effie Bates.

Oak Hill—Ermon Stewart.

Sunside—Clara Paddock.

Third District, Greene County
Directors—Stewart Tuttle, Haines Falls; C. B. Bronson, Ashland.

Trustees of the town of Ashland—Sternes Clark, John C. Campbell, Ashland, Lambert Cooke, Windham, Dwight Tuttle, Ashland, Lewis Case, Prattsville.

Teachers—Raymond Moseman, John Hayes, Kathryn  I. Lynch, Etta Payne, Ashland, Warguerite Van Orden, Winham, Ida France, Prattsville.

Trustee of the town of Halcott—John Ballard, Travis Faulkner, W. K. Crosby, Leo J. Deamer, Halcott Center.

Teachers—Sadie Rose, Martha Whitney, Deborah Morse, Nathaniel Bleekman, Halcott Center.

Directors of the town of Hunter—E. V. Ballo, Hunter; E. Darius Lindsley, Platte Clove.

Trustees—F. B. Kerr, James Jackson, F. B. Wilcox, Arthur Higgins, Hunter, Harvey Lane, Lanesville, David Showers, J. Frank Lackey, Tannersville, Michael Shield, Elka Park, Uriah Haines, A. Holdridge, Haines Falls; Elmer Kerr, Edgewood, G. W. Byrnes.

Teachers—Elizabeth Fountain, John Kay, H. Margery Felter, Minnie Hunting, Louise Webster, Marion Orr, M. Emily Hayden, Hunter, Mrs. A. Crosby, Lanesville, C. L. Bailey, Anna V. Dempsey, Frances A. Formans, Josephine Swift, Mrs. Jessie Showers, Annie Glennon, Tannerville, Herbert Dimond, Elka Park, Stewart Tuttle, Mary Dowd, Mrs. Anna Tuttle, Haines Falls, Mrs. M. E. Lester, Edgewood, E. Delmar Smith, Platte Clove.

Trustees of the town of Jewett—Martin Garvey, Tannersville, E. A. Sweet, E. C. Miles, Frank Carr, Hunter, William Mead Jewett, R. L. Towner, Andrew Sweet, Jewett, George Barnum, Frank Woodworth, East Jewett.

Teachers—Raymond Cronk, Orpha Kelley, A. L. Coons, Edith Sweet, East Jewett, Helen Witte, Josephine Park, Rensselaer Reynolds, Hunter, Nina Lee, Emory Dunham, Wilhelmina Olmsted, Jewett.

School directors of the town of Lexington—Daniel Kirk, Westkill; Ransom Hogaboom, Lexington.

Trustees—Arnold Van Valkenburgh, Spruceton, Harrison Ostrander, E. E. Sharpe, Romaine Van Valkenburgh, Westkill, Frank Beggs, Manley Howard, Arthur Jenkins, Lexington, H. Du Souchet, Bushnellsville, W. Charles Maben, Leland Tompkins, G. D. Rappleyea, Prattsville, George Ennist, Allaben.

Teachers—Mrs. Edith Orlando, Leon Peters, Otis Hendershot, Weskill, J. M. Osman, Lulu Patterson, Mary Merchant, E. D. Lewis, Lexington, Pearl Cole, Bushnellsville, Iva Rappleyea, Mrs. H. K. Huggans, Prattsville, Kathleen Kelly, Allaben.

Directors of the town of Prattsville—James Mc Williams, Perry Newcomb, Prattsville.

Trustees—Andrew Carman, George Peckham, B. G. Morss, J. H. Brandow, John Jenkins, S. R. Cammer, Prattsville. 

Teachers—Mrs. E. C. Hummell, Myrtle Myers, Mrs. Grace Huggins, Mrs. Flora Howard, Kittie Layman, Helen Johnson, Mary MucCoubrey, Prattsville

Frank C. Clarke 

Dr. Frank C. Clark, of Catskill, is a member of the Sons of the Revolution, a direct descendant of Colonel Randall Spencer, whose granddaughter was Dr. Clarke’s paternal grandmother. Colonel Spencer was born at West Greenwich, Rhode Island, but, when a young man, removed with his family to Berlin, Rensselaer county, where he resided until his death.  He fought with distinction with the American forces throughout the Revolution and was esteemed for his devotion to the cause of patriotism. Dr. Clarke who has been engaged in the drug business in Catskill for many years, is president of the Board of Education, Catskill.

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